Happy Hanukkah! National Menorah Lit At White House

Fucking based:

“The world’s largest menorah was illuminated during a ceremony on the Ellipse Tuesday, the first night of Hanukkah.

White House Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn assisted in the ceremony.

The annual lighting of the National Hanukkah Menorah began about 4 p.m. and featured performances from the United States Air Force Band and Dreidelman and the Macabees.

The event was free, but those interested in attending needed to register for a ticket.

Following the ceremony, guests were set to be treated to latkes and donuts. Free personal menorah kits and dreidels also were to be distributed. …”

Dreidelman inflicted a devastating blow to identity politics!

It was a Happy Hanukkah at the White House with the miracle of Roy Moore’s defeat, President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and tax reform sailing toward final passage in the Senate. Many neocons are wondering if 2018 will bring a reckoning with Iran.

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  1. We know many times over that Jews eventually take over whatever they infiltrate. They took over America in less than a century. Yet, you still have fools like Jared Taylor at AmRen who say Jews are white and allows them to be a part of his org. Some people never learn.

    If we ever get out of this mess, Jews must be banned from citizenship and ownership.

        • New Amsterdam was told by the Dutch West Indies Company that they better take in the Recife Jews or Peter Stuyvesant would be battered to death with his wooden leg forthwith. In the year of 1654…the Commonwealth contrary to potted history excluded them at this moment.

          • https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/this-day-in-jewish-history/1.673170

            “Colonial New Amsterdam Spurns ‘Disgusting’ Jews From Militia”

            Anglo-American settlers en masse knew the inherent value of an armed and anti-Semitic citizenry. JewK was and is an aggressively philo-Semitic nation of strictly delineated lords and serfs, the latter sickeningly loving their own bondage. Freedom of speech is a totally unknown concept, and your unarmed citizenry is subject to such tyrannies as ‘knife confiscation’. And Crypto-Jews were living amongst you in large numbers the entire time they were nominally ‘expelled’. Go away

          • The English King kicked out the Recife Jews the Dutch allowed to settle in 1664 after the British invaded and took over the Dutch colony. The Dutch West Indies Company was a (((part))) Jewish owned enterprise to which Stuyvesant was a mere manager. He was repeatly told by his Jewish masters to fully emancipate these Jews. He put up a good fight for a while but he was strictly middle management.

            You are cleverly inverting the record. Not that different from a liberal critique of British policy in the Middle East either. Sykes Piggot blah blah blah, British and French meddling creates the clusterfuck in the Levant according to this liberal Dogma. “Imperialist swines!” All the while it’s mostly just semites being typical semites in their own backyard blaming various White overlords. Even the Palestinians, think that Israel is just a front for White imperial ambition. Just like you do Yael.

          • It’s not ‘liberal dogma’ to become factually aware of historical events regarding the Anglo-Jew World Wars. Ever hear of ‘1st Viscount’ Herbert Samuel? At least we don’t give out fake titles of nobility to the (((fifth columnists))) who took over America. Sheesh.

            Gaulle’s (correct) accusations of Anglo-Zionist treachery during WWII:


            “In Syria (and Palestine), Britain conducted a ‘dual policy’: one purported to mediate between the French and the Syrians, details of which are found in British archives, and a tacit policy aimed to evict France, of which few traces remain in official documentation.”

          • It’s de Gaulle.

            He didn’t mind riding it out with the British did he? When it suited him.
            He had an awfully big nose that Frenchman.

            (Btw I have exhaustively looked through the Jewish personalities in the Chamberlain cabinet like Belisha, Samuel, and the conservative back bench like Leo Amery and Edward Spiers.)

            Lot’s of Old Estonians and Prussian Jews.

            Between the Neo-liberal cunts who call Chamberlain an admirer of Hitler and the Try-Hard disingenuous snakes in grass like yourself, calling Chamberlain a Shabbos goy (that’s what you are doing clumsily) you’ve got Roosevelt in the US trying to trip Poland into a war with Hitler with the encouragement of France (Leon Blum’s legacy is another matter to look into).

            American policy: Have Europeans come to blows then ride in at the 11th hour to divide up the spoils with the USSR.

      • That’s a straw man, bro.

        Poland was the first to emanicpate Jews. Then Cromwell in Britain and Napoleon in France.

        Jewish immigration to early America was mostly Sephardic and sparse. It was the Ashkenazim since the late 1800s who have caused all the problems we have today.

        • Jews couldn’t vote in the UK until 1846. They got that right from year Zero in the US constitution as the American removed religious tests to hold office.

          • LOL, no. You’re like some demented English version of a hasbara troll.

            Look, nothing can absolve JewK from its crimes against humanity. ‘Women’s suffrage’, abolitionism, spreading kikes across the planet, nonstop wars against its fellow racial brethren (such as ourselves and the Boers), the slobbering philo-semitism since the 11th century…etc.

          • Goddess as I stated before you should go back to your editor Katrina Vandenheuvel and make your report honey.

          • Very Dinesh D’Souza-tier comment. The Anglo-Jew alliance of worldwide White destruction was pointed out by none other than…GOEBBELS. God, our race is so fucked

        • On the Goebbels score, the Anglo filled up three continents with whites as whites with white supremacist policies. Sorry Aboos, Zulus, Injuns! That demographic domination and expansion of whiteness only faltered around 1965 all all three places.

        • The Poles didn’t emancipate them. But the Zyd certainly ruled over them and demographically competed with them.

    • “f we ever get out of this mess, Jews must be banned from citizenship and ownership.” – Jack B.

      Jack- and ‘by any means necessary.’ With all the weight of that sentence’s meaning.

      Goddess (and I use the term loosely) – the Royal Family was a valid part of the Anglosphere, up until the abdication of Edward VIII of unhappy memory.

      1) Had a real MAN ruled the UK over the course of the first thirty years of “Elizabeth the Useless’ ” now -interminable reign, much of what was condoned by a woman who was the daughter of a weak-willed stuttering idiot, might have been averted.
      2) Queen Victoria also condoned a lot (one thinks of Disraeli- pew!) but she at least had a notion of how royalty was supposed to behave… unlike the Windsors.
      3) Had Charles been faithful, or even a noble-man, rather than following in the footsteps of his great-uncle, Diana might not have died, and the boys might have actually had a mother who would have become a civilizing force in this rush to perdition.

      But there you are…. with Jews, you lose. And with women rulers, you’re damned before you begin. Restore the Patriarchy.

    • The Jewish presence in our midst is a dire threat to our existence that must be exposed, and removed. Preferably by showing them the door, head first.

    • @Kosher,
      They’re actually the unelected leaders of the Israeli Republic of America- the behind the scenes guys who pull all the strings. Wars rather than walls, mass immigration, dieversity, military spending for Israel, exposure to terrorism on home soil…..just thank these wonderful specimens…

      • John, there’s no ‘Israeli Republic of America’. Please understand that we are suffering under ZIONIST OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT

        • It’s in the political DNA once religious tests were removed from holding public office they had open season on the American establishment and the ability to become the American establishment.

          That’s why there’s a Menorah on the White House Lawn now.

          • Straight outta the Pole of the Shetlment. In the 800 years of Poles being dominated by Zyd what’s the chance that Polish people are not the carriers in a literal sense of the Ashkenazi mother lode of DNA.

            How many of your ancestors were barmaids at the Zyd’s taverns?

        • @Goy,
          Hi there. Yes thats really what I meant. I used an interesting play on words to empathize a point.
          So how’s things in your neck of the woods? Down here we’re battling a heat wave at the moment, and some dust storms. I hope any snow you have is not causing too much grief.
          Anyhow, I’m heading into town now for some Christmas shopping. Cheers.

  2. The overwhelming problem with the South is the Southern Baptist Church and their worshiping of evil kike jews. Christ knew exactly about them in John 8:44 that they were the children of Satan. Until Southerners and that includes Roy Moore understand that, the South is destined for oblivion.

    • You should say that the cheeky Greek who wrote the story knew all about them and their machinations.

  3. What was all this jerusalem stuff about. Why didnt the president just announce that the real capital of israel is washington dc. Now that would not have been fake news.

      • I think Christians see Jews and think “well, that is their religion so I shouldn’t try to evangelize them”. I think signs like this can spark conversations in evangelical circles. Maybe even eventually expose what the Jewish Talmud says about Jesus and Mary (put that on a banner). I think many American Christians would be shocked to learn what their Jewish “friends” actually believe about Jesus and the gentiles.

    • It might be a subscription to the “Pornhub” website. Someone on Twitter posted a screen shot showing a dreidel and a menorah worked into the website name.

  4. 4frodo- I would say, based on what we now know, NO!

    No Jew should EVER be admitted into the body of Christ, the Church of the Firstborn, the Elect of the Living God.

    (((They))) themselves have admitted:
    1) They are not White (therefore, not Adamic – and, as Christ is the “Last Adam,” it is only to ‘his people’ [Matt. 1:21] that such salvation is to come- this is the witness of the entirety of Scripture.)
    2) They are Khazars, not Hebrews. This is also the great LIE of their perfidy- masquerading as the ‘People of God,’ when Christ clearly called them ‘Seed of Satan.’ [St. John, ch. 8]
    2a) And, they are also Edomites/Idumeans via miscegenation/identification- iow, double-damned.
    3) Michael Bradley, (himself of jewish ancestry) has shown they are Neanderthals in their Ashkenazic genetics, and again, therefore NOT HUMAN… as the West defined ‘human,’ prior to the Multicultural heresy. – http://www.michaelbradley.info
    4) They are under a divine covenantal CURSE. Matt. 27:25 Who are WE, to think that God’s sovereign damning of the crime of Deicide, should be reversed?
    5) The phrase ‘all Israel shall be saved,’ [Romans 9-11] occurred by AD 70. Preterist thought clears up the fallacy of the godless Dispensationalist heretics. (See link below) For my part, study of both Reformed and Orthodox praxis in this arena, proved to me the reality of the closing of the doors, forever, on the ‘accursed seed of Edom,’ and as Obadiah also notes, the last being ‘infallible scripture.’



    • Never mind most normie Whites, but sadly most Whites in general. A mans words and ideas mean nothing and amount to less as long as he does not begin and end these with “jews are evil”.

      Young White women, christian cucks, the “educated”, the wealthy, sodomites, feminists are the worst. They gave up their minds to live in their sins.

      True Christians out there: Come from out of her, the whorish church of the world. Stay true to Christ’s Church, the invisible Church, His bride. The Church triumphant is not lead by panty-waisted filthy lucre but by the Lord of all Heaven and earth who will wield a sword in His return, not cute quotations.

  5. The sheenies don’t even hide their control of the Jewnited Snakes anymore, they are out in the open about it.


  6. Happy Harmonika.

    I wonder why Obama didn’t celebrate Kwanza? There’s more niggers than Jews in America®©™

  7. Few things anger me more than Jew worshipping Bible thumpers here in the south. If that makes anyone here upset, tough because they wrecked my father’s family and THAT did a lot of harm to me psychologically that took me decades to overcome.

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