Trump Deportations

February 2017

In Feburary, we were celebrating the deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, huzzahing over executive orders, and eagerly awaiting the creation of deportation squads. We were expecting millions of illegal aliens to be rounded up and swiftly deported.

December 2017

In December, there is no Great Wall of Trump, but the Republican Congress is poised to deliver a massive corporate tax cut. Deportations are down from a year ago. The trade deficit is higher. We have imposed sanctions on Russia. Steve Bannon is gone. President Trump’s approval rating has crashed to 32 percent, but it isn’t because he has implemented our policies.

Hmm. It’s almost like President Trump has gained nothing from going the moderate route since April, but has suffered a decline in the polls after disappointing his base.

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  1. Trumpenthal never gave a f**k about his White “base”:

    all he’s got to do to get re-elected is wave the flag, yell MAGA!, and beat up Iran before 2020.

    face it:

    most Whites are dumber than niggers;

    who at least get what they vote for: more gibs-me-dats.

    either that, or they enjoy the punishment:

    Whites get shat on by Republicans, election after election after election….

    and then go out and vote Republican.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself, Haxo. As painful as it is to face it, most Whites actually are dumber than niggers, at least when it comes to racial cohesion. And you’re correct that Old Fish Lips never gave a single f-word about his MAGA idiot base.

      We’re in for a kick in the stomach. So far, it’s just been name-calling and punches. But that kick in the stomach is going to knock the wind right outa these White “muh Constitution” Trump-tards …and their “based” non-White fringe are going to evaporate.

      • I want to add, though: that kick in the stomach is going to be one HUGE RED PILL. After, maybe most of the idiots will suddenly turn into card-carrying White Nationalists!

    • Prepare to be heavily shit on again, by week’s end, akin to 2010 and 2014, with the CR deal cut
      to again punt (everything) and prevent a fedgov


    Trump said he did not need their money. He was the man who ran and won the election on his own money and by appealing directly to the masses. He is an outsider.

    Do the Judaists control Trump? Why is there no wall yet? How did they control Trump?

    On the positive side, Trump did achieve a few things. Syria is not under Israeli control. ISIS has been eradicated.

    There are no new wars.

    But I hope he will build the wall and ban all immigration and deport all the 3rd world aliens.

    Dear Judaists, please don’t bribe or blackmail Trump. Please don’t promote alienism and human trafficking.

    • the (((Wall Street Banks))) control $400 million of Trump’s long-term debt.

      they hold it, he pays them interest, then writes the interest off his taxes,

      and (((everybody)))’s happy. Trump having #1 daughter convert to Judaism and

      marry a Wall Street (((bankster))) was not a random act. It was a

      Ritual of Submission.

  3. Trump needs to understand that in breaking his promises, he has alienated the Right, but hasn’t gained the Left vote either, who will never like him no matter what he does, or doesn’t do. He’s only appeased a few Jews.
    Trump needs to be held up as example to future leaders of what not to do.
    Do what you promised and keep the voters from the Right, or break those promises and lose the voters from the Right without gaining the Left. He’s perhaps in a political no-mans land now.
    There’s a wise saying in Australian politics-which is rarely heeded by the way-‘say what you mean and mean what you say’.

    • He was warned to stay on the good side of WN types. I do wonder however if Kessler and his UTR was sent in to cause Trump embarrassment now. To force him to denounce the very people who made his election possible.

  4. I personally believe the greater hegemon in this publication is, well, not us. But this article highlights an incredibly important point, even as it equivocates about Boomer California culpability:

    First, it is refreshing to see substantive writing by a woman that isn’t attempting its own version of ‘TradHerstory.’ Second, the issue of judges and how we can’t overcome them seems to get neglected.

    (((They))) have spent decades, and decades, packing the courts. Electoral politics can’t overcome such entrenched rigging.

    War Out.

    • Oops, the author isn’t the same person who wrote an earlier piece about California Boomers, who was a woman.

      This was just ‘Guest Writer.’

      I’m quite sick of women trying to re-write the history of other women. Apparently some white women’s female forebears didn’t work.

      Well, mine did. ‘Tradition’ is rather subjective.

    • Was on the ground when 187 was passed and Wilson tried to stem the tide. Trump perhaps came decades late and to the wrong office. Had he run as a Gubernatorial candidate with his Anti-Spic message who knows how it would have gone. California used to be a competitive presidential battleground because it was demographically and spiritually white. Now it’s barely American.

  5. How do you MAGA with a non White population poised in a few decades to make Whites a minority in their own country? With a president who gives lip service to fixing immigration but keeps the borders open and allows us to be forced integrated? Is Trump just another anti-White traitor or a hopelessly clueless cuck? In either case the result is the same.

  6. @El Chapo,
    Siggghhhhh…..ok if we go back, will the non whites promise not to follow us, will the non whites already in Europe move out and make room for us? Can we take everything we made in America to make it developed, with us? If the answer to all three is no, then why should we-we made it-and its ours.
    You’ve been told all this before, but as usual it goes in one ear and out the other.
    You’re part dickhead/part imbecile.
    Go back to sleep ya fool!!!

  7. Fact is the war is coming, and is all you did by putting Trump in is delay the inevitable. Let the democrats have it and that will start the real bloodshed. I hope you are all identifying your targets for midnight visits. There is nothing worse than late bloomers…….

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