Shopping in the Dead Zone

I was in a hurry in early August. There wasn’t much time, but I absolutely had to get a new polo for an upcoming event and would be out of place without one. If I had used a little more discipline and forethought, I would have visited Target (no bully on the tranny bathroom boycott). Instead, nostalgia got the better of me and I decided to shop at what’s left of Virginia Center Commons (VCC). Once the premier mall of Central Virginia, VCC can now only be described as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Even in the daylight, I needed to be cautious.

You can probably already guess how the decline happened. Around the early 2000’s a newer mall was built about 20 minutes away from VCC. Instead of on the border with the Richmond North Side ghetto, this new mall was in the developing and (at the time) majority white area of the West End of Richmond, Short Pump to be exact. The West End is essentially Northern Virginia now and the area was once fertile farmland, rednecks and WASPy preps that had fled Richmond during the White Flight of the late 60’s and 70’s. It’s still preppy, but the country flavor of western Henrico County is gone and mass consumerism has replaced it – that, and an aircraft carrier worth of pajeets.

Once Short Pump Mall was built, it was sayounara for VCC. The whites left, the nice stores eventually closed and the airbrush t-shirt shops and tattoo parlors opened up. Even normies know not to go to VCC anymore – especially, on Friday and Saturday nights. The parking lot block parties start when the sun goes down and you’d be a fool to patron the mall not carrying (legally, of course).

A buddy of mine was on plain clothes duty once at VCC after the transformation. An older couple hadn’t gotten the message that the mall wasn’t for us anymore. A pack of dindu nuffin “youths” made a TNB comment to the elderly woman and her husband attempted to defend her good name from the group of rambunctious teens. By the time my buddy-cop got to him, he was a bloodied heap on the floor with a broken collarbone and busted ribs. If I recall, I’m pretty sure he died from the assault considering he was in his eighties.

But, the VCC of my youth was a lot different from the desolate husk that it is today. Even as a kid in the 1990’s, I can remember how nice it used to be. That it was a special event when my dad would take me. The now almost abandoned food court was bustling when I was younger. It was practically all-white and you’d think Jim Crow was still around in the mall’s heyday (minus when you visited Foot Locker). With skylighted hallways and decorated with giant palm trees, this was Disneyland for a family without the resources to drive to Florida and pay premium for a theme park.

I remember once that the mall setup these large scale animatronic dinosaurs for the kids to awe at. This was around the time that Jurassic Park came out and the mall was jam packed with kids and their parents. My parents took pictures that dinosaur weekend at VCC and, feeling a little sentimental, I opened up one of our old photo albums and strolled down memory lane. Might as well have been Mars – considering our current state of decline. The aging photos revealed practically all-white families and modestly dressed. Unlike today, circus freaks were missing from ambling around in the background. Children were playing in the food court, while their parents sipped on cold beers and soft drinks. Minus a few changes in the clothing, these photos could have been from the 70’s or the 80’s.

It’s all gone now though. We know why and it’s depressing.

I thought about the old VCC when I visited the dying mall in August. The parking lot was worn down and giant cracks were beginning to show. Out of the cracks new life was growing to slowly replace the old asphalt that had been neglected. It was noon, but the overhead lights were strangely on. The one I parked underneath was flickering and not working properly. I doubt it’s been fixed. It was never like this as a kid. It had been maintained, respectable and clean. This is what happens after White Flight.

As I walked in, I spotted swarthy men (likely Arabs of some sort) in skinny jeans and bugmen shirts sauntering around the parking lot. Their hands full with gaudy-designed shopping bags. I thought it bizarre for a workday in August, but not surprising. They seemed blissfully unaware of the degraded state of VCC’s parking lot. For us, this is a shame and a warning. For them, this is fine.

Dillards closed down years ago. Macy’s too. So, my only option for the polo was Sears – that was surprisingly still open. The whole mall was a cross between a ghost town and the main location in the 1978 film Dawn of the Dead. The mall walkers were old and strange and the only ones working the kiosks and still-opened stores were blacks.

I bought my polo and made my way to the exit. I saw only one other white patron, a soccer mom on a mission. She’d probably made the same mistake I had. She clearly wasn’t wasting time to smell the roses.

As I got in my truck to leave, I spotted a school bus pull up. A gaggle of loud and cackling non-whites disembarked from their subsidized transport. More ghouls to feast on the remains of VCC.

-Originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. I can’t imagine anything more depressing than to revisit a favorite place from your childhood and see it all run down and full of niggers.

  2. What really drives the point home is looking at grainy old black and white photos of any area that was taken 50-60 years ago. White people in the photo, stylist locally made cars, clean streets, pristine buildings, more open space and a general appearance of order and decency.
    When leftists talk of progressing forward, I then
    ask, progressing forward to what? What was so bad about 60 years ago that we had to progress from?
    Do these leftards ever visit these now-decrepit shopping centers that they helped create?

  3. I hear you. In Maryland, there was a mall I worked in as a teenager. One day my father came by to speak to me about something and got angry because I was distracted. He said I couldn’t stop looking at all the girls walking by. The mall looked like an episode of “Beverly Hills 90210” or the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

    This popped into my mind because I went back there and the women now seemed to be either black or Indian. Instead of looking, I found myself looking the other way. Whoever destroyed the demographics of this country should pay dearly. We went from a fashion show to a horror show. (My post is centering solely on women. I’ll leave crime and other issues out of it because it gets too depressing.)

  4. I’m 50, was a young teen in the 80s, and remember the Mall scene fondly. My original stomping-ground was Rivergate Mall, in Goodletsville, Tenn., near Madison. I grew up in Madison and Old Hickory. They used to be awesome, almost 100% White towns. Now, they’re over-ran with Mey-he-cans, dot-heads and nogs. Moved to Cookeville when I was around 15. After we moved, the Cookeville Mall of course became my new hang-out. Such wonderful memories of both places… but now it hurts to remember. Rivergate Mall is a total nigger-infested hell hole, the Cookeville Mall is deserted and falling apart. I still live near Cookeville, but haven’t visited anywhere even close to Nashville in years. I don’t have the desire to torture myself further.

  5. In the new very enlarged Confederate States there are NO blacks browns muslims gays or white niggers. The initial step of the initial phase of it’s creation hasn’t even happened yet. Lots of marches posts tweets and comments though.

  6. Same thing happened to a mall in my area except it’s not even around anymore. Use to be white then it got overrun by blacks from section 8 housing who would shoplift all the time and then it went under because it was losing more money than it was making. It was such a great place when I was a kid too. I was sad but glad to see it go because it was such an ugly place near the end of its life. Like an old man with advanced stages of cancer, there was a bit of relief to see it put out of its misery.

  7. Have you ignorant fucks ever opened your pea-brains enough to consider the fact that there are non-whites (smarter than yourselves) who go to malls, try on designer clothes (to make sure they fit), put the clothes back on the rack and order the same garment from the designers Ebay store (for the same price as Wal-Mart clothing) as they walk back to their car? Think about it… dumbasses

    • Those who call us ignorant and stupid are leaving us with no doubt they are ignorant and stupid. El Chapo just loves digging himself ever deeper into his or hole.

    • El Chapo, what we’re talking about here has not a damned thing to do with non-Whites going to a mall “to try on clothes”, you INSUFFERABLE idiot. What we’re talking about are packs of wild monkeys (nogs, “teens”, the-content-of-their-characters, dindus, etc.) who hang out, loiter, and roam around in violent packs, creating an environment of chaos, robbery, assault and police reports in their wake. Non-Whites who DESTROY what were once peaceful and fun destinations. How you can try to flip the narrative to “non-Whites trying on clothing before buying said clothing online” is fucking asinine to say the least, you douche-bag troll.

      You are definitely a kike.

      • Those “wild monkeys” were there “in the good old days” too. Back then there were crowds of decent people (of all colors) to drown them out… Those same decent people do their Christmas shopping on EBay and amazon these days.

        -Even rich whites get a bonner when they see the words “FREE shipping”

        -Smarter Middle/class non-whites use this to obtain department store objects at Walmart prices, shipped to their mailbox for FREE.

        -Not to mention, the convenience of not having to go out in cold weather, find parking, fight crowds, stand in line, and sit in traffic (which most REASONABLE people all hate to do). Also, If you’re shopping for clothing; the mall MIGHT have it in the size you’re looking for, but they ALWAYS have the size you’re looking for (shipped for FREE to your mailbox) online.

        The “wild monkeys” are like the 38th reason not to shop at the mall (during the holidays especially [but that applies year-round]) …

        The local mall where I live is patronized by mostly whites, and The only times I’ve ever went there in the past 8 years were to try on clothes (that I put back on the shelf, and ordered using the Ebay app as I walked back to my car), or to eat at a restaurant attached to the mall

        • BTW jim, all this FREE shipping I mentioned is the only reason you still have the option to send meth to your incarcerated loved ones VIA USPS… Otherwise, your only other option would be an asshole-to-asshole swap

          • “…an asshole-to-asshole swap”

            Like your mom and dad did with you, back when you were no bigger than a gerbil, you know, before rabbi herpes-shmolie bit your wittle pink weenie? You’re pretty fond of those memories, aren’t you, those asshole-to-asshole memories of mom and dad…

        • “Those “wild monkeys” were there “in the good old days” too.”

          NO. They were NOT, dumb ass.

          As for the rest of your comment, this is not about shopping per se. It’s about areas that were once all-White or mostly-White — and peaceful, fun — becoming practically no-go zones for Whites. Yes, we all get it here; many of us also shop online. I do. But shopping online and the resulting hit to businesses “IRL” (malls, etc.) isn’t what’s under discussion. Having your childhood home-town and hang-outs purposefully turned into murder and rape capitals is.

  8. Hunter either give me El Chapo’s IP address so I can locate him myself and crack his skull open, or ban him.

    Enough is Enough.

    Hope you’re man enough to attend a future rally El Shit-stain. Can’t wait to be within arm’s reach.

  9. @silas, you could have purchased a nicer shirt at a lesser price (delivered to your mailbox) if you didn’t have such a closed mind, and had PREPARED better… too bad the “negroes” didn’t eat you alive..

  10. Blacks and Amazon were the death of enclosed shopping malls. In the South, Asians, Indians and Mexicans haven’t had that much negative influence from what I can tell.

  11. What really disturbs me are the number of teenagers who are just old enough to reflect on the fact that the places/cities where they used to live have “turned black”, but honestly believe that’s just the natural consequence of the passage of time. They’re like, “Yeah, I’d like to go visit my old house in (fill-in-the-blank), but it’s a ghetto now. Oh, well.”

    I remember sharing that exact mindset as a teen in the 80s, and we moved around a LOT. I would feel really homesick for my old neighborhoods in NE Philly (black), Atlantic City (ditto), suburban Minneapolis (ditto again), or Ft Myers, FL (double ditto). This was of course before the internet, so we young people had no real way of knowing what was going on. My only hint was when a black family moved onto our street in our latest location: DeKalb County, GA. They bought a house just a few doors down, and my live-in Italian grandmother shook her head and quipped: “There goes the neighborhood.”

    I asked her repeatedly to explain what she meant, being that I was only about 15 at the time and hadn’t yet heard that expression. But my loony leftist mother shut her down. Kids today, however, have no excuse to be so clueless. They’re aware that black places are dangerous, but still don’t realize the transformation is NOT “natural”…its by design.

  12. Pleasant reading! If one imagines it, these experiences of social and cultural loss of territory are probably shared with us by at least a few species of social animals in Africa. Briefly empathize with what a herd of water buffalo or elephants feel when a wandering tribe of rent seeking dindus show up on your choice graze. Sad!

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