2017: The Year Trumpism Died

This is a devastating article:

“Donald Trump’s inaugural speech, back in January, seemed to be announcing a break with the past. Unlike former presidents who stood at the steps of the Capitol building, Trump’s style that day was bleak. He spoke of ‘American carnage’ in inner cities, ‘rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones’, and ‘crime and gangs and drugs’. He pinned the blame for this carnage on the establishment, on Washington DC – that is, the politicians sitting a few feet behind him.

You could be forgiven for thinking on that day that we were witnessing the birth of a new ideology – Trumpism. Trump’s speech hit on themes that challenged longstanding Republican Party orthodoxy. These included economic nationalism (‘We’ve enriched foreign industry at the expense of American industry’); restrictions on immigration (‘We will bring back our borders’); a non-interventionist, ‘America First’ foreign policy (‘We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone’); and spending more government money at home (‘We will build new roads, and highways, and bridges, and airports, and tunnels, and railways all across our wonderful nation’).

Yet, very quickly after entering the White House, Trump ditched much, perhaps nearly all, of this supposedly path-breaking programme. …

Meanwhile, as Trumpism has disintegrated over the past year, the sentiments of the voters who put Trump in office – their desire to reject the establishment and conventional politics, to gain recognition and improve their lives – have not gone away. Their needs are not being met, and Trump has abandoned even the pretense of trying to do so.

‘20 January 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again’, said Trump at his inauguration. ‘The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.’ What a crock. Trump has forgotten the people who elected him, but they have not forgotten what they were promised.”

I agree with every word of it.

I attended the Trump Inauguration. I was in the crowd and witnessed that speech. Of course, I already knew by January how this was going to go when flies like Anthony Scaramucci and Gary Cohn started buzzing around Trump Tower, but we had already made travel plans.

Donald Trump spent all of 2017 pushing the True Cons agenda: the Syria strike, the Charlottesville resolution, healthcare reform (20% approval in the polls) and tax reform (29% approval in the polls). Oddly enough, the Alt-Right focused on heritage preservation which of the three is by far the more popular issue (62% of Americans support preserving Confederate monuments). If Donald Trump had taken a stand on preserving the controversial Robert E. Lee monument in Charlottesville, 48% of Americans would have supported him while 30% would have opposed him.

Trumpism was never a coherent ideology. It always combined populist elements with conservative elements. It just so happens that the populist agenda was shelved last December. Every policy reversal has also gone in a conservative direction: attacking Syria, arming Ukraine, preserving NATO, DACA amnesty, sending troops to Afghanistan, the carried interest loophole, Russia sanctions, the border tax, declaring China a currency manipulator, and so on. In practice, a “populist-conservative coalition” has amounted to nothing more than restoring mainstream conservatism to power.

Where do we go after the age of vapid e-celebs and nihilistic trolling is over? That’s not going to satisfy the deep yearning for change the people of this country have long desired.

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  1. Trumpsim is like what would have happened if Bryansm or Buchananism had a chance with a Presidential Administration, unfortunately Trump i s dumbass unlike Bryan and Buchanan.

  2. and the article claims that the elites are faltering….no, the elites are stronger than ever…they broke trump, although he gave them little resistance…the elites are stronger because diversity really is their strength…and america grows more diverse each day…what is faltering is white faith in american institutions and experts and leaders of all stripes…

  3. Until the system is overhauled, nothing will change. Under the current, and very dated setup, even David Duke would have trouble effecting real change if he were elected. Trump is the face you see when you realise another broken promise, but he’s a puppet of the hidden deviots behind the scenes-the unelected decision makers of a certain race.
    For my part, I’d rather a pro-white dictatorship than a ‘democracy’ -where unelected cockroaches are in charge no matter who you vote for. Imagine-a pro white party that can’t be voted out of office, but…..it has your best interests at heart.
    I don’t care about democracy anymore-minorities always outvote you anyway. I just don’t want us replaced.

    • Yes, democracy is always fail because general electorate are dumb like hell. There is a reason why electorate are called sheeple.

      Electorate picking it`s candidates by shirt colour, changes it`s mind because today is sunday and when there is really question about something very serious like begiinig nuclear war or something, then the electorate sits home because there are most dumbest TV show running on election day. Like they did in Hungary immigration referendum. Half of the electorate considered mass immigration too irrelevant to spend 20 minutes from their day.

      Everybody know is and that is why there have never been democracy at all but all mainstream parties are controlled by elite all time. Elite may be sometimes nationalist like in Poland or Hungary . Or like in Belarus where Lukashenko pointing always he,s finger to Ukraine and asks do you want this ?

      That is why fear is important. Like Roy Moore demonstrated, it needs only little to make sheeple feel discomfort and pull sheeple on the proper direction. In the Hungary there is Orban in charge only because Jobbik finished off liberals and normie knows that it is not ok to be anti white.

    • I’ve basically given up on the idea of a democracy or republic, they just don’t work. A monarchy would work, too, but you’d really need to find someone with the backbone of Vlad Bassarb or Jan Hunyadi or Jan Sobieski, the remnants of the old monarchies are a disgrace to the concept.

      • Jan Sobieski is good example. He picked up all war worthy men in he`s kingdom and got no more that approx 25 000. By historical data, there were approx 12 million were people living in he`s kingdom at the time. It makes 0.2% of poles did the job and saved Europe.

        Today is no better. Have any of you ever counted how many people are really rabid liberals? Very few. It is useless to educate normie, just take some good determined men go after white liberal and that is all to do the job.

        Enemy knows it btw. That is why there were mass hysteria over Charlotteville. Jews and communists know very well that when somebody finally gets the point they are doomed.

  4. The very easiest thing…
    he could have done unilaterally…
    with a pen and a piece of paper…
    that would have galvanized his base…
    and terrified his enemies..
    on his first day in office…

    end caca daca.

    By day two, I knew we had been &ucked.

  5. At this point, only a blithering idiot could still believe that an answer would come from the current R vs D kabuki. Trump is an actor in the kabuki, for God’s sake.

    Gullible people believed the role as truth.

    Now will anyone join what I’ve been trying to do for a decade now? Never vote for a Republican or democrat Again.

    • You deserved to be kicked off GAB for being a nuisance. Are you a darkie from French Cameroon, by any chance?


  7. It’s bad but it’s not that bad.

    Everybody new Trump and the US Congress would give Israel everything it wanted, except so far no new US wars against secular Arabs in Syria or war against Iran. All Trump did was bomb one Russian airbase in Syria and the Russians were given advanced warning. The Russians and Assad have basically won the war in Syria same as Russians won back Chetnia.

    And Trump has all the right enemies.

    Hollywood Jew/Cult Marxist/Anti Southern/Anti Christ Lib leftists hate Trump and Trump supporters with Talmudic hatred. Tom Hanks and Meryle Streep put out a huge propaganda movie about Watergate and the smear is that Hollywood media mafia and Washington Post will take out President Trump the same as they did President Nixon.

    The Russian conspiracy stuff just didn’t take. Though they did take out one America First general Flynn.

    Trump is doing an excellent job fighting the war against Christmas – Evangelicals love him for this. Trump hasn’t pandered on anything to Black AA criminality or mob terror, except not doing much to stop Confederate monument, Confederate grave desecrations. It’s so nice to see that Trump never panders to BlackLiesMatter same as NYC Mayor Guliani.

    Donald Trump is a tough New Yorker White guy, and tough New York White guys like Donald Trump and Rudy Guliani don’t pander to the likes of Al Sharpton.

    Us ex New Yorkers or just White guys living in or around big cities with brutal Black AA criminal gangs, we appreciate anybody that doesn’t get bullied or scared by threats of Black criminals.

    Yeah, Israel and the Middle East suck, but the reality is that we don’t really have many, any White Christian folks left there – 100 years ago Jerusalem and the Holly Land was ruled by our kinsmen White British Christians. One could hear Handel’s Messiah on the streets where Jesus Christ preached the Gospel and where he was crucified and resurrected. Now, this area is either misruled by Talmudist Pharisee Jews or worse Arab Muslims who live to rape our daughters. Might as well try being a tourist in some slum in Islamabad Pakistan.

    Trump’s trip to Poland was the highlight of the year!

    Let’s try to be a bit more positive.

    • I agree. Trump is your Gorbachov. You don`t need a messiah, you just need the guy who on the most critical moment refuses to use violence.

      Jerusalem was just perfect. When you want to stop steamroller, there are 2 opportunities

      1. Stay in front of it and try to stop it.
      2. Stay behind and push the steamroller so hard that the steamroller will fly over the cliff.

      That what Trump did with Jerusalem. Use the enemy weakness against him.

  8. Trump didn’t fool you, you fooled yourselves. All the signs were there. He didn’t even disclose who most of his cabinet picks were and he didn’t because of who they’d be and he knew you were hooked. Meetings with Kissinger, surrounded by Zionist jews (daughter included), all the theatrics, a known bragging bullshit artist, a solid greedy corporatist, Breitbart’s Bannon at his side – another betrayer and Zionist shill. Even the obvious goings on – smack in your face – with the British unroyal family and you still don’t see they’re all a part of it…..

    Hunter has one of the clearest minds on here. He has good control over his emotions.

    No wealthy person in this country – who is anybody – is an America Firster.

    Deception, trickery and humongous lies are their playbook. The sad part is the most humongous lies are the ones most rabidly believed. In the next civil war, go after our real and only true enemies. The white ones. And the traitors who protect them. Treat them even better than how they treated us. Mercy is only for the weak.

    Where has the military been through all of this? Serving their masters who they will continue to serve.

    The United States is projected to break up around 2032 ~ Martin Armstrong. Think of it as an enormous opportunity to right ALL the wrongs.

    I was suspicious of Trump and I said so but I, too, was caught up in the momentum. Whatever is at the very top appears to be unbeatable.

    There is no chess game. It’s modern day warfare. No uniforms and their true aims concealed.

    • Bannon especially leaves a nasty taste in my mouth – and I defended the guy longer than most..

      This is a guy who understands the Jew, a guy who is financially secure for the next hundred years (he literally scammed Jews on Wall Street and in Hollywood), and a guy who has the connections and ability to be a force for good.


      Instead he cucks worse than anybody else, and denounces men like Nehlen who use the echoes on Twitter.

      In theory you can make arguments that most other cucks just don’t know any better.

      With Bannon, there is no excuse other than pathetic cowardice.

    • Very true, unfortunately. The signs were all there but many people were blinded by hope and heard only what they wanted to hear and ignored all the bad signs.

      “it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.” – Patrick Henry

      And what you say about the wealthy is also unfortunately true. People don’t become billionaires by being good, honest hard-working people. Our system of earning capital does not reward honesty and integrity, it rewards deception and greed. This is why there are so many liars and con men in the world because we reward them. In a sane society with actual Christian morals a person who makes more money than entire countries would be shamed and chided for their greed, not praised for their “success.”

      “Let me say it again, it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven’s kingdom.” – Jesus Christ

    • @Snowhitey: You’re right, we only saw what we wanted to see in Trump. But he was the only real candidate running for president, the rest were all lightweights. I believe he will be America’s last President. I certainly hope so.

    • I got sucked in but only to the extent that I saw us as using them more than they were using us.

      Charlottesville pretty much sunk that ship.

      I’m annoyed that no one listened to me about that. Marcus called me ‘mental’ for pointing out that Romans didn’t belong with us.

      Who led the charge against white southerners in C’ville? A Roman Catholic, that awful Clinton groupie McAuliffe.

      Hopefully people will learn this lesson. We cannot win in the North, where Roman Catholics and Jews et al rule. Only the Protestant South can work.

  9. BTW, the same plan is still in force. They’ve just made adjustments to the window displays. Total control over humanity and complete destruction of the old world order. All our history, customs, beliefs and identities will be eradicated. Start with the hardest to conquer first. The dominant one.

  10. “Where do we go after the age of vapid e-celebs and nihilistic trolling is over?”

    Revolution. Overthrow the FEDGOV, just as Jefferson advised us to do.
    Kill the Jews. Stone the Fags. Deport the Nigs. String Ryan, McCrazy, Graham, and all the rest along the Beltway, using red/white/blue crucifixes. Stone Pelosi, Haley, etc. for the political strumpets that they are…

    Then, Restore the Patriarchy.
    Nothing that hasn’t been done/tried/succeeded before…

    Or just secede, and do all that as well.
    The choice, as they say…. is yours.

    After all, who has more guns than anyone else in the entire US of A?
    Whites. Males.


  11. Do you think it’s possible that Trump ditched America First for the neocon/Republican (same thing) foreign policy, is now making nice with McConnell and hedge fund creeps, etc etc just to keep from being impeached or assassinated?

  12. The 49 Dems only need 18 Repugs to join them and Trump is gone. Counting Flake, Corker, McCain as certains, I think there are at least 15 others who would go along, providing they don’t fear the electorate too much. “High crimes and misdemeanors” are whatever they say they are. Impeachment itself is a political, not judicial, act.

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