The Case Against The 2018 Midterms

Editor’s Note: I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I am planning to sit out the 2018 midterms. I expect the Republicans will lose big time and want to steer clear of it.

#1. The Charlottesville Resolution – The Republican Congress unanimously passed the Charlottesville resolution which blamed us exclusively for the violence in Charlottesville. This is unforgivable because Antifa violence has been on the upswing since early 2016 when it started during the Trump campaign. It had been going on for a solid year before the Alt-Right started to have street rallies. The Republican Party was put in power to “restore law and order” and failed to do so.

#2. Congress Is Wildly Unpopular – The Republican Congress has a 15% approval rating. Mitch McConnell is the most unpopular senator in America. Paul Ryan has a 30% approval rating. The Republican Congress sucks and is likely to get tossed out. We don’t have any incentive to jump into that dumpster fire. We should be looking ahead to 2019 to 2020.

Ramesh Ponnuru writes in National Review:

#3. The Ryan Agenda – The 2018 election is going to be a verdict on the Ryan agenda. In the books, we have the unpopular, failed healthcare reform bill, the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate and the effect that will have on healthcare costs, the wildly unpopular the tax reform bill, Russia sanctions, and the bloated military budget. On the horizon, we have the fate of the DACA amnesty, Dodd-Frank repeal, infrastructure and entitlement reform. The Senate has sat on the RAISE Act, No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, and Kate’s Law. Above all else, we don’t have the border wall.

Do we have anything to gain by jumping into this fight? It has been nothing but the Ryan agenda since January 2017. I can’t think of anything the Republican Congress has done that I agree with. The Charlottesville resolution was only the icing on the cake. Instead, it used Trump’s mandate in the 2016 election to push their cherished True Cons agenda. Unless this radically changes in 2018, we should stay out of this election and let this be a straight up vote on the Ryan agenda.

If they are going to lose anyway due to their own actions, why get involved and complicate matters? Do we want to give them an excuse to blame their wipe out on the Alt-Right?

#4. Confederate Monuments – In 2017, Confederate monuments came down all over the South. What is the point of giving the Republican Party near absolute power here? 63% of the American people support keeping the Confederate monuments. There is an even larger majority on that issue in the South. Why are our conservative politicians so useless on the issue?

#5. The Senate Leadership Fund – Mitch McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund constantly intervene in primaries in order to keep the True Cons gang in power. In Alabama, we saw they were willing to throw the election to Doug Jones so that “Big Luther” could run again in 2020. If the Republican Party can’t be reformed through the primary process, doesn’t represent our interests and caters only to the interests of wealthy donors, why bother to show up to support its candidates?

#6. Cuckageddon – The whole point of democratic politics is to secure representation. We came off the sidelines and voted in overwhelming numbers in the 2016 election. As a result of that historic effort, Donald Trump won the election, but we didn’t gain representation. Instead, we have been forced back to the sidelines to watch the Republican Congress pass the Charlottesville resolution and the tax cuts while failing to do the border wall or change our trade policy in a meaningful way.

The mainstream is an agreement between the Republicans and Democrats to EXCLUDE us from representation. The conservative movement exists to keep us marginalized. See, even if we participate and win the election, we end up losing because we are DENIED representation in the government. We’re not part of the Republican coalition and our participation in elections only empowers other groups who go on to advance their own agendas like the Koch Brothers dream of a 20% corporate tax rate.

This lack of representation was acutely felt this year with the rise in leftwing political violence, social media censorship and being defunded. The Republican Congress had more important things to do like condemning us and working on various tax breaks for the donor class. Clearly, we’re not welcome in their party and as long as that remains the case we should be indifferent to its fate.

#7. Leverage – As we have shown time and again on this website, the polls have consistently shown that anywhere from 6% to 10% of Americans identify with the Alt-Right or White Nationalism. Contrary to what fools would have you believe, we ARE NOT a fringe group. We ARE NOT an insignificant political force. If we are unmotivated to participate in the 2018 midterms, the results will be devastating.

Note: I’ve made a short list of the things that will have to be done in 2018 to turn this around and even then it might be too late because so many people made up their minds about this Congress in 2017. I don’t expect anyone in power will listen, but this would stem the bleeding:

– BUILD THE WALL, not merely a token portion of it

– Junk entitlement reform and quit supporting Paul Ryan’s unpopular agenda before it is too late

– Deport massive numbers of illegal aliens

– DON’T do a DACA amnesty

– Go after Silicon Valley with antitrust

– Crackdown on Antifa

– Seriously start ripping up free trade agreements and changing our trade policy in a meaningful way

– Don’t let the Boomer generals start a war

– Get rid of Jarvanka and Gary Cohn

– The states better start passing STRONG heritage protection laws without loopholes

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  1. You assume the GOP actually want to keep the house and senate. They look like they don’t want it.

  2. Nah. We still got a hetrosexual White guy put on the Supreme Court. Jeff Sessions has replaced Eric My People Holder and Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.

    There have been no Neo Conservative wars/attacks on Arab secular Nationalists or Iran or Russia. ISIS has been defeated. We’re allowed to celebrate Christmas.

    We need to punish cuckservatives in other ways besides replacing them with Anti Southern, Anti White Dems.

    Worse is Not better.

    Instead I recommend entering Dem politics and causing disruptions amongst their anti White groups. Let’s redistrict some Black Congressional Districts in Southern California and Here in Chicago to Hispanic.

    Let’s incite Blacks and Muslims against the worst anti White Jews.

    Here’s a tactic I’m dying for someone on our side to do – it’s the “Saul Goodman” of Breaking Bad tactic. Change your name to something very Jewish – Joshua Goldberg and open a PO Box in Hollywood and start really insulting Muslim immigrants, announce plays and movies that will present their Prophet Muhammed as a bi sexual prostitute – and hey it’s written and produced by some guy named Josuah Goldberg from Hollywood CA.

    Our side is to serious and too honest – we need to F**** with our enemies and our traitors, note just mope and saying we’re dropping out of voting, dropping out of society.

    • ISIS, or whatever it will morph into next, is anything but defeated ad long as the Kikes have any power in the West. Indeed, it will far again and again even without the perfidy of the Kikes because Islam is ISIS and ISIS is Islam. That is no Muslim presence as well as Jewish presence can be tolerated in a white nation.

  3. Another great idea I have is to get one of our guys to do a sham conversion to Islam, get really dirty and hairy and proceed to viciously attack Lib Leftist, LGBTs and insult Conservative Southern Christians from an invading Muslim perspective – it would be the second best forgery propaganda since The Protocols of ZION. The perspective would be to show all of the disgusting degenerate sexuality of Lib Left Democrats LGBT and pronounce strict Muslim commands to execute such people and also threaten Southern Christians that “Christianity is a FALSE religion” and Islam is the only true religion and Mass Muslim immigration to the USA/South will make the South Muslim and the best thing for Southern Christians to do is to just concede defeat and turn over their daughters to be the 4th wives of dirty, soap and TP avoiding Afghan/Pakistani Muslim goat herders.

    The response from all White Lib Left to Conservative Christian works great from our side.

    Let’s have some fun out there.

    Way too much gloom and doom on our side.

  4. the gop congress is out to stay in the good graces of the upper class, of the CEOs and big corporations…and they do that by NOT passing populist legislation…
    even if they do get voted out, the upper class will take good care of them as long as they did and said the right things in congress…which means not going nationalist….

    also, the GOP congressmen do not want to win the 2018 midterms…they WANT to be in the minority…because if they are in the majority they might have to follow through on their populist campaign promises…if the Dems take Congress the GOP can put forth all sorts of populist bills that go nowhere…and the upper class knows how the game is played…but the white working class does not…

    nothing will change until a collapse…at which time politicians will be hanging from a rope….

  5. I’ve said it before and I shall say it again: We are not going to be able to vote, tweet or meme our way out of this mess. Trump represents the last gasp of the American empire, not its triumphant return.

      • Define y’all

        I’d nationalize healthcare, cut off Israeli aid, remove kebab and Beaners, give the Nogs a sharp shock with set piece siege on a ghetto. Tax a few select billionaires into penury or asset strip them (Twitter as a utility) … this could be done in any European context as well.

        I doubt that you’d get agreement on this from likes of Denise. Not that I’m singling her out but it’s a matter of policy.

      • No, It’s because they are a cabal of criminals, pyschopaths and grifters who are also perpetrators of genocide El Crapo Chapo, the Hasbara troll. We are right, they are on the wrong side of history. They will sooner than they think be facing the gallows or firing squads.

  6. One of my favorite movies since childhood. Note that even in that film “D-Fense” still rejected Naziism. Something eternally un-Anglo about it.

    The people who are part of this movement have a lower threshold of fear for the future. The white people out of it have a higher threshold of fear. We need to burn it all down in 2018 to present them starkly with their “brown future”, then we say “come with me if you want to live”.

    Pre-work on state formation would be extremely helpful. People aren’t going to sacrifice dwindling security today of their in no port waiting for them in the storm. Money, visa, constitutions, maps, etc. at least need to have white papers and the like. The world after the ethnostate can and must be attractive.

    • The English made the Empire look like an accident and something that resulted from an absent minded ramble after a nice cruise in a ship.

      It took hundreds of years of chucking thing on in 5 minutes.

      The Killer Elite make it look accidental.

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