Is The “Full Trump” Coming In 2017?

Is the “Full Trump” coming in 2018?

2018 is an election year. So I am sure the “Full Trump” is coming in the sense of tweets and campaign rallies. It will be time to come on back to the GOP. But what about policy?

This is what we are hearing from Axios:

“If you ask some close to President Trump what worries them most about 2018, it’s not Robert Mueller’s probe. It’s that establishment guardrails of 2017 come down — and Trump’s actual instincts take over.

Next year will bring “full Trump,” said one person who recently talked to the president.

Trump has governed mostly as a conventional conservative — on tax cuts, his Supreme Court pick, and rolling back regulations. Most of his top advisers are fairly conventional conservatives, so that makes sense. …”

Read the whole thing.

We’ve been hearing conflicting things. There seems to be a consensus that infrastructure is a go. We’ve heard that the True Cons are teaming up with the Wall Street Dems to take another crack at weakening Dodd-Frank. We’ve heard talk of getting tough on China. We’ve heard that Paul Ryan wants to go after entitlement reform, but Mitch McConnell doesn’t because it is a sure loser in the Senate. There seems to be a consensus that some form of welfare reform is a go that will target Medicaid and food stamps (i.e., gibs in an election year after doing tax cuts).

Pat Buchanan and others are speculating about a possible war with Iran. Trump keeps obsessing over military options to deal with North Korea’s missile program. It feels like there is a greater danger of war breaking out in 2018. I keep coming back to the $65 billion slush fund in the NDAA. Where is that money going to go now that the wars in Iraq and Syria are over?

The moment of truth is coming on the Trump administration and immigration. Is there going to be a DACA amnesty? If so, will it include funding for the border wall, the end of chain migration and the diversity lottery? This is pretty much the only package deal that could be sold to the Republican base without causing an explosion in outrage. Are the Democrats going to give Trump the border wall funding in exchange for DACA? Would they rather have the issue? Critically, what is the True Cons caucus in the Senate – Jeff Flake, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse, Cory Gardner – going to do for President Trump in exchange for the corporate tax cut?

There is a lot of fakery going on with DACA:

  • If Trump really wanted to end DACA, he could just take a knee, declare victory and let that be the end of the issue which is what he promised would happen on Day One.
  • Alternatively, if Trump wanted to end DACA without getting politically blamed for it, he could have let the Texas lawsuit take it out at SCOTUS.

I’ve already pointed out the grandstanding going on here.  Do you remember when House Republicans sued the Obama administration over DACA? Do you remember when Senate Republicans voted unanimously against DACA on the eve of the 2014 midterms? Do you remember when the pitch in 2014 was that the Republicans needed the Senate to STOP Obama’s DACA amnesty? That’s how we got Ben Sasse, Cory Gardner, Thom Tillis and James Lankford in the first place.

In 2014, the argument was we needed Sasse, Gardner, Tillis and Lankford to stop DACA, and now the argument in 2018 from these very same people is that we need the DREAM Act for these amazing young people. Charles Koch must be pulling their strings really hard. Anyway, the future of the Republican Party hinges on what this crowd decides to do over the next three months.

If all they got to show voters for their time in Congress is this wildly unpopular tax bill which they did for the donor class, it is going to be Cuckageddon in 2018.

Note: There is a strong possibility that John McCain keels over and dies or resigns before he gives up the ghost in the next three months. Who replaces him?

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  1. Trump is better than Hillary, but still leaves a whole lot to be desired. Unfortunately, Trump will still likely be the best that either party offers up by a long shot.

  2. The sooner Juan McTraitor does and goes to Hell – the better. If DACA is amnestied – it’s the end. Period. Cuz the Browns and their Patrones know they can get everything they want.

  3. No amnesty of any kind is more important to me than the wall. A “dreamer” amnesty would be the beginning of the end. (Furthermore, I have trouble believing others would be excluded when the DC scumbags are done with it.)

    • the “amnesty” is irrelevant.

      the spics – and all the rest of the non-White invasive orcs – were here yesterday,

      they’re here today (only more of them)

      and they’ll be here tomorrow (only even more of them)

      and they are not leaving

      until we kill them

      and those who brought them here to kill us.

        • War is coming. But it is not war with Iran, Iraq, or some other puppet regime that merely wants to be left alone. It is C’vile War II. And I spelled it that way, on purpose.
          That was the Fort Sumter moment for White America.

          That no one is hearing it, doesn’t mean it is going away.
          The non-Whites will have to be killed, in order to be deported… if FEDGOV isn’t going to do their job. And all they would have to do, is say ‘They all have to go.’

          And the Jews are to blame for all of it. They WILL be part of the casualties, as Barbara Lerner Spectre noted to damningly, because they already ARE resented, at a higher level than anytime after 1933-41.

          Deo Gratias.

  4. I see the US starting a war against Iran in 2018 on behalf of the usual bloodthirsty suspects.

    It won’t be pretty or end well for them.

  5. 2018 goals

    1) Make our inevitable “brown future” more palpable to normal whites

    2) Offer separation as a solution

  6. The Republicans will amnesty with the promise of a wall and more enforcement but of course a wall is only as good as those controlling the gates.

    The wall means nothing if the Democrats take over, open the gates, stop funding the wall, and expand the already granted amnesty.

    A “deal” for DACA should be interpreted as another bait and switch scam.

  7. I think we have seen the real Trump in 2017. We have seen the Zionist Handlers. Looks like he answers directly to Bibi. He will continue with the ZOG agenda. I am sure Iran is the next war on the list of things to do – ultimately Russia. Kim is a globalist widget.. He has his script. His job is to go the dial and ZOG.usa has to red rover red rover send the troops right over. This will be when Israel is going to do their shit.

    It looks to me like ZOG business as usual in the District of Corruption with a steady stream of Deep State critters moving from the Swamp into executive positions.

    I don’t think Hillary was ever going to be ‘elected’. I don’t think the voting machines made is Israel were programmed for her election win. She was the World War III candidate running on a WWIII platform. The Adelson money was on Trump and the Kushner back channel to the Overlords was already in place for a Trump presidency.

    I will be very surprised if he manages to do one positive thing for White America.

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