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  1. People like Watson feed into the anti-liberal and anti-immigrant sentiment because there’s so much of it. They channel that sentiment in direction that will never hurt the ruling elite. They act as a safety valve. Michael Weiner Savage does the same type of thing.

  2. The cuck of the year is Rod Dreher. Dreher has written millions of words on the threats and choices facing Christianity and Christians in America and the West but is eerily silent on Zionism endangering Christianity and Christians in the birthplace of Christianity, the Midldle East. He is silent on Zionism, a an ideology which has murdered tens of thousands of Christians in the Middle East. He was silent on the significance of declaring Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish state of Israel, to Christianity and Christians.

  3. InfoWars is just a bunch of clowns exploiting whites. It’s mildly entertaining at times. They do point out anti-white behavior, but then counter any good they do by proclaiming multiracial propaganda.

    • Yeah, they’re like a half-solution that knows never to go too far in case they were to lose their funding and status.

      Like, I have a soft spot for Alex “Jew Wife” Jones, but he’s really like a dinosaur compared to us – he’s a relic of a dead age…

  4. yeah, but Paul Joseph Watson’s videos are really, really great! We have to train our best spokesmen to do similar high quality videos that are sharp, cutting edge – use powerful images and get high ratings. I think Paul Joseph Watson got millions of hits, whereas some Amren lecture or even Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor educational video will just get a few thousand.

    Communication by videos is an art and we must get a lot better at these things. Otherwise we come off like Orin Hatch and Ron Paul – really boring old men that put folks to sleep.

    • In some ways I agree – we’ve got the latent talent out there.

      But YouTube is just like Twitter or Faceberg in that you can get a huge audience and following, and have it all taken from you in an instant.

      I’ve had it happen to me before on FB, and it’s a gut-punch…

    • Is it really his style though that gets him so many views or the fact that he preaches a gay populist message? I mean I really don’t see what’s so appealing about a condescending faggot. Every time I see him talk I just want to slap the shit out of him. Even if I agreed with him I’d still want to. Just the way he talks is so god damn annoying to me.

  5. “People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence. I mean, I read the news every day, I track narratives that the mainstream media comes out with. I don’t see a big Jewish influence…”

    • Hey Jim. Again I ask –

      Are there Chinese people in China?

      If you go to inner city Detroit, Baltimore or the West Side of Chicago do you not notice that people there don’t look or act much like Nordic Swedes, or Danes?

      Hey Jim – if you visited us here in and near Chicago now, do you not notice that Lake Michigan has frozen over and all the shelters are overflowing with diseased Black homeless people?

  6. Sure no doubt. Jones is a jew and there is no way that anyone on his program is going to go against Zionism.

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