Dispensationalism: Its Development, Its Beliefs, Its Consequences

The vast majority of Southern Protestants hold to a belief system which began in the 1800’s. This system pervades the entire fabric of Southern life. The Southern Baptists, United Methodists, Free Will Baptists, and most of the independent Baptist churches hold to some form of this theology. It has permeated even some Presbyterian churches. How did this theological system develop? What are the most important beliefs? What has been the consequences of its adoption by the vast majority of the Southern folk? These questions, we will attempt to answer in this series of papers.

Dispensationalism had its beginnings in Great Britain in the 1790’s. Prior to this time, most Protestants there and also in America, held to the theological position known as historic postmillennialism.

Postmillennialism is that view of the last things which holds that the Kingdom of God is now being extended in the world through the preaching of the Gospel and the saving work of the Holy Spirit, that the world eventually will be Christianized, and that the return of Christ will occur at the close of a long period of righteousness and peace commonly called the Millennium.

Dispensationalism started with the work of a Scot named Edward Irving. Born in 1792, he entered the University of Edinburgh at the age of 13 and graduated with a MA at the age of 16. He soon became a minister in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and in 1822, became the minister of the Caledonian Presbyterian Church in London, England. He was considered the best orator in Great Britain. The congregation of fifty quickly grew to 150 in six months.

Soon the church built a larger structure and the attendance grew to 1,800. He had adopted a premillennialist view of the Scriptures and soon he was teaching in special conferences. Premillennialism is the belief that Christ shall return to Earth first to catch up the saints, followed by a literal one thousand year period in which the Jews will be converted to Christianity. After the millennial age ends, the Lord will come back again and set up his reign in Jerusalem. Why would people accept this message? Most scholars believe that the pessimism of the age was the blame. The French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon, the loss of Colonies all created an atmosphere of depression and hopelessness. Premillennialism taught that things would continually worsen until the Lord came back to rescue his Church.

The membership of his church was mostly from the upper levels of society. For example members of Parliament, government officials, industrialists and professional men. He preached at many conferences attended by Anglicans. However, he began to be consumed with the study of prophesy. Irving held the view that many of the gifts of the early Church could be obtained today. Soon people began to experience ecstatic utterances, automatic writings, and seeing visions, and prophesying. Well, dignified Presbyterians were not going to have any of that. He was defrocked, and lost his congregation. Eventually, he was excommunicated. He was followed by eight hundred of his congregation which was the core of a new denomination. But his excommunication weighed heavily upon him and died shortly thereafter in 1834. His work, however, far outlived him. It was disseminated throughout Britain.

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Across the Irish sea in 1800 was born to wealthy Anglo-Irish parents, John Nelson Darby. Like Irving, Darby was a precocious youth. He entered Trinity College in Dublin at the age of 14. After graduating, he became an Anglican deacon and eventually a priest. He was assigned as a missionary to Irish peasants. His ability to preach was so phenomenal that he had up to four hundred converts a week. The Anglican bishop in Dublin did not approve of this and told Darby that the converts must swear alliance to the British Crown. Infuriated, Darby left his office and turned his back on the organized Church for all times. Shortly after this he has a terrible accident on his horse. After an operation in Dublin, he spent a year in recovery. During that time he read his Bible and meditated on becoming a Christian mystic. After he recovered, he began to attend Bible studies with other men who were disgusted with the Anglican Church. These groups eventually formed the Plymouth Brethren movement. Darby adopted and modified Irving’s ideas. He believed that the Secret Rapture of the Church would occur before the seven year period of the great tribulation. He taught that the Church and the Jewish people were dealt with by God in two different ways. He also believed that the history of mankind was divided into seven distinct dispensations. In each dispensation, God worked with men in different ways. He spread his doctrine through conferences and by means of missionary trips to France, Canada, and the United States. He traveled to North America seven times. He preached here for six years traveling as far west as Chicago and St Louis.

Unfortunately for us, his appeal was across denominational lines. Baptists, Methodists, and even a few Presbyterian fell under his sway. One of the preachers who adopted his theological teachings was Rev. Brooks of St Louis. The great revivalist Dwight L. Moody deeply admired him and adopted some of his beliefs.

Next on the scene was the scandalous C. I. Scofield. Scofield was born in Michigan in 1843. He moved to Lebanon, Tennessee to live with his sister’s family when he was sixteen. His brother-in-law was a prosperous dentist. He was preparing to enter Cumberland University, when the War Between the States began. He and many of his friends volunteered and were assigned to Company H, 7th Tennessee. He was only sixteen at the time. After a period of training, the 7th Tennessee was sent to Virginia, where he served until April of 1862. He was in the hospital in Richmond due to sickness. While there he wrote to officials requesting a discharge from the army. He told them that he was a citizen of Michigan and had been visiting his sister in Tennessee when he entered the army. In September of 1862, he received his discharge and returned home to Tennessee. He had been back home in Tennessee only three weeks when he was conscripted and ordered to report to duty. Rather than obeying the law, he deserted and made his way to St Louis, Missouri where another sister and brother-in-law lived. He told Union officials there that he had always been loyal to the Union and was granted a parole.

In St Louis, he studied law under his brother-in-law and later moved to Kansas where he practiced law. In spite of the fact that he was never admitted to the bar in either Missouri nor Kansas. He soon became politically active and in 1872, he was appointed US Attorney General for Kansas by President Grant. He swore an oath that he had never bore arms against the Union as he took his office. By this time, he was married and had two children (girls). Shortly after taking his office, he was forced to resign in utter disgrace. He was accused of buying votes, mishandling money and bribery. He forged one of his friend’s signatures to get enough money to return to St Louis.

From the time he fled from Kansas in 1873 till his conversion in 1879, he lived as an absolute rogue. He abandoned his wife and children. He lived as an embezzler, liar, cheat, and a scandalous scoundrel.

Scofield eventually attended the D. L. Moody’s revival meetings in St Louis in 1879 and claims to have had a conversion experience there. He was befriended by Rev. James Brooks of that city and under his discipleship learned the principles of pretribulational rapture dispensationalism. Let’s look at some definitions here. Rapture refers to the secret return of Christ to Earth to take away the Christians. Pretribulation means this rapture will occur before the tribulation. Tribulation or great tribulation is the period of seven years in which the Jews will suffer greatly (2/3 will be killed) and will finally be converted to Christianity. It is the period in which the Antichrist will come to power. Dispensationalism is the belief that human history can be divided into periods in which God works with men to bring them to salvation (using different methods).

Scofield attended several churches in St Louis and began preaching there. By 1883, he had moved to Dallas, Texas and had become the minister of the Congregational Church. After he had moved to Dallas, his wife filed for divorce on grounds of nonsupport. Before the divorce had gone through, he was courting another lady. He remarried in 1884. For the next twelve years, he continued as pastor and taught at various Bible conferences. He had to re-invent his life’s history in order to fit into the pro-Southern Dallas society. He lied about his Confederate service, claiming that he had followed Gen. Lee to the very end of the War, surrendering only a few short miles from Appomattox. He became very prevalent in the affairs of the United Confederate Veterans, and various memorial associations. The UDC awarded him a service cross, which he later claimed was awarded by the Confederacy, due to his heroic actions at the Battle of Antietam. The absolute mendacity of this man boggles the mind! He also began to add the letters D.D. (Doctor of Divinity) to his name. In fact he had never had any formal religious training and there are no records of any institution ever having rewarded him an honorary degree! For more, I recommend reading The Incredible Scofield and His Book, by Joseph Cranford.

During the last half of his life Mr. Scofield spent much of his time teaching and preaching his doctrines at numerous Bible conferences. He eventually moved to New England in order to be nearer to the location of the most important of these conferences, the Niagara Bible Conference. While living there, he became a member of an elite social club in New York City, the Lotus Club. This club had in its membership several highly influential Jews who were also Zionists. During this time, Scofield began working on a study Bible to propagate his doctrines. What was the influence of these Zionist on this work? We can only guess by association. They have very carefully covered up any direct provable links. It seems highly unlikely that Scofield could have taken several trips to Europe while researching and writing his work without very substantial financial backing. And how in the world did a little known and totally uneducated preacher get his work published by the prestigious Oxford University Press?

After its publication, the Scofield Reference Bible became a best seller.

-By Guy de Vries and originally published at Identity Dixie. Part 2 and 3 are also available.


  1. From what I know Scofield has had about zero influence on southern Methodism. The two main southern Methodist churches the Methodist Episcopal Church South and the Methodist Protestant Church didn’t even reunite with the northern Methodist Episcopal Church until 1940!

    Personally, I never even heard of Scofield until the last 10years, and it wasn’t in church or in conversation—it was in internet discussions like this one.

  2. I am so sick of race traitors, MORONS, and this sand nigger shit. What has any of this to do with Europeans? Boot the sand niggers – and this means kikes – and their stupid jew spew.

  3. Very good article- the theological rot, that is Dispensationalism, may not be ‘overt’ in any of the afore-mentioned denominations, but the MINDSET suffuses every aspect of American society.

    This can easily be described by just a few named references: Moral Majority, Late,Great Planet Earth, Ronald Reagan, TBN, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Left Behind, Whitcomb/Morris “Genesis Flood,” Institute for Creation Science, Dallas Theological Seminary, Chick tracts….

    The only competing theological system, that holds any hope to overthrow this heresy (and it is one of the most damnable heresies, which is also tied to another heresy; Zionism/Judaism), is either Orthodox Christianity, or Presbyterian Reformed Calvinism. Those are the only two theological systems that seem to have remained impervious to this garbage which Scofield and all of his Jewish handlers gave us, at the turn-of-the-century.

    • Don’t discount Sedevacantist Catholicism, we Catholics fought the infidels for hundreds of years; just because the present cucks have implanted themselves doesn’t mean that the basic system is wrong.

      • Gabby-I can’t count on the sedevacantists at all, because they are part of a group (RC’s) that demands you must submit to the pope, or you are not Catholic! Therefore the concept of a “ sedevacantist catholic,” is an oxymoron. You need to break from Cathol-I-schism and realize the need to come back to the church of the era before the schism…. or become a Trad Anglican.

        But a Catholic, there isn’t under the pope, is neither catholic nor Roman.

        • Fr. John – this is unrelated to the theological discussion at hand, but I’ve been meaning to ask you. (Hopefully you read this and will respond!)

          You’ve briefly discussed the (shall I put it this way?) retardation of homeschoolers – the A Beka, patriotard, Duggar-worshipping, wish-the-gov’t-treated-us-like-the-Amish crowd. I have had extensive dealings with these folks, and I believe you have as well. What were your personal experiences like, and do you believe they’ll ever wise up, or will they go the way of the dodo bird?

          Thanks in advance.

  4. As Gary North, (a once-prominent anti-dispensational writer) once said:

    “You can’t fight something with nothing.“

    What this means, Denise, is that there is no going back to some fictionalized ‘pre-Christian Western society’ – Gods that I know God put her basically idols or demons, have no place in this discussion as you have been warned before. And, as I have said numerous times and posts over @ Daily Stormer, the following quote is quite illuminating.

    Nor can the Table-Talk be used to argue for a pagan Hitler:

    “It seems to me that nothing would be more foolish than to re-establish the worship of Wotan. Our old mythology had ceased to be viable when Christianity implanted itself.” -Table-Talk [p. 61]

    • Oh bugger off. Christianity is DYING. It’s cucked. and WTF do you get of calling any other faith “fictionalized”? LOL! If you sit down and think about the bs spewed by the Abrahamic “religions” – The Church of the Spaghetti Monster makes more sense. MY Gods are for MY Race. So piss off, you ridiculous fraud.

      • You’re as ridiculous as el chapo, lugh or thor or toutatis are not coming back as religions. There is nothing behind them.

        • Of course they are not coming back. They, like Christianity and all other religions, are superstitions. The only reason Christianity holds sway over previous superstitions is that it is a more developed religion with more frauds behind it to keep it alive.

          • Don’t be stupid with your soul ! Read : The Signature Of God, by – Grant R Jeffries. 100 % of the bible’s been proven true. If you run your mouths without any research … you have a mental illness.

          • I’m familiar with that absurd book. Disabuse yourself of its nonsense by reading these books: Unraveling the Book of Books, by Ernest R Trattner, and Joseph Wheless’ books, Is It God’s Word? An Exposition of The Fables and Mythology of The Bible and The Fallacies of Theology, and Forgery in Christianity.

    • Agreed. I give the Pagans some leeway because basically they are at least looking for some kind of past to honour – and honour is severely lacking in the western world today.

      NatSocs, Christians, Pagans, whatever… We’ll need to do this together.

      • I agree, but the hardest thing for the white race to do is come together, to unite like the Tribe that controls us. Unity between us is our greatest weakness. Every time the few whites that see the value in this try to network with each other they are called Nazis or racists.

      • I agree, too. I really don’t care what anyone else believes, it’s important now for whites to work towards the larger goal: our survival.

        • Absolutely, but each of us that does want to rally to the cause of our people needs to be aware that it may require a great deal of sacrifice that could involve trumped-up charges (like in Charlottesville), a fine, jail time and expensive attorney fees.

  5. It’s increasingly hard to find any Judeo Christian churches or ways of thinking that work for us. Some small good news is that the “Rapture” crowd seems to be losing influence and regular Southern Baptists don’t listen to their leaders nor do White Catholics.

    • “Regular” Southern Baptist cucked themselves out big time after Charlottesville. They have exchanged their once-biblical Baptist eschatology, for the lie that “racism” is a sin.

      The SBC is now totally apostate.

      As for “white Catholics,” have you been to a Roman Catholic Vatican Ewww (sic) church in the last 15 years? They’re basically protestants of the most liberal variant, with a little bit of Marian piety over on the side. But Catholic? Cry me a river.

    • It’s funny Jack, I’ve never had anyone use the term “rapture” in conversation with me, even in conversations with people I considered religious kooks or Jesus Freaks.

      I do remember seeing a Jack Chick tract back in the 70’s that used the term rapture, and it did have some scriptural basis to what I considered rapture craziness.

      I got into a lot more conversations about the term “born again” than anything else that I can recall.

  6. @Fr. John+

    No Woden is not the answer. While the Norse system of faith is an interesting study, our forefathers did see the logic in abandoning it. It is the job of parents to represent Christ’s and
    Apostles teachings in the correct manner. Something many have givin over to the apostate church. The Eastern Orthodox Church really needs to evangelize in the USA, in particular the South.

    • That’s amazing to me, I’m Australian and even I’ve seen this back when they played the early sunday morning evangelical shit thinking it might take off in Australia.

    • Our fore-FATHERS let the kikes run riot. Hail Lugh. Hail the Lady of the Crossroads. Fuck the kikes, and their sand nigger faggot “god” DEMONS.

  7. Mark-if you are Orthodox, you will understand what I’m about to say. If you are not, you may not.

    But Eastern orthodoxy is Phyletism, incarnated! The Eastern Orthodox refuse to allow a Western, indigenous rite to exist- and every single convert they make into either a Greek or a Russian….before they can even call themselves even Christian!

    While I love Orthodoxy, I find the Byzantines/Slavophiles insulting to Anglo-Saxons.

    Which is why, I’m probably the only Orthodox cleric on either this website, or Daily Stormer!
    I believe we need our own uniquely English, American, Western Orthodoxy, untinged by Roman Catholic heresy, or Protestant Schism.

    Most Pseudo-dox. …are just like the cowards that “excommunicated” Matt Heimbach- when they found out that he was white nationalist! Amazingly enough, the Orthodox have their own Romanian fascist saint, Cornelius Codreneau. The Byzantine (sic) bigots and Russian (sic) racists -who are all about racial ethnic identity, when it is in their OWN homeland…should actually be looking to St. Cornelius, to help us American Whites in our current situation, rather than Archbishop Iakovos of sorry memory, walking in solidarity with MLK, back in the day!!


  8. The ease with which dispensationalism penetrated many protestant faiths was primarily a result of the failure to look to Eastern Orthodoxy and its firm, unflinching Christianity, and distance from the Latin Church.

    Protestants are so fearful of Roman Catholicism that they often confuse Orthodoxy with the Latin Church.

    Too bad really.

    I was born into and raised Southern Baptist, I became a Chrismated Greek Orthodox Christian five years ago and am more satisfied with my decision every day.

    Virtually all southern states have Orthodox Christian Churches, South Carolina for example, has 20 of them.

    • Pat- if you’re a Greek, then you are no longer an AMERICAN. The phyletism is that heinous. Neither the Greeks nor the Arabs have legitimacy on the American continent. Only the Russian Orthodox had any validity to the claim that they had episcopal oversight, which they abandoned by appointing Hawaweeny back in the day….

  9. There is nothing in the New Testament that says Peter was ever in Rome. It’s pure oral tradition. By the same token the Eastern Christian tradition has always been that Jesus Christ was subordinate to God the Father to a greater or lesser degree depending on the Eastern sect and the time period. Not Arianism, but, subordination(ism)?

  10. Dispensationalism, Methodism, Presbyterianism, Arianism….These are but different forms of MADNESS.

      • Sadly, Denise, from the time you first began to post (back during the Stonelifter days) you have become increasingly more erratic, vulgar, irrational, insulting, and now, blasphemous. I once spoke in your defense. I now rescind that grace. You’ve become a female version of Chris313… who was banned from this site, FYI.

        This article touched on my area of expertise, and yet you foul the air by your shrewish antichristian tongue. Clearly, Anglin’s pointing out the irrationality of women in this fight on ALL areas, is only corroborated by your most recent toad-mouth spews, tbh.

        You’re no longer worthy of giving ANY opinion, but especially not on religious subjects. After all, “Women are to keep silent.”

  11. Excellent capsule of the origins of this pernicious doctrine. There can be no question that Jews were involved in its promotion, and probably in its creation, especially since it serves the Tribe and their objectives so well. Part of this belief is that the illegitimate state of Israel is a fulfillment of scripture that signaled the literal last years leading up this “rapture” and all the nonsense that follows it.

    Belief in this doctrine is the foundation of Christian-Zionist organizations like Christians United for Israel. Votaries of this belief system truly believe that if they don’t “bless Israel” they will be cursed (based on a bizarre interpretation of Gen. 12:3). This blessing has taken the form of billions of dollars and state of the art weapons sent to Israel each year while we continue to fight their wars at our expense. It also includes the silencing of anyone who tries to expose the crimes of the criminal state, even vetoing UN resolutions against it.

    But it isn’t just the premillennial Christians that serve Israel and Jews in general, it’s nearly all of the different sects of this religion. It begins with believing that Jews are “God’s chosen,” and that “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22). It includes believing that the Holocaust really occurred and that Jews are persecuted without cause.

    For most of my life I belonged to one of the many Christian sects until I truly delved into its scriptures and discovered many contradictions and absurdities. The first thing that caught my eye is that there is absolutely no mention of the hell that Jesus described and threatened unbelievers with in the Old Testament. The heavily researched book by Edward William Fudge, The Fire That Consumes, helped me
    to see that in the O.T. this hell is conspicuous by its absence.

    I then read Revilo P. Oliver’s (writing under the pseudonym Ralph Perier) The Jews Love Christianity and his The Origin of Christianity and discovered what he meant by the following statements: “There could be no clearer proof that the Jews’ mystery religion [Christianity], a spiritual syphilis, has rotted the minds of our race and induced paralysis of our will to live,” and, “A thoroughgoing atheist will necessarily have emancipated himself from even the residue of Christian superstitions, and will therefore perceive and understand the cunning and insidious devices of the Self-Chosen People.”

    These books led me to Joseph Wheless’ books, Is It God’s Word? An Exposition of The Fables and Mythology of The Bible and The Fallacies of Theology, and Forgery in Christianity. The latter book expands on the former and includes a section on the “Fathers of the Faith” (Tertullian, Irenaeus, Augustine, Eusebius, etc.) and demonstrates how ALL of them were “credulous and mendacious to the n-th degree … these fatuous, fabling, forging Fathers of the Church fluent and unscrupulous Liars of the Lord [who] made a holy craft of catching the credulous with guile and, like the apostle Paul, boasted of it (2 Cor. 12:16 and Rom. 3:7).”

    So, it’s not just relatively recent liars, frauds and forgers like C. I. Scofield, Mary Baker Eddy and Joseph Smith, it’s also the very founders of this religion that are responsible for our people being caught up in a belief system that has “has rotted the minds of our race and induced paralysis of our will to live.”
    If you don’t believe that Jews are served by this religion you have to wonder why then there are so many popular TV and radio stations, as well as many magazines, all controlled by the Jews, that extol Christianity, yet no programs by rational atheists. Like Revilo Oliver said, “If the Jews had an antipathy to Christianity, they could change that attitude overnight with a few directives to their hirelings, and they could make the religion ludicrous in the eyes of the majority within a year or two . . . The Jews love Christianity. Why shouldn’t they? The most stupendous of their hoaxes has become their most deadly weapon against us.”

    • It takes far, far more ignorant, blind faith to be and atheist than it does to be a Christian. Atheism is the belief in nothing and that something (the universe) came from nothing.

      Christianity is still “worth it” even if you disregard all its theology. Europe united under a Christian banner to drive back the Muslims. If Europe had still been pagan, the Muslims would have picked off each European nation one at a time and we’d all be inbred rapists killing each other in the name of Allah.

      • Actually, it’s Christianity that teaches “something (the universe) came from nothing,” the ex nihilo theory of creation (“By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.” Hebrews 11:3)

        Atheists simply don’t believe what cannot be proved. You are right that many years ago whites used to unite under what was referred to as Christendom, but they no longer do. There are some 38,000 different Christian sects today and most of them don’t think the others are going to heaven, so how are these likely to unite over any cause, even it it’s to save their race from those who are trying to destroy them?

      • You’re correct, it was only Christianity that kept the muslims out of Europe. I was raised as an atheist, but converted later on. I have to say that religion has given much more meaning to my life and strengthened my character.

    • How can we fight against the non-white PAGAN hordes, when stupid Whites don’t even follow the religion of Christendom ? They are also traitors- spiritual race fornicators no better than physical mud sharkers…

  12. It is often illuminating to challenge a Christian Zionist to explain why God does not love the Palestinian like he does the Jew, and to ask if Jesus would be ok with occupation, home demolitions, massacres, Jews ONLY colonies, the anti Christian culture of Israel, etc.

    • It’s not just Christian Zionists, it’s Christians of all stripes. As long as our people are enslaved to it, white nations are going to continue to be destroyed by this Jew-created, Jew-controlled religion.

        • Don’t your scriptures tell you that “there is neither Jew nor Greek,” that “we are all one in Christ Jesus”? I think that the passage means me and the friar are brothers, doesn’t it? But if the friar sees me as an enemy, which is the only alternative, isn’t he supposed to be practicing the command to “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you . . . Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back”?

          If the latter is the case, then I expect the good friar to be praying for me and since he is supposed to “give to everyone who asks you,” I would like him to send me $1000.

          Don’t forget, you can’t demand anything I take from you back, you must turn your cheek when I slap you, and give me your shirt too. Now be a good obedient Christian and get to work obeying your scriptures, you nut.

  13. And when the Christian Zionists insist that we must support Israel so we will be blessed, I ask them how we have been blessed since we started supporting Israel. Divorce rates, abortion rates, STD rates, inflation, record debt, wars, suicide, family breakdown, increased ethnic conflict here in the US, etc. seem to say we have been cursed.

    • You can always remind them that Salvation is only through belief in Jesus Christ, or faith alone.

  14. Even though there are a million Christian denominations all holding onto some of the truths of the holy faith at this dark and diabolical hour – not even the Scofield JudeoXtians can not deny the four curses upon Judaism – recorded in all New Testaments: disinheritance, the fig tree, desolation, Deicide.

    Everyone who claims to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, our King should be able to agree on these four points as recorded in the New Testament and excellently presented by Brother Nathanael Kapner.

    Brother Nathanael Kapner/ Nathanael 2017/ The Four Curses on Judaism

    These Biblical truths are a litmus test for all JudeoXtian corruptions, compromisers and imposters in both faith and practice. If your faith community, denomination, Christian congregation, Bible study, church, Jesus movement or whatever can not agree with our Lord’s identification for all time of ‘Anti-Christ’ and the four marks of His enemies – keep moving.

    The Church also has four marks btw.

  15. I was at a church here in Indiana and picked up a pamphlet aimed at “Dreamers” and how they can receive help, how immigrants and migrants can apply for benefits, etc. Another church I was at, a few years ago, sent little kids with cups around the congregation, collecting money for our illegal Mexican “brothers and sisters.” I kid you not.

    The Judeo-Marxist “all men are brothers and equal in the eyes of G-d” stuff is a HUGE part of the modern decay. Also, “Dispensationalism” breeds a nihilistic attitude of IDGAF, because the “End” is coming anyway.

    I butt heads with Christian-Zionist Jew-worshipping batshittery all the time. It is pitiful.

  16. Consider the possibly that Mystery Babylon described in Revelations that brings the Anti-Christ to power is modern day organized Jewry. Jerusalem, like Rome, is set upon seven hills and that is where the Anti-Christ rules. The Beast is also the system that brings the Anti-Christ to power. The head wound that almost killed the beast but eventually healed making it stronger than ever is the blow they received in World War II. Judeo-Christianity is complicit in all of this. They may think Jews a chosen race but it appears they were chosen as the vehicle to bring the Anti-Christ (the long awaited Jewish messiah) to power. If that be so they are chosen for a demonic purpose. I think even Churchill alluded to this in one of his writings.
    Voice of the beast-radio and print media
    Image of the best-television and movie studios.
    The Beast is a system that brings the Anti-Christ to power,

  17. “Upon my renewed studies of Homer I feel deeply what an inexpressible misfortune the Jewish trash has caused us. If we had never learned to know the actions of the Sodomites and the Egyptian-Babylonian whims, and if Homer had remained our Bible, what a different aspect humanity would have had!” (von Goethe in Letter to Boettiger)

    Greece and Rome. Not Xianity.

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