Henry Kissinger: White House Is ‘A War Between Jews And Non-Jews’

Michael Wolff’s new book on Trump contains the following explosive revelation:

“Another big theme of the book is the bad blood between Bannon and the president’s family members, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

“It is a war between the Jews and the non-Jews,” said former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about the White House.”

Henry Kissinger says the Jews are subverting the Trump administration. It’s amazing to watch since Steve Bannon and Breitbart are extreme philo-Semites who threw Paul Nehlen under the bus for anti-Semitism. Bannon also supports International Zionism’s attempt to stir up a war with Iran. It has gotten so bad that the Jews can’t even get along with their biggest supporters.

Note: Forget about sneaking up on the Jews. It is never going to happen.

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  1. When are we going to learn? Who wants to apologize to ME for the criticism waged at me, for Naming the Kike Demons? It’s the JEWS. It’s ALWAYS been the Jews. And please boot the kikes off of comments. Why do you let them in at all? Look what they did to the CofCC.

    • It’s true, madam, all it takes is a couple of jews to stink up the place. When I was a kid our family lived in a nice suburban neighborhood. There was only one jew family on the whole street, the Epsteins. But they caused so much trouble, they sowed so much discord, that some of us actually had to move! Now we have another jew family living next door, the Levines. I could write a book about all the jewy things they’ve done to annoy me.

      (Raising clenched fist in the direction of the Golan Heights) Some day, jews, some day…..

    • I wish I’d been here then to support you. You are 100% correct and the sooner that folks understand the total control the jews have, the sooner we can stop it.

      But calling out the jew (and their tools like Trump) comes with a hard hitting set of believers called Drumpfters which are the same as a Bushie or Obama Maniac or a Clintonista. Like lap dogs, they are trained to swallow anything their heroes throw out and are ready to cut the head off of anyone that rocks the boat.

      Fools, all.

    • Oh, and what did the Jews do to the CoCC, dearie? Several years ago, you started a disinformation campaign that the Jews wete taking over thr CoCC. It was a total lie on your part. But such behavior is typical of you. You have always been a loose cannon, and a troublemaker. It’s know wonfer why the wife of a prominent CoCC member declared you were a nut.

      • At one time, even before the Baum era, the predecessors C of CC had a number of marginal Eastern European folks with outsized opinions—they were not Jews as far as I know.

        • So, if you don’t know they were Jews, why bring this up? People like you who spread paranoid suspicions can cripple a movement.

      • I am not “in the know” regarding the CoCC at all. That said, I did notice a few years ago while perusing their website that a VERY Jewish-looking man was one of their top people.

        • VJ, the “very Jewish looking man” comment is a smear against the CoCC. Unlrss you have hard proof that the CoCC is pushing a Pro-Zionist, Pro-Jewish agenda, the man’s appearance is irrelevant. BTW, a lot of people from that part of the world look “Semitic”, even if they don’t have a single drop of Semitic DNA in them. The Armenians look very Jewish, but they’re descendants of Torgamah, not Israel.

  2. Yes, it’s a war between jews and non-jews, but to suggest that that war is limited to the White House (or Trump administration) is so much jewish word-trickery. It’s a war…a world-wide one. No matter what happens in that cuck-fest called MAGA, we need to resolve ourselves to the truth that Trump is as much our enemy as the jewiest jew… and steel ourselves against more Hell coming down the pike world-wide.

      • And my opinion is that it finally showed to millions that the system CANNOT BE REFORMED.

        America’s political structure is infected terminally – trying to change things now is like sticking your finger in a light socket over and over and over.

        • I’m trying to place Kissinger’s admission in some historical context. A literal admission of a battle between Whites and Jews within the whitehouse? Hamann? Antiochus? Stalin’s purges?

          • Oh, yes.

            Unlike Hitler, Hadrian literally Holocausted them – at the end, he wasn’t even allowing them to surrender to become slaves.

          • That was more Vespasian.

            He showed them mercy, and there was even rumor that one of his sons had a jewess mistress later in his life.

            Too many scattered, and that made it too hard to eradicate them.

            Because even though the Romans sort of understood Jews as a race, they didn’t get that you can’t pacify them.

          • If memory serves, Hadrian had all the jews kicked out of Jewrusalem, razed the city and had it rebuilt it as Aelia Capitolina, a Roman city dedicated to Jupiter. It remained that way for 200 years, until the reign of Constantine.

  3. Did you fellows read down? Ivanka is planning to be the first (((female))) POTUS, with Jared as Chief of Staff. Trump was going to appoint Kushner as CoS. Ann Coulter talked him out of it. Jarvanka is running the Shoah. The White Shoah.

  4. Hail Caesar! Hail Hadrian!

    I find this statement by Kissinger– even if true– deeply offensive. In the House of Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Jackson…

  5. Kissinger is a lying Jew turd. The Adelson money was always on Trump. It isn’t Trump/MAGA vs the Jews. It’s the Chabad Zionist Jews (Trump) vs the liberal, secular, Neo Marxist Jews. The issue is – what Jewish faction is best for the Jews?

  6. None of this soap opera should be of any interest to pro-Whites and pro-secessionists, except as entertainment. Trump has served his purpose, he is no longer of any value to us. We ought to be using this time to train, arm and prepare for RAHOWA.

  7. So whitey gets to choose between Trump or “the swamp” i.e. between Chabad Lubavitch Luciferians or SJW Liberal Jewish Cultural Marxists. It’s about time people started talking about racial/religious proportionality at the highest levels of political representation and Corporate ownership. The only way to confront this enemy is, it appears, directly. Trump is as much an instrument of Jewish interests as Obama was.

    • Some just playing at the paranoia others are. I think that there’s been a dust up in the government between Jews and Non-Jews.

      Goodbye Goy! Recall that?

  8. It ain’t just the white house. At least this Neanderthal speaks some truth .(literally, look at the recent data on neanderthal dna in the tribe, look at his chin below shoulders, sloping brow, monkey stance, etc)

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