Close Your F*cking Mouth

A “soy boy” is a feminine or physically weak man, and it takes its name from the belief that soy products increase estrogen levels in men, essentially “feminizing” them. If you’ve ever met a man that consumes unhealthy amounts of soy, you know what I’m talking about. Cultural critic Heartiste reinforced this notion in November, “Soy has isoflavones which are associated with increasing estrogen levels. Multiple studies confirm soy’s de-masculinizing effects. You can read about many of those studies here. Soy protein depletes testosterone in men.” So, what’s a sign that a man has mutated into a soy boy? An easy one is the gaping open-mouth smile or, what the Alt-Right has termed, the SOYlent grin.

The lead image associated with this post is a collection of cringy selfies taken by Trekkie has-been Wil Wheaton. I’ve never really heard of him until recently – when he decided to post embarrassing feminist commentary on Twitter. As you can see, Wil has fully committed to the SOYlent grin. The sheer volume and damning amount of evidence is not a coincidence. He also ingests a damaging helping of soy per his Twitter  (his handle, as of this writing, is Wil ‘Kick the Nazis off tweeters‘ Wheaton). Talk about try hard, along with that goofy-ass spelling of his first name.

For the uninitiated, both “soy boy” and “bugman” can be used fairly interchangeably. A bugman is defined as, “Small-souled creatures that look barely human, believe strongly in having modeled “rational” takes, and are defined completely by their choices as an alpha-consumer.” They’re primarily consumtariats (think slavish to the iPhone iterations), but also parrot the approved talking-points and politics of the Current Year™ zeitgeist. Bugmanery is essentially the Left’s approved, and implicitly enforced in our cultural superstructure, behavior for men. Whereas, the “soy boy” is a more physical manifestation and development.

Typically though, one is usually both a bugman and a soy boy, since both are intrinsically linked. The former is their spirit (or lack thereof), the latter is corporeal. For instance, you don’t normally see physically fit, or at least physically normal-looking, men in Justin’s and Wranglers standing idly in line nursing a skinny flavored latte (cupped with both hands) while waiting for the newest iPhone release. Instead, you see revolting inhuman bugmen-soy boys.

Further on the soy boy menace: The soy boy is “a pejorative which is often used in right-wing online communities to describe men lacking masculine characteristics, bearing many similarities to the slang term “cuck.” The term is based on the presence of phytoestrogens contained within soybeans, which have led some to conclude that soy products feminize men who consume them.

One common connection shared by both soy boy and bugman is the disturbing SOYlent grin. Below is a thorough definition of the SOYlent grin from a member of the Alt-Right:

This is a primal fear grimace.

This face obviously isn’t being caused by direct fear. The bugman uses it in every photo, as his default. He thinks this expression exhibits exuberance and excitement. He wants others to see that he is an exciting and happy person. The expression the bugman uses to show this is perfectly ironic, for the expression of open mouth, teeth showing, eyes open, is an empty and fearful plea for mercy.

The bugman is an empty shell, defined by his consumerist choices, and is by default, empty and unhappy. This expression wants to convey happiness and fulfillment, but like the bugman’s existence, is easily seen through for what it is.

Detestable and weak.

I had the minor misfortune of spending my finite time in the presence of a soy boy bugman humanoid not long ago. I was visiting his parents, who are friends of mine despite the age gap. He is in his mid-twenties and is naturally, and apparently, residing permanently with his brood. Typical bugman leech behavior, to be honest.

After thirty minutes of small talk with his parents, I asked if Brian was home. He’s not my friend, but I was curious. “Oh, yes. He’s downstairs in the basement. Probably playing video games, you know him, he’ll never grow up. I’ll holler down for him to come up,” the mom said smiling. In the corner of my eye, I could see the father grimace, clearly embarrassed.

To be frank, he should be embarrassed and I was embarrassed for him. This was my lunch break on a Tuesday and his twenty-six year old son is in a hoodie and pajama pants playing Overwatch. Not to be a prick, but somebody needed to hit that boy over the head with 1 Corinthians 13:11.

After a few minutes and some grumbling, which I heard through the floor boards, he labored up the steps. He was dressed in the bug hibernation attire and he looked worse than I remembered. Tall, gaunt, pale and lanky. His forearms were smaller than my wife’s wrists. He didn’t look me in the eye and I made him shake my hand. In fact, I forced him, through bullyciding conversation, to reveal to me he had been playing video games in the basement all day. Before awkwardly saying goodbye and heading back to his bug-hole, I noticed the iPhone glued in his hand. Part of me wanted to rip it from his delicate fingers and tell him to get a job and grow-up, but I like his parents too much.

Before leaving, his parents and I reminisced over some framed family photographs on the mantel. I remembered most of them from my youth, but I noticed some new ones too. And, there I saw it. There was Brian with the SOYlent grin – and his eyes –  lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. The bugman grin with a childish countenance and insipid eyes.

Watch for bugman behavior and soy boy attributes. The SOYlent grin is real and these boys need to shut their fucking mouths.

-Originally published on Identity Dixie.

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  1. Note the Lesbian on the right side of the main picture. She’s got more testosterone than them beardie-wierdies.

    She’s not laughing anymore.

  2. Those “studies” remind me of the ones commissioned by the (((tobacco industry))). 135 subjects total or did I miss something?

  3. Yes, I know a pathetic soy-boy/bugman. What a whiny passive/aggressive Bitch he is. I’d love Bitch slap him, but it’s not worth the time in county.

  4. Soy sounds like something we should be encouraging all women to drink-particularly those that are a little manly. Who knows, it may result in more women acting like women!
    I bought a carton of soy milk once and checked the ingredients-it was just utterly full of rubbish. It read like an ingredients chart on a box of headache tablets.
    Then I tasted it- not bad, and rather creamy…then it left a sour after taste like some chemical. I never had it again, and can’t understand its appeal.

    • Soy, which is from the soybean, is getting a bad rap. Soy(bean) is high in protein and low in fat. All of your muscle building nutrition supplements used by athletes and body builders are composed of soy protein.

      Now steroids used for muscle bulk definitely effect the endocrine glands and hormones. There are thousands of cases of athletes who have killed themselves with steroids.

  5. All I know is when the niggers take over the east coast I am going to the last white Paradise in America, Salt Lake City Utah.

  6. I’m totally disgusted with the soy boy looks and manners. They couldn’t do a days work if they had to. Even 90% of the military are fat, lard asses that would never last six days in the jungle. Just compare pictures from Vietnam and now. Pathetic.

  7. Alcohol also has known feminizing effects. I notice is some of those pictures they are holding alcoholic beverages. That seems to be a common theme. To be honest, that’s probably a bigger culprit than soy actually is.

    • Probably also explains why Spencer is a little “feminine” as well. He’s constantly drinking something. The guy really needs to lay off the alcohol. It is not good. Tons and tons of research has been done that shows prolonged alcohol consumption decreases testosterone production in men.

      • @Steve,
        Too much alcohol makes you impotent. Latest research suggests that when consumed in moderation, it may actually benefit your heart compared with non drinkers or heavy drinkers. Trouble is, many can’t stop at one or two-they want to keep going and smash themselves. Then they go home to their wives….and can’t perform! If in doubt, then leave it out.
        I gave up the amber potion in 2016, and have never felt better.
        Bad news guys-soy is bad for you….and so is alcohol.

        • White men just love their booze. They can’t give it up. Easier to claim that the little bit of soy product placed into highly processed food – which they shouldn’t be eating anyway, with or without the soy content – is the reason for their poor physical health.

  8. “Justin’s and Wranglers”

    My normal, everyday clothing, while waiting on the waitress to bring me my double chicken fried steak dinner with a coke.

    Wranglers, not Levi’s. Levi’s are for women and Soy Boys/Fags. If I’m in Cavender’s or Atwoods, and I see Levi’s, I know I’ve gone too far and I’m in the women’s section.

  9. Great article 🙂 Comic relief. Sad comedy but comedy. Bunch of fairy faggots running around 🙂

  10. Beer is said to be just as estrogenizing for men because of its content of hops. However, regular consumption of any kind of alcohol will do the same thing, though probably from a different cascade of chemical events.

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