Radio Aryan: ISIS and Iran


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks to discuss recent attempts to destabilise the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The sanctions on Iran caused the country to diversify and become self-sufficient leaving oil only responsible for 10% of the economy, so there really is no believable reason for Iranians to start rioting. They also know the government have done all they can to get the sanctions lifted and it is America that has not kept up it’s side of the nuclear bargain. President Rouhani just won an election by a popular vote of 71% and Iran has it’s own independent bank that runs on capital and not usury. In fact, because Iran has outlawed usury, the Jews in the country have been effectively neutered and do not even control the media there.

There are two real reasons behind these ‘peaceful protests’, Iran’s support for Palestinian resistance to Zionist occupation and Iran’s refusal to allow the international banking system a foothold in the country. Iran is financially powerful enough to be a big player in the Shanghai Co-operation Agreement, which is a genuine alternative to the World Bank and the IMF, that does not insist on countries promoting sodomy and multiculturalism in order to secure loans of capital.

ISIS have recently been allowed safe passage out of Syria after America negotiated this and members of the Iranian government have alleged that it was ISIS and America who were behind the riots. They have killed police, pushed a fire engine into a car crushing a family and hijacked the genuine peaceful protests, thinking the Iranians would be stupid enough to join them. Clearly the Iranian nation are not that stupid though, as instead of joining with the Arab Antifa they started organising counter demonstrations in support of the Rouhani administration.

What Trump and Netanyahu really mean when they talk about ‘brave freedom fighters’ is freedom to watch pornography and be a slave to materialism, but they have to destroy a nation’s religion and culture like they have in the West before they can turn people onto materialism so these riots are just the start of that process being applied to Iran.

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  1. I have to think that Iran’s vital contribution to apparent victory in Syria and its close ties to Hezbollah are the main reasons for this attempt. Iranian influence now spreads through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

    IsraelUS has only itself to blame. Taking out Saddam Hussein removed the barrier to the west.

    • It makes me so angry that our leaders and media ignore Iran’s role in defeating ISIS and AQ in Syria, and then talk about Iran being the number one state sponsor of terror. If Americans knew that Iranians were shedding blood to fight Islamic extremism, and that Israel has been supporting Islamic extremists in Syria, it would be a monumental game changer. But the Israelis are so good at relying on the big lie.

      • The normies with whom I have spoken think that the war in Syria was the evil Assad and evil Russians killing democratic freedom-fighters while the heroic US was there fighting ISIS alone.

        Their source: Fox News.

    • Good grief, where do you think they will go if that happens? As it was said in the past, in regard to Jewish immigration, none is too many. There are too many of them here already.

      • Will no one take my proposal to send the jews to forced labor colonies in the Soviet Far East seriously?

  2. The U.S. and U.K. control Iranian oil and gas to the point that they’ve made electricity expensive and easy to cut off. Iran has large deposits of uranium. They’re buying reactors from Gidropress in Russia and expanding their hydroelectric capacity to create a national grid that is immune to interdiction by ZOG.

    Iranian Railways have looked into electrification and buying or domestically producing electric locomotives.

    Energy independence equals political independence.

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