Trump Administration Abruptly Reverses Course On H-1B Visas

A few days ago, Ricky Vaughn and others were excited by the news that the Trump administration was planning to force hundred of thousands of H-1B visa holders to leave the country:

“The Trump administration is considering rules for the H-1B visa program for high-tech workers that would prevent the visas from being extended.

The change is apparently intended to force the recipients, which number in the hundreds of thousands, to return to their country of origin before they could complete green card applications to stay in the U.S.

The proposed change was reported by the McClatchy newspaper chain, citing two anonymous sources briefed on the plan, which is being prepared by officials at the Department of Homeland Security. “The idea is to create a sort of ‘self-deportation’ of hundreds of thousands of Indian tech workers in the United States to open up those jobs for Americans,” one source told McClatchy. …”

The Trump administration was planning to go through with it until the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and lobbyists for the Indian government sprung into action:

“Under intense pressure from the business and technology communities, the Trump administration appears to be backing away from a policy change that could have forced foreign tech workers out of the country.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, part of the Department of Homeland Security, on Monday said it was still conducting a thorough review of worker visa programs. But after McClatchy reported over New Year’s weekend that the agency was weighing a specific policy shift that would prevent foreign tech industry workers from keeping their visas longer than six years, the agency reversed course on that proposal. …

“What we can say, however, is that USCIS is not considering a regulatory change that would force H-1B visa holders to leave the United States by changing our interpretation of section 104(c) of AC-21, which provides for H-1B extensions beyond the 6 year limit,” the agency told McClatchy. …”

But multiple sources with direct knowledge of the conversations inside the department said that was not true, and that the administration had shifted over the last two weeks in response to the swift and harsh reaction from the business community.”

You know how this goes. It is the same old story of a populist reform being vetoed by the overwhelming power and influence of the business community over the Republican Party.

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  1. He does this all the time, announces something that is quickly reversed (sometimes within a couple days, which always makes him look ridiculous and weak). He must assume most people won’t notice. This has been a consistent pattern of announcing support for something he pretends is “stopped” by his family or the “deep state” or whoever.

    • @Brad. Thanks for the heads up on this issue.

      H1-b has always been the main anti-immigration effort of the unions as you may know. I’m not talking about the communist-socialist service unions, but, the big industrial unions and the construction trades.

      Trump is really back dooring his union support, after he promised profusely to strictly limit or eliminate H-1b and other work visas!

      I’m also calling and writing against DACA—so this is a “twofer”.

      Thanks again, and I’m always glad I read your website daily.

    • Trumptards will applaud it as a boost to the economy. It’s what’s so great about capitalism! Screw your own kind in the process.

    • @madam: I just spent an hour or two insulting hundreds of MAGA mongoloids on Gab, accusing them of worshiping a god with feet of clay. But they’re too dumb to know what I’m talking about.

  2. Rest assured, once Indians enter your country, they’re here to stay. Indian students and those on temporary work visas-which are meant to be just that-temporary-use these scams as a back door into the nation. They then bring other family members into the country, and have anchor babies who are born locally.
    In my country, most cleaners, truck drivers, convenience store workers, security personel, carwash employees and train guards are Indian. Many doctors and nurses (who are needed in India) are Indian. These are jobs the locals aren’t getting.
    Ghandi wanted ‘India for the Indians’- and they fucking got it. So why are they now invading us on a massive scale?
    Indians are just another of a long congaline of non white invaders contributing to our demise.
    ‘Democracy’ and the ‘war on terror’ does nothing to reverse this.

    • The whole race is summed up by one character-A-poo… [Apu] from the Simpsons. Why did the English ever give up their control of that entire race? They have been a blot on the face of the planet ever said nice. (Using the term “planet” in its metaphorical, rather than literal, sense)

  3. I thought lobbying Congress on behalf of a foreign government was illegal but then I remembered I’d forgotten about AIPAC. White families go into debt so their kids can get a technical college education or learn a trade. Just so these White kids can compete against cheaper 3rd world labor. Treason so our anti-White overlords can make bigger profits. That’s good capitalism and the final death blow to MAGA.

  4. Of course there is zero reciprocity here. Work and residency permits for whites in India are difficult if not impossible and if you do get one it expires after max 10 years and you can be forced to abandon your home or business. Whites can’t own more than 49% of an Indian company and are routinely charged double for air fare and other services over Indians. Great Negotiator my ass. I have also never heard of a white person being granted Indian citizenship. There might be cases but I have never personally come across one.

  5. Maybe Trump consider best immigrants are wogs from India for technical and medical fields.Remember he said “they’re not their best”,reference of Mexico.
    Besides India is a strategic ally against China.

  6. It looks like you guys called it correctly here. I acknowledged the Trump betrayals but still remained a supporter. Each and every time I justified it by saying that it was unreasonable to expect everything but on the important matters Trump would stay true. I believed that despite everything it would all be worth it when the wall was built. Now it appears that Trump has even given up on that. If so, it’s time to finally throw in the towel.

  7. So those H1-B dot heads are doing the jobs that Americans won’t do, like working in IT and the medical profession? Is this what the US Chamber of Commerce, the Club for Growth and the American Enterprise Institute still expect me to believe???

    Trump’s FAILED presidency is yet more proof that we aren’t going to vote, tweet or meme our way out of this.

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