BREAKING: Jeff Flake Announces Senate Has Struck DACA Deal

Don’t forget that Mitch McConnell promised Jeff Flake a cloture vote on DACA in exchange for his support for tax cuts in December:

“We’ve got this bipartisan group, we’re at a deal. So we’ll be talking to the White House about that and I hope we can move forward with it, it’s the only game in town. There’s no other bill.”
— Flake


Politico reports:

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  1. All you would have to do is make the citizenship/residency test equivalent to a high school GED and you could deport 98% of these. Not hard if the US was truly a representative democracy.

  2. This is absolute garbage. We give amnesty and get a promise to for more enforcement–the same scam they pulled with the 1986 amnesty. And parents of DACA recipients won’t get citizenship? That will last until some federal judge overturns it on the basis of “equal protection” under the 14th Amendment–that legacy of Yankee tyranny that keeps on giving and giving.

    • You’re absolutely correct. Once the supreme Rulers (the courts) and the bureaucracy are done with it any amnesty becomes a blanket amnesty.

      Any border security provisions and citizenship requirements will be ignored or waived.

      Just like 1986.


    USA is the 3rd most populous nation on earth, after China and India.
    Ban all immigration.

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