Rand Paul: “We Don’t Have The Money” To Spend On Trump’s Border Wall

Of course.

We can’t afford the Trump border wall. It is way too expensive:

“Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Wednesday that while he supports additional barriers at the U.S.-Mexico border, he believes some of the estimated costs for President Trump’s border wall are too high to justify.

“I remain a fiscal conservative, even on the wall, so I’m not excited about spending $20, $30, $40 billion on a wall. I’m still a believer that we don’t have money to spend. We’re $700 billion in the hole,” Paul said on CNN.

“And while I will vote for money for barriers, I’m not voting for $40 billion for barriers,” Paul added. …”

As a Detroit Republican, voting for a $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut is no problem though:

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    • No … but boy do we have hundreds of billions to illegally bomb the whole world and send our sons to die for heroin and central banks. Way past time for THE CONFEDERATE PARTY.

  1. Here’s hoping Rand Paul and his idiot castrated father Ron Paul are captured by ISIS or Mexican Zeta drug cartels and forced to become homosexual punks for their soldiers.

    I take great person pleasure in exposing Rand Paul – this idiot, pussy coward true believer Libertarian race denying Constitutionalists loon.

    I personally convinced Jared Taylor and Amren to restart Instauration Magazine’s traitor of the year award and make Rand Paul the first, worst traitor of the year:


    He’s a “fiscal conservative” – so he probably doesn’t advocate spending a few $s to put a lock on his home door or prevent hundreds of “undocumented” from walking through his daughter’s bedroom – hey most of these undocumented are just trying to find work, it’s only 12-15% that are rapists.

    Have I expressed my hatred for Rand Paul, Ron Paul and their know it all true believer cult followers?

    I’m sure either Rand Paul or the near senile castrated father Ron Paul are preparing for yet another Presidential campaign to …

    Save America
    Return America to the original Constitutional government
    Promote less taxes more personal responsibility
    Finally, FINALLY bring about the idealized version of Thomas Jefferson and John Lennon’s “Imagine” :

    ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    (Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner when he wrote this nonsense. And ex Beatles John Lennon was living in the Dakota on Central Park West in Manhattan NYC when he penned “Imagine” calling on everyone to give up all their possessions, give up all allegiances to our nation, our people – renounce all divisions of religions and make the world become one)

    Where can we meet Rand Paul in person?

    This is the one guy I’m making a vow to kick his sorry ass, pathetic as*.

    I hate this guy.

    • In fairness, Ron Paul never would have voted in favor of the $40 billion to Israel over ten years, AND against Trump’s Wall. Rand is not nearly as consistent.

    • “White renegade” is a terrible term for this. “Renegade” has a positive connotation in modern usage.

  2. Have you noticed that you haven’t heard these creeps yell about the deficit for years and years? Now that the Wall and its cost come up suddenly you hear the D word again.

    • I don’t care if we pay for every penny of it ourselves, it will be cheap at the price. These parasites are costing us $116 billion a year as it is, a wall for $40 billion is a steal.

  3. I have to agree with him. Why not put snipers along the Mexican border with orders to shoot on sight and shoot to kill? It would cost a fraction of the wall and be much more effective.

    A wall was always a ridiculous defense in my opinion. We’re weak and all of our enemies know it.

  4. Of course future President Kamala Harris (or Oprah) and VP Julian Castro could order the gates/doors in the Wall kept open permanently and the Border Patrol forbidden to man it.

    Face it. Game over.

    The only thing to think about is what happens after the inevitable crash, Soviet-style.

    • I’m actually looking forward to “Soul Sista” Kamala becoming president. This country deserves her.

  5. I don’t think there is one A-hole in the Senate worth saving. They all literally deserve to be lined up against the wall.

  6. $30bn. to build a wall. $116bn. yearly wetback costs. Get rid of the wetbacks & in 3.86 mo. it’s paid for. TADA!

  7. An obvious prediction: The Republicans will haul out their usual campaign promises this year– the ones you’ve heard over and over again but which are never fulfilled– and try to scare you into voting for them.

    I ignored them in 2016 (just voted Trump and the local DA). This year they’d have to pay me for my vote.

  8. Money is bullshit anyway. It’s just pieces of paper printed out of thin air. There is literally nothing backing the dollar. It’s a fiat currency. Who really gives a shit how much the wall cost? We just want the damn wall. We spend trillions of this bullshit money on wars for jews but can’t do it for a wall to protect our own borders? Fuck you, Rand Paul. You fucking faggot.

  9. I’m sure there are many talented people on the alt-right who’d happily build the thing for free if it meant all those savings and benefits later on. But it also has to be backed up with immigration reform that favor the white populace, not the invaders. Stopping ten thousand illegals entering means nothing if the government then decides to allow in forty thousand legally during the same period-and usually without the attention the illegal ones attract.
    The wall will not stop the Mexicans-and Asians, Africans, Muslim’s and curry Indians who the government allows in legally anyway. Are they any better?

  10. So far, there has never been any Instauration Magazine/American Renaissance traitors of the year who reversed themselves and come back to work for our people. The best that can be hoped for is that the traitor of the year dies or just sort of steps back and fades away.

    Rand Paul has stepped back a bit, fading away a lot and hasn’t been announcing “Crusades” to take back America by launching free market economic Presidential campaigns in the roughest parts of Black Detroit. But, hey it’s only been one year since the last Presidential election – my recollection is that Ron Paul/Rand Paul cult followers have been doing these Presidential free market economics, Libertarian Constitutionalist presidential campaigns every year since ~ 1976.

  11. Rand Paul cucked a long time ago. I recall when he was more honestly libertarian and said that a business has the right to discriminate against blacks. Well Jews whipped him for it and he quickly changed his tune. Since then he’s been a total cuck, advocating for releasing black felons and giving them the right to vote even though blacks despise him.

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