Russia Insider: It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

Editor’s Note: See also the and Daily Stormer articles.

Russia Insider has dropped an important article on the Jewish Question:

“Most people know about, but few are willing to condemn, the strict taboo in the media, of criticizing Jews as a group, using that term. One cannot even criticize a small subsection of Jews, a miniscule percentage of the Jewish population, even when they richly deserve it.

Obviously, this is a ridiculous way to run a publication whose object is to get to the truth, so I am writing this to explain why, from now on, the pages of Russia Insider will be open to articles which fairly and honestly address the influence of Jewish elites, including pointing out when it is malevolent, which it often is, and try to understand it and explain it, with malice towards none.

I have become convinced that unless we break this taboo, nothing will improve in the human catastrophe unfolding in geopolitics. Millions have died over the past 30 years, and if we want it to stop, and to avoid a cataclysm which seems to approach inexorably, we have to have the freedom to criticize those responsible. It is very clear to me, as it is to many others, that much of the guilt for this comes from Jewish pressure groups, particularly in the media. …

Russia Insider’s mission is to explain and describe Russia and her role in the world. As soon as you begin to drill into how other nations relate to Russia, and Russian history, it becomes obvious that the unreasonable hostility towards Putin’s Russia, particularly coming from the US and the UK, is very much a Jewish phenomenon, and has been for centuries. …

The most vitriolic and obsessive Russia-bashing journalists in the media are mostly Jewish. The publications which push these writers most energetically are ALL Jewish-owned, and as a publisher, I know very well, that is where the buck stops.

On the policy side, the neo-conservative movement, Russia’s harshest foe, was conceived of, is led by, and consists mostly of, Jews. And their trouble-making extends far beyond Russia – they are responsible for America’s disastrous debacle in the Middle East over the last 20 years – where their crimes have been stymied by precisely one country – Russia. The psychotically anti-Russian recent UN ambassadors, Nikki Haley and Samantha Power, were put there by the Israel lobby, and given an independent brief, in other words, they answer not to their presidents, rather to their Jewish sponsors. …

One of the things we do at RI is to scan the alternative media for what we think are the best articles about Russia, and republish them with a link to the original. We also keep an eye on what we think are the most dishonest articles – and critique them, and it is this comprehensive surveying of the writers and the publications that gives me such a strong understanding of the Jewishness of the hostility. The casual reader’s awareness of it may be anecdotal – I can assure you, it is more pronounced than people realize. When you read, catalog, analyze, track, and critique this river of thought 8 hours a day it becomes starkly obvious. …”

Read the whole thing.

I have also noticed the overwhelming Jewish hostility toward Russia that emanates from the American media. It has gone into overdrive since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. The average American doesn’t give a shit about Crimea or Donetsk and can’t even point out these places on a map. Hillary’s loss in the 2016 election wasn’t due to the influence of RT or Sputnik.

The unrelenting hostility toward Iran is an equally Jewish phenomenon. The United States doesn’t have any compelling interest in Syria. There are no Iranian terrorists blowing up Europeans and Americans. It is an exclusively Sunni phenomenon, but our elites foment an irrational hatred against Iran on the dubious grounds of “terrorism” and “human rights” and “democracy.”

It goes without saying that US foreign policy toward Russia and Iran are only the tip of the iceberg of the Jewish Question. The elephant in the room – the wildly disproportionate wealth, power and influence of American Jews – has a massive distorting effect on countless subjects. The taboo on discussing the Jewish Question is like trying to understand the solar system without mentioning Jupiter.

Were it not for the gravity of the Jewish Question (the domestic Jupiter of American culture and politics), countless aspects of American life would be very different.

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  1. The taboo on criticizing Jews qua Jews is not as strictly enforced as is the self-inflicted reluctance of white men to call out those same Jews on their anti-white (S)upremacy.

    The Jewish Problem is his anti-white (S)upremacy.

    • A big part of that lies at the feet of Conservatives – they caved on racial issues back in the 60’s and 70’s when they could have nipped a lot of this in the bud.


    Thanks to Russia Insider for this bold step. I agree that unless and until we name the elephant in the room, the Judaists, who are behind all these wars and the alien invasion and the libbarbarianism, and race mixing, etc. we will not solve these problems.

    I hope all media the world over will follow this step.

    Whenever any “white” person promotes wars or the alien invasion or race mixing or supports blacks or attacks patriots, and that person is Jewish, that fact must be disclosed.

  3. This is Yuuuuge!

    Send this out far and wide. The Bolshevikist 100-year captivity is over. Babylon is falling!

    • A dollar to a donut says that Trump will never get on board. He is owned, lock, stock, and barrel, by jews.

      He will be the Hammer used against those of us who understand the JP.

      Mark my words. Trump is the anti-Semite Hammer.

  4. (((John Podhoretz))) has responded by saying that the very idea of a Jewish Russophile is “noxious.” Way to go, you fat creep, confirming one of the contentions of the R-I piece! This is the most important article to appear on the Internet so far this year. Will R-I be banned?

    One of the many great things about it is that it’s normie-friendly.

    I look forward to more articles.

  5. It because every askanazi jew has heard stories from their baba (grandmother) of how, “When she was a little girl, one night her father burst into the room and shouted, “The Cossacks are coming to burn the shtetl tomorrow”. They all swallowed the family diamonds and ran to the village police station to beg protection from the State authorities.”
    It is their mother’s milk … the hatred of the Orthodox Rus’

  6. The list of jewish russophobe journalists and politicians is quite long. Anne Applebaum, Chuck Shumer, Adam Schiff, Jennifer Rubin(WaPo), ……..

  7. This reawakening of the jewish menace comes just as the 100th anniversary of the Romanov’s ritualistic murder approaches.

    Oy gevalt! The kikes will be howling for Russian blood over this.

  8. It’s about time for the laggers to catch up.

    But I have moved from the ‘jewish Question’ to the truth, its a ‘jewish Problem’.

    Come join me.

  9. This helps to explain the Jewish war on free speech. But worse than the anti-White Jew is the white anti-White traitor who works with him hand in glove.

  10. Solar system science, goody.

    Jupiter is notorious for two things:

    One, herding and shepherding comets as a blocking linebacker to protect the inner solar system from too many collisions.

    Two, being the only planet massive enough such that the Sun-Jupiter barycenter is above the photosphere (visible surface) of the sun.

    • Jews and freemasons are responsible for putting the concept of “planets” in your mind. It’s all kabbalistic esoterica and based on the writings of rabbis in the zohar. Biblical cosmology is correct, jewish, jesuit, masonic astronomy is bullshit.

        • “ … this has more to do with Newton and Kepler than it does with Jews, Kabbalists, Jesuits and Masons.“

          Wrong again. Jews and Kabbalists WERE behind the geocentric heresy, as Sungenis AND Hoffman have written about in their books…

  11. All of it is true and equally applicable to Jared Taylor and his outfit. By refusing to openly discuss the toxic role of Jewry in our current disastrous situation, mostly out of fear and cowardice, Taylor cannot ultimately offer any real, complete solutions because this piece of the puzzle is not some detail but a key factor.

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