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  1. What’s “honorable” about “Nikki,” Israel’s high-profile bondservant at the nation-destroying U.N? And what the hell was all the cheering about after that sad intro? I couldn’t stand to listen past the “Israel bashing” … “you just can’t comprehend how ridiculous it is” remark.

    As long as she continues to carry water for the International Jews, she will never be unemployed, unknown, or poor.


    She made me vomit.

    Hey Nikki, these Judaists are mentally deranged people. They worship a mass murderer and pedophile called Moshe, a product of incest, who luckily never existed.

    mosesneverexisted on zohosites in the com domain.

    They believe they are children of Avram, a pimp who sold his sister to a Pharaoh as a prostitute.

    They believe they are children of Sarai, a prostitute to the Pharaoh.

    You are pandering to a criminal cult of mentally deranged people, whose behavior is often worse than animals, such as killing children in Gaza, promoting the alien invasion, raping women in the mikvah.

    Avoid these savages completely.

  3. What’s that Bronte story where an Englishman drags a Hindu and her mother back home and…fucks everything up. She tries to poison him.

  4. I should be against Trump just for his horrible appointments– Haley, Tillerson, and the whole crew.

    Yes, even Jeff Sessions.

    • With the last year’s worth of calamities under the direction of Traitor Trump, it’s hard to imagine that things could have been worse under the rule of the Hildebeast or Bonehead Bernie.

  5. None of us and none of the Arabs trust Israel ~ Bashar al-Assad. Vladimir Putin embraces al-Assad. Hmmm our leaders better get smart and follow suit. Trump representing America is the only “Ally” Netanyahu has… And that’s not 100%. Better business dealings with Syria and Russia bc as it is, Israel is unaffordable n very costly.

  6. Pakis, like Nimrata Randhawa, are the shittiest people in the universe. Only Israelis are worse. Turks come in at #3.

  7. Nikki is the anti-White poster girl of Diversity. She scolds and demonizes Whites for CSA flags, then gets cozy with Bibi as Israel commits Palestinian genocide.

    • They all seem like the real deal.. they get into office and their ways of thinking changes. It’s going to take”the ppl” as a whole for this to stop. But can everybody count on everybody else is the question. Got too many ppl holding up a certain status, mostly a show of fake. Lot’s of chicken shits. How are you going to fix that? U need whole hearted survivors, not a lot of dependents. If it were 1800’s n this shit was going on… We had way more”men”

  8. It’s ridiculous that the shitty little country has two votes in the General Assembly and a permanent seat on the Security Council.

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