Cernovich’s “A Night For Freedom” No Platformed In New York City

A year ago, the Deploraball was a big deal.

Mike Cernovich has been planning this one year anniversary event called “A Night For Freedom” in New York City for months now, but a year into the Trump administration no one cares. Anyway, the venue pulled the rug out from underneath the Gorilla this morning:

Supposedly, they have a new venue. The event might still be on.

I can’t stress enough the difference from a year ago. No one has shown much interest in it. No one is fighting about it. No one cares or even seems to know it is happening.

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  1. Best thing Cernovith canth doth isth justh thay no… No more public appearance. No more denial of the coke snorted and gay activities. He was probably f’d up telling the story… Nobody wanted to know. No excuses for being a cuck. He ruined his stance. He made ppl aware of his cockness that nobody wants to be around. He said he was going to quit social media… Sounded like a good idea but he loves attention regardless of positive or negative attention. U gotta know when to hold n know when to fold. But never put ur self in a fold them situation. Idiot

    • Muh Masculinity is one of his major selling points to guys with issues about that, just like many other “manosphere” snake oil merchants.

      Confess being a homo, doing cocaine breaks that image and that means no more shekels.

      It is great that he isn´t folding, thought. His fail must remain an entertaining example as what to avoid. There were too many people trusting the likes of Cernovith and others like him and it is just pathetic, they need to learn to be more vigilant.

    • I don’t know that much about Mike C’s other failings but he is extremely long-winded and boring and unintelligent and seems to think people have nothing better to do than wait 20 minutes for him to get to his ‘point’ which is something dumb. How this guy gets paid money to talk is beyond me. Anglin, whatever you think of his opinions, is sharp and concise.

  2. See you got lots of modern cool Stalin tactics. Can’t make it on your own merit so you puff up your useless qualities as a group. Awesome

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