Kevin Williamson: President John Kelly

Kevin Williamson is ridiculing President Trump for advancing the conservative agenda:

“Donald Trump runs a Twitter account. President John Kelly is running the administration. …

Many conservatives have been pleasantly surprised with the first year of the Trump administration. But even those who have most enthusiastically accommodated their immortal souls to Trump and Trumpism detect in the presidency a peculiar bifurcation: It is difficult to believe that the man behind the Twitter account is the same man who helped to deliver Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and a territorial corporate-tax system to the United States. There is a relatively simple possible explanation for that: He isn’t.

President John Kelly serves at the sufferance of tweeter-in-chief Donald Trump, the little pilot fish who has mistaken himself for a great white shark. (Oh, Trump and “Shark Week!”) Let us hope that that symbiotic relationship continues to thrive for as long as the Trump presidency endures. …”

Conservatives lost the Republican primaries, but won the administration. It would be wise on their part not to publish articles like this. Such is the depth of their contempt though.

Note: As I said last night, President Trump watches television and tweets. He is more like the leading man of the administration.

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  1. John Kelly is a great man, and objectively, the Administration is steadier since his posting.

    Recall that he was one of the people that the Movement was directed to hate by shadowy forces.

    Imagine if Movement personalities had anywhere near the executive temper and discipline as Kelly, we would have already won.

  2. Too bad Trump doesn’t have a General Curtis LeMay on his staff to REALLY take charge of things! There isn’t any law and order on the streets, the border with Mexico is still a no-go zone and a biohazard, criminals like Crooked Hillary and Bathhouse Barry still roam around at will. Is anyone really in charge? Do we really have a functioning government anymore (shut down or otherwise)?

  3. My favorite quote about Kevin Williamson is from John Derbyshire, “He looks like Anton La Vey after a month at Golden Corral.” lol

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