Mike Pence Addresses Israeli Knesset


Mike Pence is over in Israel addressing the Knesset in Hebrew and saber-rattling about Iran. Tomorrow, this shabbos goy will prostrate himself before the Western Wall and Yad Vashem.

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    • @Gabby – that is without question. I’d be surprised if Trump doesn’t have an “accident” fairly soon, so Mr. Smoothie Pence can be POTUS. Sworn in, in HEEB-rew.

      • Denise, I think Trump is ‘jewie’ enough to be going on with, I think they’ll leave him alone, although I actually wouldn’t be overly surprised by your scenario, either.

        • @Gabby – Trump has a way of making unfortunate comments, when not clamped down. Mr. Smoothie Pence is REALLY good as being a politician. He always knows exactly what the Heebs want him to say and do. He’s so soothing and confidence inspiring. Bland, in relationship to typical Vibrant histrionics…..but so….professional There will be NO unfortunate, embarrassing gaffes as White Genocide proceeds apace. Satan only knows what that goyishekopff Trump may do, in the next 3 years, oy vey! Nah, that whole speech in HEEB-rew is a rather……interesting. They signal.

  1. How I hate ZOG, it makes me sick how our supposed leaders pander to these vile people (demons)
    Notice in one of his tweets how he claims America pushed out ISIS, how soon they manipulate history, it was Russia.

  2. The cucked Christian Zionists are clueless about Israel’s support for Islamic savages in Syria. Too much cognitive dissonance for them to go there. But if somehow, some way, we could show them how they have been lied to all these years, Israel would be done. The SJWs and the formerly cucked Christians plus the Alt Right lined up against Israel? Put a fork in it.

  3. “… strengthen the relationship between the United States & Israel.”

    Wtf does that mean? We’re to be even more under their control? How is that possible? More money, more war, more kowtowing?

  4. It seems that the Trump regime wants to move the ZOG embassy to the Arab city of Al Quds (Jerusalem) by the end of next year. So now there is a specific timetable, it’s not just another open-ended promise. But relocating the embassy might jeopardize relations with Jordan and Saudi Arabia, so Trump will have to find a way to mollify them.

    I’m starting to think it was Israeli money that pulled Trump’s chestnuts out of the fire a couple of times in the past and as a result he is now beholden to them. At any rate I hope he is America’s last president. I think there’s a good possibility he will be.

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