Turkey commences race war against the Kurds

The Grey Wolves hand gesture. These are pan-Turkic racial nationalists.

Turkey has launched a new war against the US-sponsored YPG. The YPG is the official militia of the Kurdish political party known as PYD. The PYD is the Syrian branch of the Turkish based PKK. They describe themselves as Marxist and Kurdish separatists. Turkey has invaded Afrin, a majority Kurdish north-western region of Syrian. Turkish authorities say Rojava, northwestern Syria, is next.

The American taxpayers have paid billions to arm the YPG to the teeth, even though the US government officially lists the PKK as an illegal terrorist organization. As a cover, the Pentagon says they are arming the multi-ethnic SDF or Syrian Democratic Forces. The SDF basically only exists on paper, virtually all of their units are YPG.

Rojava, Afrin, and other territories under YPG control are ruled by a one-party PYD government. Rival Kurdish politicians have been exiled, imprisoned, and their offices burned down. Rival ethnic groups, like the Christian Assyrians, face cultural genocide. The PYD is carrying out a campaign of eradicating Assyrian place names. Streets, villages, and schools are being given Kurdish names.

Large areas of northern Syria became majority Kurdish because of large-scale illegal immigration by Kurds in the 1920s. Much of the region was previously dominated by the Assyrians, an ancient but rapidly dying ethnicity.

The Ottoman or Osmanli Turks are no angels. They have tried to deny that Kurds even exist! For decades the Turkish government has called the Kurds “Moutain Turks” and denied they are even a people.  The president of Turkey himself frames the conflict as an ethnic war. He says he is fighting for “Turkic brothers” in northern Syria. He does the same thing in Azerbaijan. Turkey has a huge military presence in Azerbaijan to fight the Christians Armenian separatists. Azerbaijan is a different Turkic tribe and a different religion. However, Turkish president Erdogan calls Azerbaijan his “Turkic brothers” and the majority Armenia lands as “occupied Turkic lands.”

Turkish government officials have stated that the invasion of Afrin is to “liberate our Turkic brothers from oppression.” They are talking about a tiny minority of Seljuk Turks living in the area.

Turkey is using both Arab Sunni Jihadists and Turkic racial nationalist militias to conduct its invasion of Afrin. Turkey is sponsoring the Muslim Brotherhood militia, various “FSA” militia, and Turkic racial nationalist militia. These Turkic militias include Turkic peoples from all over central Asia. Many are part of the Grey Wolves, which is a banned in numerous countries as a “terrorist organization.” The Grey Wolves promote a pan-Turkic racial nationalism.

Imagine if a white army invaded the US southwest decades in the future to “liberate fellow white brothers from oppression” under Latinos. This is exactly what Turkey is doing.

This is a totally new chapter in the Syrian “Civil War.” Since 2012, America, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States sponsored a Sunni Jihad in Syria. The majority of Syrians are Sunni. However, the government is a coalition of Shiites, Christians, Druze, and secular/moderate Sunni. The ruling party is Baathists, which means they use a banner of Arab nationalism instead of religion to unite their followers.

This new conflict is 100% ethnic and it is big. America has used YPG to fight ISIS in majority Arab southeast Syria. The Arabs now accuse the Kurds of being worse than ISIS.

So where is the American and European left? Why are they not protesting this race war against the Kurds?



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    • @Arnold…..yes I’m confused. How about…we just leave whoever to fight whoever, and stay out of it? I don’t care who’s better or what their grievances are- they can sort it.

  2. Everyone hates the Turks. And they need to be kicked out of Asia Minor/Anatolia. That land belongs to the Greeks and Syrians. Make Constantinople Great Again!

  3. How long will it take before the Kurds realize that the US is a thoroughly unreliable ally? The US has been stringing them along for a quarter century. I doubt the US will fight Turkey over the Kurds. Will Turkey withdraw after smashing them?

    The Kurds were supposedly going to take back Jews originally from Kurdish areas and seize Syria’s oil and sell it to Israel.

    Just when it seemed the war was winding down a new invader shows up.

    It’s disgusting to hear creeps like Pence call Iran the “leading state sponsor of terrorism” and the biggest cause of “destabilization in the ME,” when it is clear that the real Axis of Evil– the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia– fills that role.

    The dismemberment of Syria now seems to be the end-game. US bases until Assad is gone (Tillerson), Turkish invasion, the continued presence of Iranian and Hezbollah troops, on-going Israeli bombing… All this for Our Most Cherished Ally (TM).

  4. It gets stupider and stupider.

    I just saw Tillerson say that– regardless of who actually used them!– Russia is responsible for gas attacks because it “intervened” in Syria. Is that like “colluding” or “meddling?”

    Only the US is allowed to intervene in sovereign nations if Our Most Cherished Ally wills it.

    The Trump foreign policy is horrendous.

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