What’s Still the Matter With South Carolina?

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(I’m reposting an OD classic article on the strange political elite running South Carolina – SC should be one of THE best Southern real Conservative states – as solid as Maine – instead it’s been the worst in GOP Presidential politics going for the likes of Newt Gingrich, Mike the Huckster Huckabee, John McInsane and the Bush family clan so….)

I’m asking Hunter Wallace and some other proud (straight) men of the South to explain:

What’s still the matter with South Carolina?

By geography, demographics and history, South Carolina should be leading the fight for our people. SC representatives should be resisting mass 3rd world immigration & amnesty, opposing cultural marxism of Washington DC, the Ivy League, the New York City/Hollywood Axis of anti White evil. Anti Southern plagues like affirmative action for incompetent Blacks should be something that flat out just does not happen in South Carolina – where the Confederate Rebel flag recently flew over the SC State House.

But, until President Trump pushed that PC Liberal Indian female governor up to New York City where she now exclusively represents the Israeli Likud party, South Carolina didn’t have a heterosexual (White) Southerner in the offices of Governor, US Senator!

Now lisping Lindsey Graham seems to be the lone Republican working to shut down the US Government on behalf of the cause of illegal immigrants, open borders immigration.

SC Senator Lindsey Graham – lisping queer as a $3 bill Graham has been leading the RINO treason to force mass illegal alien amnesty and open borders immigration on the American public.

Outed as an immigration traitor in 2007, Lindsey Graham actually made an in person speech supporting mass amnesty to the Latino racial power group “the National Council of LaRaza” (translates as THE RACE!) (link).

Somehow, Lindsey Graham managed to survive all this racial/cultural treason, immigration treason to be re-elected to the US Senate in 2008. Can some local Southern men (not lisping boys) please explain how that happened? Perhaps it was Lindsey Graham’s boisterous support for Neo Conservative war mongering against Iraq & Iran, Graham apparently:

Loves to see those cute Marines in the tight pants go in to action! Graham worked to end the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that used to keep the likes of Gomer Pyle out of the USMC.

Yep, Lindsey Graham – Ted Kennedy in drag is leading the push for mass illegal alien amnesty and open borders immigration from the entire non White 3rd World. Graham is part of an immigration treason group called.

“The Gang of 6” – a bi-partisan group of US Senators composed of toxic Jews, Libs, RINOs, Hispanderers and Queers:

Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

Is anyone else a little alarmed about the casual use of Chinese Communist terms like “The Gang of 6”?!!

Yes, indeed I ask:

“What’s the matter with South Carolina?!”

And if proud Southerners are really serious about FIGHTING (not just talking) about secession, real Southern Independence – don’t you think it’s time to do something about the sorry state of political leadership in South Carolina?

How about just getting physically in Lindsey Graham’s face and publicly shaming him/it as a d*** sucking, immigration traitor faggo*?

All kinds of solid immigration patriots in the North East and Midwest are now shaking their heads and asking:

“How did we ever lose a battle to these Southern guys in South Carolina?”

Maybe it’s a good thing that dot head Indian Liberal governor took down the Confederate Battle flag – it hardly represents a people that would consistently elect, re-elect and open borders immigration traitor and a dic* sucking faggo* to boot.


  1. I can tell you, Jack.

    South Carolina is loaded with retired Yankee transplants. If the Dravidian governor, Miss Lindsay Graham, and the anti-southern, anti-white Ubangi senator is an indication of the mindset of its elites, the state is doomed.

    By the way, Miss Graham is part of the pedo network which is why he loves round eye McCain so much. Ditto for New York’s very own version of Chucky. Your paradigm will eventually be destroyed and the reality of who really rules us will be exposed. Happy trails til then.

  2. Hey Snkowhitey – how about less whining about Midwest/North East Yankee transplants – how about taking some direct action against lisping Lindsey Graham? Some proud Southern man has never called this faggo8 out, gotten in his face, challenged him to a fist fight. Antifa does this to our side all the F*#&$# time, yet our side just doesn’t do it – everything is guns, guns, guns that are never, never used.

    Come on man – step up.

    • “Fighting back? You know who else fought back against antifa violence? Hitler! The SA!”
      T. Le56%Face Conservative.

      It is not just suburban male feminists that are sissie boys.

  3. Jack, thank you. I am going to change my handle to Sknowhitey because I do know. BTW, it’s Ms. Sknowhitey.

    I am a transplanted, sad to say, Yankee but identify as a Confederate. The transplants are a large part of the problem but by no way the primary one. Giving Yankees the right to vote in Confederate territories does tend to produce a very screwed-up result.

    Yes, the good old boys need to step up to the plate, cast off their shackles, and boldly live up to their very admirable reputation. Or, perhaps the fighting part of them has been bred out through indiscreet “mixing”!

    The truth of the matter is it’s not the right time yet.

  4. We have been unable to move to closed primaries. The Lindsey Graham Wing of the SC Republican Party is staunchly opposed to primaries limited by party registration. There was a law suit, it lost.

    That’s because Graham depends on Democrats voting for him in the primary, which enables his win. It was close last time, but enough Dems voted for him to win. In South Carolina, if you win the primary, you win the General Election in the fall.

    Yes, elimination Graham by some method or another would be good, however, the current “old boy” governor would likely appoint another one just like Graham or worse.

    • I’m guessing that’s because the general election vote is essentially a racial one – Blacks go Democrat, and Whites go GOP.

      With someone like Graham, I’m assuming even a good chunk of the transplants take him as acceptable.

  5. Many Gays are disgusted with Miss Lindsey. But I agree that he prob cherishes his warmongering as a way to butch it up.

  6. Southern political culture is traditionalist, meaning its indigenous residents tend to support its leaders’ wishes until there is a truly outrageous scandal. That is the bottom line. Plus, how would you even go after Miss Lindsey? You aren’t allowed to shame him on being a cuck for Israel. You aren’t even allowed to shame him for cucking on immigration. Too many of the residents fear being called racist. Maybe Oprah was right. SC will never change till the older, most traditionalist segment of the population dies off.

  7. All right… as an actual South Carolinian, while we can blame all sorts of bullshit new local policies, attitudes, trends, etc. on transplants, we have only ourselves to blame for perpetually keeping Miss Lindsey (and others) in office.

    Most white parts of South Carolina are heavily elderly and socially conservative. While the Lowcountry, parts of the Grand Strand, and maybe a few tiny pockets lean moderate or liberal in terms of general politics and social issues, the rest of the state is hardcore neoconservative, solely by default and not knowing any better.

    The Palmetto State loves the military. Probably way too much. Any candidate who hints at increased military spending or even getting us into war is immediately lauded as a demigod. If good ole’ Christian values are mentioned at all, the older citizenry nearly gets on its knees to suck these candidates off and shows up to vote. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, no other candidates ever come out against people like Graham. It’s like they’ll shame their grandparents if they speak out/run against someone like that, so he’s usually the only recognizable GOP candidate on any ballot.

    Graham is up there with John McCain as one of the top worst GoP senators out there. His love of amnesty, putting illegals above Americans, and so forth aren’t a) huge issues to retirees here, b) rarely mentioned in campaign ads or local newspapers, and c) they put on blinders to negative coverage of graham. SC overall and, especially in the Upstate, is generally perceived as a backward southern state. While we are proud of our history, we’re all aware of the constant attacks on southern heritage. While Graham might be a flaming homosexual in (thinly veiled) disguise, he’s famous. Super famous. And the elderly neocons like that.

    Another thing with Graham is that he’s always around, especially leading up to and during election periods. He attends random local events and shows up at restaurants or festivals without the media. I hate the guy, but he definitely engages his in-state supporters and that – as noted above – deters others from running against him.

    Regarding Tim Scott? He was actually a decent local congressman prior to being forced into Sen. DeMint’s vacated spot. Since hitting the national spotlight, however, he’s turned to the dark side on too many occasions recently. As long as there’s coastal white guilt and Scott keeps his Republican Party affiliation, he’s set for a long time (see: Graham.)

    Nikki Haley is just a joke. She had no real real business background and was essentially elected because she was remotely pretty to look at, she got all the women GOP voters wet solely because she’s a woman, and promised all sorts of conservative tax, business, and small government changes – all the while touting her Christianity and her husband’s military service. Nobody seemed to care (or really know) about her Indian background because she’s so light skinned and played-up her accent when making speeches.

    Because South Carolinians don’t care about change any longer (Strom Thurmond, Lindsey Graham, Joe Riley, et al), Tricky Nikki was able to glide into a second gubernatorial term. For any further details concerning her, I’d recommend hitting up Will Folks over at fitsnews.

    At least we, as a state, have shown some gumption and currently have people like Mick Mulvaney, Trey Gowdy, Tom Davis, and a few others to boast about these days.

    • My Great Great Grandfather Private Warren Johnson 5th Battalion, South Carolina Senior Reserves fought in the Carolina’s Campaign 1865. He was killed trying to Stop the Madmen, Murdering, Marauding band of Yankees led by that A-hole Sherman during the Skirmish at Hickory Ridge February 1, 1865. He left behind a wife and 9 Children to tend a hardscrabble Farm at Middendorf, between Ruby and Hartsville, South Carolina. He was 47 years old. He joined the Confederate Army at 43.
      They burned the farm any way. Killed or stole what livestock and put up canned goods was left. Left us to starve. My Great Grandfather was Two Years old when His Father was killed by those yankee bast@#$$. My folks moved to the city to find work. We were swallowed up by the yankee carpet baggers whose septum offspring got all the tax money and preferential treatment in school courses. I was forced to leave high school at noon and work at the gas station for clothes and lunch money. I later got into college on the GI Bill.
      We were and are mostly farmers and cannon fodder. Don’t know the answer to the problem, although we are well aware the problem exists.

      • Sir, unlike Nimrata Randhawa and Miss Lindsey you are a true citizen of the Palmetto State.

        And to think in 1834 SC would have seceded from the Union, were it not for the intervention of Old Hickory, himself a native South Carolinian.

    • There are only two reasons Graham and McCain keep getting re-elected. Stupidity and mind control. All other excuses are just that.

  8. Mr. Cicero has hit the nail on the head. I’m a proud South Carolinian and I watched in stunned amazement as Tim Scott was skyrocketed to the senate From being my districts congressmen. This guy could barely put a sentence together and now he writes bills? He has been managed from day one and does what he’s told. There’s a name for him that I won’t use here.

  9. Mick Mulvaney and Trey Gowdy were leaders of the Gang of Eight’s allies in the House.

    Face it. SC is one of the most cucked states.

  10. Thanks to everyone who made honest comments about the situation in South Carolina.

    MartinVanderHorst – I think your assessment of the situation on the ground in SC is (sadly) very accurate.

    I will be spending the entire month of February in South Carolina.

    The situation in SC must change.

    We must make it so.

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