Mike Pence Broken At Western Wall

I said this was going to happen yesterday.

You won’t see this elsewhere because it is “blackpilling.” Pay your respects in the comments to shabbos goy Mike Pence. Meet the new conservatism. Same as the old conservatism.

We don’t give a shit about the Alt-Right’s pills here at OD. We only care about the truth. The facts don’t give a damn about your precious feelings. The Jews are laughing at Mike Pence. They are laughing at these shabbos goys who are “in love with a fictional Israel and fictional Jews.”

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  1. Pence was always (((/TheirGoy/))). Did you listen to any of his speeches? Sooooo sooooothing………….Pence would not EVER EVER EVER refer to a shitlole country as a “shithole”. Not once in his entire life.

    That’s why I call him Mr. Smoothie. I’ll bet Trump has an “accident” within a year.

  2. I was thinking they were going to ‘Reagan’ him in the first months.

    trump turned out to be a liar on all of his campaign promises, so they let him live.

    pence was the reason I thought he would be Reagan’d.

  3. Mike is supposedly this big bible believing JudeoXtian.

    The Lord Jesus Christ pronounced 4 curses against the Jews who denied him. One of them was “your house is left unto you desolate’ and of the 2nd temple “not one stone will be left upon another”

    To my eyes this is a good looking wall – built by a people who know how to build in stone. By saying they have a wall from the 2nd temple, the Anti Christ Jews are making the Lord Jesus Christ, their king, out to be a liar. That big deal wall they bang with all this autistic stuff they do there is the wall of the old Roman fortress Antonia.

    By banging that wall, good goy Mike is blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ. Take that back to the JudeoXtian Zionists Mike.

    • BRAVO, Lynda. I’s just as soon take a leak on that wall, than pray at it. The ENTIRE CITY is a charade. Since AD 70, God’s Jerusalem is the Church, and ONLY the Church. This fetishistic idolatry of a Turkic tribe that pretends to be the “Jews” has to be destroyed.

  4. Somehow these two articles belong together
    Patrick Casey: Subculture vs. Strategy
    We need militant leaders, not soy boy apologists

  5. Someday people will actually get their Christian beliefs from the Bible. Where one of the earliest mentions of Jews states that other people not born a Jew can become one. Anyone with a basic grasp of biology should immediately understand this means Jews are not Israelites.

    Someday people will read the part where God said He would write the New Covenant (made through Jesus Christ) into the hearts and minds of His people Israel. And maybe people will recognise Jews have never accepted Christ.

    Gosh, the smart ones may even recognise the Bible says the people of Israel consist of 12 main family lines, who went on to form many nations. And who all came to live together in a large land bounded by seas on both sides, a vast wilderness filled with natural resources where they would live in cities without walls.

    And all but the most obtuse should recognise who true Israel is, because these descriptions only describe the White Christian European people. And because it doesn’t describe anyone else.

    And literally *none* of these things describe Jews.

    Not that someone like Pence will ever care what the Bible says about Jews.

    • Triuwida, the word ‘jew’ in the king james is mistranslated nearly 200
      times to indicate religion. The Greek word means REGION. Paul said
      the was a jew from Tarsus. I would say I’m a new yorker from North Creek.
      The region is new jerk. My home town was a railroad town, North Creek.

      The blessing promised to Abram, becoming Abraham, was also to his seed.

      Galations 3:25 and following makes it plain that his seed was the Lord Jesus
      and those baptized into His body, the church are the heirs today. Jesus
      cursed the fig tree, the symbol of the end of the nation of itsrealhell.

      There IS a word for the jewish religion… it’s in Strong’s concordance right
      next to the general joo word.

  6. Disgusting and humiliating.

    The land of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Jackson groveling before jews.

  7. LoL. if going to the holy land makes your faith renewed I seriously wonder about your “faith.” Is it faith by sight? That’s exactly what the Jews asked for from Jesus (a sign) to which He replied they will only get the sign of the prophet Jonah (preaching in the streets)!

  8. Lynda, that wall was a stumbling block for me for years… since
    Jesus said the temple would be destroyed to the very last stone.
    Once I found out that it was the Roman barracks and official
    building that they built right next to the temple, it all made sense.
    They built that there to keep the juice under control.

    The joos dry humping the ‘wall’ is sick beyond belief.

    With the destruction of the temple went all the genealogies, so
    the priesthood could never be revived. And all the joos died in
    their sins, since no annual offering of blood could be made in
    the holy of holies, by a real priest..

    There is one Jew who could prove his lineage, though…..
    Haile Selassie, the famous WW2 Emperor of Ethiopia.
    His Greatxxxx gram was the Queen of the South, who came
    to visit Solomon and his temple, the first temple.

  9. Praying in front of the wall, whatever. But this “We mourn the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust”, this man is soulless. These are our leaders. It’s just sick.

  10. That Whining Wall is actually the remnants of a Roman fortress, not the semi-mythical Second Temple. Everything about jewish “history” is a god damn lie.

    • It’s pretty bad whatever it is.

      Or he’s well aware of the JQ and learned to stop worrying and love Big Heeb.

  11. The Lord Jesus Christ pronounced four curses on the Anti Christ Jews who rejected Him. At the time this would be the Babylonian Pharisaic cult, the Idumean (Edomite) ‘Jews’ and the men of Judea who were descendants of Israel, such as Saul of the Tribe of Benjamin – who later was baptised into Christ and so relieved of them. These curses still stand upon the Anti Christ Jews even though they have added a lot of nations to their Pharisaic religion, later called Judaism. These curses are:

    1. Dis-inheritance. “Therefore I tell you the Kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to those who will bear its fruit.” Matt 21.43. God’s Covenant and kingdom order is the Church, the Israel of God. The synagogue, 3rd temple when they rebuild it, etc all stand under the Divine curse of dis-inheritance.

    2. The fig tree – a symbol of Israel. When our Lord approached saw the fig tree he saw it was barren. He cursed it for its barrenness. And it withered. The Synagogue, the Chair of Moses in Jerusalem and the temple are all withered and bereft of fruit. The Law of the Covenant is fulfilled in Christ and the Church is the Israel of God (Gal 6.16) bearing much fruit – even though it is going through the greatest crisis in its history.

    3. Desolation. When Jerusalem rejected our Lord as the Messiah he said ” Your house is left unto you desolate” Luke 13.35 and Matt 23.38. The well of living water flowing unto eternal life flows from the Holy Spirit through the Church. The ancient covenants which pre-figured and pointed to the Messiah are now fulfilled. There is nothing in them now except death and the condemnation of the Law which only Christ could fulfil.

    4. Deicide. “His blood be upon us and upon our children”. This is the Deicidal curse which falls upon all who are keeping the Old Covenant laws through Judaism as though the Messiah and Saviour has not come, fulfilled them and inaugurated a New Covenant in His own blood – the new and living way.

    Brother Nathanael explains in greater detail.

    JudeoXtians who think they are pleasing God by honouring the observances of the Old Covenant through the Anti Christ religion of Judaism (which is younger than Christianity btw): banging the wall of Fortress Antonia, keeping the Passover with ‘God’s Chosen’ etc are actually blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ and taking upon themselves four Divine curses clearly set forth in the New Testament.

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