#MeToo: Rose McGowan Loses It On Transsexual Protester!

As William Lowndes Yancey once warned, Northern feminism had “desexed women” and “brushed the down from her cheek, and raised the stiff beard in lieu”:

What the hell is this farce? This is what liberal democracy boasts about as ‘progress’. No wonder the Chinese are laughing at us and other nations are looking to their model.

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  1. so here we have a guy dressed as a girl with long hair arguing with a girl with short hair. just nutty. i dont think trannies are sexually assaulted more than actual women either. dude was wrong. but honestly who cares about this broad? she is a terrible actress and i hate seeing this #metoo crap. feminism wont last long after war breaks out. that im sure of.

    • Their complaint is that men avoid them like the plague. At least that was the Tranny talking point yesterday.

    • That was what my husband used to say as he dragged himself out to work, half dead from colitis and Crohn’s disease, while I stayed at home to raise and educate our son. I offered to help, but he refused, and insisted I stay where I was. I was able to return his consideration later on when he became too sick to work and I was able to start a small business to keep us going.

  2. Rose McGowan is no heroin. She is a tainted whore just as other actresses . Have no sympathy for these thots. She let that ugly fat jew defile her for some shekels and Hollywood fake fame. Let her sink in abyss alone as she deserves. Let her be a lesson to other harlots.

  3. McGowan is crazy. She comes across as a really spoilt BRAT. Ugly and repulsive, at her age. That lunatic that cut his dick off – it’s an abomination. They all must GO.

    • Rose McGowan is yet another Jewish feminist addled C.U.N.T., as in Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. She’s a headache that looks like a “Butch” dyke to me.

  4. That authoritarian White ethnostate cannot come soon enough. But first we’ll need to deploy the Mobile Liquidation Squads. That’s the part I’m looking forward to the most.

  5. While these two freaks argue about who is a woman, they at least leave no room for argument about whether either is a lady.

  6. Sadly for her, she comes across as completely unhinged. A typical neurotic female with tons of issues. Modernity has created millions of crazy, unhappy women. A woman’s sphere should be restricted to the family hearth and frequent pregnancy. Anything other type of existence, as we see, is very bad for them.

  7. A. I’m not fucking clicking a twitter link ever. Shitcan that nonsense stat. Post it in your article or don’t post it. I’m not contributing to that (((site’s))) unique clicks.
    B. Grow some fucking hair. What the fuck happened to you? You used to be pretty. Now you look like a dyke.

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