#MAGA: Amtrak Train Breaks Apart Traveling 125 MPH Along Acela Corridor

What is this? Is this like the third Amtrak crash this week?

“Amtrak continues to have problems with its trains.

A high-speed Amtrak traveling to New York broke into two pieces in Maryland as it reached speeds of up to 125mph on Tuesday.

The malfunction happened at about 11:20am on the 2150 Acela express train from Washington, DC to New York’s Penn Station.

‘Earlier this morning, at approximately 6:40 am, Acela Express train 2150 traveling from Washington, DC, to Boston, experienced a mechanical issue when two of the train’s cars separated,’ the company said in a statement provided to DailyMail.com …”

I wrote about the Amtrak train crash with the GOP Congress near Charlottesville. Marcus Cicero wrote about the Amtrak crash in South Carolina that killed two people. Marcus Cicero wrote about another Amtrak train that derailed in Washington state in December. This is the fourth crash in two months. Maybe the politicians in Washington should be working on that bipartisan infrastructure bill that was promised instead of wasting everyone’s time on this DACA amnesty?

Note: Check out the sweet Beijing to Shanghai high speed bullet train. While our Third World infrastructure continues to crumble under the Trump presidency, China is moving past us and developing infrastructure around the world. We can’t even pass a budget.

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  1. In the 1950s Red China instituted the Great Leap Forward in an attempt to try and catch up with the West. Now it looks as if the US needs its own Great Leap Forward to try and catch up with Red China.

    I must shake my damn head.

  2. Even more amazing is the 76 mile underwater tunnel being built between two port cities, Dalian and Yantai.


    If we had a nation of our own, we could counter with a Bering Strait Tunnel linking our nation to its partners in a Northern Alliance – LESS THAN 50 MILES!

    I envision the marketing of our new nation along these nuts and bolts lines, rather than vague idealism and philosophy.

    Safety and prosperity.

  3. The crash outside Charlottesville, VA is a suspected assassination attempt, larger than the one in which Congressman Scalise was almost killed.

    The truck was apparently not in the proper position to be effective against the train.

  4. Mechanical skills are on the decline. Eventually, there will be folks who don’t know what a hammer is for, much less know how to use it.

    Illiteracy and stupidity, however, are on the rise. As is a general lack of common sense.

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