New York Democrats demand P&G make Tide Pods less appetizing

Future Democrat Voters?

“I saw one on my staffer’s desk and I wanted to eat it.” – US Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY)

Who is responsible for young, low IQ, fad-driven losers to videotape themselves eating toxic laundry detergent? According to prominent New York Democrats, Procter & Gamble is to blame. They claim that the laundry detergent just looks too damn delicious.

New York State Senate Sen. Brad Hoylman accused P&G of making Tide Pods look like “gummy bears.” Hoylman held a press conference with NYC Assemblymen Aravella Simotas to blame P&G for the so-called “Tide Pod Challenge.”

Remember back in the 90s when people claimed P&G’s logo was satanic? Suddenly that accusation seems less idiotic now.

Youtube has already banned videos of people eating Tide Pods. P&G says that they already make an all-white Tide Pod. So if parents think their teenagers will be unable to resist the pretty colors, they can just buy the white ones.

Next Fad? The Cascade dishwashing detergent pod eating challenge



  1. Instead on engaging in these silly distractions they out to be working on some regulatory reform to put lead back into house paint.

    • I think the next challenge for dumb kids should be keeping a job or cleaning there rooms but it will be something deadly like who can drink the most bleach don’t you know it whitens your smile.

  2. Of course it’s the Democrats who want to make tide pods less appetizing — their voters are the ones eating the damned things.

  3. I saw a really stupid movie with Christina Applegate where a Nobleman was sent into the future. He brought his peasant with him. They were dining at a restaurant and the peasant went into the water closet. Marveling at the fountains, he picked up the minty fresh disc in the bottom and consumed it. He later shared the “mints” with the others. If this movie had been more widely viewed, this could have very well become the next “Teen Challenge.”

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