US Military Strikes Syrian Army

By my count, this is the third time the Trump administration has attacked the Syrian government operating in their own country:

“The U.S.-led coalition launched strikes against the forces allied with Syrian President Bashar Assad on Wednesday to defend American advisers and their rebel allies that were being threatened, U.S. Central Command announced.

The strikes, which were not described in detail, came after pro-regime troops attacked a headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces where the American-led coalition is assisting in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or Daesh. …”

We have no business whatsoever being in Syria. The Syrian government is more than capable of defeating both ISIS and finishing off the so-called rebels. America First?

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  1. The Russians are probably hunting down the US observers overseeing the slaughter of that pilot. The plot thickens.

  2. There is no way that any president could put a stop to this jew-imperialist aggression without suspending the so-called “rule of law” and declaring himself Imperator. Which is exactly what needs to be done.

  3. The Syrians and Russians up against an army of faggots, trannies and nogs fighting in your name…..who would you support? Thought so.

  4. It gets more and more outrageous:

    “…to defend American advisers and their rebel allies…”

    In a sovereign country which doesn’t want the US there.

    It should be “American invaders and war criminals.”

  5. @spahnranch1969

    Only a clear-cut major defeat will stop this pattern of military aggression, the wrecking of countries, occupation, and droning the crap out of civilians.

  6. The resilience of Assad, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran is commendable and amazing – but they are not without friends. Russia stepped up in a big way in 2015, and in 2016 China finally made its move with the New Silk Road.

    The Kurds are the last chance – short of all out war – to block the New Silk Road as it makes its way from Iran through Iraq, Syria, and then Turkey and Russia.

  7. This is revolting, simply revolting. As God is my witness I would NOT have voted for this cheating son of a bitch if I thought he’d do any of this. I wish there were more men like you to hold this fraud to the fire. I’ve heard Trump supporters who I thought were actual American patriots – in the old way of being America first and isolationist – twist their ideologies and souls to keep pace with this insanity and evil and be on the “winning team” (lol you know, the winning team that sold out to neocons and big money, not to mention denouncing the true right while allowing ANTIFA faggots to commit real acts of terrorism and political violence while Jeff fucking Sessions jerks off in the corner). Now they condemn Assad as a brutal dictator who gasses children. These Trump cultists have all but censored ISIS from their recollection. Or the fact that Christians in Syria would have been exterminated by anyone BUT the “brutal dictator” and that includes ISIS-lite the “rebels” that Amurica supports. I am sick of these kinds of pathetic sheep (and their fucking chess analogy that hasn’t panned out in over a YEAR) and no longer even talk to these soulless cheerleaders. OT perhaps: I find it nauseating that grown men would call a person like Trump “God Emperor.”

  8. America First has a noble ring to it, especially compared to the present situation. We could do worse for a motto, great nationalist heroes have historically used it. But my slogan anymore is truth, decency and justice first. They’re not always the same by any means.

  9. I saw a report that some of our “moderate Syrian rebels” are joining Turks in attacking YPG Kurds supported by the US. That’s amusing, but scary, too.

    I think that US influence should be diminished to zero in that region considering all the chaos, death and destruction it has wrought on behalf of its master over the past 20+ years.

  10. There’s no way Hillary Clinton would be doing this right now. We really fucked up by not voting for Hillary.

  11. Give me a break. Hillary promised over and over to declare a no-fly zone over Syria, a foreign country. That means she would have fired on Russian planes.

  12. That doesn’t really bother me, El Chapo. I was merely curious as to your motivation for spending so much time on posting acerbic remarks which neither amuse nor contribute to the discussion.

    You come across as harboring a lot of bitterness in your soul. I find that rather sad and pitiful. I suppose that you will tire of your obnoxious behavior at some point. Bitterness tends to exhaust itself when ventilated. (We all know this from experience.) So, we should simply ignore you and allow you to express your gall freely.

    Take care, little man.

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