ACLU Represents an Illegal Organ Thief

Honestly, I wish there were enough vital organs for everyone. Alas, there are a fixed amount of healthy human livers available to transplant to a long waiting list of people who need them to survive. As people wait on that list, they grow weaker and sicker, often dying before their number gets called. Americans waiting on that list not only have to navigate our absurdly corrupt and expensive healthcare system, but they must also accept that anybody from anywhere in the world can illegally cross the border and pass them in line for this life-saving treatment.

With the help of an ACLU which no longer represents Americans whose civil liberties have been violated (trust me, I asked), illegal immigrant Silvia Lesama-Santos is receiving a vital organ which had previously been assigned to an American citizen. American Civil liberties don’t actually apply to illegal immigrants, but these ACLU globalists intend to just pretend that everyone’s an American citizen with all of the rights and privileges entailed and none of the obligations to pay our taxes or obey our laws. Forget about your jobs, …now they’re taking your liver!

The ACLU of Oregon had been involved in advocating for Lesama-Santos, and publicizing the denial of care for her, which its director, Mat dos Santos called “cruel and inhumane.”

“My mother’s only chance at survival is to receive a liver transplant, but OHSU has denied her because she is undocumented,” Lesama-Santos’s son Ivan Gonzalez Lesama said in an ACLU release. “They won’t even let her get on the waiting list while we look for another hospital who will help her.”

As a citizen of Mexico, she qualifies for their vital organ waiting list in their own country. She wasn’t actually denied life-saving treatment. She was merely denied the privilege of cutting across our border and cutting to the front of our citizens’ organ donation waiting list. If I were to attempt to sneak into Mexico and put myself on their waiting list, I would be denied that favor by Mexican citizens who correctly assert that they have to take care of their own, first. And then I would probably lose a kidney to their black market organ trade on the way out.

A common misconception is that America’s wealthy enough to pay for everybody’s problem everywhere. That’s false. It’s also a common misconception that the illegals are creating so much wealth when they break in that they make us all wealthier in the process. That’s also false. Sometimes life boils down to a simple zero-sum proposition: Do Americans get it or do foreigners get it? With lifesaving organ transplant waiting lists, this moral issue is especially stark.

To even raise the proposition that perhaps Americans should fight for what’s theirs is to be accused of racism and ignorance. I don’t care. Some American, somewhere, who probably also has an adorable family, will die a needless and painful death because the organ donor registry’s administrators were afraid of being called racist. Our people are not permitted advocates, are not allowed to fundraise for ourselves, and are actively denied the legal protections and support eagerly afforded to illegals.

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  1. As an Australian, I had to joogle what ‘ACLU’ actually was short for. Two words ‘civil liberties’ were in the title. That alone told me everything I needed to know.

  2. One reason, among many, that I’m no longer an organ donor. Speaking of which, apparently the D66 party in the Netherlands has proposed a change in the law (apparently a good possibility it will pass) to change organ donation there from opting “in” with a card to the opposite: everyone will be a mandatory donor unless they specifically opt out, with all that implies. Story is at neocon site Gates of Vienna, which still features some solid information about White Europeans.

    • Another reason to never be a donor is because they cut the organs out without the use of anesthetics. Nurses have reported the victims squirming around or trying to jump off the table while they are being eviscerated. The organs have to be taken while the person is alive, and the heart is the last one to be harvested, so you get to feel every little bit of the procedure. Imagine them taking the corneas, then the kidneys, then the liver, and finally the lungs and heart.

  3. It’ll be a real shame I tell you, when Whites finally wipe the crust from their eyes and can SEE and begin to target their true enemies.

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