Paul Nehlen Shoahed On Twitter

Paul Nehlen has been shoahed on Twitter.

He rides eternal on Gab, shiny and chrome. The Cheddar Man meme of Megan Markle was too much for the Twitter fainting couch. Anyway, Twitter has become a boring, humorless, politically correct, ADL-controlled circle jerk with a rigged algorithm and fake impressions.

Follow us on Gab. Twitter isn’t worth any investment of our time more than a RSS feed.

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  1. Kind of hard to have a democracy without free speech yet with universal franchise for those 18 and over regardless of mental capability.

  2. There’s literally no point in attempting to combine Nehlen’s new found anti-semitica with anti-black memes.

    The only thing blacks need to know about Jews is how Dem Jews gonna make sure whitey pays for the Kangz car, housing, school, drugs, sex…

    “Woke” then on the JQ? It’ll just make them even more vicious and entitled.

    • The kikes love to engage in offensive toilet humor yet they are easily offended by certain “taboo” subjects, like insulting their pet niggers and ridiculing their precious Holohoax.

    • With the Neolithic graves and gravegoods on every continent – you follow the twill weave, the tartan patterns, the bell shaped pottery similar to Hallstadt and Beaker and oral traditions of giant slaying – there you find the ‘caucasian’ skeletons with red or blond hair.

      The ancient Whites fanned out across the globe and always were sparsely populated. They did not teem or spawn. Small, independent free ranging groups they mastered the horse, the chariot, fibres and weaving patterns, the loom and the spinning wheel . When more numerous, later tribes came into the lands they drove them out, killed them and took the women for genetics. But the unique weaving and pottery of their grave goods remains. Also their solutrean arrow and spear points.

      When more numerous peoples whose conquest strategy is to outbreed the earlier peoples (invariably the Whites) on the land die in heaps from extinction level events – Whites will revert to our ancient survival strategies very much like the Bronze age.

      Factor in the ancient giants who built the mounds and the megaliths – with whom Whites across the globe were the first to enter into conflict – coming into the lands and you have the picture. The Mongolian late comers to the American continent have some fascinating stories to tell in the lore they keep secret of the wars between the White people and the giants when they were coming into the land. Naturally they took the side of the giants – but by all accounts the giants turned on them and cannibalised them when the Whites were finished.

  3. The Protestants are doing a great job on the ancient history, artefacts and archaeology of the Biblical worldview.
    The Alberino Analysis – Elongated Skulls episode 1

    Includes comment from the Karen Hudes interview.
    The Alberino Analysis – Elongated Skulls episode 2

    They are putting together the hybrid race of the Nephilim, the giants and other monstrosities from Genesis 6.

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