WHITE PILL: College Football Attendance Hits 20-Year Low

I’ve also evolved on sportsball.

“Major-college football experienced its largest per-game attendance drop in 34 years and second-largest ever, according to recently released NCAA figures.

Attendance among the 129 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams in 2017 was down an average of 1,409 fans per game from 2016. That marked the largest drop since 1983 when average attendance declined 1,527 fans per game from 1982.

The 2017 FBS average of 42,203 fans per game is the lowest since 1997.

That average attendance drop marked the second-sharpest decline since the NCAA began keeping track of college football attendance in 1948. For the first time in history, average attendance declined nationally for four consecutive seasons.

The 2017 numbers include FBS home games, neutral-site games, bowl games and the College Football Playoff. …

Even the most rabid league in the country saw a dip. In 2017, the SEC experienced its sharpest per-game decline — down an average 2,433 fans — since 1992. That figure led the Power Five in fans lost per game in 2017.

While the SEC led all FBS conferences in average attendance for the 20th consecutive year, its average attendance (75,074) was the lowest since 2005. The SEC has slipped an average of 2,926 fans per game (3.7 percent) since a record 78,630 average in 2015. …”

I used to watch college football.

I had grown up with it. Alabama is a football crazy state. I used to dismiss the idea that there was any connection between college football and racial attitudes. My interest in it began to wane around the time that I got married and I didn’t watch any college football games at all in 2017.

Socially, I would only watch a football game if it was on television in a bar or a restaurant while I was eating out, or if I was over at a friend’s house and it was on television. It was Richard Spencer’s speech at Auburn that finally changed my views of the subject. I was astounded by the sheer number of Auburn students whose very sense of identity had come to be based on a football game.

Anyway, the Alt-Right is winning the argument against cuckball. Youth attitudes toward the sport are changing. We need to keep pushing the argument and decoupling sports from identity. Cuckball has peaked and it is downhill from here.

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  1. About the Auburn event – I remember hearing about one of our guys (I think he was from a Stormer Book Club) that was apparently sucker punched by someone who appeared to be on the football team.

    Overgrown cuck probably wanted to stand with his Black bros…

  2. There was a time not long ago when boxing was quite popular but is now regarded as a rather unsavory sport. I thought the same thing would eventually happen to ape-ball but not this quickly. Maybe Vince McMahon’s XFL will revive interest, but in a pro wrestling sort of way.

  3. What do they expect when they kneel for some black perp shot in the process of a crime, but ignore the many white victim’s shot, bashed or raped by blacks? Fucking hypocrits.
    These sporting bodies are just employment agencies for minorities anyway, and are of no use to us. They take affirmative action to new heights.

  4. It’s not that yall are “winning the argument”. The protests (that are no more disrespectful to our country than flying a confederate flag) are an NFL issue… The bottom line is that a mere 1 out of 8 college football fans are tired of watching all season long knowing the end-results (Alabama winning the National Championship). Get over yourselves please!

  5. There was an old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon where the University, Whatsamatta U., was letting its physics department go, so they could build a new football stadium. A little while later, the physics professors were writing on a chalkboard, and someone asked them if they were doing mathematical equations. They responded that they were going over new football plays.

    This seems to be a largely 20th century phenomenon. Whereas, initially, athletics used to be an extra-curricular activity, and a means to build a sense of comradarie, it later became a primary means to generate revenue. I’ve always thought that the term Athletic-Scholarship was an oxymoron. What, exactly, is scholarly about athletics? Being in shape is important, and it certainly has its place, but when did it become more important than knowledge? Some of this was touched upon in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

  6. This deserves further analysis. As in determining how much of the attendance drop is due to Negro Fatigue Syndrome and how much is due to the fake suck ass economy. Maybe a good place to start would be the empty stadium seat counts for season ticket holders and booster club members (pre and post Knee-Grow Kneelers) as well as gathering some other intel on booster club internal affairs, TV viewership, and beer wholesaler stats on deliveries to sports bars..

    • Those are the in-depth stats that goys aren’t supposed to look for. The very reason we need White media so our ppl can examine real news, motives and reasons.

    • Ok, and when tuition quadruples to make up for lost revenue from ticket/jersey/concession sales; how will you afford to fund your children’s education?

      • Why the fuck do your children need an “education” anyway? So they maybe, might can climb the corporate ladder with a promotion to Regional Diversity and Inclusion Compliance Executive for Starbucks?

        • The only folks who question the importance of education are those who don’t have one… your credibility is out the window. Please decline to speak to me any further FHS

          • 10-4 SFB. I’ll not slide into any sort of pissing contest with you about who has the most high prestige academic credentials. Whatever ones you might have represent a waste of your time and money (assuming you paid for them all out of pocket) and serve to bring disrepute to the institutions that awarded them to you.

    • El Puto, if you had any real sense you would realize that you are NOT a “radical” or “revolutionary” at all, you are shilling for the Establishment harder than any #MAGA pede or Cuckservative ever could.

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