Mitt Romney Announces Senate Run

I’ve been called a “black-piller.”

This is because I have accepted the fact that reforming the Republican Party is impossible. In the last year alone, we have seen the destruction of Steve Bannon, the destruction of Roy Moore by the Republican establishment, the complete and total capture of the Trump presidency by mainstream conservatism and now we are about to get Sen. Mitt Romney:

Since I have embraced my role as the bearer of bad news, I will say it again: the Republican Party hasn’t changed, shows no sign of changing and has even embraced Antifa:

There is no place for us in the Republican Party. These people boast that they don’t represent us and that Antifa are heroes. We are squandering our time, energy and votes on these people. We are like a thirsty man in a desert chasing the mirage of an oasis. We have to look elsewhere.

Note: If this scares you, roll up that comfort blanket and convince yourself that having Mitt Romney in the Senate is a 4D Chess move and that he is our secret friend.

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    • Oh god. 2 Cucks in a Cage Match. Just pointless. 2 fools who want to appear not racist and continue to try and make MUH MINORITIES go republican. idiots like them have doomed this party due to their spinelessness.

    • I d like to see Mittens Romney and Egg McMurfin try to do some outreach to the Black AA community near me in Chicago and then they get lost and their car breaks down… They get robbed, beaten stripped naked and peed on. Then the two would be forced to do propaganda videos where they cried and confessed to be racists etc…

      I really hate Mitt Romney

      I have been speaking very honestly with woke LDS Mormons.

  1. From massachussets and running for senate in Utah. His strategy is obviously to get mormons to turn out as an identity group while he condemns us for forming identity groups.

    • Exactly! “Racial politics for me, but not for thee!”

      I’m going to say it now-Shit on Mitt!

      Fund the opposition party candidate -even if it is the most abortion loving, faggot friendly liberal in Utah!

      Bring this asshole down!
      God wills it!
      Mormons are accursed!

      Romney is a godless egotistical satanic traitor to the United States. Even Glenn Beck is more morally righteous than Mitt Romney-and that’s not saying a hell of a lot!

  2. I was particularly pleased when Bannon tore Romney a new one, but the Establishment got the last laugh. Bannon is out – Romney is in. They staved off the “populist” moment and are back on track for a techno-tyranny.

    How bad was 2017? We are still adding up the wreckage.

  3. No sooner does the Senate get rid of Orrin “I Swallow” Hatch then Shitt Romney takes his place.

    Still think we’re going to vote our way out of this, honky?

    • Nah. These stockpiled guns are never used for anything of purpose.

      We need to learn how to fight like the Left does. Learn to Dox, ruin our enemies lives Same with traitors.

  4. Romney is a self-righteous creep.

    There, I’ve “disparaged” Romney.

    Both candidates will be creeps. Better stay home and not vote, especially minorities.

    There, I am trying to suppress the vote.

    I guess it’s time for Mueller to indict me for attacking Our Democracy.

    This country is a dangerous joke.

  5. Romney’s smirk really does look psychopathic. Evil bastard, those founding Mormons were driven away from civilization for a reason.

      • Mitt is a weird motherfucker. He has like 200 kids, all white. And then randomly adopted a shitskin adolescent into the family, for some mentally-deranged reason. Created a perfect family of white guys and gals — something rare to see as the white race is the world’s minority — and he feels the urge to fucking ruin it with a fuckin shitskin adoption

        • He obviously adopted the niglet for political reasons. I doubt he’ll ever have much interaction with it though, except when the press cameras are around.

      • Neither the Mormons, nor the so-called “Jews” have anything-

        I repeat, anything to do with biblical Isreal.

        Get that through your head now!!

  6. Romney is the poster child for greed. An MBA whore who always did everything for himself and to hell with those who lost their jobs or communities that lost their industries and tax support. Bring in immigrants to keep wages low and rents high. Search Pay-Lay-Ale on the Internet. Romney as Bishop and Stake President interviewed possibly thousands of people about their sexual lives including 10 year old boys about masturbation. He is a sex pervert.

  7. Romney is the ultimate example of Ritchie Rich white privilege, and as I’ve previously said, I despise him and GW Bush 100 times more than any BLM activist.

    I am veering hard left to fight the kikes and their minions. I can offer the the left plenty of white privilege among Bush and Romney and the Wall St. Jews. I want to confiscate all of the Romney family’s ill gotten wealth, along with that of GW Bush. The left will accept that hook, line, and sinker. They hate Trump so much that perhaps they can learn to hate Goldman Sachs. And then maybe they will open up to the JQ, but that I’m not sure of, and of course that’s where the risk lies.

    I think it’s insufficient to leave the Republican party. I think it’s also time to veer hard left.

  8. Shitt got out of serving in Vietnam because his dad was governor of Michigan and president of General Motors. I hate the Romneys every bit as much as I hate the McCains and Bushes.

  9. mitty boy should finally roll up his comfort blanket and growth the hell up. and leave participation in government to the next generation. sicko. wacko.

  10. @spahnranch,
    georgie was pres of american motors and he stepped down after prayer and fasting 24 hours to move into politics. what does that say? (hell, he should’ve at least given it 3 days of no food & no water.) and agree on your opin of McCains and Bushes. these political family dynasties appear to do more harm than good. simple minded asses should step aside and give some new blood a chance. at the very least, show some respect for the idea of term limits. ain’t rocket science.

  11. The Mormon church through its support of illegal immigration is undermining the rule of law in America. Mormon church opposes a ban on muslim refugees on the grounds that it is an infringement of religious matter. Religious freedom is more important that the safety of American citizens to the Mormon church. Mitt Romney, Evan Mcmullin, Jeff Flake some of the Mormon political leaders hostile to Trump’s america first policy.

    Excerpt from an article from

    For most of its existence, the LDS Church was essentially an American Church with limited international interests. The transition to a worldwide Church has resulted in a major demographic shift in membership. Today, the Church finds some of its greatest missionary success among Latinos, including those who are in the United States illegally and, out of over 13 million members worldwide, more than four million are Spanish-speaking. This has led to changes in how the Church sees itself, how it applies its doctrines and how it defines its relationship with Utah and the United States.

    Today’s Church leaders seldom talk about the divinely inspired U.S. Constitution during general conference sessions because they are now addressing a truly worldwide audience. No longer is the 12th Article of Faith given the same status as when President Monson advised East German members to obey it unflinchingly, since the Church now has to reconcile its traditional support of the rule of law with its current practice of baptizing illegal aliens who are violating United States immigration laws and who routinely commit multiple job-related felonies.32

    And, although the LDS Church continues to be based in Utah, its policies are no longer necessarily determined by what is best for the Utah or for the United States. As a worldwide church, LDS leaders now have to consider the impact that legislation in Utah will have on the Church’s international operations and its ability to take its message to countries around the world.

    Therefore, when the Utah legislature, which is composed primarily of members of the LDS Church, takes up illegal immigration-related legislation, the Church finds itself in the position of weighing the benefits for the citizens of Utah against the harm that the legislation may do to its missionary efforts within the illegal alien community, the impact that the legislation will have on its many illegal alien members, and the effect it will have on the Church’s overseas operations and interests.

    Political and religious questions that both Church leaders and Church members struggle to address include:

    Does remaining neutral on illegal immigration or openly supporting illegal aliens lead to more human smuggling, more violence against those being smuggled, more exploitation by employers, more felony document fraud and identity theft, and a more favorable operating environment for foreign gangs and organized crime?

    Should the Church support amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens in the United States or should the Church follow its 12th Article of Faith and help illegal aliens obey existing federal and state laws even if that means returning to their countries of origin?

    Should the Church deny membership to illegal aliens who are using the identities of an estimated 50,000 innocent Utah children and one million Arizona children for employment purposes or must it ignore these and other job-related felonies committed by an estimated 75 percent33 of illegal aliens in order to extend the blessings of the gospel (baptism, temple ordinances, church positions) to them and to maintain good relations with governments in their home countries?

    How can the Church balance compassion (mercy) for illegal alien families with justice for American families whose children are the victims of illegal alien identity theft and other negative impacts of illegal immigration?

    Should the Church hold its American members to a higher standard than it applies to individuals who are illegally in the United States?

    Will long-term American Church members become disenchanted and leave the Church or cut back on their donations if the Church is perceived to be or is actually supporting and rewarding illegal behavior?

    Will Church support for obedience to and the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws negatively impact the Church’s overseas operations? Will efforts to obtain title to land in foreign nations that are home to many illegal aliens be disrupted? Will foreign governments retaliate by withholding visas for LDS missionaries or by making it more difficult to carry out their functions? Will foreign officials delay approvals needed by the Church to build new buildings or to increase the size and scope of its programs?

    Will members in foreign nations renounce their membership if they perceive Mormon legislators to be targeting their fellow citizens who are illegally in the United States?

    Are the Church’s relations with other countries of such importance that that Utah taxpayers should be required to fund services for illegal aliens ranging from in-state college tuition to medical care or should the Church cover these costs as part of its obligation to serve all of God’s children?
    Thus, a once brash, strict, and fiercely independent American church now finds itself struggling to balance its role as a worldwide church with its own doctrines and its responsibilities to Utah and to the United States.

    As the Church searches for the right balance, it has yet to explain to its American members why individuals violating U.S. immigration laws and committing multiple job-related felonies are eligible for baptism, temple recommends, and to serve in important church positions. Because of its failure to clarify its position on illegal immigration and to hold illegal aliens to the same standard as other members, mainstream Mormons are left to try to discern what this change means for the gospel as they have known it.

    The remainder of this Backgrounder will look at how the LDS Church currently works with the illegal alien community and what this means for the state of Utah and for American members of the Church.

    • I ve been in LDS Mormon Chirch for 25 years. It s lots of high academic places I move in, LDS Mormons are the only White Christians with families.

      I have to say I saw this coming. – LDS as a “world church” , , renouncing the LDS Mormon racist past, embracing everything “progressive” , cuckservative. Neo Conservative , Zionist Jews can play these types like fiddles.

  12. Who has called you a black-piller? Presumably the same made up people you insist are calling for us to drop the JQ…..i.e., no one; i.e., imaginary people you’ve made up to suit your narrative. I think you say “people are calling me a black-piller” because it is YOU who think of YOURSELF as a black-piller. I listen to all the podcasts and haven’t heard you mentioned in months. My guess is that its because your descent into hysteria over the last 6 months has been as painful for others to watch as it has been for me.

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