Black Panther Soars To $225 Million Opening

I wasn’t expecting to write this series of articles for Black History Month 2018. It wasn’t until late January when I heard about Black Panther when everyone was cracking jokes about Wakandans. It turns out there was a HUGE market for this stuff in the United States:

“LOS ANGELES — Hail, King T’Challa.

The Disney-Marvel movie “Black Panther,” which finds the superheroic T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returning to his remote African kingdom to assume the throne, roared into theaters over the weekend as a full-blown cultural event, breaking box office records and shattering a myth about the overseas viability of movies rooted in black culture. Global ticket sales by Monday will total an estimated $387 million, according to comScore.

“Black Panther” instantly became the top-grossing film in history by a black director (Ryan Coogler) and featuring a largely black cast. The previous record-holder was “Straight Outta Compton,” which collected $214 million worldwide in 2015 — over its entire run — after adjusting for inflation. …”

Millions of black people will come away from this movie convinced that they would be as wealthy and technologically advanced as the Wakandans if da Whyte man hadn’t stole dey vibranium. This is a cultural phenomenon we will probably be dealing with for a long time.

In reality, some of the themes of this movie were enacted on a grand scale in many countries in post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa. In Tanzania, Julius Nyerere herded millions of people into ujamaa villages and destroyed the economy. In Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah styled himself as the liberator of Africa and championed African unity. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there was an official policy called authenticité that forced Africans to LARP as ‘authentic’ Africans. In Ethiopia, Guinea and Angola, there was a descent into Marxism. The Portuguese were driven out of Guinea-Bissau.

Ethiopia was the only African country to really avoid European colonialism. It was located deep in East Africa like Wakanda. It was finally conquered by Mussolini’s Italy which liberated two million black slaves in the 1930s. We’re going to get into Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia next week. Ethiopia was the real world Wakanda for a generation of Jamaicans who wanted to move there.

I realize that none of this matters. The allure of the fantasy of Wakanda to African-Americans is so strong precisely because the reality of the history of Black Africa is so dismal. If Wakanda was a real place in Africa, Hollywood would have already made movies about it by now.

Whites are largely ignorant of African history. I’m doing this because many of these stories will probably come as a surprise to them. They have no idea how badly Africans wrecked Africa.

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  1. This is meant to incite anti-white violence. But you all know that already. There will come a day when the PTB or should I write the (((PTB))) a their white traitor lap dogs make black on white murder a minor crime if that. BTW has anyone noticed that in the last year or so black ambush attacks (obviously pre meditated) and home invasions resulting in murder are increasingly tried as “second” degree murder? At least many cases have been that way. Forever resist gun control and remember who supports it.

      • It’s not that England is totally jewed it’s that most governments, especially very powerful governments like Victorian era Britain couldn’t resist the temptations offered by rescuing infinitely wealthy Jews from their own hubris, It’s why the US is in so much trouble now. Rescuing Jews left right and center as a moral good, is a fools errand. It’s very important that the precise problem is identified.

  2. So this verkakte movie has already grossed a quarter of a billion? I didn’t think the schvartzes had that kind of money, unless other species of human primates are also flocking in droves to see it. I saw a story on Gab where a White girl who was dumb enough to try and see this movie was savagely attacked by a troop of she-boons, who told her she “wasn’t allowed” to see it because she’s White. Funny how the kike press never mentions incidents like that.

    • 4chan could have a field day with hoax assaults outside the cinema.

      On the score of gross ticket sales…

      1. There’s no other releases around. The deck was swabbed clean.

      2. It’s front loaded. Expect a precipitous drop off.

      3. There are 45 Million or so blacks in the US, substantial numbers in Paris and London. They like movies and they like superhero movies.

      4. Let’s hope they all fuck off to Uganda en masse to build a real Wakanda.

        • What percentage of blacks will see this movie? 80-90%? And what percentage will believe it’s ludicrous but malign and incendiary lies and and fantasies of black genius and superiority magically repressed and vitiated by European colonialism and “racism, and embrace the white-hating “killmonger” as the hero, as Paul Kersey predicted.

    • In the Birmingham area, nigs have literally been planning to see this drivel for weeks.

      Pooling their money together, getting their hustle on to the max, and pushing weed and crack sales like the world was about to end.

  3. I syour continent parked in the Neolithic? For the entire duration of human history? You need: Jew.

    Now the story is Wakanda had vibrancy ( make that in spades ) and they developed vibranium. The whole world is after vibranium. Can’t get enough of that vibranium. Wakanda bypassed the bronze and iron ages and went straight to the space age on vibranium. .

    • I’m sure they will show this movie in schools, where racial integration is compulsory and whites are a “captive audience”. And also in prisons, where forced racial integration is “cruel and unusual punishment” -for whites?

  4. Racial Nationalism is not hate, racism, and war though they can go together. All racial groups tend see their race as naturally stronger, better, safer, nurturing, and tend to stick to their own kindred except when trying to destroy another through race mixing as a method of warfare: Racism is a Jewish bolshevik coined word used to rob and destroy white Christian western civilization through elitist ZioJesuit multi-cultural marxism/liberation theology: Racism really means Supremacy because it involves the exploitation of the natural competition that exists between the races and creeds that enables one group of people to steal the wealth, resources, and power of another group of people through deception, terror, and force for ones own personal, tribal, cultist, and Supremacist interests. Racial Nationalism simply means wanting and having your own turf for your racial and religious kindred to call home. Is that hate or racism?

    Make an anti-white black African supremacist movie glorifying them then make a white supremacist movie demonizing whitey in his own country = Cultural marxist Jew/Jesuit supremacists win the anti-white culture wars they started = Leftist white genocidal social justice.

  5. “Whites are largely ignorant of African history.”

    We learned about some of this in school. In the mid 70’s, our teachers tried real hard to counter Leftism, especially the anti-Southern/White aspects of it. Our parents certainly did. Vigourously.

    ‘They have no idea how badly Africans wrecked Africa.”

    But they know badly they wrecked Chicago, Detroit, Birmingham and NoLa. They just can’t say enough is enough, out loud. At Niggermania, you can sure see how people are fed up with Africa in America.

    What are survival traits and character in Africa, are crimes and immorality everywhere else.

  6. Black Panther was awesome!

    Wakanda is Rhodesia in blackface. Make it 100% White and give it Asgard’s look and feel and it’s the perfect representation of a technologically advanced city-state. I fully support Wakandan Nationalism and I think all White countries should use Wakanda as a template for all their National policies. Even when Wakanda decided to engage the world it was through soft cultural and educational colonization and a massive spy network.

    It was a good Marvel movie and it gave everyone what they wanted without offending anyone. There were maybe 2 or 3 brief “Black Power” moments and there were 2 or 3 brief “making fun of black people for being black” moments.

    Worth every penny, there was a cop posted at IMAX for the first time and I actually saw soyboys taking selfies next to the movie poster. Fat, tatooed mudsharks everywhere. The only attractive White women there were with their White husbands and White children. It was great.

  7. OD kids itself if it believed white millennial types are not flocking to the movie. Indeed by visiting a few comic book stores I notice all the white patrons are middle aged and buy comics but the black patrons never buy comics but only video games.

  8. Someone from the Alt-Right should take one for the team and go and see this rubbish, mostly to report back on what is being said about us, and also warn us if they suspect it will generate any anti-white backlash.
    Maybe its time for an epic film about how beautiful and stable an all-white nation would be if the populace was left alone, free of dieversity and meddling kikes.

  9. It probably did so well due to guilty white subsidy. Shitlibs probably bought their nigger friends tix by the dozens to gain some acceptance. Watch it fail miserably in the long term.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there are warehouses scattered around with piles of tickets to this garbage. Numbers can be manipulated. Impossible the movie did this well of its own merit.

  10. Didn’t some of the schools bus children to see this movie, like they did with “Hidden Nig… I mean… Figures?” This tactic significantly boosts the attendance numbers.
    Did anyone hear of schools taking students to see “Dunkirk” or “Churchill?”

  11. I’ve noticed news stories of the “GROUNDBREAKING GOLLY GEE SUPER DOOPER NESS” of Wakanda used conditional language like first weekend figures or adjusted for inflation , in North American theaters or some other qualifier that makes it sound “WAY UBER BLACK COOL”.
    Either it’s the biggest grosser or it’s not. Stop the wordgames.
    By the way….anyone ever see pictures of the production crew?

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