Black History Month 2018: Africa Addio

Unfortunately, we’re not going to have the time during Black History Month 2018 to cover all African countries, so I will just post the link to Africa Addio.

It is the best movie ever made about post-colonial Africa. Many of us have already seen it but I expect some of our new readers have never heard of it. Africa Addio ought to be shown in every White public high school in North America in the month of February as a “warning from history” of how civilization collapsed in Africa after liberals got their way and freedom and equality triumphed there.

Much of what I have covered was still in the future when Africa Addio was made in 1966 by an Italian documentary crew. It has some good takes of the Simba Rebellion in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya, the Zanzibar Revolution and the race war between the Portuguese and FREILMO in Mozambique and MPLA in Angola.

Note: This is a 2-for-1 special. I would be failing you if I didn’t share this here.

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  1. There are two versions of this movie. Unable to delete the first version, our (((heroes))) edited and released a less damaging version in an attempt to replace and memory hole the first one. In a sane world this would be required viewing for high school students.

  2. Well, this English language version seemed pretty unflinching to me. It held my attention continuously from start to finish.

    • I liked the white pilot dudes who dropped bombs on the enemy as retribution whenever they had the time, fuel and explosives. i forget what formerly white ruled country they were from. It’s been 10 years since I watched it.

    • The helecopter shots of the goatlovers being driven into the sea was pretty haunting also. I don’t recall learning about that in college PoliSci.

  3. Africa Addio has some scenes which ought to be viscerally wrenching to any civilized person, notably the new black government of Kenya tearing down White colonial houses in the interests of land reform, and the Belgian paras/White mercs rescuing hostages during the 1964 Congo Crisis.

    There’s also a sequence where Portuguese and African colonial troops fight together against marxist insurgents. The point is explicitly made that they were fighting to defend Western Christian civilization in Africa, something which would be considered heresy today. And the black African slaughter of Zanzibar Muslims is probably the only film record of this event – something which ought to give the partisans of Wakanda pause, though it won’t, about Islamic domination of East Africa and how it was European who ended the Arab slave trade.

    The movie had it right where, at the end, it showed White South Africa was going to be overwhelmed by the black African demographic tide. And by extension, that tide is now sweeping into Europe today. Really, White Africa was the forward rampart against the black invasion. You have to ask, how many anti-apartheid/anti-imperialist liberal activists from the latter 20th century are today seeing their own cities being pillaged by “liberated” Africans, and their children similarly ravaged by “refugees,” “asylum seekers” and “enrichers.”

    There is a paperback book version of Africa Addio, published by Ballantine. It’s worth a read.

    You might also check out the movie Dogs of War with Christopher Walken as a mercenary leading a coup in another dismal post-colonial African [expletive deleted]. The fictionalized country is supposed be based on black-majority-rule Equatorial Guinea, which you covered a couple articles back.

    Let’s close out with a quote from the movie Lord of War:

    “Every faction in Africa calls themselves by these noble names – Liberation this, Patriotic that, Democratic Republic of something-or-other… I guess they can’t own up to what they usually are: the Federation of Worse Oppressors Than the Last Bunch of Oppressors. Often, the most barbaric atrocities occur when both combatants proclaim themselves Freedom Fighters.”

  4. “Government” in Africa consists of Niggers with weapons, who shoot the other niggers and keep them in line. And “diplomats” who weasel money and other gibz muh out of White countries.

    In Africa, when anything breaks, it stays broken until a White man fixes it.

  5. Good movie but they should NOT have shown the scene in which that animal was brutally killed. Also, that hunting scene where the animals were “tripped” was disgusting. The producer(s) had no empathy.

  6. For all the critique on Africa, I would also in all fairness like to mention that you gets exceptions in the black community. They just lacked better leaders, and without foreign interference Africa would not have been a problem today for the West. The black man thinks on a different level, but is not allowed to think on that level, for certain dreamers want to change him into something that he is not in the first instance. The idea to change him into a white man does not work. Why may he not be himself?

    In South Africa I remember the heroic blacks who fought side by side in our military and police, and were thrown to the wolves afterward – Koevoet/Crowbar, 32-Battalion, South West Africa Territorial Forces. Their fighting abilites under a white leadership were phenomenal. In a guerilla war like situation in the bush they would beat many European armies.

    The Bushmen, who lost everything, and are threatened by extinction as a race. In the far past the black troops with Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck, who were never defeated.

    The black soldiers looked up to the white soldiers. It was a sake of honour for the white soldier not to betray their trust. Trust had to be bought in a hard way by battle. Then they all were betrayed. In their eyes the white man betrayed their trust in a dishonourable way. How does one explain that to them, people of a much simpler nature, living much closer to nature?

    Here one veteran speaks out:

    He started his career on our side as a common soldier:

    A political leaders far above in morality than Idi Amin and his ilk. When he was deposed by the ANC in cooperation with the by then corrupt National Party of South Africa, he said on TV (quoting by memory) “Now one of the few functioning black countries have been destroyed, including all of its institutions which educated my people and uplifted them, and handed this country over to communists”.

    • Believing is not the same as knowing. There were many instances in history when all seemed lost, when things turned for the better. The whites still exist. We are not yet gone. The other side also makes mistakes. We learn from their mistakes, and hone our skills accordingly, and apply their methods back in kind. It will just take somewhat longer because we lack the resources, but a core of idealist must carry on the good fight and see to it that they have the longer breath.

      Very interesting interview (the topic of loosing or not is also touched on here):

      • If I think in American terms, I would reason in the direction of the erstwhile Viet Cong (not the communist attrocities side of them, but the inventiveness they went about in their warfare methods). They did not have the same resources as the USA, but they had lots of resolve to make plans – go underground, dig tunnels, be original. We whites with our brains and talents should be able to improve on them, do it even better. The worst tactic is to fall into a spirit of defeat, for this kills creativity. Then you already have lost, before you have lost.

      • Whites lost the nerve to subjugate inferior races long ago.

        It’s shame, because at the very moment that we possess the means to break up and annihilate opponents with ease, any white state obliterating darkies would be turned into a pariah.

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