#MAGA: 25 Senate Republicans Lobby President Trump To Reenter Trans-Pacific Partnership

The full letter can be seen here.

It is signed by Steve Daines, Michael Rounds, Roy Blunt, James Lankford, Jeff Flake, John Cornyn, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, Johnny Isakson, John Barrasso, Cory Gardner, Ben Sasse, Mike Enzi, Jerry Moran, Ron Johnson, Joni Ernst, Charles Grassley, Dan Sullivan, Lisa Murkowski, Todd Young, Pat Roberts, Richard Burr, Roger Wicker and John McCain. President Trump floated the idea of reentering the Trans-Pacific Partnership at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Half of the Republican Senate is pressuring Trump to return to the status quo:

“More than two dozen Senate Republicans are urging President Trump to re-engage in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.

The 25 GOP lawmakers sent a letter to Trump on Friday saying they support his recent comments that he may consider U.S. participation if the 11-nation Asia-Pacific pact is improved.

“We encourage you to work aggressively to secure reforms that would allow the United States to join the agreement,” the senators wrote.

The Republican letter, which was released on Wednesday, was sent the same day Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross made public two reports on steel and aluminum that provided Trump with several recommendations, including steep tariffs and strict quotas. …”

It is a reminder of how impervious the GOP is to change after it has gotten its way on defense spending, energy, deregulation, the tax cuts, foreign policy, entitlements, healthcare and immigration. The people who voted for “change” in the 2016 election got a generic Republic administration.

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  1. Swamp 6 populist 0 President Cuck is just another sock puppet.

    Mainstream made him our guy by constantly bashing him fully knowing he was theirs playing everyone like a fiddle. This Jewish master is cunning, almost seems like they can talk to the devil and see the future.

    Next round the Jewish master will use a different method we must learn from President Cheddar Face.

    Bill Hicks “politics in America”


  2. Roy Blunt’s wife – Abigail Perlman – is a hardcore lobbyist. She’s a Jew. Well, well, we’ll, looks like this was the game all along. They’re all globalists who vote for TPP.

    Revolution is the only cure.

  3. If this is what’s going on a year into his presidency, can you imagine the crap that happens in a second term?

    They’ll pull something right before the election to have you running for the GOP lever/button.

    The new capital of Israel isn’t the stolen Jerusalem but the long, long ago hijacked Washington, DC!

    I gave such seething hatred for politicians of every stripe – except Steve King and – hopefully future rep – Paul Nehlen.

  4. These suspicious shootings, likely carried out by operatives within the system itself, have not stopped under Trump/Sessions. How many will Trump have under his belt by the time he’s run out of office?

    How come the victims are never people that would make sense? The use of mind control is very apparent by the use of victims that draw sympathy across the board.

    • Celtics are Aryans? Huge chunk of America is Celtic.
      More than two millennia ago, Caesar with only 8 legions slaughtered around 1 million Celts and enslaved another million, that represented 50% of the Celtic population of Gaul. In some cities nothing was spared, women, elders, children, animals. Many survivors had their arms chopped off and sent back to their villages as a warning.
      All the bloodbath with only 8 legions!!
      Celtics never evet recovered from that genocide.
      Julius Caesar was black eyed and black haired. Ruthless people, not faggots.

        • That seems to be what the sources say (Suetonius says his eyes were “dark”). Definitely light-skinned and probably blond if like the rest of the Julian family.

          Still, during that time period you had the ruddy, permanently flush-faced Marc Antony, the green-eyed Cleopatra, the pale, blond, and grey-eyed Octavian, and the Celt-looking Pompey.

          We’re not exactly talking about guidos fighting a Sicilian turf war here…

          • Julius Caesar had black eyes and black hair, this is indisputable. Nobody, nobody in all history come even remotely close to such greatness that Caesar represented.

            I thought my comment had been deleted.

            Why did you choose the name “Marcus Cicero” as avatar? He was part of the Optimates, the elite faction corrupt to the core, he sent to death associates of Catilina without due process, he was a fu*king lawyer, a sneaky figure, a great enemy of Caesar and Marc Antony, he was killed and had his head and hands exposed on the forum on Marc Antony’s orders, he was a kind of John McCain of ancient Rome, so why someone in the far-right would choose such name as avatar?

          • He was also one of the only Jew-wise Roman figures of that time – even Caesar was cucked on the Jewish Problem.

            Antony was neutral, and with Augustus, the Jews understood that he was not the kind of man to be messed with – he was ruthless when pushed.

    • @ Cicero, yes Caesar had the Jews as allies.
      But I don’t think Jews were the biggest problem of Rome, if they were they would have been exterminated.
      Rome didn’t fall because of Jews, or Christians or miscegenation, Rome fell because all civilizations at some point fall, almost always are. internal causes The astonishing is that Rome lasted for so long.
      Romans didn’t miscegenate with slaves, if they did it was Europeands mixing with Europeans, since around 95% of Roman slaves were other Europeans.
      And Jews became a real dangerous problem in Europe only after the Protestant Reformation.
      Til the 1830’s Jews were paraded in the streets of Rome once in a year to be mocked, scorned and spat upon by the population. Protestant Reformation was the catalyst to all of the problems of the last centuries and today caused by Jews.

      • I agree with you on pretty much all counts – during the period we’re talking about, Jews were mainly known for hoarding money back in Judea, raiding trading caravans, and pulling their usual blackmail stunts on Roman senators and other aristocrats.

        They weren’t yet a serious threat, although the beginnings of their infesting nature were already beginning to show through.

        Funny thing about Caesar was the fact that he was soft on the Jews not because of cuckoldry, but because of sentimentalism – he grew up around some Kikes in a part of Rome where his family owned property.

  5. I like this site, though my English sucks. My vocabulary is limited, it’s my third language, and rarely I use it in day to day life. I live far far away from US.
    But I like to know about American culture, it’s a falling giant, so interesting to watch.

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