Black History Month 2018: Rainbow Nation


South Africa was supposed to be the idyllic Rainbow Nation.

Unlike the other countries we have studied in Africa, we’re going to open up our exploration of South Africa in the present because momentous events are underway there:

A few weeks ago, Jacob Zuma who is facing 18 criminal corruption charges resigned in disgrace as the president of South Africa. He has since been replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa who like Zuma before him has vowed to confiscate White land without compensation. Finally, it seems it is South Africa’s turn to descend into the hell of Zimbabwe after 24 years of civic nationalism.




The South Africa that Cyril Ramaphosa has inherited is at a crossroads. It is facing an environmental crisis, political crisis and economic crisis all rolled into one.

The ANC which has governed South Africa since the end of apartheid has become unpopular as it is seen as having unleashed a tidal wave of corruption. Julius Malema and his fanatics in the Economic Freedom Fighters, which is the third largest party in South Africa, are pressuring the ANC to redistribute wealth from Whites and drive them into the sea. The economy has stalled, violent crime has exploded and on top of it all Cape Town is running out of water in the countdown to Day Zero.

Lauren Southern has been in South Africa making a documentary about the farm murders, violent crime, racial discrimination and unemployment facing what remains of the White population:

This is great work. I’m looking forward to watching the entire documentary. These murders have been going on for years now and have taken a toll on the entire White population:



I’ve watched South Africa for years now as men as different in their politics as Eugene Terre’Blanche – the founder of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement – and Steven Otter – a notorious race traitor associated with the Economic Freedom Fighters – have been murdered by black criminals in home invasions. The crime is so bad in South Africa that ordinary people rely on private security and lock themselves behind barbed wire fences and multiple doors in their homes like prisoners.

South Africa is the rape capital of the world. A woman is raped every 4 minutes in South Africa. In order to deter potential rapists, women wear these dystopian anti-rape devices:

South Africa is collapsing into the same scenario that we have seen play out elsewhere in Africa – economic growth chokes up, the economy stagnates and declines, which leads to political unrest, which leads to vulnerable black politicians scapegoating the White population.

In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe was initially affectionately called “Uncle Bob” by the White farmers. Good Ol’ Uncle Bob liked to be called “The Crocodile” because “it strikes at the appropriate time.” Mugabe waited 20 years before he made his move against the White farmers of Zimbabwe.


Nelson “Madiba” Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu are the two men most responsible for selling the West on the fantasy that South Africa was going to be a post-racial “Rainbow Nation.”



Mandela and Tutu told Westerners what they wanted to hear.

This time it was going to be different. There was going to be forgiveness and racial reconciliation. Blacks, Whites, Asians and Coloureds would boldly march forward into the anti-racist future. Mandela and his successor Thabo Mbeki even converted the ANC to neoliberal economics for a spell. Robert Mugabe had sung the same old song of racial equality and racial harmony in order to seize power.

Nelson Mandela smiled and played the Numinous Negro. He offered liberal Westerners the absolution of their guilty White consciences that they so desperately craved. He played straight to those feels as the Martin Luther King, Jr. of South Africa. The beloved Madiba died in 2013 and his death has ushered in the age of the Zumas, Ramaphosas and Malemas and their platform of Get Whitey.

Note: The rest of South Africa’s history will be dealt with in a separate post.

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  1. as white birth rates drop, the globalists will continue to try to prop up consumer demand through immigration, and as asian and hispanic birth rates drop, the globalists will turn to africa for continued population growth via immigration…decades from now, america will be turned into africa because african population will boom–high birth rates there fueled by western food and aid money…and then the globalists will cram a billion african immigrants into the West…the west will become africa eventually..

  2. Let’s not forget the contributions of the white leadership of the African National Congress.

    People like …

    Joe Slovo, Ronnie Kasrils, Albie Sachs, Ruth First, Bram Fischer, Arthur Goldreich, Harold Wolpe, Helen Suzman, Lazar Sidelsky, Nat Bergman …

    they all shared something else in common.

    Can you guess what it was?

      • not to mention (((Rabbi Iassacsohn))) and his daughter, now known as (((Ilana Mercer))). In fact,

        assorted Black Afriucan shithole countries have issued entire sets if commemorative postage stamps honoring…

        the S. African Jews who led the fight to destroy White-ruled S. Africa.

    • Lets not neglect the names of those in our nation at this time who are engaged in the same subversion. The blacks in SA are the same tools with the same purpose as the immigrants in Christendom today.

      • Now with transgender re-baptism services going on in the [sic] Church of England, a billboard in South Africa that was up decades ago has far greater meaning. It said:

        “I used to be an Anglican, until I put tu and tu together. “

        I will rejoice the day Desmond Tutu enters into hell -for his lies, duplicity, communism, and utter Niggertude.

    • @Westminster,
      Yes well I hope all those Jooo’s enjoy the fruits of their labor in the new whiteless South Africa….or have they already fled to Europe or North America to escape the clusterfuck?

  3. A bit off topic.

    I notice that most Jews seem to have nose roots that are flush even with their foreheads, while most goys have brow ridges that extend across and above the nose root.

  4. I had expected more from the Boers back in the day. SA had A bombs and a first class White Army. By working with Rhodesia and playing a smart game they had the military power to maintain defense against US/UK aggression and could have played the Nigger nations around them. To be sure, the English portion of the White population was Liberal and traitorous, but the SA leadership completely sold their people out and when when people should have taken up arms they did not.As an amusing side note, Anne Paton, widow of sob story novelist, Alan Paton (“Cry the Beloved Country” – a White oppression novel that Boomers sucked up like hog slop in a trough) fled SA in 1998 citing being terrorized by the Negros – including mugging, burglary , high jacking, etc. This, just four years after the Boers rolled over and spread their cheeks.

    • I know people who waited with their army kit for the charismatic general Constand Viljoen, previous Chief of the Defense Force, to call them to arms against the F.W. de Klerk government, and restore law and order.

      We all were national servicemen (I think in the US they call it the draft) who after their intial one or later two years of service had to complete a cycle of three years spreaded over ten years within the Citizens Force (part-time soldiers while being in civilian life, something like the National Guard or how the Swiss also operated – they at least could keep their guns at home, we not, only the rest of our kit inside a duffel bag. There are too many thiefs around who could steal your assault rifle at home while you were at work).

      Sadly, this did not happen due to reasons which he does not exaclty speak about very clearly even today. Something about whites being too few in numbers (the army policy was that white blood was scarce and losses must be thus prevented, lessons learned from the Anglo-Boer war and its concentration camps, which decimated the Boers demographics), their attitude is not ready for a war, and all kind of other excuses.

      In the book “Warfare by other Means” by the late Peter Stiff (himself being a police inspector in the Rhodesian Bush War, who later left for the safer havens of South Africa ), it is claimed that the then (*) acting Chief of the Defense Force, George Meiring (who himself seemed to have a little uprising plan up his sleeve which he somehow suddenly “forgot about”) said, and I quote (text of pages with photos p.87): When asked by right-wingers if he would allow Afrikaners to fight Afrikaners he said: “Yes, the soldiers are already in place.” and “One wonders how General Constand Viljoen would have replied if he had still been the commander of the SADF.

      [*1994, when the country was negotiated away by “the four musketeers” Roelf Meyer, Leon Wessels, F.W. de Klerk and Dawie de Villers at Kempton Park at the World Trade Center nearby Johannesburg during CODESA, – their ANC opponent negotiator was none other than the now new president Cyril Ramaphosa, who replaced Jacob Zuma]

      Indeed, there were plenty very unhappy troops in the Citizens Force. But troops on their own cannot make war. You don’t have the keys for the bases and ammo stores. I wonder what type of Afrikaners did he talked about, because I knew of no Afrikaners who would have shot at Afrikaners, after being brothers in arms over 23 years.

  5. This guy, Jan Lamprecht, is a former Rhodesian living in South Africa. He discusses the history and destruction of South Africa at the hands of the blacks. I suggest looking through all his videos to get a first-hand account of the Boer’s history.

  6. Harry Booyens’ masterpiece ” AmaBhulu: Birth and Death of the Second America” is a great analysis as well. Good stuff on the Cold War. I was last in SA in 1999; country was already headed to shit, but many were hopeful that they would get through the “transitional” period. Nobody thinks that now.

  7. I’m waiting for the kiked media, kiked celebrities and kiked politicians to apologize for having demanded the end of Apartheid in SA. It’s brought nothing but disaster for everyone there, Whites and coons alike.

    Here’s some potentially encouraging news….

    • Refering to your link:

      “The Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) is training thousands of youths in military-style bootcamps northwest of Johannesburg to fight for a separate white state.”

      Thousands sounds really too much. Two thousand, perhaps. It is a watered down bootcamp like we used to have it (anything longer starts costing money). Colonel Jooste of the Commando Corps? When I left for overseas, I donated him my old army kit bag. He told me (we had a short chat at a coffee shop) even asked generals why they just gave up the country instead of making war. He told me they could not (want not?) tell him.

  8. Behold South Africa, it’s the rainbow of s**t nation the Jews are working nonstop to turn every other white nation into. They won’t be satisfies until all of them are Hell on Earth for whites.

  9. Sadly the leader of the HNP the late Mr Jaap Marais warned the nation and spelled out what will happen when the blacks take over. Everything happened as he predicted, the rape, the theft, corruption, etc, etc. However the bad news to the blacks is we will take the country back in the near future as was prophesised by Siener van Rensburg. All ex patriots and white people will be welcome in the new land governed by Whites.


    • How is it, everyday I hear Sieners name mentioned as the cure-all, that I get a pain in my whatsitsname? South Africa has too many prophets but too few doers.

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