SA Parliament votes 241 – 83 to seize white owned land without compensation

It is a media hoax that few blacks in South Africa own farmland. “Coloureds” also own a large amount of agricultural land in the east as well.

The South African parliament voted a staggering 65.5% to 34.5% to seize white-owned land without compensation. They call it expropriation without compensation.

The move was supported by the ANC, EFF, Agang SA, National Freedom Party, United Democratic Movement, African People’s Convention, and the Inkatha Freedom Party. The move was opposed by the Democratic Alliance, African Christian Democratic Party, Congress of the People, and Freedom Front Plus.

The International media is publishing fake claims that blacks own between 5-9% of agricultural land in South Africa. This is total nonsense. Black ownership of agricultural land has surged since 1994. Some of it was given to blacks by the South African government. However, the lion share was purchased by black people on their own. Since 1994, blacks have purchased 5 million hectares of agricultural land. They have purchased 1.7 million hectares of land for other purposes. In the same time period the South African government only “redistributed” 2.1 million hectares of agricultural land to blacks.

Black ownership of agricultural land is the highest in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, with over 70% of agricultural land owned by blacks.

The South African government still owns over 17 million hectares of land or about 15% of the total country. A lot of this is arable land that can be used for farming.

The actual purpose of the vote was to begin the process of amending the South African constitution to make it legal to seize white-owned land without compensation. The actual process of amending the constitution could begin in August of this year. The new South African president claimed that “no one will lose their home,” and “agricultural output will increase.” That scenario is about as likely as the creation of a real-life Wakanda.

It is unclear when actual land confiscations would occur. However, it is widely believed that many blacks will take matters into their own hands. As the government gets closer to actually confiscating blacks, poor blacks will fear they will not get a slice. So large numbers will simply squat on white-owned land and claim it as their own. This scenario led to the absolute total destruction of Zimbabwe’s thriving white-dominated farming industry.

The writing is on the wall. South Africa has been going downhill for the past twenty years. Now it is about to fall off of a clip. No one can predict exactly what will happen, but it is safe to say that things will be very bad. Video of the South African parliament voting to confiscate white-owned land is like something out of a horror movie about a dystopian future.


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    Whites needs to get out of Africa.

    • And many are absurdly bluepilled even to this day. Ultimately nobody will save you if you don’t try to do so yourself.

      • It’s very sad how many whites are pathologically naive even in the face of danger. With everything happening in SA I still see SA white YouTubers making videos saying everything is fine and life is good.

        You see these horrific examples of white couples raped, mutilated and murdered and then find out it was the hired black hands they had on the property. So saving a few bucks to hire nigger menial labor is worth the risk of being murdered? Fucking stupid. That’s how a lot of whites think though. They’re a slave to mammon.

        I personally like doing my own work on my property.

        • White farmers in SA seem to have a sentimental attachment to the niggers. They are still being used as servants and field hands even though it’s extremely dangerous to do so, especially now that White rule is over with.

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  2. How about the idiot white farmers returning to Zimbabwe? The next government probably will start all over confiscating their farms once they’re going concerns again.

    The US bears responsibility for the current conditions in South Africa. They pushed for this, the whites in SA got it.

    Thanks to HW this is the best Black History Mumf EVER!

    • Africa has one half of all the arable land in the world. Why are Africans starving to death and expect hated whitey to feed them?

  3. Are they going to go for the biggest richest estates first? The most fertile? Land that was win in a recorded battle? What’s their system going to be? Smaller more vulnerable freeholders?

  4. Please edit this post Very carefully. You were obviously pissed off when you wrote it. Lots of typos and mistakes.

  5. The land ownership map is like looking at an American city as it gets blacked. What’s the tipping point before collapse for each region?

  6. It’s hard to say whether South Africa will fall into chaos because the western world is dedicated to bailing it out as often as needed. The mining industry is not threatened because the usual suspects long ago reasserted control and the wealthiest man in SA is Nicky Oppenheimer of the old DeBeers mining dynasty that the ANC had promised to nationalize. The same comment applies to any third-world country that is falling apart: all they have to do is play ball with the foreign elites and they will be rescued by the taxpayers of western nations, to the profit of well-connected outside investors. The Boers are the fall guy and really ought to figure out a way to make trouble but I guess they think it’s hopeless.

    • The Blacks are using the farming and land ownership as a scapegoat for some pretty savage inequalities in SA.

      Most of the billionaire blacks are just siphoning off dividends from mining corps.

      At least farms produce solid tangible wealth.

  7. Anti-Whites have forbidden our race from voting or defending our legitimate interests as non Whites dispossess and exterminate us. Nothing surprising here. Non White majorities never honor our right to exist, let alone anything else.

  8. I was actually surprised to see some of the blacks trying to talk sense to the others. Sad that blacks like those will have to suffer along with the rest but better them than us.

  9. If there is any kind of White militia that plans on going to SA and Rhodesia to take those lands back sign me up. The time for posting tweets and memes is over.

    • Margaret Thatcher’s son attempted to date a coup in an African state using South Africa as a basecamp. He was arrested by Mandela for doing so. Be very wary of any jaunt down there. You’ll be banged up with a cannibal cell mate quicker than a Cheetah.

  10. anything that motivates Whites to leave SA before they wind up in the ‘boons’ cooking pot

    is a good thing.

    expecting Whites to survive in SA

    is like Whites in America expecting to survive by voting Republican.

  11. Please take note. It is not only land, but also the property. This extends beyond farmlands. I have no idea how they will be doing this. It is not that straightforward as they might perhaps imagine it to be so. Perhaps they will at first present a watered down version in order to allay fears, and then tighten the screw. We will see.

    What happened to farms that went to new black owners:

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