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    Glenn Beck used to be good, but then the Judaists came knocking on his door and used their old techniques–bribes and blackmail.

    They had found a girl who was willing to claim she was open bordered by Glen Beck. Glen was going to be finished.

    So he decided to become a good dog of his Jewish masters. They write his barkings.

  2. He knows how the world works. He’s just at peace with the abject status he has.

  3. I was already favorably disposed to them, but the more these (((scumbags))) and their lackeys attack, the more I love Russia.

    • He came very close to naming the Jew on his previous show on Fox. Then someone yanked his leash and he learned his place. I don’t know if the whole thing was an act fromthe get go however.

  4. Russia is a white Christian nation. America used to be and in may ways still is a white Christian nation. The Jews, the enemies of Christ and white Christians everywhere are against two great white Christian nations uniting in cooperation to solve world problems and wants instead for Russian Christians and American Christians to kill each other.

    • The Kikes LOVE murdering whites, after torturing them psychologically, sexually and physically first. They did this from Germany to the Ural mountains as rulers of the Kike slave empire known as the Soviet Union.

    • Russian Orthodox is looking like the more authentic Christianity. They use a later Latin bible I believe rather than the Greek version the west used and misused.

    • “ The Jews, the enemies of Christ and white Christians everywhere are against two great white Christian nations uniting in cooperation to solve world problems and wants instead for Russian Christians and American Christians to kill each other.“

      Ding, ding, ding! And we have a winner… And a loser…

      • “… They use a later Latin bible I believe rather than the Greek version the west used and misused.“

        Oh, Lord… Give me patience. If you’re going to talk about theology, you have to be informed! It was Saint Jerome that took the perverted Hebrew Old Testament (after the council of Jamnia), compared it with the Septuagint -still the authoritative Greek Old Testament of the Orthodox Church, and it was he who made the Latin Vulgate-the standard scripture for the entire West. You have it completely backwards!

    • Hey Shotgun,
      Glad to see you re-emerge. Effeminate little Glen Becky sure is worked up about the Hard Right; I suppose our existence exposes the mainstream right as being the traitorous leftists that they really are.

  5. Do any of our readers know a single White American guy/goy who’s believing this “THE RUSSIANS STOLE THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION FROM HILLARY” sh**?

    I make it a point to demand that CNN be turned off at any bar I am at. I personally insult the intelligence of the people who want to watch CNN.

    • The few I’ve heard say it are either muds, are screwing muds, or have a vested interest in the current system. The soy boys and cat ladies repeat what they’re told, but I get the feeling even they don’t really believe it. I mock them every chance I get . In person or online . Treat them like the homeless guy on the corner with his pants around his ankles yelling about God . Because that’s whose level they’re on.

      • Very good and well said.

        I encourage making big public displays of play acting. Try:

        When you are in a public place/bar with CNN blasting the same old same old “RUSSIANS CONSPIRACY” shit.

        Jump up and wave your arms, point at the ground:

        “Did you see that? There was a Russian spy, he just went behind the bar. There’s another one. The Russians stole the election from HILLARY. The Russians are taking over our country. They’re putting fluoride in our toothpaste. Everybody says that I’m crazy. But I’m not crazy. I just watch CNN”

        Have some supporters start applauding. Take a bow.

        Our lying adversaries and traitors like Glenn Beck can’t take a joke.

  6. Lots of really bad clueless, out of it traitor LDS Mormons. The whole system is a ponzi scheme, tax exempt real estate scam where you are pushed to conform, hang around for 90 years wearing suits and ties and neat sweaters, never question anything and wait for your turn to be at the top. The new LDS President/Prophet is 94 years old.

    It’s useless to try to argue with these types, useless to use reason. Gun fantasies are also a waste. Instead I recommend getting in their faces – mess up their hair, jab to the nose.

    If any of our OD readers get in the same room with Glenn Beck or Mittens Romney I sincerely hope that you all with start a fist fight.

    “you’re boring, you’re a coward”

  7. Russia has been owned by the Bolshevik kikes since 1917 and America has been owned since 1913, federal reserve. Satan’s house is indeed divided against itself.

    • Oh shut up ZERA08. Such a typical clueless AMURIKUN Patriotard dumb as* way of thinking.

      Racially conscious/cultural conscious White Slavic Russians took back their country and the Russian Soviet Empire at least by the year 1960. Marshall Zukov and Kruschev publicly denounced the last worst Yid Communist/Bolshevik Levanti Beria had him (teen rapist) tortured and executed. From then out virtually no Yids or non Whites (Tatars like Lenin) were ever allowed in the higher levels of the military, KGB, Russian/Soviet media. This is the main reason American Leftist Communist, Trotskyite Jews turned against the Russians and made the “Conversion” to Neo Conservatism. The Jews made a brief power grab with the drunk Boris Yeltsin sold off Soviet enterprises on pennies on the $ dollar/rubble to Jewish Oligarchs. But Vladimir Putin pretty much put an end to it.

      This is the reason the “American” Jewish media hates the Russians.


      This gets very tiresome having to respond to these dumb as* Amurikun patriotards.

      • Even Stalin seems to have been hip to the Jewish problem in the USSR by 1936-1937. A huge percentage of the Great Purge targeted the chosen. He couldn’t get rid of all of them because he was in a literal hornets nest of jewry in the early USSR. His later actions indicate he was planning something big against the Jews in the late 40s/early 50s before the Jews and Beria poisoned him.

      • Why is every billionaire in Russia a Kike, part Kike, or a Muslim? Not one of the is an ethnic Russian. It’s true Putin did arrest, kill, jail or expel some of the most obnoxious Jewish oligarchs, but the fact remains they still have a lot of power in Russia and they are anything but washed up as a threat to the Russian people, let alone US. Putin killed or otherwise eliminated from the picture Jews who were a threat to his power. And there is some question about Putin being a crypto-Jew himself.

        • Jack Ryan basically knows nothing about Russia or the present condition and agenda of its government. He shills for Putin with a self-indigent ignorance that is every bit equivalent to that of the “Amurrican patriotards” whom he denegrates for an equally-blind faith in their own leadership.

          Jack has, for years, incessantly repeated how “proud he is to be 25% percent Russian”, yet can’t seem to keep his own bullshit straight. He has changed the percentage of his “Russian” ancestry on several occasions, first claiming his great grandmother or great aunt was his Russian ancestor, but then claiming on John Edwards radio show that grandfather was Russian (???)

          I don’t believe Jack Ryan is any bit Russian. His real name and personal information are public record, courtesy of Jack having been dumb enough and sloppy enough to get himself doxxed by the SPLC some years ago, and until he produces a DNA test with results that prove his self-alleged Russian ancestry, I suggest everyone dismiss his silly LARPing and correctly regard him as the late-middle-aged WASP loser that his surname and personal history indicate.

          • So, what is the Russian agenda? What condition is the Russian condition in?

            It appears to be reset to something like Romanov era national/Imperial interest checked and contained by Anglo commercial/Imperial encirclement.

  8. Jack Ryan if you believe the kikes gave up control of Russia you are in lala land. Who do you thing the oligarchs were who bought the Russian assets under the controlled so called collapse. Putin kisses the kikes asses every time he gets a chance. And no I am not a patriotard. We are fighting kike bankers wars. It is you who are clueless my friend.

  9. Jim, you are correct they infiltrate everything and jump to the head of the line. Considering Jack Ryan’s seemingly over the top comment directed at me, I reflected on that a while and it occurred to me. Who was Jack Ryan but the thriller series starring Harrison Ford. Take one guess who Harrison Ford’s mother is and since kikes are matriarchal……Ole Jack just may be one of those interlopers since nobody in their right mind would suggest the bankers would give up control of Russia. That notion is utterly absurd.

    • The privatization at firesale prices that occurred in the 1990s in rump of the USSR did have the sticky fingers of Zhids all over it.

      Whatever Putin has done since with these energy companies and other assets is a matter for debate. He’s transformed himself into an Autocrat with a veneer of liberal respect for formal elections. Russia appears to need autocrats sitting at the top.

  10. And yet… Russia’s building more Orthodox churches every day… Under Putin’s leadership! And what are we doing in America? Closing down churches, and allowing transgenders to live.

    Who’s the more moral, Christian, white nation? Two guesses …and the first two don’t count

  11. Fr. John, they are playing the Hegelian dialectic. They play both sides of what ever situation they are involved in. Yes, Linda it is the chabad-lubovitch group of yids.

  12. .

    I liked Beck when he first came on the scene.
    Then he got “Whiney” , seriously whining like a little girl who had her ice cream and puppy stolen.
    Ain’t listened to her in years.


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