Woah Vicky Arrested In North Carolina

This is some BULLSHEEEIT:

“Victoria Waldrip – who has made a name for herself after mocking black culture on Instagram while claiming to be black – was arrested in shopping centre in North Carolina for kicking a police officer. …

Waldrip was detained for trespassing at the mall after she was given ‘multiple opportunities to leave’ by police and mall security. While resisting, she allegedly kicked a police officer. She posted a video of her arrest on Instagram, as well as her police mugshot alongside the hashtag #FreeVicky. She also put up a video after her release when she she screams ‘Black Lives Matter’. …”

Woah Vicky is from Marietta, GA.

We’ve drawn attention to her before here. I’m not sure what to make of this. I haven’t really followed her act close enough to tell whether it is just a parody or if it is real.

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    • LOL, no, she’s just mentally ill. She’s like Mark Wahlberg. Remember when he was rapping as Marky Mark? He became so indoctrinated with black culture that he became a thug and talked retarded ebonics like this very confused girl. When he got his shit together and started his acting career he had to take speech therapy to get rid of his nigger dialect.

    • @Haxo Angmark

      What’s pitiful is the fact that in a lot of these cases, you can see the pretty White girl that could have been, if her mother hadn’t copulated with a Nigger. The White genes seem to soften the harsh, simian features.

  1. comments here are a bit harsh. seems to me she’s just having a laugh, Ali G style. she’s poking fun at the insanity of today’s “social construct” nonsense and getting some publicity for herself

  2. No matter how “black” this shwigga thinks she is, I bet you couldn’t pay her to call one of her brothas or sistas a NIGGER! lol

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