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In a sarcastic tweet in which he declared “hate wins,” Governor Mike Huckabee today announced his resignation from the board of directors of the Country Music Associate Foundation, less than 24 hours after assuming the post. The foundation is the arm of the CMA that is dedicated to funding music education in schools. Why, you might ask, was he forced out of his post at a charitable organization whose mission he believed in? If you guessed “blustering leftist outrage,” give yourself a pat on the back!

As an outspoken Evangelical Christian, Huckabee has drawn the ire of the LGBT community, who are so full of mouth-foaming, rage-spiraling tolerance they can’t stand to have a traditional marriage-affirming Christian serve as an unpaid member of their board for even one day.

Among the complainers are one Jason Owen, co-president of Monument Records and owner at Sandbox Entertainment. Owens, who is raising a son and also expecting twins with his husband Sam, found the appointment of Huckabee to be a “grossly offensive decision,” and chastised the CMA for “making [Huckabee] feel welcome and relevant.” He threatened to pull the support of his companies from the foundation. Outcry from Owens and others prompted Huckabee to resign so as not to cause detriment to the foundation.

Clients of Owens’ Sandbox Entertainment include Faith Hill, Little Big Town, and Kasey Musgraves. Musgraves is the perfect embodiment of modern “country” music, employing the sound and superficial trappings of traditional country music without the soul. “Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy,” she croons in one song, wearing a sparkly farm-girl dress in a campy Hee-Haw style video. Trite, but harmless enough. But check out her toe-tapping song “Follow your Arrow” which also has old-fashioned country rhythm and instrumentation, with the following lyrics:

“Make lots of noise
Kiss lots of boys
Or kiss lots of girls
If that’s something you’re into
When the straight and narrow
Gets a little too straight
Roll up a joint, or don’t
Just follow your arrow
Wherever it points, yeah”

Some might mistakenly call this modernization of a traditional genre. In fact it is a bastardization, akin to updating the Mona Lisa by plastering a smiley-face sticker over the enigmatic smile. In the above example, Musgraves performs soulless, stylistically boilerplate music with social-Marxist approved lyrics clumsily painted on top. In this, there is no trace of the authentic, soulful country music that was an organic expression of the heritage and experiences of our forbears. This is an artificially animated, franken-baby form of a once living entity, the likes of which are promulgated by people like Owens in the entertainment industry.

Huckabee is descended from early American settlers, and having grown up “dirt poor” in Arkansas, has a love and real connection to authentic American music. He has now been rudely ousted from an organization that grew from that music. As for Musgraves, the Texan may very well also have deep roots in rural America. I don’t know. But hers is a generation almost entirely severed from all but the most superficial aspects of its heritage, and this is apparent when one absorbs the pablum that is now described as “country” music.

In Huckabee’s resignation letter, he expressed his “hope that the music and entertainment industry will become more tolerant and inclusive.”

I’m very sorry to say so, Governor, but the fact that you’re even making that argument shows that the battle is lost.


  1. I’m beginning to think the Muslims have the right approach to these sick fags, find a tall building .

  2. Now we all know what happens when society tolerates fags, dykes and boy-touchers. Our ancestors were absolutely correct to strangle and club them to death.

    • White folk’s freedom depends on suppressing, excluding and expelling biological enemies and perverts and degenerates of all kinds.

    • I would add single mothers to that list. Scandinavians would cast them out of the village which is what I think partly explains their rapid evolution from a barbaric past.

    • Only when found out. They mostly pretended to be normal, even reproduced to pretend being healthy cells, perpetuating the mistake.

      A more permanent solution to the atrocity is needed.

  3. I’m no fan of Minister Fuckabee – he’s one of those Israel First / Praise Jay-zus types.

    • And yet, he probably won’t understand that his ‘life and let live’ philosophies are at odds with a Christian worldview. Instead of resigning, he should have called for public corporate stoning of pervert Owen, his catamite spouse, and the assignment of their ‘children’ to a heterosexual Christian couple….. THAT’S true Christianity.

      • Yes Huckabee is a big disappointment. There’s got to be some money exchange behind this resignation.

  4. I listen to Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Steve Fromholz, Ken Threadgill, and others who are from the past and now gone…

    Not the crap of today.

      • @Spahn,
        My daughter and I hold the view that modern country music is the true successor to what was pop and rock music in the 50’s thru to 80’s. While ‘popular’ music of today has gone off in a depraved, retarded direction and is barely listenable, modern country still has the guitars, drums and vocals that make sense.
        As a result, my daughter is big on old pop and rock, and modern country. All her mates feel like same way.

        • @John: Your daughter sounds like a lot of fun to be with. Is she the one who still lives at home? I imagine you are both huge fans of the late, great Bon Scott?

          • @Spahn, no ironically my older daughter is still at home-at 26-and this one is only 19 and moved out 18 months back. She loves animals and old rock. She would easily marry a 25 year old Bon Scott-she thought he was hot!

          • Well damn there’s a reference to Spahn’s Movie Ranch. Ole Charlie Manson is gone now so we don’t have him to kick around anymore…well we can kick around his legacy. Manson is associated with a sort of boogie man of the right. He was actually a leftist and one who declared war on the ‘establishment’. He was in the process of building the last all white terror army. His whacked out doped up girls were not up to the task.

      • Johnny Winter was fantastic, especially his earlier work (like that “Progressive Blues Experiment” album). SRV stole his stuff mostly from Johnny, I think.

  5. Does it bother others here that the most notable exports of the US today are bombs and degeneracy (sick movies and tv, rancid “music,” SJWism, etc.)?

  6. CMA and the rest of the American music industry is jew. Those who hate White America run the studios, the star machine, the gigs and the roll out of musical entertainment which has been weaponised for the Culture Wars. To hell with all of it.

    Americans can sing, compose, play and make music. Such as: Old Southern American Singing.

    Totally bardic – as good as anything you would hear in Wales or Ireland. Americans want American music in their homes and the places where they recreate – they have it on tap.

    • Learn to play a nice White man’s instrument- Celtic harp, piano, banjo, even bagpipes! Learn four-part hymns, etc.

  7. Its ironic how the very minorities who expect tolerance to come their way are the most screaming, intolerant pigs that exist.
    The victim industry is now on borrowed time as the masses are now awakening due to the work of David Duke and O.D.
    When the peaceful, tolerant ones open their holes, they’re just helping our side. So let them keep squealing.

  8. Very timely to find this here. I was listening to the radio (country music) and there’s some song with the lyric “love who you love, nothing to be ashamed of” and my husband and I just looked at each other in disgust.

    Haven’t heard the Musgrave girl’s song yet. But I had noticed a lot of the other songs were whiny men singing about heartbroken they were over some woman, or how they were going to essentially be doormats for said women. It was gross and very cuckish. Of course it makes sense as country music is still “white music”, at least in the mind of most people.

    But then you have Sam Hunt, who is being pushed and he sounds like a wigger and his music sounds like a lot of the black/top 40 crap out there, just with a country veneer pasted over it. Some other song references T-Pain and making it rain, so they’re really pushing black crap into it. Also there’s Darius Rucker, who of course is one of the better singers with better songs (by design you know). No white thing will be spared forced diversity. I also vaguely remember country stars speaking in favor of gay marriage and I know one of them adopted a black kid. Oh yes goyim, they’ll force it down your throats.

    This is why I don’t have tv and rarely listen to the radio. Keeping this filth away from kids and out of white households is probably the best thing anyone can do.

  9. Hahahahaha evangelicuckabee. WTF did you think these people were all about? Moron. They’re the (((enemy))) and they’re everywhere. And fuck you anyway. You’ve already sold your people down the river. Go save some Africans for Jesus or some other such shit.

  10. What I hate about country music has been it’s recent direction toward blasphemy of Christian doctrine/theology. Of course the homosexual trend but I mean the literal use of religious terminology in general.

  11. Very disappointed Huckabee did such a spineless act. Thought he had some conviction of his beliefs.
    Why give these freaks what they want. They never resign or “apologize” for any of their outrageous garbage.

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