Kyle Bristow Resigns From Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas

I have no idea what is going on here:

“The metro Detroit alt-right legal advocate who cleared the way for Richard Spencer to speak at Michigan State University says he’s withdrawing from politics following news stories that highlighted racist statements he’s made over the years.

Kyle Bristow, the executive director of the Foundation for the Market Place of Ideas, announced he would resign from the role in a statement posted to the FMI website Saturday. The Clinton Township-based group is to host an alt-right conference featuring Spencer, Cameron Padgett, and other white nationalists at a secret location in metro Detroit on Sunday, the eve of Spencer’s visit to MSU. …’

Whatever is going on though it doesn’t sound good. I won’t be in Michigan.

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  1. Unless you really want to be a martyr these events are not worth it. Spencer is doing just fine with podcasts, no reason to risk his safety here.

    • Odd that someone that takes their name from a putsch participant thinks that going into the real world is a bad idea…

  2. This is unfortunate, Bristow was doing good work establishing precedents for the college speeches and making the universities pay for it.

    • Spencer like many White Protestants want play to the Roman Catholic faction by being atheists. It’s a cop out.

      • Spencer like many White Protestants want to play to the Roman Catholic faction by being atheists. It’s a cop out.

      • I don’t think there is a single protestant faction that isn’t completely cucked and actively supporting refugees on a national level and the pope might as well be jewish. Not much to group identify with on either side if you ask me.

        • SSPX looks like an interesting group on the former catholic side but I don’t know much about them.

        • Antipope Benedict XVI never resigned the office of the papacy (the munus), he resigned the active ministry. (Whatever this means – in fact it has eventuated that an antipope for the active ministry has now been installed in Rome. This is antipope ‘call me Jorge’ Francis Bergoglio currently in occupation of the Chair of Peter who styles himself ‘the bishop of Rome’.

          So in Rome, we at present have a two headed monstrousity advocating a new world order and the Islamic invasion of Europe. (Now what would that make you think?) This would be antipope emeritus Benedict XVI (whose manifest public heresies against the faith would fill volumes) + antipope bishop of Rome Francis who is a Jesuit and a Jew. When he was the Provincial in Argentina he sent priests to receive formation in Israel by the Chabad Lubavitch. That should tell you everything you need to know.

          Francis is a big ecumenist who thinks that the term ‘catholic / universal’ in the Roman Catholic Church denotes that every religion is a path of salvation. Buddhists on their path to nirvana are headed in the same direction as Catholics. Christians and Muslims all worship the same god – etc. He espouses the universalist ecumenical church of all faiths and creeds inaugurated by the Man Himself, Anti-Christ John Paul II. Since the takeover, the structures and organisation of the Roman Catholic Church has now become the vehicle for this Babel.

          Whereas the term ‘catholic’ in Roman Catholic Church means that the Church has always taught that all nations are to hear the Evangel. All nations are called to baptism in Christ, as recorded in the Bible.

          Our Lady in her appearance at La Salette , France 1846 declared this prophecy: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti Christ. The Church will be in eclipse.” This was published with imprimatur because the early Fathers made many prophecies over Rome that in the last times of the world , Rome would return to its ancient paganism and drive away the Successor of Peter.

          • @Lynda. I have not found any source about the true origins of Bergoglio, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he also was enriched with suitable background when it comes to the anti-Christ agenda. John Paul II, i.e. Karol Wojtyla, definitely has the right descent, a Jewish mother (Emilia Kaczorowska aka Katz). He even grew up among Jews. (His maternal grandmother was born as Anna Scholz). Among Poland’s Catholics, not necessarily all of Slavic origins, to remark on Wojtyla-Katz’s stand on Jews as “elder brothers in faith” is a mortal sin. So if of course, expressing unothorized opinion on the holy Shoah. The latter mentioned is also a criminal offence, not only in Poland.

          • Yes, this is sadly true. I myself prefer high caste Hindus and higher Asian Budhists to the worst Shudra Muslims or American Black Liberation Theology Christians or just cucks in Minnesota Lutheran Immigrant aid society or Mittens Romney and his cousin my friend going off to the Black African Congo to covert the Blacks to LDS Mormons and bring them all here.

            What is to be done about these “Catholic” universalists like CINO POpe Francis of the first one St. Paul/Pharissee Saul of Tarsus.

        • You must either be a Catholic or a Jew. There is no priesthood in Protestantism. Anyone can be a preacher, or get ordained, or start their own church. Your word is as good as the next guys.

  3. Sounds like he wants a normi, mainstream legal career.

    This happens most of the time, youthful idealism gives way to folks just wanting to live a normal, wealthy life.

    Not the same as being an all out traitor or even a cuckservative, just someone stepping aside, issues with girl friends, wives, parents etc.

    We wish him well.

    Maybe he’ll make a ton of $ and donate to our causes.

    • He will be blacklisted and his career ruined through games played by (((judges))) and (((law firms))). He already made his choice by starting this. Backing out will just give him a life in poverty. I guess there is always construction work for refugee housing. Certainly is booming in my area.

  4. I am posting in full Mr. Bristow’s statement regarding his decision (see the original at The Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc. -> I have posted links to the articles that targeted Kyle, and the ones from today wakanda-on-the-lakes’ (“yo yo yo shout out to the three one three my niggas”) press gloating over the jew’s and colored’s victory. At some point all of us realize that our enemies have NO honor and will do everything necessary, to include criminal behavior because they know The System will not go after them, to silence us. Not everyone, including all of us keyboard warriors, are independently wealthy and can choose defy the concentrated evil of our enemies. fight to the last and die in our fighting hole. Kyle has to pay for off his student loans, continue to obtain new clients for his law practice, and prevent the jews and coloreds on the Michigan Bar from putting him out of work. I hope this is a tactical disengagement/fallback and he will return to the fight at a later date, but if not … I salute him for all of his accolades and victories already won. He has done a lot more than most of us.


    Resignation of Kyle Bristow

    March 3, 2018

    In recent weeks, journalists have published horrifically disparaging articles about me which contain acerbic, offensive, juvenile, and regrettable statements I mostly made over a decade ago while I was in college and a prominent and staunchly conservative activist, and which juxtaposed these statements with my recent legitimate and meritorious legal advocacy on behalf of people and organizations who espouse political views which happen to be controversial.

    The media is not whatsoever justified in vilifying me. Just as I have stood up for the free speech rights of people on the right side of the political spectrum, I have likewise–in my capacity as an attorney–stood up for the rights of people on the left side of the political spectrum. I take my calling as an attorney seriously and have aggressively represented people from all walks of life: which includes homeless people as well as multimillionaires, people of all races, and people of all sexual orientations. You might be surprised to learn that I once was nearly held in contempt of court for repeatedly demanding that a rural judge from a conservative jurisdiction refer to my client–who was transsexual–on the record by their assigned gender rather than by their biological gender; you might also be surprised to learn that I served as the president of my high school’s international club while I was a junior and senior and that when I travel internationally, I try my best to speak the local language (albeit poorly)–which I only point out to show that I have respect for cultures and human dignity and that there is a side to the story which the media is not telling.

    The people who know me best—my friends and family, my current and former clients, former employers, and lawyers and judges with whom I regularly deal—know me as a passionate defender of the law and an aggressive advocate of my clients’ rights. Whether I am demanding the dismissal of an unconstitutional criminal charge against a homeless client who merely held up a sign to request food near a busy street intersection, or I am repeatedly demanding that a rural judge refer to a transsexual client by their assigned gender, or I am providing pro bono legal assistance to poor people who happen to be down on their luck, I do my job and do it as well as I can

    In light of the recent relentless and unjustifiable vilification of me, as well as the mischaracterizations of who I am as a person, I have unilaterally made the decision to provide this clarification and to withdraw from politics. Yesterday, an attorney substituted in for me so as to continue representing Cameron Padgett for his federal lawsuits against the University of Cincinnati and the Ohio State University, and today I deleted my private Twitter profile and now am announcing that I will no longer serve in any capacity with the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc.–which was founded by a number of licensed attorneys and me in 2016 so as to promote the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. I will not be in attendance at the upcoming Michigan State University event–which will happen as a result of the recent successful and high-profile lawsuit I filed on behalf of my client–, nor will I attend FMI’s upcoming Detroit conference where attendees will merely dine on appetizers and drink beverages from an open bar as they mingle. FMI will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will be dissolved.

    In closing, I wish to relay that I abhor violence—of which I have never engaged and have always disavowed—, I regret having previously used language which is needlessly offensive, the characterizations made of me by the media are inaccurate, and I salute everyone who stands up for the rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution—no matter who is exercising those rights.

    Although the media’s vilification of me prompted this statement, I nevertheless believe it is the morally right decision to make as I move forward in life.

    Kyle Bristow


    The enemies’ attacks and gloating over their perceived victory…

    Alt-right attorney defends racism, homophobia, Richard Spencer
    (((Robert Allen))), Detroit Free Press Published March 1, 2018

    Macomb attorney Kyle Bristow resigning from alt-right group, blames media
    (((Detroit Free Press staff))) Published March 3, 2018

    Richard Spencer’s metro Detroit lawyer dissociates from alt-right following negative press
    Posted By ((((iolet Ikonomova))) Sat, Mar 3, 2018

    Related … *yo yo yo, stay classy, my d’troit zhydovka”
    Protests planned for Richard Spencer’s Detroit appearance, but where will that human turd turn up?
    Posted By (((Violet Ikonomova))) Fri, Mar 2, 2018

  5. It’s a little late to run and hide now. He has a well known history including authoring books they call “white supremacist revenge fantasies.” Resigning wouldn’t change how they are going to treat him. He would have to grovel and denounce. Sounds more like a personal issue.

    • Maybe he realized he’s better off loving the Empire. What’s the point in a fascist revolt if you can gain high rank in an unchallenged imperium anyway?

    • Personal as in threatening his personal relationships. It is time for whites to realize that this system will leave us nothing in the long run. When you cut loose is your own decision but eventually this will be what you do even if you are forced to do it.

      • Denise: You have to be (((certified))) to practice in Virginia or certified in a state (((controlled))) 100% that has cross certification like (((New Jersey))). That’s the rules. I think Kyle is probably only certified in Michigan.

  6. Sounds like Kyle , the erstwhile White nationalist conservative, is crawling to the Jew. And it’s true he is finished in the legal profession unless he sucks plenty of Jew dick and kisses some serious tushi.

    Trust the Israeli king-pin and sociopath – Netanyahu to put the DC goy Masons in the picture
    US Congress gives Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over 25 standing ovations – and that was just the public prostration

    • Ah Lynda, this is just beautiful. You see Lynda, that was the Republicans cheering for that old fox Bibi. We liberals in the Democratic party boycotted the war criminal. Many of us in the Bernie wing of the party despise Bibi and his merry gang of thugs as much as we despise white supremacists. We are the ones leading the BDS movement. But that doesn’t fit your narrative, now does it? 😉

    • LOL, who is financially backing him? Not many and not by much. Remember, Spencer almost lost his organiziation to mammon when Jorjani tried a coup. Spencer somehow thought he was going to get millions out of him like a Nigerian email scam.

      Spencer is only wealthy because of his family owning land in the South while he disparages the people he benefits from. Typical Yankee carpetbaggers. Spencer has created no wealth of his own. Spencer probably can’t change his car’s oil or his tires. He’s decadent and narcissistic as is common these days.

      • He finally got his web site working. Spending 20 years+ on Apple computers does not make you very competitive on the internet. I wish him the best but being from an engineering background I respect real skills.

  7. I don’t know much about Kyle but it seems like he was doing good work. It can be very hard for anyone who is pro-white to find legal help. I wish people would stop giving them what they want and resigning.

  8. There are a lot of flakes, phonies and sunshine patriots in the so-called alt-right. Just let him go and forget about it.

  9. And the optics of that God awful photo of Kyle and Richard S are terrible. Two smirking rich as* ho** White guys in suits with cigars.

    The photo says “I’m getting mine – F*** regular, poor and working class White folks”.

    Our situation looks increasingly hopeless.

  10. Spencer is suited to be a politician. He’s smug, self-entitled, narcissistic, decadent and degenerate (listen to this thoughts on porn and pedophilia). His one saving grace is that he’s pro-white, but in a weird, Latin Americanesque, castizos, quadroons and hapas are white way which is fucking stupid and counter-productive. So because he’s pro-white-ish we’re supposed to overlook his multitude of flaws right? I don’t. Maybe if he actually made some progress in politics and ran for political office and won I would, but at this point all he is a “racist” celebrity getting media attention.

    Kyle was actually doing excellent legal work, but now after years of activism since his college days, authoring a pro-white revenge fantasy novel, and making many statements on Twitter and elsewhere, he wants to back out. Doesn’t make sense really. Talk about lack of foresight. If he just wanted a nice, cozy life then WTF has he been doing this for? Freedom of speech he says, yeah right.

    • I doubt this has much to do with Spencer, and a lot to do with the loss of the James Edwards libel case.

      • Edwards ended up worse off. What’s Jared Taylor thinking? There is no justice for Whites through the [in]justice system.

  11. I did a video about Dickie Spencer, Kyle Bristow and Bryan Reo — all of the “Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas” or as I call it the ZOHbot Poverty Flaw Center.

    I’m being sued and suing Bryan Reo and have asked for sanctions against Kyle Bristow and Brett Klimkowsky.

    Let’s see if this comment fets through.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  12. I sure hope Kyle Bristol doesn’t do a public confession of shame sponsored by the ADL, SPLC and start crying that he has renounced all the terrible, evil RACIST things he said and did like that worst ever cuck assistant to Rand Paul – the former “Southern Avenger” who tried to push the line that he was now a born against Libertarian devoted to bringing free market solutions to impoverished Blacks.

    Or then there was the case of my least favorite Cuckservative Ron Paul who went on national TV to deny he wrote or even read his own Ron Paul newsletter that contained HORRIBLE RACIST Hatred against AIPAC and the Black LA Rodney King rioters, murderers.

    Ron Paul isn’t quite dead yet as he makes propaganda videos reassuring scared Europeans and Americans that we have nothing to fear from Muslims because Muslims don’t have navies.

    I am strongly in favor of human sacrifice for the worst Libertarian cuckservatives and this human sacrifice should include sending them on Mormon LDS style “Missions” to spread the gospel of Free Market economics and the US Constitution to places like South Africa, Haiti, Liberia, Baltimore, Memphis etc. With any luck they will be boiled alive and eaten by cannibals.

  13. Likely Mr. Bristow was just starved out. There’s no money (i.e. financial support) for pro White activist, especially lawyers. For example, an attorney advocating for rights; violations against White people will face an indifferent (at best) judicial forum usually with no resulting legal victory that would bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees – whereas the attorneys (usually Negro or Jewish) who file Civil Rights suits have been made rich. Back in the day (50’s & 60’s) attorneys advocating for White’s were numerous and were able to make a living at it. For example, the White Citizens Council raised thousands of dollars for litigation – including defense of John Kasper – a young man whose activism was noteworthy in Tennessee in that era.Legal defense was also provided for White citizens of Clinton TN who put up a near revolt when the Feds charged several with sedition like charges.As the South began to cave in ( it was sold out by a host of lower level politicians) Kasper was never able to hold together any lasting organization and faded into impoverished obscurity. Financial support for Segregation defenders and White rights dried up as the South acquiesced in the Second Reconstruction. Frankly, the modern White in America just doesn’t have the will to fight and has been generally successfully brainwashed by the overwhelming system of propaganda – from movies, public schools, churches and mass media- although the internet shows some promise in reversing the process; since I think young White’s are seeing that the USA only wants to exterminate them. Bottom line for now though – no financial support for White rights advocates. I wish that Bristow had just eased out of the game though, rather than a public surrender announcement.

    • Doubtful because he did normal legal work as well. He was using that as a defense saying how he’s tolerant and defended trans people, etc. He seemed to just be used to being a background figure that mostly was ignored. When they turned the heat up on him he chickened out. It’s not that I necessarily blame him. No one wants to be the target of constant harassment, but I just think it’s a bit silly to not know it’s going to happen once you go public. Everyone knows there’s almost no money in white nationalism and it’s the worst stigma you can have in politics and media. So if he didn’t want that reaction then he shouldn’t have got involved in the first place. It’s a little late.

  14. One must wonder why anyone would hold a white nationalist event in Detroit. While there are parts of Michigan that make sense, Detroit isn’t one of those places.

  15. On second thought, Bristow may be planning to run for a judgeship and has to divest himself from all “controversial” organizations. Maybe.

    • He has a wife and a child, but that does’t mean he’s not what you’re thinking. Most guys don’t run around with a raging homo like Donovan as a BFF for years.

      • The first video I saw of him speaking I thought he was a homosexual. This was years ago. Donovan is a degenerate. Anyone who befriends a homosexual has something seriously wrong with them. And apparently the two are very close.

  16. Sounds like blackmail. No one has free speech today unless he has the force to exercise it.

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