#MAGA: Conor Lamb Wins PA-18 Special Election

This seems to be pretty much over.

Conor Lamb ran on the opioid crisis, infrastructure, fracking, steel tariffs, supporting unions, health care, protecting entitlements and against the Trump tax cuts:

“The 18th Congressional District, covering four suburban and rural counties running 2,000 square miles dotted with hills and bridges outside Pittsburgh, is technically home to tens of thousands more Democrats than Republicans, according to registration numbers. But these are Democrats – white, blue-collar, aging, union-affiliated – who have been fleeing the party for years and flocked to Trump’s “America first” campaign that eschewed refined political rhetoric for populist fury. Trump carried the district by 19 points.

That’s why Lamb has chosen to separate himself from his own party more obviously than he has even Trump. …”

Rick Saccone ran on mainstream conservatism. Conor Lamb made his pitch to the White working class voters who were attracted to Trump’s populist message. A year of dismissing concerns that Trump had shelved his populist platform with “you’re blackpilling me bro” ripened to fruition tonight.

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  1. I would have voted for Lamb if I had lived in that district. The mans platform was pretty much spot on. I read all these conservatives whining about how Lamb ran on a conservative platform which is a total lie. Saccone ran on the conservative platform. Lamb ran a working class populist campaign.

    I had not been following this campaign but when I did last week, the first thing I saw was a news story about how Saccone was in favor of right to work laws. I busted out laughing and at that point said that only Trump could get this guy out of this. Trump’s rally and endorsement was not enough which tells another tale that might create a problem in 2020 especially as Trump becomes less likely as time goes on to get his agenda done.

    • Perhaps I’m a cynic, but at this point I wonder how eager Trump really is to get his ‘agenda’ done. He did get the big tax breaks for him and his family and his social set, but he’s been a pretty large disappointment to me so far.

    • Saccone vs. Lamb: Both candidates are married to non-White women. Both candidates are obviously anti-racist. Both candidates are Roman Catholics. That’s why the race is so close. White voters had no choice, except not to vote.

      • I don’t doubt what you say about both being married to muds. are you sure? yes the area is stained with whore Roman Catholicism. I did not even think that Lamb was married and I assume that he was a queer.

  2. Sounds like the better man won. An endorsement from Trump is tantamount to the kiss of death.

  3. The JYTimes is crowing and bragging, only because he’s a non-Trumper Democrat. Randomly checking http://abcnews.go.com/ they’re saying it’s too soon to call the election.

    More input on this guy please.

  4. Please read up on George Lincoln Rockwell’s spot on analysis how Right To work, anti Union, pro Corporate tax cuts simply doesn’t work with blue collar White American voters.

    It’s like trying to sell ice to Eskimos.

    • The Republican party agenda is meant to be unappealing

      It would be destabilizing if it became the White party, gotta keep class divisions going

  5. Lamb will be a standard Democrat in office, supporting Pelosi’s agenda or getting crummy committee assignments. We’ve seen these new “populist” and “conservative” Democrats before in Indiana.

  6. Lessons:

    1) 4D Chess confuses and demoralizes the base

    (even if it is true, which is doubtful, it is more likely that Trump and co are chaotic and stupid, remember that all Trump knows how to do is act exactly like his father Fred Trump, and may be an idiot savant)

    2) “Evil be my good” leads to destruction – on the individual and the collective level; Right makes might

    I / We tried to warn the Movement at every stage of its collapse, but they just refused to listen. Will they listen now?

    3) It is time to get practical and detail oriented on splitting up the United States

    also known as Partition.

    The alt right and Trump were a sad detour but perhaps necessary, as before anyone would embark on this geo-historical earthquake they would want to exhaust all other options. But now we are at death’s door. We either do Partition or die like the Afrikaners.

    • Were it to come to that, I would suggest the middle of the country from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes. Water is going to be one of the most important commodities in the coming years.

    • TWP is dead. This idiocy is about breaking up the North American continent – the greatest geographical gift God ever bestowed on humanity – is going to die with it.

      The anti-social, anti-American, outsider weirdos who want to euthanize America are going to be cast out into the outer Mongolia of White Nationalism over the next 6 months.

      If the mid terms are a catastrophe and the Swamp is able to fully retrench then maybe things will be different.

      In any case, there’s only three possible scenarios where the US breaks up: (1) cataclysmic economic disaster leading to breakdown internal of FedGov, (2) loss of a major war leading to internal breakdown of FedGov, or (3) intra-elite faction war which coopts the institutions into opposing sides leading to the internal breakdown of FedGov.

      None of those three things have more than a 5% chance of happening in my opinion so it’s ludicrous to BET THE FARM on a scenario that will likely never happen while simultaneously having NO BACK UP PLAN.

      Wait for ZOG to collapse is not a plan.
      Retreat to backwoods compounds is not a plan.
      Abandon national politics is not a plan.

      These are all non-plans that all end one way: the total erasure of white society in America.

      • “…the outer Mongolia of White Nationalism over the next 6 months.

        If the mid terms are a catastrophe and the Swamp is able to fully retrench then maybe things will be different.”

        So what you’re saying is that you are in stage 2 of the 5 stages of grief?

        (Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance)

        And that after the mid terms you will be in stage 3? Maybe 4?

      • Wait for the collapse? Hell no, make it happen. (Legally, non-violently)

        Government can’t survive a loss of legitimacy, can’t survive if whites don’t believe in it and a widespread secessionist movement would be immensely destabilizing, even if it was not along purely racial lines, but simply sought a sovereign, supermajority white territory

        • “widespread secessionist movement”

          To be blunt about it, the problem is you’re living in a fantasy world which is why folks who share your outlook keep retreating further and further into insular thought-ghettos. In reality, your agenda is supported only by a very small minority in the dissident right and in the population at large you have no support.

          I can’t speak for you personally Crud, but most of your types are simply anti-social weirdos and outcasts who can’t be normal, therefore they want to make the movement as weird and dysfunctional as they are, so they push for delusional policies that secure and *guarantee* its marginal status. Marginalization and irrelevancy are comfort blankets that these folks use to assuage their social-inferiority complexes.

          • A lot of Conservatives are fed up with the system and see no hope with it. This will be even more true if /when Trumpism visibly cucks and fails in the upcoming elections.

            Right now, they have no other option, so they are just posting on blogs about how war is inevitable, while doing nothing but prepping. I see it happen all the time.

            LARPing about that war doesn’t work though, that’s been tried enough.

            What we should do is offer people a concrete form of political action that they can take, when they have given up on the system. To replace just prepping and blogging about how war is inevitable.

            And that is partition / secession. Which is a type of movement you see in many White countries around the world, that has a strong historical precedent.

            And allows people to further withhold legitimacy from the system. And allows us to sidestep certain intractable issues, without cucking, because it’s not about building “the ethnostate”, it’s just about a practical medium term step to permanent democratic rule.

            Republicans only lost by a small margin in PA-18. A third party could absolutely DESTROY them. And the basis for that third party is secession / partition. Not ethnic cleansing, the way it has been for the Alt-Right.

  7. We have to get over to GOP = workingman’s party a lot faster than we previously thought we had to. How to do it?

  8. I dont think Trump so much shelved the populist agenda as the “resistance” did what it set out to do: tie Trump up with Muh Russia, adverse court rulings, #metoo, etc. so that he had no time left to govern and had to fallback on the usual neocon GOP shills and the usual pro-big business, pro-Israel playbook. E.g., I wish he would have stunned the chattering classes by bringing back Chuck Hagel to the administration in some capacity, perhaps even as Secretary of State. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Hagel

    • hard case, arn’cha

      every time Trumpenthal pees on you

      you pretend its lemonade.

      ‘the “resistence” is a dog and pony show

      and Trumpenthal is the same con artist he always was.


  9. Adolf Joe posted a photo of Saccone with his slope wife and mixed-breed kids on Gab. I’m glad that cucked guinea lost.

  10. Hunter , First the seat will be up again in November also most likely the 18th will be elimanated after the districts are redrawn and Republicans won 3 of the 4 counties . WHY waste $$ one A district that probably will be eliminated and if it is the party will have to pump $$ again 8 months later if still not likely around ?


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