President Trump: The Campus Free Speech Crisis Is “Highly Overblown”

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
— H. L. Mencken

If you have been wondering why Antifa have been given a free hand by the Trump administration to squash free speech all over the country, you now have your answer:

“The president responded that one or two campuses get all the publicity. (Trump last year raised the idea of revoking federal funds from the University of California at Berkeley following the violent protests against a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos.)

But he appeared to ultimately brush aside Kirk’s premise. He said the “vast majority” of people on campuses “want free speech.” …”

President Trump is a moron and a narcissist who either doesn’t know or care that even mainstream conservatives are being wiped off social media. He believes that he is solely responsible for his 2016 victory and doesn’t understand how technology allowed his supporters to drive the narrative online. That’s the reason why nothing has been done about the problem.

Note: Mizzou wasn’t some leftwing SJW hothouse like Berkeley or Kent State. It is an SEC university in the geographic center of the Heartland!

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  1. The election of Trump has stirred up the far left like a proverbial hornet’s nest, but instead of fighting them he lets them swarm out of their hive and attack with impunity. He may prove to be a worse president than Crooked Cunt could ever be.

    • As you point out, stirring the left into frenzy is a good IF you plan to utterly crush them under tank tracks.

      Trump obviously thinks he got himself elected without any support from anyone.

    • If you are going to take a shot at the king, you’d better kill the king.

      Trump was the shot at ZOG that failed to hit its mark. There will be hell to pay when the left regains power in a way that would never have happened with a Clinton presidency.

      • @Bob – the bill owed to Hell has been overdue for CENTURIES. ZOG should have never ever happened in the first place, It doesn’t matter which road we take – as long as ZOG exists – the bill owed to Hell gets bigger every second.

  2. Honestly it’s like this adulterous traitor got pissed at his base for some reason (perhaps the resistance to him bombing Assad and ass raping those of us who want America the fuck out of ME?..) and wants to punish them or humiliate them. Or he thinks he can piss on them like a whore and they’ll beg for more. In any case it’s rapidly morphing from callousness to outright mockery. When the faggot dems eat him he’ll have no sympathy from those who did truly support a change.

  3. Trump has been a gigantic disappointment. The white masses who are sick to death of the globohomo crowd were ready to help Trump smash the anti-white traitors who slime through the halls of power, but he’s turning out to be the dip shit we all hoped he wouldn’t be.

  4. Trump also believes that anti-White discrimination in employment and university admissions is no big deal. Being a billionaire will do that to a person.

  5. Too bad I am unable to upvote all of the great comments being posted here. As I already stated on another thread Trump is treating his supporters the way he treated “Stormy Daniels”, except that he didn’t get his jew lawyers to pay any of us 130k afterwards.

    • Trump is in the unenviable position of being trusted by no one except patriotards and conservatards. He has no one to blame for this except himself. If Dems take over Congress in Nov Impeachment will be number one priority.

  6. Even during his campaign he never once spoke out in defense of his own supporters as they were being assaulted by violent leftist thugs. We saw the pictures of elderly in maga hats being assaulted, women pelted with eggs, white families verbally harassed and threatened. Never a word from Trump about it. He doesn’t give a shit. But he could take the time to “denounce” as domestic terrorists white people who just want to have their own space and not be forced to live in a multiracial hell hole.

    • There’s the rub, complete indifference to even his loyal, non “White Supremacist” followers being intimidated and assaulted by leftist thugs.

  7. Gotta start talking about the solution (splitting up the USA).

    The way brains work, if you cant talk about it, it won’t happen. ( the Sapir Whorf hypothesis).

  8. So, do we aid in the Calexit, or strive via a thousand cuts all over the nation, to rescind the God-Damned covenant with America?

    • There is no calexit, only morons believe that. It is a recoquista, and they have won. It will be up to the losers, the real Americans, the white protestants, to exit this abomination.

  9. After beating all the typical Republican “conservatives” in the primaries with a populist message Trump turns out to be no different from them. GOP has a death wish and the sooner it dies the better.

  10. In addition to Trump being a narcissist, the man is seventy years old.

    It’s unfortunate for us, but it’s unreasonable to expect a man of his generation and background to have any idea what’s going on in the digital and campus trenches.

    Best path for us here is to try to influence Tucker Carlon to hammer on this issue relentlessly, because Trump is known to watch Tucker.

  11. He’s not a moron. He is a narcissist to some degree, no more than Spencer, these clowns that stream themselves playing video games and ask for money for nothing, and just about everyone on TV and in movies. It comes with the territory.

    This is the standard white Republican line, to play down and dismiss anti-white behavior, while leftists have the opposite reaction. They’re completely OCD and exaggerate to their benefit. Whites on the political right have a real problem with capitulation. My standard is don’t give them an inch. Don’t be a friendly little cuck to them either. Hate them more than they hate you.

    Trump admits there are some colleges that abuse and violate the rights of white students. That’s enough to do something about it! He definitely failed on that and is sinking into a loser’s mentality.

    Saying nonsense like “I’ll sign a bad spending bill this time but never again!” Why would you sign something knowing it’s bad? Makes zero sense. He’s probably listening to Ivanka and Jared again.

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