OD Featured on the Political Cesspool

We were honored to be featured for 30 minutes on this Saturday’s

The Political Cesspool – James Edwards

It’s the South’s best populist Conservative radio show every saturday night 6-9 pm. This saturday’s show is available at the bottom of the main page


We discussed the worst ever Lib Leftist Muslim Pakistani mayor of London/Londonstan England Sadiq Khan. Sadiq is preparing a propaganda tour in Texas where he will be threaten to implement German style restrictions on American’s social media free speech. Regular Germans who broke the mainstream media censorship of mass Muslim sexual assaults in Cologne Germany – these Germans were severely persecuted, accused of “hate speech” as were/are British First activists, Lauren Southern in Sadiq’s occupational government in not so Merry Old England.

We featured the classic Beatles tune:

“Get Back, Get Back, Get Back to Where you once belonged”.

Let’s have a lot more great music from the likes of (Pre Yoko Ono) the Beatles and less whining and giving in to gloom doom and despair over marches to take away private ownership of nuclear, biological weapons and military semi auto weapons.

Just get handy with a 12 gauge shot gun.

How about some (drum roll)

Shotgun marriages?


    • I’ll say this. The Right should concentrate on two things.

      1. Have the Left go toe to toe with the NRA membership. It’ll rile up the troops.

      2. Break the regulatory capture of the Internet by scumbags like Zuckerberg. It’ll maintain the platform the right has to speak.

      Should be a 3 year plan.

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