OD Guest on Sat’s The Political Cesspool – Lying War Propaganda Against Syria and Russia.

I will be a guest on this Sat’s edition of James Edwards “The Political Cesspool” (Sat 4-12-18 www.thepoliticalcesspool.org) . We’ll be discussing the terrible, lying Neo Conservative/Zionist/Cuckservative war propaganda pushing the USA, UK maybe even France to launch attacks, regime change invasions against the Syrian Assad regime.

I will try to explain the lying propaganda campaign that both Syria’s Assad and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are somehow both

Hitler or like Hitler

And the Zionist/Neo Conservative/Cuckservative liars/prostitutes are pushing the meme that both Assad and Hitler are gassing little children to death, the same as Hitler supposedly gassed 6 Million Jews in the World War II Holocaust.

This lying Neo Con job war propaganda is very reminiscent to the anti German war propaganda of World War I where the Germans were supposedly cutting off the hands of Belgian babies.

Here’s an example of this lying World War I propaganda:

And now


    • do not worry, little flower.

      Putin has already tolerated 3 US ZOG missile strikes on Syria, and almost daily airstrikes from Israhell,

      and done nothing but vent hot air.

      so, while I would love to see the Russians liquidate the USS Donald Cook and its SJW crew,

      it probably won’t happen. Anyway,

      even mushroom clouds have a silver lining: imagine

      no more (((Jew York)))
      no more (((Washington District of Corruption)))
      no more (((Miami Beach))) or (((Broward County)))
      no more (((Las Vegas)))
      no more (((Hollywood)))
      no more (((etc.)))

      I could live, or die, with that.

  1. If you want content suggestion this fawning article from 6 years ago is amazing. I posted this in the other comment section:

    It looks like this was taken down. It really needs to be distributed if anyone can find a copy. Kicking myself for not saving it myself.


    The Atlantic actually did something good here. Maybe there is an anti-war alliance forming with the left.”

    • no such thing.

      the Red Jews hate Russia because it sloughed off Judeo-communism.

      and the Zionist Jews hat Russia because it blocks the Greater Israel Project.

      other than some websites like OccDiss, there is almost no conventional “Right” or “Left” opposition to the current ZOG warmongering.

    • He’s not falling for anything. He’s a Weev the Borat. He keeps saying he is on your side, while acting like a buffoon to discredit you.

      There were intelligent people that warned us about Trump, based on what he said and did in the past, as well as his connections to Jewish gangsters. So perhaps it is time we started following the intelligent people, and dump the ones who didn’t do their homework, because they are the ones that fed us a pile of poop.

        • You supported a Jew ride to Hell.

          “At least he is better than the alternative”

          I heard that one parroted a million times during the Trump campaign. It is something Conservative politicians and activists repeat at White voters all over the West, before they make complete fools of them again.

          The other one often repeated by the parrots was, “Why support a Pro White, when Jew Boy Trump has a chance of winning?”

          In the Civil War those parrots would have fought for the North, because the North had a better chance of winning. Heck there never would have been a Civil War, because if it was up to those people, all of the Southerners would have deserted.

          • It’s very likely that he’s going to be impeached at this point. He’s completely boxed in with Syria too. He’s better off if he does nothing in response to this pressure for war on Assad.

      • Neo con lightning bolt John Bolton hit the ground running, Syria is a vital national interest because…..it just is! USS Donald Cook ready to be sacrificed to some strange Jewish Gods!

      • Now that Trump is clearly failing it will be easier to move people out of the (((mainstream))) narrative. I would estimate nationalist feelings are up to maybe 30% in the US while europe is probably skidding along at a mere 12 -15% despite beng flooded with evolutionary throwbacks. The U K but might be higher but is still pathetic. Hungary and Poland are a joke, don’t fall for the BS. Not only do they have no real power they are both pro (((euro))).

  2. Well, Drumpf got his marching orders from his master Bibi:

    Trump’s statement of intent was followed last week by a reportedly “tense” phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was concerned by the prospect of America abandoning Syria to Assad, Iran and its proxies.

    But after the horrific pictures of suffocated children and families in Douma were released over the weekend, Trump has again seemingly changed tack on Syria. He declared in a tweet Sunday that “President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay. Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!”


  3. How the “tense” phone call went:

    Bibi: Lizen Trump, vat do you zink you are do-vink? Lizen filthy goyim you vill deztroy Assad and Russia.

    Trump: Yes, Boss, we will run the dead baby story again. Ivanka won’t cry though. I’m going to motor boat her lovely titties tonight.

  4. When ever I see someone screeching naziwantstokillsixmillionjews in comment sections, I automatically think oy vey! they just outed themselves as a big ole anti-White Jew, for the simple reason Whites don’t behave that way. Whites aren’t obsessed with Nazeees and they don’t shriek scare words like a maniac, when someone disagrees with them. Its a dead give away.

    • Indeed, and and they are far worse than any Nazi ever could be, past or present. When they accuse us of atrocities, racism, hatred, they are really describing themselves.

  5. T+ 5 hours and counting for a Wednesday morning attack just before dawn in Damascus! Donald Cook waiting for launch orders!

  6. Its past time to raid the white house and the synagogues and drag these neocohens out and hold them to account.
    The Jews want the right to exist and be left in peace free of nasty ‘anti-semites’- but don’t want to extend any of that to other people.
    I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever, as a united group, be able to get this sorted.

  7. Trump has lost control of his presidency. He is not playing 4D chess. The enemy is running circles around him. There will be no wall and soon no Trump when Democrats come roaring back in the midterm elections.

    • @Feric yup – and Trump deserves EVERYTHING he gets. He’s really wealthy – nothing will happen. But the Demonrats will come for US.

  8. By simply reading his tweets, you can tell that Trump is really…..just not all there. He’s not articulate or polished in his delivery. With most if his content-you’d think a 3 year old had written it. He’s a wealthy man so obviously has talent, but I really think he’s losing it with age.
    Maybe this allows the sewar rats to play him.

    • He has a pitiful command of English. He is very childish. “New cruise missles, very new, very smart” – his speech patterns indicate there is something wrong with him. I think he suffers from Palilalia.

      • I’m waiting for the tweet.

        “I wanted to kill Gas Attack Animal Assad but the Jews stopped me. Nice folks those Jews.”

        There must be a few websites devoted to alternative reality Trump tweets.

      • @Ragner,
        His command of English is not far removed from that of a 12 year old from a trailer park. Just sounds like a complete juvenile….yet he’s running the worlds No.1 superpower…

  9. Krafty Wurker
    APRIL 12, 2018 AT 10:00 AM
    What’s any of this have to do with Confederate History Month”

    I reply not much nothing .

    But honoring the past shouldn t mean being clueless about critical current events .

    • Mr. Ryan,

      I checked the Political Cesspool and it does not mention you as a guest only confederates.


      • Christinia – I am a guest pretty much on every show now. Sometimes I am listed as contributor, sometimes not as I part of the full time The Political Cesspool Team, not really a guest.

        Last nights show is now up I come on the first hour ~ 40 minutes and finish off the 1st hour, I thought the show went very well.

        There are lots of ways to listen to the/my comments on the show – listen live Sat. 6-9 pm, access the last show which is featured, scroll down to the bottom of the main page and see all three hours of the show.


        • Mr. Ryan,

          Okay. I thought it was only about the confederacy, which is fine but over concentrating on the Confederacy under the current circumstances is like the old saying——-Fiddling while Rome is burning. I will listen to the archived show, at least the part when you are on the show.. Thank you for the information.

          • Yes, that was my position – and James Edwards the host and I seemed to work well together and agree on most things. My 15 minute segment was the only part of the show about the Syrian attack but there were adverts for full discussion on the Liberty New Network.

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