Breaking: Russia officially presents evidence that gas attack was a false flag

A medical student and ER worker who was featured in the White Helmets video is speaking out about what really happened. He says that the hospital in Duma found none of the victims to be suffering from a chemical attack. They were suffering from smoke inhalation and were treated for smoke inhalation.

When the “White Helmets” came into the ER they started screaming that it was a “chemical attack” and whipped the patients into a panicked frenzy. They started pouring water over each other.


    • Indeed. The only thing that would stop ZOG from attacking would be the Zionists knowing they’d die in the counter-attack. They couldn’t care less about how many of us get killed.

  1. The video of the alleged gas attack is a giveaway. The “white helmets” were washing off “contaminated” people with a garden hose, without protection for themselves. They were toughing the alleged contaminated children barehanded.

    All a perfect illustrations of a false flag.

    • Even if Chemical weapons do get used. So what?

      The people are just as dead.

      Using the Geneva Convention or whatever accord covers chemical weapons, as pretext to kill even more people is evil.

      The officers and office holders involved in such attacks can always be got at by other means.

      • This is such an excellent point Captain John — U.S. claims some “evil regime” is killing people in an immoral manner, so U.S. and allies go in and kill people in a manner that… IS moral ?? ?

    • Probably the only chemical you could do that with is chlorine. I suspect this is why they chose that one for their hoax.

  2. A Hans Blix moment of the modern era-probably won’t make any difference.
    A few Syrians copped some shit from something and someone… lets start WWIII and kill millions more, and create twelve million more refugees for Europe…

  3. ZOG

    and the MAGA idiots

    aren’t interested in “facts”.

    ZOG intends to break the Shi’a Crescent at the Syrian end

    or at the Iran end. Iran, meanwhile, has thrown down the gauntlet by dropping the petrodollar.

    so general war throughout the Middle East is proximate and inevitable, whatever the “facts”.

    the only question is, will Putin/Russia stand up to the (((aggressor))),

    or back down?

    ZOG is betting on a back-down. And, based on Putin’s performance so far (see also: Ukraine)

    ZOG is probably right.

  4. that’s a good point. In fact, about a year ago, the Russians asked for air-basing rights in Iran.

    the Mullah’s said “no”. Maybe they’ll change their mind when

    they actually get ZOG-hammered. Which may be too late. And remember:

    ZOG hijacked the Ukraine. And, Crimea excepted,

    Putin has done nothing about it. In fact, he’s still letting the Russians in the eastern Ukraine

    twist in the wind.

    • First things first:

      All of the “anti-Zionist” Alt-Right and WN fakes that shilled for this Jewbag, should do the honorable thing and fall on their swords.

      They won’t though. They will keep spinning this rubbish that Trump is being blackmailed, or was put under a spell by his Jew handlers. They will keep repeating utter nonsense, because they don’t want their followers to know, they are complete fools one would only follow if one wanted to walk off the edge of a cliff.

      The “movement” itself is the problem.

      • Trump may be being blackmailed as most politicians are but he is not under their spell. Trump is fighting them the only way he knows how, by making deals.

        This latest Syria thing is a one shot deal same as last time. The ZOG meda blast has to abate a little now. The President is not a king and Trump is fighting a syndicate that has had an uninterrupted half a century to consolidate power .

        Most of the complaining I see about Trump is what he says. I learned a long time ago to watch what politicians do and ignore what they say. Trump is only different in that he is doing some good things while saying things I do not like. Usually its the opposite with most politicians.

  5. The jew/deep state criminal conspiracy is trying to discredit the very existence of Russia, so that everything Putin tries to do to prevent more Zionist aggression will not be believed.

  6. Common logic would suggest that if the chemical attack was caused not by Assad, but Israel or America, do we have regime change in those nations? Oh of course not….they’re ‘peaceful’ and ‘democratically’ elected.
    What will it take to wake up the masses?!?

  7. So the first salvo of mjssiles went in.

    Why can’t Trump fire missiles at Mexicans jumping the bloody border?

    • Captain John, well that would be racist, dontcha know? Where is your spirit of multiculturism? What’s that you say, the assimilation only seems to happen unilaterally and on the wrong end, at that? I hear you on that. Oy vey. But thanks for the lovely visual (little speedy gonzales-esque jumping beans, dodging ricocheting missiles, as it brought an ear-to-ear smile to my face.

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