Warrior Slaves to Moslems and Jews

Politics often has very strange bedfellows. I should be a guest on this week, or next week’s The Political Cesspool radio show where I will be explaining how Saudi Arabia Sunni Islamist royals and Israel/the Israeli lobby/Zionists/Neo Conservatives – the Jews are on the same side in Middle East conflicts and on everything else that matters. “We” on the other hand, White Americans, Southern Americans, Midwestern Americans have been reduced to the status of warrior slaves for both Saudi Arabia Sunni Islamists and the Israeli/Talmudist Jews. This rather dishonorable role of warrior slaves isn’t anything new as various Islamists most notably the Ottoman Turk Islamists have been stealing White European Christian boys and enslaving them as warrior slaves for a long time:

The Jannisaries

Oh and they also steal our young girls and make them in to concubine sex slaves, sexual grooming prostitutes as the Islamists are doing on a massive scale in places like Rotherham England.


With this disturbing history lesson that we were and now are “warrior slaves” I am reprinting this OD Classic that explains the Jewish/Islamist alliance against us and how it all played out in 15th century Spain. Our side won and both the Islamist slavers and the Talmudist Jews, Jewish White slavers, usurers were given the boot or forced to convert to Catholic Christianity under threat of the Spanish Inquisition.

Occidental Dissent Classic
15th Century Spain – Muslims, Jews and Our Guys

I was bicycling in a former Chicago neighborhood I grew up in – 2 blocks from the Chicago Kenwood Hyde Park mansion of President Barach Obama. The Obama’s are rarely there these days. But, there is still 24/7 secret service protection. I noticed that there is a large Jewish synagogue 1 block from the Obama’s mansion. It doesn’t really look like a Jewish synagogue to me. It looks more like an Islamic mosque. So what is an Arabic/Ottoman mosque looking Jewish synagogue doing 1 block from the home of the USA President, who is the bastard son of a Black Muslim Kenyan?

Another related question is:

How did an obscure, half White Illinois state representative Barach Obama become a huge player in Chicago Black power politics, then become a US Senator and 2 years later he becomes the President of the United States of America?

The answer to these questions have to do with the seemingly “Byzantine” nature of Chicago, American, Western politics.

“All politics are local”
US Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil

“All politics are racial/ethno-religious”
Jack Ryan Occidental Dissent

Barack Obama rose almost overnight from a nobody to a US Senator to President of the United States in large part from a coalition of Black power groups and Liberal-Left, heavily Jewish groups and advisors like David Axelrod. More extremist cultural marxists like SDS Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were also involved, but like Obama’s crazed Black Liberation Theology, hate White people preacher Jeremiah Wright – these Leftist Marxists kept a lower profile. The American New Left of the late 1960s, 70s was heavily Jewish as of course were the Bolshevik-Communist movements in Russia and other Eastern and European countries 100 years ago. It wasn’t some huge super secret conspiracy, just the way things were.

Well, speaking of the way things were and are – how about the terrible violence between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims now occurring in Jerusalem? It must be that Jews and Muslims are great enemies, have always been enemies…

That’s a decidedly “NO” on that one.

Up until the foundation of the modern Jewish state of Israel in 1948 – Jews and Muslims tended to have much better relations than Jews and European Christians, especially Jews and European Catholics. Jews then and now tried to fit in with their Islamic rulers, that’s why lots of Jewish synagogues like this one in Chicago look just like Islamic mosques. Jews and Muslims tend to have long memories – both groups know and remember that Spain was invaded and occupied by Muslim Arab Moors for….

700 years!

On, balance the Moorish Spanish years are considered a golden age for the Jewish people. When Spanish Catholics reconquered Spain from the Muslim Moors there was…

The expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 and the Spanish Inquisition!

What was with all of that?!

Here is a OD/Instauration Magazine classic history lesson on 15th Century Spain – these same multi cultural conflicts, temporary alliances and betrayals are now back with us this year 2015.

Spain Might Have Had Some Good Reasons to Expel the Jews
Instauration Magazine 1992
(Presented for the educational, non commercial use, “fair comment” protected by the 1st Amendment)

“Every schoolboy is or should be familiar with the year 1492, the year of the (re)discovery of the New world by Christopher Columbus, a Genoese in the service of the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella. For Spain, 1492 was to be the most important year in its history, as well as one of the most important in world history. it was the year the Spanish nation was consolidated, the year it said adi6s to the middle Ages, the year when the splendorous Spanish State took center stage in the political evolution of the West.in the beginning of the year, on January 2, after a long siege, the army of the Spanish monarchs marched into the city of Granada, thus re-conquering the last of the real estate seized by the Arabs and moors seven centuries earlier. Then, on March 31, the Catholic monarchs signed a royal edict that ordered all Jews in Spain to convert to Christianity or ship out. Five months later Columbus sailed out of the Spanish port of Palos hoping to discover a new route to the Indies. His tiny fleet passed boats loaded with Jews sorrowfully complying with Ferdinand and Isabella’s expulsion order.


In this 500th anniversary of Columbus’s epochal voyage, much of the celebration has been marred by media inspired attacks on Spain for her “cruelty” and “foolishness” in expelling Jews. No one seemed to care what was done to the Muslims, who were also given the choice of conversion or expulsion a few years later, just as no one these days seems to care much about what was done to non-Jews in WWII German and Soviet concentration camps, where the death toll of Gentiles was probably ten times greater than the number of Jewish fatalities. Actually, any Jew who converted to Christianity was perfectly free to stay in Spain. Those who left could take all their earthly possessions with them, except gold and silver coins and trinkets.

The current media story line is that the Spanish, in a fit of blind religious fanaticism, cut off their noses to spite their faces by kicking out the clever and enterprising Jewish community. Having heard these tearful tales over and over again, history buffs could be forgiven for thinking that only mass insanity could have led Spaniards to commit such an enormous gaffe. Jews, today’s spin doctors insist, were the cultural and economic backbone of Spain, the most educated and verbal segment of the population. Only greed, envy, ignorance and Christian bigotry could possibly explain this act of pure folly. once again, a peaceful, unoffending people were driven out into the cold because of the heartlessness of their wicked neighbors. But that is not the end of the story! As is almost always the case, there was a price to be paid for persecuting the Jews. The price for Spain, according to the Jewish version of history, was its decline and fall, following the loss of so much Jewish brainpower and the economic and cultural benefits which Spain’s rivals, Portugal and Holland, received from swarms of Jewish refugees.

Per usual, when it comes to Jews, the story they tell is, shall we say, at variance with the facts. Fourteen hundred and ninety-two was the year Spanish civilization took off like a rocket. Within a century or two, Cervantes was writing Don Quixote; Velasquez was painting his incomparable portraits; Calder6n was writing his brilliant plays. it al most seemed as if the presence of the Jews had kept Spanish culture under wraps and their forced removal unloosed tremendous bursts of artistic, literary and economic energy. (Might it be possible that the same unshackling of cultural forces would produce similar results if the Jews left the U. S.?) In A History of Medieval Spain, Professor Joseph F. O’Callaghan provides us with perhaps the most scholarly and precise treatment of Spanish history in the time between the Arab conquest and the moors’ surrender of Granada. Spain had its origins in the Roman Empire. The Roman provinces in what is now Spain and Portugal furnished the Empire with some of its greatest emperors. with the fall of Rome, Spain was transformed into a kingdom of Visigoths, one of the German tribes which had inherited remnants of the Empire. The Visigothic kings were Christianized and ruled over a population comprised partly of Nordics and largely of mediterraneans, with a heavy sprinkling of Jews. Later, when the Arabs imposed Islam on Spain, the composition of the population was not greatly changed. The overwhelming majority of Arabs and Spaniards belonged to the Mediterranean race, though Nordic racial traits, such as fair complexions and blue eyes (Isabella had them), were discernible in the ruling circles of both peoples. Some Nordic genes had been implanted by the Vandals who swept through Spain before the Visigoths and fought their way as far as Tunis in North Africa. Here, it might also be noted, that the Muslim rulers and caliphs of Spain were not exactly cultural throwbacks. The Alhambra Palace in Granada is the most beautiful and most graceful pleasure dome to be found on any continent. In 675 the Muslims launched their first raid on Spain, which was repulsed by the Visigothic fleet. By 711, the Arabs had conquered North Africa and were ready to invade Western Europe. in only 21 years they penetrated as far north as Tours in France before being defeated and thrown back by the Franks under Charles Martel.

The reasons for the woefully poor showing of the Visigoths vis-A-vis the Arab invaders had to do with treason in high places. As O’Callaghan remarks, “Certainly the Jews and others who had suffered under Visigothic rule welcomed the invaders as liberators and collaborated with them.” As O’Callaghan also points out, perhaps to avoid endangering his academic standing, the Jewish renegadism was justified by the “disorder” of the Visigothic Kingdom. The re-conquest of Spain started in the rugged mountains’ of Asturias in northern Spain. There a Visigothic knight, Pelayo, refused to bow down to the Muslims and won the first battle in a 700-year-war between Islam and Christianity. The Reconquista, as it is known, was a glorious era in the history of the West. A proud and fierce people would be tried and tested in a thousand battles. The Jews, as is their custom, quickly burrowed into the Arab fabric of Spain. Generally preferring Muslim to Christian overlords, the People of the Book were allowed to practice their religion without interference and became key elements in Muslim society. it need hardly be added that the Christians who had suffered from Jewish moneymen in Visigothic times, came to loathe them more than ever in Muslim Spain.

By the 11th century the situation in Spain had become fluid, with the Christians slowly nibbling back parts of their lost lands, while constantly under the threat of fierce Muslim counterattacks. It is not surprising that the eternal “middlemen” should rise to the surface in these troubled times. In both the Muslim and Christian parts of Spain, Jews engaged in all their age-old occupational specialties: usury, the slave trade, prostitution, tax “farming” (contracts to collect taxes for the kings and nobles), the law, medicine, administration and any other type of employment that required little or no physical labor. Worst of all from the point of view of the pious Christian population, they were able to infiltrate the church in large numbers. it was this last activity that led to their downfall. As Muslim power waned, Jews relied more and more on the expanding Christian kingdoms of Spain to provide them with their customary perks. Employed by Spanish monarchs in the most sensitive matters of state, especially in finance, Jews never had it so good since the good old days of Solomon. The Chosen, however, could not enter the church without converting. It was not too long before true Christians realized that the Christianity of most “New Christians” was only skin deep. That converted Jews mocked the Christian religion, celebrated Jewish feast days, and were slowly and subtly introducing Talmudic themes into Christian theology were open secrets. It was no wonder they came to be viewed as a hostile element, busy weakening the Christian nation in the very face of the Muslim enemy.

High-Octane Religiosity

In the Middle Ages religion was the fault line of the world. In the same way that the West fought communism in this century, so the Christian West fought the power of Islam in those crucial years. Religion was central to all aspects of life, there being no such thing as a secular state. It is a waste of words to argue that Christian Spain should have made room for Jews and Muslims. Such an accommodation was quite out of the question in the Age of Faith. When Spain expelled the Jews, England, France and other European nations had long since sent them on their way, for approximately the same reasons. The main difference was that the number of Jews and their influence and affluence in Spain were vastly greater than elsewhere in Europe. Ironically the European nations that would later condemn Spain for expelling Jews were the first to voice suspicion of Spain’s “purity” because it had been “defiled” by the presence of so many Jews and Muslims. Queen Isabella agreed up to a point. She knew very well that as long as Jews remained in her kingdom they would constitute a political, cultural, philosophical and theological fifth column, not to mention a military liability in the event of a Muslim attempt to retake what they had lost-a scary scenario that was always a possibility.

Isabella and her husband, Ferdinand, knew in their hearts that only by building one undivided and indivisible Spain could they carry out the tremendous task they had set for themselves. They understood what we seem to have forgotten: You cannot build a nation out of disparate population groups widely separated by culture and religion. Either Jews and Muslims would leave or renounce their faith, or Spain, as a united Christian country, would never endure. Although Jews are not a race, they act like a race and should be treated as one. Anthropologically speaking, they are various mixtures of the Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean races, with a few distinctive facial traits showing up in many of them. Isabella’s relying on religion to define a Jew may have been adequate in her day, but it would be wide of the mark in 1992. Today, in the U.S. about 70% of Jews are non-religious. To use Judaism as a basis for expelling Jews would allow the more intelligent and more devious Jews to remain in our midst.

The Jews in the Christian Spain aborning were not fools. They were quite aware that popular sentiment was rising against them. Fighting back in any way they could, they bribed powerful and corrupt nobles and worked their way into high positions in the government and church. All in vain. In 1391 massive anti-Jewish pogroms broke out across Spain. In that year, thousands of Jews were killed in Aragon and Castile. in the words of O’Callaghan,

Hostility towards the Jews had often been manifested in the past, chiefly because of their involvement in money-lending and tax-farming. Complaints about Jewish usury and Jewish tax collectors occur again and again in the records of the Cones [the Spanish parliament or assembly] . . . . Though the Crown usually promised to attend to these complaints, Jews continued to figure prominently in the management of royal finances. The riots of 1391 spelled the beginning of the end for Spanish Jewry, although it would still hold on for another hundred years. The simple truth was that Spain had outgrown Jews, just as it had outgrown Muslims. The Jews, as stated previously, had no part to play in Spain’s great years, which, some cynics say, is why Spain had its “great years.” The Encyclopedia Britannica (1963 edition, vol. 2 1, p. 122) adds: “The tide of national enthusiasm, religious fanaticism and indignation at Jewish financial operations reached its high-water mark about three months after the fall of Granada. . . .” Apparently there were early-bird milkens and Boeskys in the ranks of Spanish jewry. Professor Philip W. Powell, in his book, The Tree of Hate (published in 1985) attributes the expulsion of the Jews to a religious conflict between Judaism and Christianity. He is not afraid to meet the issue of anti-Semitism head on: ‘The very misleading term of ‘anti-Semitism’ is so carelessly, or malevolently, tossed about these days that it virtually has no meaning except as a convenient rock to hurl in anger–but, like a rock, it can hurt.” He goes on to say: The Jews’] impassioned opinions hamper the writing of fair and unbiased accounts of Spain. Jewish emotion, when aroused by historical memory of [the] Spanish Inquisition and expulsion, exaggerates and distorts, and certainly gives little shrift to the Spanish side of the story …. Jewish writers are aided by a popular opinion, much of it created by themselves, which for centuries has influenced writing upon these themes.

Powell points out that while it is true that all the 165,000 or so Jews who refused to give up Judaism were expelled in 1492, many more chose to stay and converted. Those who only converted superficially underwent various forms of capital punishment. Jews and other writers of anti-Spanish tendencies, have preferred to focus attention upon these Spanish crimes as a means of demonstrating Spanish cruelty and bigotry. The usual groundwork for this is a morality of later centuries applied to 15th and 16th century historical situations, without that sense of justice so essential to historical interpretations. Or, sometimes more simply, it may come from the well-known Jewish propensity for cultural replenishment out of martyrdom. Professor Powell gets to the nitty-gritty in these words: But the majority of the Spanish people, witnessing [all the] evidence of Jewish-Converso influence . . . . and simply the numbers of Jews daily discernible in the population would, and did, view the situation with antagonism.

Explaining that this antagonism sometimes led to mob attacks on Jews, Powell dryly adds, “If there was anything uniquely Spanish in all this, it was not intolerance or bigotry, but rather a notable forbearance in comparison to the ways the Jewish problem was handled elsewhere in Europe.”

Inquisition Hype The chief purpose of the Spanish Inquisition, established in 1480, was to ensure that Jews did not create a “state within a state.” The Inquisition was a defense of the monarchy and a defense against treason. Many European states applauded its creation as a needed step to rein in Jewish power. Whatever the Inquisition was to become once the Jews had gone, it served its primary purpose in ridding Spain of a hostile force of infiltrators and subversives at a time when the church and nation were in grave danger. The ferocity of the Spanish Inquisition may well stem from the fact that it was in large part staffed by Jewish converts, who amply demonstrated that they had lost none of their innate venom by switching religions. Jewish converts who fell all over themselves to prove their loyalty to their new faith were the driving force behind the grim and fanatical persecution of other Jews. Tomas de Torquemada, the ferocious inquisitor General, who sent so many of his brethren to the stake, is said to have been of Jewish descent. No less an authority than Salvador de madariaga, one of modern Spain’s leading intellectuals, holds to the view that the peculiar intolerance of the Spanish Inquisition can be traced, in part, to the presence of Jewish converts in its highest ranks. Madariaga, by the way, made up for this “anti-Semitic” opinion by stating that Columbus was a converso, but not necessarily a Marrano (pig in Spanish), a derogatory term for a convert who practiced Judaism secretly. Several Jewish scholars, including the non-scholars of Time magazine, have accused King Ferdinand of being “part Jewish,” though they never satisfactorily explain where the Jewish genes came from. To sum up, Spain’s expulsion of the Jews was logical, rational and, for the times, not overly cruel-far less cruel than what modern Jews have done and continue to do to the Palestinians. The Spanish have no need to apologize for their actions in freeing their nation from a harmful internal enemy. The Jews resented their expulsion, as they have resented other forced exoduses in their history. The truth is, contemporary Jews should not blame Spain for their ancestors’ misfortunes five centuries ago. They need only to look in the mirror.


N.B.F. and W.R.


  1. A lot of those syno-zogs and Mohammedan monkey-temples are modeled after Byzantine churches, especially the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

    • Goat Lovers are actually quite good at simple temple like architecture and polished and ground granite tiles and slabs, but yes, probably all originally from Constantinople. “Jews” are lucky to build something and have it stay up. Not that the world is missing much. Seeing that they are not completely in control of western aerospace industries I expect we will be seeing more technology falling out of the sky and/or colliding and burning up. Still waiting to see how the F-35 boondoggle machine fares against Russian anti-aircraft missiles. I wouldn’t be shocked if Israel is keeping them in friendly airspace completely.

      • I meant (((they))) are completely in control of aerospace industries. The only slight exception might be Airbus which I think has a bit of a knee-jerk French nationalist leaning. This will be fun to see play out as the new Iranian sanctions just killed a 100 billion+ euroshekel deal with Iran. I think France is going to attempt to buck the sanctions or demand an exemption for Airbus.

  2. “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great numbers, they have lowered its moral tone;
    depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and
    have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal. Benjamin Franklin

  3. during the entire “Spanish Inquisition”, which the Jews consider

    annudah Holocaust,

    the total number of Jews barbecued or otherwise good’d

    over a 300 year span was about 500. That’s

    1.67 Jews per year. And the Grand Inquisitor himself, Torquemada,

    was a (((converso))).

  4. Am I the only one who finds NUMBERSUSA to be a disgusting revolting antiwhite organization….

  5. Would the moderator please get rid of AC? He is just a troll and a disgusting one at that. Does nothing but derail threads with his disgusting language.

  6. The complexity of Spain in the English speaking world is worth exploring further.

    Henry VIII was related to Isabella and Ferdinand’s ginger headed daughter Catherine of Aragon and married her.

    The movies often show Catherine as a dark hairedbrow eyed girl though she was Fair. just like Henry.

    Catherine was actually quite popular in England as she was responsible for commanding the English Army that defeated the Scottish king and Scots at Flodden. She was a King Slayer.

    • Captain,

      Well said. I am quite in support of Queen Catherine as a latin and a Catholic.

      Christina Romana

  7. The fall of Rome was catasthrophic, the Eastern part was far richer than the West. The resources that came from the East when Rome was ruling stopped.
    Europe became a third world shithole, with cities severely depopulated, Rome from over 1 milion decreased to around 30.000 in the VI century and remained in that level for more than a millenium.

    For centuries only a couple of new cities were built, and it was in Visigothic Spain. Muslims conquered Spain with a miserable army even outnumbered 3 to 1. The battles in Europe during the middle ages were between ridiculous small, ill equipped and ill trained armies. Frederick Barbarossa, the “Holy” “Roman” “Emperor” was decisively defeated in Italy in a battle where each side had around 3.000 to 4.000 soldiers.
    Imoerial Rome had around half a million for centuries.

    • Roman settlements in what is now France, Belgium, Britain, Germany and Holland were “potemkin villages”.

      I’ve been on a few digs and there’s little real dwelling in the Cities or Colonia that the Romans settled. Life, productive life at least was always located in the Manors and large farms.

      • Captain Charity, “Potenkim villages” means little, fake cities? 10.000 miles of roads in Britain to link “potenkim villages?” London for instsnce had around 60.000 inhabitants in the 2 and 3 centuries. And it was not a shithole.

        • The towns were, to put it mildly populated by tumbleweeds. It was preemptive, premature civilization.

          • Mr. Capitain, the beautiful prosperous towns were inhabited by intelligent proud citizens and slaves, not “tumbleweeds”, whatever it means.

    • Nemo,

      I strongly agree with your pro Roman sentiments. I believe they were the most influential people in history both temporally and religiously. Even our religious sayings like diocese, pontiff etc. derive from the wonderful Romans. They lasted along time. How long will USA last?

      Christina Romana

  8. I was thinking about White Jannisaries last night, how they were kidnapped as children, trained to be warriors, and sent back to their homelands to kill their own people. Well a soldier can be other than a man with a sword or rifle. A soldier is also one who uses a range of methods to attack and destroy his enemy, including psychological warfare.

    The methods the anti-White soldiers use:

    1) Verbal. Demonizing and demoralizing any brave soul who opposes White Genocide. They call them racist, nazi, white supremacist, hater, evil, over and over for decades on to brainwash and intimidate them into silence.
    2) Using physical violence. See Anti-Fa street violence and the thugs who enforce the anti-White mindset of the university campus.
    3) Mass censorship of any who oppose White Genocide.
    4) Use our own mass media and education systems to promote White Genocide for 50 years, to train entire generations of White children to be Jannisaries of White Genocide.
    5) State sanctioned violence and imprisonment.
    6) Lawfare to ruin and impoverish those who oppose White Genocide.
    7) Denial of public square services like monopoly social media platforms, where Pro Whites can raise mass awareness about White Genocide.
    8) Denial of financial services to de-platform any media that opposes White Genocide.
    9) Denial of free travel to White countries for any Pro Whites who opposes White Genocide. See prime minster Teresa May in the UK and Canada stopping and detaining Pro Whites at the border.
    10) Promotion of mass immigration and passing laws to force assimilation in all White countries and only White countries.

    They have trained entire generations of White people to act as Janissaries of White Genocide.

    If you don’t believe what these people doing only to White countries globally is genocide, see the UN Convention on Genocide and note the non-violent sections b, c, and e. Note the clause that mentions “Mental Harm”.

    Genocide has nothing to do with violence, genocide is the ATTEMPT to bring about the end of a RACIAL or ethnic group.


    Adopted by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948.

    Article 1
    The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.

    Article 2
    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

      • “I don’t see the UN doing anything about it do you?”

        I only see corrupt police, laughs the criminal.


        The Genocide Convention was signed by all countries in the world in 1947.

        No one is immune from prosecution, INCLUDING those who work at the UN (Article 4).

        Doing nothing when you know a genocide is taking place is Complicity (Article 3e).

        Genocide prosecutions are held in the country where they were committed and that country will appoint its own judges and prosecutors. (Article 6)

        There will be no escape for genocide criminals when White countries take action, unless the genocide criminals have a spaceship with a warp drive. (Article 7)

        Article 3
        The following acts shall be punishable:

        (a) Genocide;
        (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
        (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
        (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
        (e) Complicity in genocide.

        Article 4
        Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.

        Article 5
        The Contracting Parties undertake to enact, in accordance with their respective Constitutions, the necessary legislation to give effect to the provisions of the present Convention and, in particular, to provide effective penalties for persons guilty of genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3.

        Article 6
        Persons charged with genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall be tried by a competent tribunal of the State in the territory of which the act was committed, or by such international penal tribunal as may have jurisdiction with respect to those Contracting Parties which shall have accepted its jurisdiction.

        Article 7
        Genocide and the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall not be considered as political crimes for the purpose of extradition.

        The Contracting Parties pledge themselves in such cases to grant extradition in accordance with their laws and treaties in force.


          • Whether the UN collects a paycheck or not is irrelevant.

            The convention was read and agreed to by all countries. Every individual on the planet is subject to it. If any country tries to act as a haven for these criminals, powerful White countries can and will make their lives a living hell until they hand them over.

          • Damn bro. And I thought the UN was a useless organization of money grubbers. You proved me wrong.

  9. Jack Ryan, bravo on the history lesson.

    It’s certainly not a coincidence of history that the jews are always playing both sides against the middle.

    Being aware of their centuries of betrayal to the countries that hosted these malicious vermin is the first step to cleansing their cultural destroying herd from our civilization.

    • The first step is to learn the meaning of loyalty.

      When an excellent Pro White with 50 years of service to our people, who doesn’t have a chance of winning, runs against a super Zionist Israel Firster, reality TV show actor from New York, with a billion dollars to spend, who are you going to support?

      A) The one who is 1000% Pro White?

      B) The one who says he is 1000% for another country?

  10. South Carolina will become the first state to legally define criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism” when a new measure goes into effect on July 1, targeting public schools and universities.

    • Yes, I also noticed that. Criticism of any Israeli policies will be a thought crime/hate crime in South Carolina schools and universities. This should backfire a bit. Students can ask why the worst forms of hard core pornography are allowed or encouraged, same with the most vile forms of gangster rap but just noticing that the Israeli government is slaughtering Palestinians and raining missiles on all their neighbors that will be a thought crime.

      • First they used free speech to legalize pornography, then they try to ban free speech itself.

        This is the kind of behavior that makes people love them where ever they go!

        • Yep.

          But South Carolina is seriously cucked to the Talmudists. That Dot head Indian that somehow was made Lib GOP Governor of South Carolina has moved up to New York City where she openly represents the Israeli Likud Party! How cucked is that?

          • Mr. Ryan,

            Have you ever been to Texas? These Baptist types love Jews and hate Catholics. I have seen them gush over Jews only to be so insulting to us Catholics in school that we had to take it to the teacher where they were reprimanded.

            All my relatives are anti Jew except one Aunt who converted to Baptist. She immediately said she was ready to die for Israel. There is something sick about fundamentalist protestants.


  11. Really enjoyed the article. Big picture breakdowns like this (complete with historical context) are so rare these days. It’s easy to get overwhelmed without some help understanding the times. I’ll read this article with my family.

  12. And thank you “Thanks Jack Ryan”. I will be a guest tomorrow on James Edwards the Political Cesspool radio show and then next week, supposedly expanded to a full hour. Please tune in.

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