White Deaths Outnumber Births In Majority Of States

The Census Bureau has a new report out which shows that more Whites are dying now than are being born in the majority of states:

“WASHINGTON — Deaths now outnumber births among white people in more than half the states in the country, demographers have found, signaling what could be a faster-than-expected transition to a future in which whites are no longer a majority of the American population.

The Census Bureau has projected that whites could drop below 50 percent of the population around 2045, a relatively slow-moving change that has been years in the making. But a new report this week found that whites are dying faster than they are being born now in 26 states, up from 17 just two years earlier, and demographers say that shift might come even sooner.

“It’s happening a lot faster than we thought,” said Rogelio Sáenz, a demographer at the University of Texas at San Antonio and a co-author of the report …”

The inflection point was in 2016 when Donald Trump won the presidential election on his nostalgic platform of “Making America Great Again.” In 8 out of 26 states, “deaths of despair” (suicide, drug overdose, alcohol abuse) account for the difference. The other major contributing factor was a decline in the White fertility rate caused by the Great Recession.

The report argues that this is the first time in American history that deaths have outnumbered births. I don’t think that is quite right. I’m fairly sure that deaths outnumbered births for most of the seventeenth century in colonial Virginia. The difference is that was due to skewed gender ratios and disease stemming from the population being concentrated in the malaria infested Tidewater region.

Even if there was no immigration going on, White America would still be dying out from its own cultural degeneracy. West Virginia and Pennsylvania are two of the states where the trend first began. The report also notes that the problem is worse in Europe where the fertility rate is even lower. This isn’t due to poverty. It isn’t due to war, famine or disease which were the scourges of premodern Europe. It is due to the culture of pleasure seeking, meaninglessness and death of modern societies.

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  1. We have always been a minority of the world population safely ensconced in lands created and defended by the blood of our Fathers.
    The quality of the Individual is now overpowered by the quantity of the Tribe. The Republic has fallen to the mob of Democracy. Without ‘Freedom of Association’ the Individual is slave to the State.
    One-hundred million Aryans is a quantity and a quality of Humans deserving of their own HomeLand. Seven billion savages deprived of Aryan inventions would soon wither back to stone-age subsistence.

    • Such a trend is easy to reverse. Get people to reject the counter-culture lock, stock, and barrel. Get them to return to the family norm and look down on sluts and status-seekers. Culture is dynamic. I hate the way conservatives assume their ideals have no appeal. It says something very deep about them. When you have truth on your side all you need to do is get in the game and let your hands go free. Unfortunately we prefer to sit on the couch and drink beer and whine.

  2. You’ve made a typo in the headline. It says the opposite of what you say in the article.

    “It is due to the culture of pleasure seeking, meaninglessness and death of modern societies.”

    Do Whites control of the mass media in the United States? Or is it another racial group that nurses historical resentments against them? Who controls the culture of the United States?

    • Jews and increasingly other non-whites do. That is why whites must boycott Hollyweird, and the lamestream media.

  3. The title has it backwards, Hunter. “White Births Outnumber Deaths In Majority Of States” should instead read “White Deaths Outnumber Births In Majority Of States”


  4. @Hunter, you do realize the heading at the top is the wrong way around? I was expecting to read some good news…..but was left totally black pilled the more I read.
    Yes, the invading hordes are going to win this war with not a shot fired-instead invading peacefully as unarmed ‘refugees’, having 15 kids each, then demanding laws to suit themselves. Once they’re the majority, the tolerance they forever demand from us will be absent. Translated:- they will win this war demographically, politically and gradually rather than fighting us like real men.
    Your future brain surgeons and inventers from the third world will soon be the majority. What could possibly go wrong…

    • There will be destruction or a major war in 10 or 15 years. Trump was just a calm in the water before the Category 5 Hurricane Hits. The Ponzi Scheme that is our funding nonwhite birthrates will lead to a financial collapse. After that all that will be left is a bunch of buzzards picking off their piece of the carcass. The USA is Dead it died in 1861. Just some people aint got the Memo

      • billyrayjenkins The Founding Fathers believed that the republic would only last around 70 years, and they actually got that right.

        • If that scumbag Thomas Jefferson had never been President and we’d never had his idiocy of Open Borders and decentralization, the Republic would have been stable. Unfortunately Jefferson became President as did Madison and both almost destroyed the country. Remember Thomas Jefferson Opened our Borders in 1802 to make his Democratic Party grow. From 1802-1924 we had OPEN BORDERS.

          Jefferson thought the Immigrants would all support Slavery and be good Democrats. He doomed the South to Civil War in less than 60 years

          • Please stop the Yankee Federalism routine, Dear Billy Ray.

            Jefferson, Madison, Monroe set up a Republick of States’ Rights, PTL!

            That it has been usurpt ain’t their fault.

            No system, no matter how perfect, can survive apathy, and apathy has been rife, since at least 1945.

            What people did 2 centuries ago, cannot ever assuage the collective guilt and neglect of the past 4 generations.

          • My main objections to Jefferson were his Francophile stance, putting us on the side of the butchers that gave the Negroes carte blanche to mass murder whites in Haiti his Open Borders Act of 1802, plus the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom basically saying if you want to have any religion at all, even Witchcraft, as long as you pay your takes that’s fine in Virginia.

            My firm stance and I will always stand by this is that Jefferson sold the South into a future of bloody war for the Democratic Party’s temporary financial gain at the behest of New York bankers and the Clinton Family. Without the heavy Immigration changing the electoral power to the North so suddenly, the South would have dictated policy as late as 1900, without objections.

      • ‘The USA is Dead it died in 1861. Just some people aint got the Memo’

        Pretty much, Billy Ray, BUT, because of the heroick actions of our Confederate veterans, in The War of Reconstruction, the accounts due for that (New England Yankee usurpation of The Republick) did not come due until Brown vs. The Board of Education, and, ever since then, we, Southerners, have been delinquent in our remittances..

        • There’s no doubt the South won Reconstruction handily, and don’t think for a minute they didn’t have plenty of money flowing in to arm them from friends elsewhere, the Knights of the Golden Circle didn’t just disappear in 1864 as history books say, they continued LONG after 1864, Some say the last KGC was still going as late as 1915, unsubstantiated of course

      • Pew has an anti-White agenda. I have a hunch that because of an avalanche of White flight out of urban/metro counties during the last 30 years the data is skewed and hasn’t caught up with White relocation.

        Consider all of the schools that have been built outside of urban/metro counties, or just visit a Target, Meijers, or such outside an urban area, and see one heck of a lot of little White kids.

  5. Meanwhile, you have aging, nearly forgotten, actors like Peter Fonda suggesting that Barron Trump be placed in a cage with pedophiles. It sounds like he may have been implying that Barron should audition to be a Hollywood Child Star.

  6. Not to downplay the problem of low white birthrates but this is the beginning of the boomer die-off so naturally more dying than being born. They are called boomers for a reason.

  7. The kikes and their nonwhite pets are almost salivating at the prospect of White extinction. They seem to be tracking it very closely and placing bets as to the exact date when it will finally happen. But just a little over 100 years ago overpopulation of the German Empire was an issue of grave concern. The future isn’t something that’s etched in stone, there are many factors that can altar its course. Eastern Europeans may yet save the White race by invading Western Europe, or there could be a nuclear war that destroys the Zionist state in Palestine, along with hundreds of millions of nonwhites. Let’s hope so!

    • Whites do well in a plantation model when we are in a minority, we just need to control our own governments. In India I think the hindus were generally quite happy to work for the British. The country club model works pretty good for semi-formal political control.

    • Eastern Europe should definitely take over the West, and led by Russia institute Marxist-Leninist government that will remove all Jews, immigrants and cucks.


    Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG), which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948, as General Assembly Resolution 260:

    Article 2 of the convention defines genocide as:

    Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;

    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    • A declining population per se cannot render your race a minority in your own country. This can only happen if your race is forced to compete with different races flooded and forced assimilated into your country. This is going on in White countries and only White countries, This is Genocide and covered by b, c and d.

  9. The trend here is all about the loss of Christianity in our society and thus society loses its moral underpinnings. Hunter was right about one thing. In the 1600’s the South underwent a period of Evolution. Hundreds maybe more White men women and children had to come to the Chesapeake and Carolinas and die, but the few who survived became heat resistant and then grew up to have children of their own. From about 1620 until about 1780 or so, New England had a much higher birth rate than the South, but after moral relativism feminism and the agricultural collapse brought on by the 1816 winter, the South began to grow faster NATURALLY. Had there been ZERO IMMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES after 1787, the South would have controlled the country forever, because it had a higher reproductive rate. The idiots who act like the War of Northern Aggression destroyed Dixie are just that idiots. In fact it did the opposite, it destroyed the North, particularly New England, causing the complete collapse of its original Brahmin Puritan class and today all of New England is run by and largely populated by Immigrants

    • It’s good to see you have returned to this site, BRJ. And you are correct, after the War for Southern Independence the old Yankee ruling class in New York and New England died out. It was replaced with Irishmen and Guineas.

      • The Yankee Brahmin class didn’t die out PER SE what happened was that their numbers via feminism and the war were decimated to such an extent that the Irish Catholics were able to take over their cities and then later the Jews seized it from the Irish, but left the Irish as Front Men. The Southern white women felt they had a GOD COMMANDED DUTY to Be Fruitful and Multiply so the Southerners rebuilt their population to such an extent that by 1900 it was noted in the US CENSUS that the average White Northern family averaged 3-4 children which if you figure the number of Immigrants in the North was likely much lower for the old American Stock, in the urban areas who were probably only having 2 children at this time if that, rural Yankees were still having 4 or 5. The Average Southern Family was about 7-8 children or larger, this was noted in 1900. This was the same both for Negroes and Southern Whites. in Appalachia at this period 15-20 children were not uncommon.

        Southern Nationalists and Neo Confederates never get this right. They always think the South lost the war, well it did, but its enemies destroyed themselves in the process.

  10. Get rid of mankind’s God and mankind is soon to follow.

    “All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great tide and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man?

    – Frederich Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra”

  11. Billy Ray is correct.

    The Chesapeake and New England kind of went in opposite directions.

    The Chesapeake started out very unhealthy with a massively skewed gender ratio. Jamestown staggered along for years because the colonists hadn’t come to farm. They wanted to emulate the Spanish and get rich. After 1700, the Chesapeake became much more cohesive and the population of Virginia boomed as it shifted into the interior to better and healthier locations for settlement.

    New England started out very strong. The climate was a lot healthier. There were fewer Indians. The Puritans came over as families and the gender ratio was much more evenly distributed. Massachusetts and Connecticut started out as cohesive Bible commonwealths and both became less cohesive after 1700.

    • My ancestors on my Grandpa’s side started out in Tidewater Virginia along the Pawmunkey River in the late 1600’s. They ended up in Goochland Virginia (BTWN RICHMOND AND CHARLOTTESVILLE) by the early 1700’s, My Grandma’s ancestors started out in North Carolina. They traveled up to Tennessee and finally Kentucky and all ended up in the Cumberland Gap region by the 1830s. I won’t say my family name, but it is one rather well known in much of the South especially Virginia. They didnt move across the Ohio River into the Union till 1967

    • Hunter that is why Virginia was replete with Miscgenation in the early Colonial days. If you were a poor white, or an indentured servant, you likely had sex with Indians Negro girls or mulattas. You couldn’t afford a white woman, those were for rich men who could buy them. That finally began changing in the 1700’s. Virginia had so many mixed bloods, you can read tell of blonde and red haired Negro slaves in old books in some odd places. I have read of these in the past.

  12. OD is the premier website for outstanding writers. Sadly we have lost many voices for our cause due to censorship. Thank God OD continues to tell THE TRUTH.
    Over the last couple of years the mainstream media has been crowing over the condition of the Founding stock of this country.
    Just today: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/demographics/2018/06/21/texas-may-not-become-mostly-latino-soon-experts-thought
    This is NOT by chance, but by DESIGN:

    Although the Statue of Liberty, properly known as Liberty Enlightening the World, was a gift to the United States from France as a tribute to American political traditions, the sonnet by the Jewish Emma Lazarus helped change it into a symbol of immigration. Affixed to the base of the statue several decades after its construction, the poem welcomes to America “huddled masses yearning to breathe free / The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

    Prof. MacDonald has discovered that implausible arguments about diversity being a quintessentially American strength have been made by Jews for a long time. He reports that in 1948 the American Jewish Committee was urging Congress to believe that “Americanism is the spirit behind the welcome that America has traditionally extended to people of all races, all religions, all nationalities.” Of course, there had never been such a tradition. In 1952, the American Jewish Congress argued in hearings on immigration that “our national experience has confirmed beyond a doubt that our very strength lies in the diversity of our peoples.” This, too, was at a time when U.S. immigration law was still explicitly designed to maintain a white majority.

    It is often said that when the old immigration policy was scrapped in 1965, scarcely anyone knew, and no one predicted, that the new law would change the racial makeup of the country. Prof. MacDonald disputes this, arguing that this had been the objective of Jewish groups from the beginning.
    Read the rest here:

    • The Immigration Act of 1965 IS NOT THE REASON WE ARE IN THIS MESS. The Immigration Act is part of the reason but most of our problem has always been Latin America and the Caribbean. The Immigration Act of 1924 because of shenanigans from Traitorous Texans, who wanted cheap Mexican labor (TEXAS IS THE REASON WHITE GENOCIDE IS GOING ON NOW) the Texans made sure that the 1924 Act only covered EUROPE ASIA AFRICA AND THE PACIFIC. Latin America and the Caribbean were left open. Thus whites from Bulgaria or Russia couldnt immigrate to America while Jamaicans or Barbados Negroes could. This happened quite a bit as well. Many of the Negroes in South Florida are not Coons and Mammys from Old Virginia or Georgia Peach Orchards, they were brought by the Yankees who founded Miami from the Bahamas to South Florida. The Bahamians and Jamaicans were polite, spoke better English and worked cheaper.

  13. The soil in New England is very stony, which was the result of giant glaciers retreating back to the polar region and dragging billions of tons of rocks along with them. By the mid 1800s many of the small farms in the region were abandoned as farmers moved to the midwest and manufactories began popping up to replace them. You can still see the old low stone walls in reforested areas that once marked off the boundaries of fields and pastures.

  14. @Hunter & Spahnranch,

    I’m sorry if I got a little too sensitive about comment censorship , I just lost a good friend the other day, so I guess I’m feeling a little dejected.

    My friend was one of those gentlemen of the old school, and though he wasn’t some one that I had known for as long as some of my other friends, he reminded me very much of my Grandparents. Everytime that I tried to buy lunch or dinner for him, he would end up insisting on paying. Honest, reliable, capable, amusing, attentive, he was someone you could depend on and have a meaningful conversation with (an increasing rarity in this cell-phone addicted, brain addled, shallow society). I was devastated by his loss because it seemed like another part of what really made America great was gone.

    Spahn, thank you for letting me know that you value my contributions. I learn a great deal by reading the articles and comments on this website, and I respect the opinions expressed here. I’m really just happy to be a part of the family.

  15. The U.S. was always the multicultural canary in the coalmine. It was an example for the rest of the white world in who not to invite. Yet despite the heads-up, Canada, Australia and Europe open the floodgates anyway. Our useless, swine of a leadership learnt nothing from your experience.
    So…..soon it will be more crime, terrorism, pedo marriages and minority status for us, but hey…….at least we’re enriched.

    • “Yet despite the heads-up, Canada, Australia and Europe open the floodgates anyway. ”

      The populations of Canada, Australia and Western Europe were not asked if they wanted White Genocide. No one ever asked for it. It was just done.

      You still haven’t figured it out yet? The United States is the Empire of White Genocide. Canada, Australia and Western Europe are just its outer provinces. Their governments are not real governments. They get their orders from America and they know to follow them or else.

      • Good to see someone who understands the Eternal Seppo. There are some WNs who believe that we should all stand behind American imperialism because its “White” and awesome and promotes capitalism (alongside White Genocide) all over the world. These WNs think we should be against Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea because these countries don’t want to take orders from le 56% and it’s Aryan ubermensch awesoneness.

  16. What about the other headline that is just as important but never stated:

    “Black Births Outnumber Deaths In Majority Of States”

    Breeding like rabbits has its pluses. 13% of the population my rear end!

      • Definitely not – Georgia had a boom of black population due to black migration to the state, mainly Atlanta. You can drive all over North and South Georgia without seeing many blacks at all.

        • I know when I was down in Florida and I came back through Georgia and stopped off at Flying J at Lake Park, practically the entire place was teeth and eyes. That was in 2003 God only knows how bad it is now

  17. Morality was not something that was paid lip service to, it was lived it to in fact. My father told me about his grandfather who died in 1934, he said he had never heard him use a swear word, not even hell or damn. On my mother’s side, my great grandfather was so fanatical about not drinking that he didn’t want his son to even drink out of soda bottle for fear it would lead to drinking alcohol.

    The country at one time was run by such people.

    My mother told me many times that people with 8th grade educations in the 1930’s and forties were smarter and better educated than college graduates in the twenty first century

    • That is the Baptist Heritage right there. Before the War, a true Southerner was a man who danced, drank gambled, fought duels, knife fights, fist fights, whored, and everything else in between. In fact if you grew up in Dixie PRE 1861 and hadn’t fought a duel or killed somebody, you just werent a Southern man. When the Baptists took over the South in the 1870s all these behaviors were outlawed. They instituted strong anti-blasphemy and speech laws in some counties as well. The Baptists horsewhipped people too yes there was a time when the church actually applied the rod to parishoners. That mostly ceased after 1900, but before that time it could be that brutal.

      The Brutality of the Baptists can never be imagined.

      • Are you really gonna keep on with this bullshit about Southern Baptists? You are a Yankee so stop talking so much shit you have no idea about.

        • My family is from Eastern Kentucky sir and about 95% of my relatives were Baptist of one form or another. The Baptist Church could get away with pretty much anything they wanted to do in some counties, up to and including murder. As my late Grandfather said about the Court Square Baptist Preachers or should I say wanna be preachers, when he debated a certain thing with them they would of course respond with things like, ILL LAY DOWN MY RELIGION LONG ENOUGH TO WHIP YOUR ASS” or something to that effect. There was even a Baptist Preacher who came on the radio after a Church of Christ Minister was finished speaking and told his listeners that anyone who preaches what that feller preaches ought to have his head blown off with a 12 gauge.

          As for the history, i have read quite a bit of it. The Southern Baptists were very active after the war outlawing all forms of vice and did it so well, that most people forgot they even existed. They also did whip people at times. Like i said that was mostly before 1900, but it happened. Now you can say whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, thats up for debate, but make no mistake it happened.

          • My grandfather’s great uncle on his Paws side was born in 1843, he lived through the war, died when he was about 94 yrs old in 1936 or so. Grew up in East Ky when it was still a Frontier. Well these old men were a tad more colorful shall we say, because when they had grown up there had barely been any churches or religion at all in the mountains. That came after the war, when civilization came via the railroad. Grandpap remembered that he’d literally say anything, that’s how that old generation was, they were good men, but rough and somewhat uncouth to some folks.

            My great-grandma didn’t have much use for him, she was a strict Missionary Baptist and of course wanted no foul language anywhere on her property and she’d make the old man feel unwelcome till he left.

            The reason I tell you this, is because like i said previously the South before the War and after the War were two different countries altogether, and the Baptists did change quite a few things. To me this was for the ill in the long run, because they civilized men so much, slowly they began to forget how to be bloodthirsty. Being Bloodthirsty is the only way we as white Christian people will survive

    • An extremely good example comes from the mouth of Andrew Jackson himself. Jackson as you all well know, killed men and fought duels, behaviors that in the Antebellum Era made a Southern man respected. When the Kentucky soldiers came to New Orleans and this was a source of the animus of Jackson against Henry Clay some of them too poor to own a good gun or who had lost their guns, came unarmed. Jackson was shocked at this and responded by saying

      “I have never in my life seen a Kentuckian who didn’t have a gun, a pack of cards, and a jug of whiskey.”

      This is one small tidbit but it proves the point. Before the War, gambling, murder and heavy drinking were not only tolerated, they were encouraged. AFTER 1865, largely through Baptist evangelism and women’s activism, this changed. Much of the South went dry by the early 1900’s at the county and later at the state level, even the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg TN closed for over 20 years because of prohibition and even today the county in which Jack Daniels is produced is still dry .My family’s home county in KY after prohibition ended, decided that they would do a experiment with going fully wet. What happened was saloons and whorehouses went up everywhere as did the death rate. There was a shooting or stabbing every weekend. My grandpa went into the saloon one night after they’d drug out a dead body, a man had been blown away with a 12 gauge and his blood and brain matter were still on the wall. Few of these murders were ever prosecuted, in Kentucky they were considered acts of honor.

      After World War II, the county voted itself completely dry and all of these establishments closed up and blew away like dust in the wind. This was largely because of the influence of the Baptists. Like i have said they were a huge civilizing influence, but in the long run, that wasn’t a good thing. The cuckold problem was inadvertently created by them, notice i said INADVERTENTLY, because it was an unintended consequence of being civilized.

      From the Antebellum era up through World War II, if a threat to public safety happened, men showed up with their guns and took care of it. This is what happened in Arkansas and East Texas during the Negro uprising of 1919 of Red Summer. After World War II, when the old men were dead and gone, and the civilized modern men predominated, Negro Civil Rights was able to happen. In 1919, had the Negroes done something like the Montgomery AL bus boycott and raised a ruckus, their neighborhoods would have been burned to the ground and their bodies would have been piled up like cordwood. By 1955, the wild men who would have done such thing were dead, and the few wild men left were too few to make much of a difference. Just like a circus bear that had all his teeth pulled out, White Men have become TOO CIVILIZED

      • THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS. To put it another way, with civilization comes unintended consequences. The unintended consequence is so much comfort, it turns you into a weakling. An Italian Scholar in Northern Italy during the Renaissance it was said was embarrased to see depictions of his Lombard Ancestors, with their long hair and beards, wild men who cut heads off their enemies and made goblets from their skulls. Almost 1000 years of civilization had caused the Italian man to be ashamed of his heritage.

        Is this any different than what is happening now? NO

  18. Always remember a numerical minority is always more powerful than a disorganized and apathetic majority. Our enemies learned this fact long ago. Why haven’t we? Once again the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution! it is truly separate or die! We need a Ethno-State that will work for the preservation, sovereignty, and advancement of our people and only our people! In other words a government by our people, for our people, of our people, and only our people! A government that adopts a serious natal policy in order to raise our birthrate above replacement level with at least 4 kids per family. I do have some rather progressive and unique ideas in that regard but at present a lesson from history will suffice. After the black death the city of Florence adopted a natal policy to raise the birthrate to compensate for all the deaths. They provided every woman, even those who were poor and did not have one, with a large dowry so that her marriage prospects would be drastically improved and the birthrate would increase. Had the black death not destroyed society and existing institutions there would have been no way such a class conscious society would even have considering giving all women a dowry.

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