Review: Calvin: A Biography

Bernard Cottret’s Calvin: A Biography explores the life and times of John Calvin.

As I have explained in previous articles, I have become interested in morality in recent months and how it has changed across history. Shortly after I began my research, I realized the scope of this subject was too broad to study. I was really interested in how Western morality has changed since the Middle Ages and the process by which it has degenerated into what it is today.

After giving this some further thought, I concluded that the rise of liberalism is synonymous with this process of moral decay. The origins of liberalism can be traced back to Early Modern Europe which is roughly the years from the fall of Constantinople in 1453 to the French Revolution in 1789. There is no point in going back further than that because Western Europe more or less emerged from the Middle Ages with a common culture at the beginning of this period.

In this period between the Middle Ages and the French Revolution, the culture of Western Europe was transformed by the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. I decided to start at the beginning with the Renaissance and the Reformation and gradually work my way up from 16th century to the 21st century.

In studying the Reformation, Martin Luther and John Calvin are easily the two leading figures in the Lutheran and Reformed branches of Protestantism. I already knew a great deal about Luther. I wanted to learn more about John Calvin, who had such a greater impact in the English-speaking world, and so I bought this biography of Calvin by the French historian Bernard Cottret:

It seems to be hard for many of the atheists and agnostics on Gab to grasp how Christianity was synonymous with morality in Europe at the outset of this period. It was the foundation of the social order. We’re so accustomed these days to thinking of morality as something separate from religion that we forget that this modern distinction emerged during the Enlightenment.

John Calvin came of age in northern France in the turmoil of the Reformation in the 1520s. He was a generation younger than Martin Luther. There was already a ‘Lutheran’ movement in France at the time when the young John Calvin was in Paris studying to become a lawyer. Calvin was a Renaissance humanist at this point in his life and his first work was a commentary on Seneca’s De Clementia.

The young Calvin was already a quiet introvert, a scholar and an intellectual. One day he was accosted on the street by one of these evangelicals who grabbed him to tell him about the movement in France. He later witnessed that man being burned at the stake and the experience had a transformative impact on his life. It was around this time that he converted and got involved in this underground ‘Lutheran’ movement in France. In his words, God reached out and changed him and inflamed him with a desire to become more godly. It wasn’t through his own agency that he embarked on this course.

John Calvin ended up living in exile in Geneva in Swizterland along with lots of other French refugees. It was during his exile in Geneva (he left for Strasbourg only to later return) that he changed the course of history. He didn’t become famous for boldly defying Pope Leo X or the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V like Martin Luther. Calvin’s great achievement as a scholar and an intellectual was to take the inchoate Protestant movement outside of Germany and give it a systematic theology, liturgy, culture, unity and institutional structure. He built a new church from the ground up and a college in Geneva to train disciples that fanned out across Europe from France to Scotland to Hungary.

Calvinism was an international movement that had great appeal to educated urban elites. It also had great appeal to the French nobility. There are few places in 16th century Europe that the modern liberal would have found more uncongenial than Calvin’s Geneva. Calvinism is exclusive, not universalist – Christ died for the Elect. It is collectivist, not individualist – the community and church elders work together to discourage moral backsliding. It is hierarchical, not egalitarian – a pyramid of saints are on top of the visible church. Calvin’s Geneva wasn’t technically a theocracy, but church and state worked alongside each other to enforce rigorous moral discipline in a way that is unheard of today.

While both Luther and Calvin wrote sharp polemics against the antinomian fanatics who they both detested (antinomians believe they are not bound to follow moral law), Calvin was the more systematic theologian. He spent decades revising, polishing and sharpening his masterpiece, Institutes of the Christian Religion. Philip Melanchthon played a similar role within Lutheranism.

I’m not going to bother to list all the various differences that I have with Calvinism. I think Calvinism goes way too far in the realm of art, music and liturgy. After reading this book, I can’t help but admire Calvin’s achievement though. In fact, I would go so far as to say that one of the reasons that our movement is stuck where it is at today is because we haven’t produced an intellectual of Calvin’s stature who is capable of conceptualizing and articulating an ideology and lifestyle that can rival liberalism. We haven’t produced a figure like Luther either who is capable of seizing the public imagination.

The most intriguing thing that I enjoyed about this book was reading about Calvin’s frustrations with the “Nicodemites.” The Nicodemite is a reference to the Gospel of John where the Pharisee Nicodemus was a secret disciple of Jesus Christ. This was a time when the Huguenots in France suffered persecution on a scale that dwarfs anything the Alt-Right suffers from today. Calvin had to deal with people in his time who conformed as Catholics by day, but we were Reformed by night. He scolded the Nicodemites and advised them to flee France and go into exile where they could serve God with a clear conscience.

It is food for thought. White Nationalism or the Alt-Right is an underground movement that suffers from Nicodemism on a massive scale. Maybe John Calvin had the solution? What if the answer is to go into exile from the American Babylon and seek out some new place to live like Geneva? That’s what the Pilgrims and the Puritans were doing in New England. It’s something to think about.

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  1. She’s anyone else have Huguenot ancestors? They are a white diaspora as Brad pointed out. Industrious talented French and Swiss. The leavening yeast of the industrial revolution.

    One notable and curious figure in that diaspora is Major John Andre.

    • Yes the Huguenot genocide was a racial genocide completely. The staggering number of Protestant murders by the Catholics was all one big racial genocide. The whiter the people were, the more likely they were to break away from the Catholic Church.

      This is why there are barely any remaining “white elites” in places like Italy, Spain, Portugal etc. they were literally purged. This is also why those countries have stagnated and been in decline for centuries.

      • Italy, Portugal and Spain were not purged of their Elite white class, they didn’t have a great amount of religious warfare during the 1600’s. The damage to them came via Napoleon. Now the French Revolution, that was truly a race war. The Gallics, a mixture of Italian, Celt, Semite and others rose up against their Frankish Germanic overlords at the behest of Jewry. Since the Revolution almost all French leaders have been Swarthy

        • The French Revolution was indeed a race war but not in the manner you are espousing. That was a entirely jewish Jacobin revolution and their masonry cohorts. This is also a fulfillment of Isaac’s blessing to Esau in Genesis 27:39-40. Verse 40 being the most pertinent here. It foretells of Esau serving the younger Jacob, that is when the 1000 year reign happened, and then Esau will break his yoke from off thy neck. Jewry was ostracized from Christian society for that length of time. The jews were chattel property of the rulers of Europe and used for money and taxing the people. Jews could not be equal citizens in any form until that was finally accomplished in the French Revolution and usury became a practice with the jew bankers all over Christendom ever since. It is also fulfilling Revelation 20:7-10 when Satan the Canaanite-edomite jew was loosed out of his prison and he has indeed deceived all the nations to believe that they are the Israel of the Bible and they certainly are not.

          • I said SO CALLED Jewry caused it Jerry did you not see the AT THE BEHEST OF JEWRY part? The Gallic slave class did the bidding of the Edomite garbage and overthrew their leaders and gave them the reins of power. Never forget Moses Dobruska aka Franz Thomas Edler von Schönfeld, given a noble title by a weak Habsburg Emperor, moves to France with his sister when the Emperor is replaced by a staunch Catholic who puts a bounty on his head, changes his name to Junius Frey, marries his sister off to Francois Chabot, Robespierre’s closest Friend. Ends up trying to overthrow Robespierre and Chabot and Frey get the guillotine, and later Robespierre is overthrown and he gets it too

          • Yes, I did see you mention jewry but I wanted to point out what prophecies were fulfilled with the French Revolution. Also, I think I now understand your position on Peleg. Peleg would had to have begot his son in the land they were in at that time. Peleg then moved to Arabia and Arabia was all white for centuries until they eventually mixed with the Nubians. God did not allow the Nubians to invade white society until the 25th dynasty of Pharaohs. This is when the prophecy of Isaiah 43:2-3 was fulfilled. “For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour, I gave Egypt for thy ransom, Ethiopia and Seba for thee. Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee , and people for thy life.” Nubians ruled Egypt for about a hundred years and then the Assyrians ran them out of Egypt. It is after this event that the whites in Arabia started mixing with the Nubians. Notice that God is not speaking to jews, he is speaking to Israelites

      • @Hunter Wallace

        Robert Duvall’s family are Huguenots who settled in Virginia. I believe a modest number settled in Virginia and Maryland, if I read correctly. I know that Maryland was a Catholic colony.

        As an aside, I know that Lutheranism has a presence in the South that most people don’t realise. They think of states like Minnesota or Wisconsin, when they think of Lutheranism. They certainly don’t think of the Missouri Synod, or Texas and North Carolina. In Central and South Texas, there are probably more Lutheran Churches, than Baptist. There’s a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in my hometown, on the Red.

        In North and Central Texas, there seems to be, after Catholics and Lutherans, more Methodists and Presbyterians, than Baptists. Except for a few people, everyone I know is Methodist, Lutheran or Catholic. In Lamar County, there’s s Mennonite community and Amish down around Rosebud, Waco and Temple. But even Paris has its Catholic and Lutheran churches, and a whole bunch of Methodist churches.

        • I think anyone who knows just a tiny bit of Texas History would know that thousands of German Protestants in the 1830s and 1840’s came to Texas. The German States had been in a mess since the end of the Napoleonic Wars and between 1820 and 1860 i forget how much of their populations actually left. The settlement pattern of Texas wasn’t the same as the rest of the South which in the Southeast typically, every state was just an extension of the neighboring older state. For example, Kentucky was an extension of Virginia, Tennessee of North Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi of Georgia and South Carolina and North Louisiana partially an extension of all of them. Arkansas was an extension of Tennessee. Missouri was an extension of Kentucky and Virginia.

          Texas wasn’t an extension of one Southern State, it was an extension of all of them with the German Ethnics in place. As for the religious numbers, at one period in time I believe Texas was divided between the Catholics and Southern Baptists, with the Church of Christ a third. Obviously the non-denominational mega church phenomenon of the past 30 years has changed this dynamic quite a bit as they’ve largely bled the C of C dry in some areas although according to the numbers, the Baptists have managed to weather the Non-Denom storm better.

      • +HUNTER Think North and South by John Jakes. Orry Main’s family were French Hugenots. Scarlett O’Hara on the other hand her mother’s mother’s family were French Catholics who fled Hispanola in 1791 and her mother’s father’s family were Hugenots or something of that sort. I would have to read Gone With The Wind again. Margaret Mitchell was actually surprisingly astute with her history, even though she wrote a romantic book

  2. Hey Hunter,
    Enjoying your history and theology book reviews.
    That Calvinism is “exclusive, not universalist” is something that most people raised in modern American evangelical circles cannot even fathom, let alone consider as potentially correct. It just does not compute to the evangelical mind. It took me awhile to wrap my mind around it from all angles. Evangelicals do not typically think out doctrines, or their logical inferences, far enough to grasp what the Reformers taught.
    On a side note, your last paragraph sounds more like White Nationalism than Southern White Nationalism. Are you rethinking your position on regional White culture?

    • No, I was just referring to my experience with the Alt-Right and White Nationalism. It is much more of an online, anonymous movement that suffers from chronic Nicodemism.

    • I wondered why that is the case too.

      I’ve got a book review coming up on the entire Reformation period which will shed some light on this. For now, it will suffice to say that Lutheranism and Calvinism aren’t really liberal at all. Early Protestantism was a reassertion of St. Augustine. Erasmus’s Renaissance humanism had more in common with liberalism than Calvinism and Lutheranism.

      • The Reformation was a backlash against the indulgences and lavish living of the Catholic Church. It was not liberal at all it was going against the very very liberal Catholic Church.

        • @Deep South

          Luther wanted to rescue Catholicism from the Catholic Church.

          One Sunday, when I was in highschool, our Luther League went to Catholic Mass. Other than seeing a few of our friends from school, the order of worship, the doxology and liturgy were the same.

          The Nicene Creed, which we recited in church, has this line in it;

          “We believe in one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church.”

          • Even today when SO-CALLED Believer in Jesus Christ refers to themselves what do they say? I am a Baptist, I am a Lutheran, I am Pentecostal, I am a Methodist. These names and titles were unknown to the Apostle Paul. Did he not say in Romans 16:16 THE CHURCHES OF CHRIST SALUTE YOU? What did the followers of Christ call one another ACTS 11:19? Christians, first at Antioch and then all over the Roman world.

            No wonder the White Race is in trouble, we can’t even get Christianity right. If we can’t do that right, we might as well all just run a bath and play Romans.

        • #DeepSouth+ The Protestant Reformation was mostly a leftist movement in a sense, because it sought to take the revealed word of Jesus Christ and strain it through philosophies, CULTS OF PERSONALITY if you will. The Reformation let the Jews out of the ghetto, the Reformation declared all races equal, the Reformation declared women to be the complete equals of men. In their zeal to supposedly (((REFORM))) they took Baptism, the most Holy Thing a human being can do, and turned into a worthless ceremony, that as far as they were concerned, if you took a bath in a hog mire, then you were a Christian. Read the Catholic Gazette, February 1936 article from the Bnai Briths meeting, it is clear (((WHO))) was behind the Reformation.

          The Holy Scriptures reveal themselves to anyone with an open mind. This is why there were people in Communist Russia, with one Bible between them who established a Church accoding to the New Testament Model. No Creed, No Ideology just the Bible. Unfortunately the Reformation was more about Creeds, Ideology and Cults and mighty short on the Bible

      • It is going to be exceedingly difficult to argue that Early Protestantism was a re-assertion of St Augustine as in: “jam enem de hac causa duo concilia missa sunt ad sedem apostilicum; inde etiam rescripta venerunt; causa finita est.” St Augustine Sermons 131:10 – “For already on this matter two councils have sent to the apostolic seat, [from] whence also rescripts have come. The cause is finished” . The paraphrase of this statement is apt: ” Roma locuta est – causa finita est” – Rome has spoken, the case is closed.

        St Augustine as the Bishop of Hippo attended the African Councils of the Church. His statement is a matter of historic document that their matters were referred to Rome as the final authority on matters of faith, morals and Church discipline. This is a statement which documents the historic primacy of jurisdiction held by Rome as a matter of ecclesiology and praxis.

        In no sense can it be argued that Early Protestantism re-asserted this ecclesiology. It was in practice at the time of the Reformation just as it was in the time of the Council of Carthage which St Augustine undoubtedly attended.

  3. “The origins of liberalism can be traced back to Early Modern Europe which is roughly the years from the fall of Constantinople in 1453 to the French Revolution in 1789. There is no point in going back further than that because Western Europe more or less emerged from the Middle Ages with a common culture at the beginning of this period.”

    This is the ‘cop-out’ of all Westerners, because they don’t want to admit that they ERRED, in accepting the Pope’s redefinition of the Faith, (upon acceptance of the filioque in the Creed and the Schism of 1054) and the concomitant rise of caesar-papal power schemes, along with the papal CONQUEST of England by the Norman scum in 1066, acting as the Pope’s shock troops!!

    Mr. Griffin, you don’t even have a master’s degree in a discipline, and yet, you continue to deny those of us with multiple degrees above the BA, voice on your forum- or you succumb to the lowest common denominator commentary, in the responses to your posts – and don’t remove the most egregious offenders.

    How can any academic take you seriously, when you dismiss the foundational difference between East and West Europe, and then pretend that Calvin and Luther matter more, than the ERROR the entire West has been dealt with, for over a thousand years! At least the writers Matt Heimbach/Matt Parrott had a more nuanced take on matters historical (especially as it dealt with the problems of ‘Amurrika’ in the post-Xtian era) even as he/they allowed his/their trailer trash morality to dominate in the end.

    • Fr. John,

      I don’t believe liberalism has anything to do with Orthodoxy. Liberalism doesn’t begin to emerge in the West until centuries later in England and the Netherlands in the 17th century. I’m not going to spend my time researching Orthodoxy because liberalism didn’t emerge out of the Orthodox world.

      Now, in order to understand the origins of liberalism, it is important to understand John Calvin and Calvinism because Reformed Protestantism was the established church in the Dutch Republic and aspired to be so within the Church of England.

      As I have explained above, Calvinism itself is far from being liberal. Total depravity is the opposite of human dignity. Limited atonement and unqualified election are, if anything, a strand of Christianity that is more exclusivist and hierarchical than other versions. The sort of covenant theology that came out of Switzerland and inspired the Puritans isn’t universalist.

      Orthodoxy didn’t wrestle with the discovery of the New World, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment like the West. Throughout this period, Russians lagged far behind the West in commerce and literacy. Russia didn’t even abolish serfdom until the late 19th century.

      Even within the West, it is clear that liberalism didn’t evolve out of Catholic Spain and Portugal, Prussia and the Holy Roman Empire or Lutheran Scandinavia. It comes out of the Netherlands and England after the Glorious Revolution when it adopted the Dutch model under William III.

      • Your last paragraph is wrong Hunter. The root of Liberalism is Spain and Portugal. You see Holland and Belgium were Spanish possessions via the Hapsburg family. When Spain consolidated with Portugal and it had been doing this in Spain proper since the 1400’s it sent a large number of Portuguese and Spanish Jews to Holland. They left with their gold and anything they could carry. When the Dutch began their fight with Spain, which took until 1648 to be resolved, it was Jewish finance that sustained them. The father of Enlightenment Thought Rene Descartes and (((Baruch Benedict Spinoza))) both lived in Holland, Spinoza was a Portuguese Jew.

        The King of Spain had no desire to exterminate the Jews or seize their money, he merely wanted them out of the Iberian Peninsula. The Jews of Spain and Portugal set up shop in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and from there funded the entire Transatlantic Slave Trade.

        The Stadholders of the Dutch Republic, were beholden to Jewish Gold and sustained by it, but the Jews knew that Holland would never be a mighty nation, the Dutch had no Army. They needed a nation with the Military Might to take on the planet. Thus they settled on the island with the best most ruthless soldiers in Europe, Great Britain. Cromwell, he was a Puritan and his ancestors and cousins had likely sought refuge in Holland at one point or another, he had connections to Holland and the Jews cut him a deal. LET US IN AND YOUR ARMY WILL HAVE ANYTHING IT WANTS. He did and it happened. After Charles II was restored, he was so happy with the Jews managing British Finance, he left them alone.

        All Enlightenment Liberalism is JEWISH. Spinoza wasn’t the only Jew involved either there were many others. Of course the crowning achievement of the Enlightenement for the Jews was the founding of their BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI under the command of the Jewish former Jesuit Priest (((ADAM WEISHAUPT))). Even Winston Churchill in his 1920 Zionism v Bolshevism admits Weishaupt was a Jew.

        • We’re going to get to that.

          It is beyond the scope of a biography of Calvin though who died in the 1560s. You’re right that Jews and Muslims were expelled from Spain and Portugal. They were forced to convert to Christianity at first, but when that didn’t work they were expelled from Iberia. Many of them ended up in the Netherlands while others settled in the Italian city states and the Ottoman Empire.

          The Dutch spent the late 16th century and early 17th century fighting for their independence from Spain. The Low Countries split over Calvinism and what is now Belgium (the Spanish Netherlands) remained Catholic and under Habsburg control down to Napoleon’s time.

          The problem in the Netherlands is that after all the fighting over religion with the Spanish the result was the establishment of the Dutch Reformed Church. It never established its full control over the Netherlands though in the way that Presbyterianism triumphed in Scotland. Calvinism only appealed to a minority of the population.

          A key development in the Netherlands during this period was Arminius challenging Calvinism. Arminianism was a split that happened within Calvinism. Whereas Calvin had argued in favor of total depravity, unqualified election, limited atonement, irresistible grace and perseverance of the saints (the Tulip critique), the Arminians challenged Calvinists on these points. Instead of salvation being something that God does to you (God gives you faith), YOU CHOOSE whether to accept his grace.

          In both England and the Netherlands, the seventeenth century was a struggle between Calvinists and Arminians – in Anglicanism, the Arminians won out, which drove many of the Puritans to North America. Unlike Scotland, England and the Netherlands became characterised by religious pluralism due to the multiplication of dissenting sects and the result of this was religious toleration, which was pragmatic at first, but later became philosophical due to Dutch commercial success.

          Toleration was extended to the Jews in the Dutch Republic. The Netherlands was controlled by a nascent capitalist oligarchy in the 17th century which limited the power of the Dutch Reformed Church. Cromwell let the Jews back into England out of the belief that the conversion of the Jews would hasten the Apocalypse.

          During the Glorious Revolution, William III became the king of England, Scotland and Ireland. He imported the Dutch model into Britain and went to war with Louis XIV who had been an ally of Charles II and James II. The Bank of England was founded and from that point on the British Empire was liberal. Britain would go on to become the dominant European power in Queen Victoria’s time and passed the baton to the United States after World War 2.

          As for Spain and Portugal, Iberia become one of the most inhospitable parts of Western Christendom to both Protestantism and liberalism.

          • Cromwell was a great man, and could have taken the English throne, he was descended from British royalty. Instead he pledged there would only be a Roman Catholic restoration over his dead body!

            Don’t believe the Roman Catholic propaganda. The Jews had no political rights, citizenship, or political standing in England until 250 years after Cromwell’s death during the reign of Queen Victoria. That’s a fact.

        • “The King of Spain had no desire to exterminate the Jews or seize their money, he merely wanted them out of the Iberian Peninsula. The Jews of Spain and Portugal set up shop in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and from there funded the entire Transatlantic Slave Trade.”

          Didn’t the City of London have a major role in it? I believe the crown is very good about deflecting its role in the very dark variety of world affairs. A little known example of her majesty’s rule is where she had Prime Minister Gough Whitlam of Australia removed through a little known clause in their constitution has as “reserve powers”. And, the real reason for his removal had to do with Whitlam wanting to close the U.S. base known as Pine Gap (a satellite office of Area 51) set up after the disappearance of Prime Minister Harold Holt who did not want it even established on his soil. By the way, Ed Snowden revealed that the NSA had a whole program around Pine Gap! Another interesting tidbit is that Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared, his body never found, but the official explanation is “presumed drowned”. I think there is a similar structure within Canada. Boy, do they roll out the carpet for her when she visits!!!

          Isn’t the term “Jew” a generic word that is applied to all of Satan’s helpers whether they be Canaanites, Pharisees, or today’s variety of vermin? Clif High who applies Gematria to his massive data mining projects has stated that he believes the Hebrew alphabet is actually Sumerian although the spoken part is some sort of amalgamation like Yiddish is.

          There’s far more to these “Jews” than most people can comprehend.

          • Yes, the City of London had a (((major))) role in it but for reasons unfathomable certain parties on here are determined to perpetuate the biggest jewish scam prior to the Holohoax. They literally take the guilt of the jews onto their own people, exactly as the jews connive to have the ignorant do to justify white and particularly anglo genocide.

            Your guess as to why is as good as mine.

            Most jews in England had gone crypto prior to this ‘readmission’ many historians consider a misnomer, and they continued to remain so even after Cromwell invited open jewish immigration for strategic reasons.

            The rest, as they say, is history – just like we will be if the truth isn’t revealed.

            Jews, for the most part, ran colonial Britain and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

        • The Nasi of the Great Synagogue of Mulheim am der Ruhr financed Cromwell and enabled him to purchase, equip and ship back to England the New Model Army. The Parliamentarians of England and the Scottish Convention of Estates fought Charles I for the Supremacy and put up all estates of three nations as collateral on those loans.

          The Nameless War by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, member for Midlothian.

          Whatever the status of the Jewish population steadily migrating to England after 1656, the Nasi who financed Cromwell (or their successors) came to England with William of Orange their front man to settle the debt of the Parliamentarians, a debt of all estates of three names to them and set up the new system in which they styled themselves ‘The Crown’ of the United Kingdom or JewK.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        Throughout this period, Russians lagged far behind the West in commerce and literacy. Russia didn’t even abolish serfdom until the late 19th century.

        East and South of the German and Austro Hungarian Empires, there wasn’t much in the way of what we would call civilisation. Lack of roads and dependence on railroads, made armoured trains and cavalry valuable assets to Germany Austria-Hungary at a time when they were disappearing, or had disappeared, from the Western front.

        Even now, the East still struggles with an underdeveloped road net. Especially outside of the cities and major towns.That’s why they’re more dependent on railroads and riverboats, than we are.

        It was, and in some ways, still is, the wild East.

        • Tsar Alexander II abolished Serfdom in 1861, twenty years later the Jews murdered him. Nicholas II was 14 years old at the time of his Grandfather’s murder. Thirty seven years later, the Jews would murder him and his entire family.

          • Peter the Great made huge strides for lifting his people up. By the time of the jewish Bolshevik of 1905 and then again in 1917. Russia had actually surpassed even Germany and was very quickly becoming a very powerful nation. They called it the Third Rome back then. Like the Bolsheviks do where ever they go they have rewritten the Russian history to make them seem as complete dolts. The very opposite is true. Which is why the jews had to destroy it and make it their own so they could beat the nation back down and starve to death millions of Christian Russians in the Holomodors of the 1920’s,30’s and after WWII in late 40’s.

    • I have a Masters Degree in Discipline therefore my opinion matters more than yours does.


      The reason the Jews to this day hate the Apostle Paul so much, is Paul had a Jewish and a Greek Classical education, He could speak multiple languages without the Holy Spirits aid. This was not some fisherman who it could be said was overcome by the heat one day and began having hallucinations or a carpenter’s son. Here was a man with all the education of his time and he yielded to Christ. 1 Corinthians 1:23, Paul said that the Gospel of Christ was a Stumbling Block for the Jew and Foolishness to the Greek (KJV says Greek New Translations uses Gentile).

      The Apostle Paul, being a scholar could debate the scholars right in their own schools and speak their own language. Now you see why they wanted him dead. The Jews have been since AD 33 defining Christianity as the Religion of the STUPID. Paul was the one thing that proved them wrong and since there have been millions of Christian Scholars.

      • What else did Paul tell these Corinthians? 1 Corinthians 10:1-2 ” Moreover Brethren , I would not that ye should be ignorant , how all our fathers were under the cloud and all passed through the sea. And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea.” So these Corinthians are the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel and Paul is writing this epistle about 1500 years after the Exodus. All of these epistles and the Gospel itself is only concerned with the descendants of the Old Testament Israelites. As Christ himself stated in Matthew 15:24 ” I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” All others are to be destroyed upon the his second coming and the marriage supper of the Lamb.

        • Who is ALL OTHERS Jerry? As I pointed out before, your whole Adamic Man stance has one flaw in it and it is this. How do you define who is Adamic Man and who is not? As I pointed out elsewhere, the phenotypes present in Noah’s children would have been varied, they would have had to have been because all whites have different phenotypes. The Nordic, the Alpine and the Mediterranean we are all in a sense White, but we are built differently, have varying skin colors, etc. That is all I was saying. Even among Whites there is great genetic variance.

          The Adamic Man crowd cant completely decide who is and who isn’t Adamic. Some say the Negro isn’t Adamic, fine, others extend that to the entire planet is not Adamic. This is why I don’t get into this discussion. Once you go down this rabbit hole, it is an endless chasm

          • I don’t know what you mean by all others. What are you talking about? As for Adam, there are four words in Hebrew and all are adam. In your concordance they are H119 aw-dam’ a verb in English, means to show blood in the face; to blush or turn rosy. The root word for H119 Adam is H1818 dam meaning blood. Next is H120, aw-dawm’ , adam a common noun in English which means a specific man, H121 same as H120 except H121 is a proper noun in English meaning this is the man’s proper name. H122 aw-dome’ from H119 an adjective in English meaning red, ruddy and of course to show blood in the face ie; to blush. When I or a fellow adamite are embarrassed we turn absolutely red in the face. I have had many people tell me that very thing and of course I see it in them also. We also know from archeology and the many inscriptions that have been dug out of the ground, such as Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian and other inscriptions as well as the written history from the Greeks which date back to about 700BC as well as a book entitled “Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament” Princeton 1969. From those sources we know that the Genesis 10 Nations were all originally white men and women. Of course it is also proven by the fact that the people to whom the epistles were written in the New Testament are the 12 tribes scattered, the sheep, and they are white, which is obviously very easy to prove. As Christ said in Matthew 15:24 he only came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The new covenant is stated in Jeremiah 31 and Hebrews 8. Same people none of whom were ever called jews.

          • Who is on the outside? If your are not of white Adamic stock then you are toast. Why? Because Yahweh God did not create you. Of course Europeans are included, my German forefathers go way back. Look at the peoples of the world around you. Why is it that we whites have various eye and hair colors? Why do whites have for the most part very well proportioned skeletal frames? Why do all the worlds other people have dark skin, black eyes and black hair? No matter where you are in the world the non-Adamic peoples have these features as well as a different skeletal frame and skull. When the Germans that first began studying peoples they ended up with 3 types whose features are completely different and whose skeletal frame is different and especially the skull. They were classified as Caucasoid, the white race, Mongoloid the Asiatic race and the negroid black race. The mongoloids and especially the negroids had not advanced anywhere close to white civilization. If we whites had not spread our knowledge and inventions around the globe these mongoloids and negroids would still be back in the stone age. That is not an exaggeration by any means. Do you really believe is it mere coincidence that jews hate the white race so much? Do you really believe it is mere coincidence that only white Christian nations are currently being overrun with these black and brown beasts at the behest of these same jews? Noel Ignatiev says to abolish the white race and to be a traitor to the white race is a blessing to humanity. Even back to Susan Sontag real name Rosenblatt said the white race is a cancer on society. Do you really believe such disparaging statements are mere happenstance? Hell no, these jews carry the serpent seed from Genesis 3:15. How? By inter-racial marriages centuries ago. They have the enmity or hatred for us. It is in there DNA to hate us. That serpent is the rebellious fallen angel of Revelation 12 that was cast down to earth and his angels with him. That seedline was first carried by the Kenites, the clan of Cain, the son of the serpent.

  4. John Calvin was a Jewish Agent sent in to destroy Christianity. From the Day of Pentecost until the time of Calvin there was no question about it, the salvation of Christ was for everyone. That was the understanding of BOTH The Roman wing of the Church and the Greek wing of the Church. The thing is people confuse the open door policy of Christianity with Universalism and to the uneducated they sound like the same thing, but they are not. New Testament Christians teach that we allow everyone the chance at Salvation via Baptism MATT 28:19 MARK 16:16 ACTS 2:38 et al, it is Christ who will judge them. I do not have the right to refuse someone who in good faith wants to become a Christian. Now as for the racial argument, God is not the Author of Confusion. I do not believe he wants racial integration of mixing BECAUSE it creates confusion. Lets say it this way, even if all the races of man come from one man, so what? God separated all of us at Babel. He did that for a reason and that was a one world government would destroy Freedom which is why Nimrods Babylon had to be stopped. He doesn’t want us as one, he wants us as nations tribes. WE ARE NOT TO CONFUSE THE BOUNDARIES GOT SET via GENETICS and CULTURE.

    John Calvin sought to via his philosophy dethrone Christ saying that Christ does not have the power of judgement or forgiveness. There was a set number of human beings set by Yahweh before humanity ever existed that would be saved. Now of course we don’t know who any of them are, so they should all be Christians anyway, but the thing is this. You could be a pedophile, a murderer and in Calvin’s mind it didnt matter how many children you raped or people you killed, if you were in the Elect, you couldn’t be damned to hell.

    Calvinism eventually imploded on itself because it caused so much Scriptural confusion that it caused men to spit on the Bible altogether. Calvinist New England by the Revolution had mostly begun rejecting it and instead it was replaced with what we today call UNITARIANISM or UNIVERSALISM. Now the thing is the Unitarians teach that God WILL NOT PUNISH ANYONE. So do whatever you want to do, we are covered. Unitarians also teach that Christ was just a man, no different than Joe the Plumber or John the garbageman. The implosion of Calvinism in New England did two things. ONE IT GAVE BIRTH TO THE HARD ATHEISM WE SEE IN NEW ENGLAND TODAY, and TWO AMONG THE BRAHMINS IT MADE MANY CONVERT EN MASSE TO EPISCOPALIANISM, The irony is the Episcopal Church because of all these Ex-Unitarians began adopting Unitarian ideas itself until today, the Episcopalian Church would literally consecrate a man balling a pre op transsexual whore on top of the altar.

    Calvinism imploded in Holland in the late 1700’s, by the time of the end of the Naploeonic Wars, Holland had begun trending Atheist. Calvinism imploded in Germany, and Germany trended Atheist, EVERY PLACE WHICH WAS ONCE CALVINIST IS NOW ATHEIST. There is a reason for that.

    • As I said above, Calvinism is LESS liberal than other forms of Christianity. Works are totally irrelevant to salvation which is God’s decision. Human beings are totally depraved, not good. Christ died only for the Elect, not for humanity. It is God who gives you faith, not you who choose to accept God’s grace. The Puritans believed they were in a Covenant with God which gave them a far greater sense of exclusiveness and superiority than, say, the Spanish in Latin America. They also put a much greater emphasis on church discipline. It is in lots of ways the opposite of liberalism.

      The problem with Calvinism is that 1.) it is so austere and elitist that it necessarily condemns much of the population who went on to become Baptists and Methodists and 2.) Calvinists tended to be highly educated (it is a religion for people who read the Bible) and thus were among the first to swallow the new doctrines coming out of the Enlightenment.

      • The Methodists were originally called the “Methodist Calvinists”.

        George Whitfield who was a famous Methodist preacher in the United States and in England, went on to found the Presbyterian Church, which is the closet thing in the US to a Calvinist Church.

        Whitfield was at times a slave owner, and wrote that slavery was a natural condition for the Black folks.

        I like Calvinism because of its emphasis on Salvation through faith, not through works. But, like Wesley, I think man can reject Jesus Christ, one only has to look at the Jews to appreciate that fact.

        • Faith is the absence of reason; it implies that belief in the Christian god is irrational. A slippery intellectual slope indeed!

      • Hunter my opinion on Calvin would be, the results speak for themselves. I do believe the Catholic Gazette is right, he was an Agent of Jewry. His teaching caused nothing but pain. Metasticized and turned on itself is how you get Abolitionism and all the rest of the garbage that was foisted upon us in the 1840s-1880s and even today.

        Worth noting that all the religious wars, all the evil was caused by Calvinists up to and including the War for Southern Independence. If not for the psychotic Humanistic Calvinists in New England, the South would have been left in peace in perpetuity.

        I use the term Humanistic Calvinist in that while they had long rejected Religious Calvinism and Christianity, these Abolitionists were still driven by the psychotic social elements within Calvinism. The British said in 1775 that there would have been no Revolution without the DAMNED MASSACHUSETTS CALVINISTS. John Brown was a Damned Connecticut Calvinist who grew up in the Connecticut Western Reserve in Northeast OH. Much of his ideas when you get down to them had their roots in Calvinism

        • A basic idea that came out of Calvinism is PERFECTIONISM and this was at the basis of all New England Reform Movements and this idea means we must Perfect society, by pleading if available but force when necessary. The entire mess driving the Union to war with the South, just like the same ideas of the Civil Rights Era in the Sixties was PERFECTIONISM. Remember Lincoln A MORE PERFECT UNION. Worth noting Thomas Lincoln was a Calvinist, a Primitive Baptist.

        • I don’t blame Calvinism for these things. When New England was Calvinist, it dealt harshly with the Indians and was heavily involved in the slave trade and even had some degree of racial consciousness.

          It’s true that New England started out as Calvinist and Puritan. The South was nominally Anglican. The real culprit though was the spread of evangelicalism in the Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening – the rise of the Baptists and Methodists – which we are going to discuss at length next week.

          • The Confederate Leaders often referred to the Yankee leaders as Roundheads at least in some documents I read. My critique of Calvinism Hunter, not only on Theological grounds but historical grounds, I put into evidence the cartoon of German Marylander and Confederate Agent, the Dentist Adalbert John Volck and his WORSHIP OF THE NORTH in which he laid all of the evil in the North upon Puritanism ie Calvinism. As for the Baptists, the original Baptists the Primitive Baptists, which my Grandmother’s family was a part of back in Kentucky are just as Calvinist and still are to this day as the Puritans ever were. You remember Fred Phelps? The Westboro Baptist Church was founded and he was a Primitive Baptist, not sure about today, a native of Mississippi who fought for Nigger Rights. Many Primitive Baptists supported the UNION during the war, it was the mainline Baptists and especially the Southern Baptist Convention who were Confederate Patriots.

            I wish I could post Volck’s cartoon in here. While it is a bit over the top at the time 1862, it was a prophecy. While Lincoln and most around them were at beast apathetic about Niggers, the true radicals like Sumner and Stevens were few, most of the Carpetbaggers after 1868 were using them solely to put them in office to financially rape the South. Of course the Niggers found themselves just as dependent upon Southern whites as during slavery. The Klan and the White League’s encouragements were not as successful as the encouragement of FOOD for WORK. It was a simple trade off, do what we White Men say, we will feed you. Wasn’t long before the Redemption now was it? Starving for freedom with Carpetbaggers or eating fatback collards and soup beans with Jim Crow, i dont think Mr.Jim Crow was a bad tradeoff.

            Without the Welfare State, the Present Civil Rights/Negro Situation would not be possible. Because you need endless Gibs and food to make the wheels turn.

          • @Hunter

            “The real culprit was the spread of evangelicanism in the Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening.”

            EXACTLY! I have said for years that the Second Great Awakening destroyed America. I separate it from the first Great Awakening in doctrine and practice, leading to a more negative end result. The First Great Awakening produced thought that led to a rudimentary desire to find God and at it’s worst it produced a new thought into church of a more pietous lifestyle. The Second Great Awakening opened Pandora’s box. It focused on what a Christian looks like rather than foundational doctrine!

    • @BillyRayJenkins

      I think your critique of Calvin is a little amiss without really understanding the depth of his teachings. There is a big problem in talking about the elect inheriting salvation WITHOUT also recognizing their sanctification and perseverance. I think people that criticize predestination heavily focus on the predestination itself, while folks like myself focus on the later portions of the doctrines.

      TULIP, often attributed to Calvin wasn’t actually produced and taught by Calvin. The council of Dort did that for him posthumously, perhaps that was your Jewish link you are searching for? If you really want to know how Calvin felt about the Jews read his commentary on passages that call out the Jews as evil… I am actually curious myself and will head that way now.

      • I am going off of the testimony delivered at the Bnai Brith Congress in Paris in 1936 that says that Calvin was a Cohen and was paid for and controlled by the interests of Jewry to bring destruction to Christian Europe. It worked because the psychotic Calvinists caused the mass murder known as the Thirty Years War. England’s brief experiment with Calvinism from 1649-60 was a disaster. Everything this wicked doctrine touched you ended up with a reaction to it. Feminism Abolitonism Race Mixing all come straight from the reaction to Calvinism

        • From 33 AD until 1520 or so, the Church did NOT preach what Calvin did. Suddenly here comes Calvin and his innovation. First warping the meaning of Baptism, turning it into a meaningless wet head or bath if you will instead of our salvation. Any doctrine not expressely taught by the Apostles and attested to by the Church Fathers in their writings is Heresy. Calvin was a heretic.

        • Brad, you should read Michael Horton’s “For Calvinism”. Horton gets into all of the little nuances of Calvinism. He’s a little rough on John Wesley, but, that is a very selective critique ignoring the state of the English people in England and America.

  5. “As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism and dignity are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come.

    “We have already fulfilled part of our work, but we cannot yet claim that the whole of our work is done. We have still a long way to go before we can overthrow our main opponent: the Catholic Church…

    “We must always bear in mind that the Catholic Church is the only institution which has stood, and which will, as long as it remains in existence, stand in our way. The Catholic Church, with her methodical work and her edifying and moral teachings, will always keep her children in such a state of mind, as to make them too self-respecting to yield to our domination, and to bow before our future King of Israel…

    “That is why we have been striving to discover the best way of shaking the Catholic Church to her very foundations. We have spread the spirit of revolt and false liberalism among the nations of the Gentiles so as to persuade them away from their faith and even to make them ashamed of professing the precepts of their Religion

    “We are the Fathers of all Revolutions – even of those which sometimes happen to turn against us. We are the supreme Masters of Peace and War. We can boast of being the Creators of the REFORMATION! Calvin was one of our Children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the Reformation.

    “Martin Luther yielded to the influence of his Jewish friends, and again, by Jewish authority and with Jewish finance, his plot against the Catholic Church met with success…

    “Thanks to our propaganda, to our theories of Liberalism and to our misrepresentations of Freedom, the minds of many among the Gentiles were ready to welcome the Reformation. They separated from the Church to fall into our snare. And thus the Catholic Church has been very sensibly weakened, and her authority over the Kings of the Gentiles has been reduced almost to naught..
    “We are grateful to Protestants for their loyalty to our wishes – although most of them are, in the sincerity of their faith, unaware of their loyalty to us. We are grateful to them for the wonderful help they are giving us in our fight against the stronghold of Christian Civilization, and in our preparations for the advent of our supremacy over the whole world and over the Kingdoms of the Gentiles.

    “So far we have succeeded in overthrowing most of the Thrones of Europe. The rest will follow in the near future. Russia has already worshiped our rule, France, with her Masonic Government, is under our thumb. England, in her dependence upon our finance is under our heel; and in her Protestantism is our hope for the destruction of the Catholic Church. Spain and Mexico are but toys in our hands. And many other countries, including the U.S.A., have already fallen before our scheming.


    • A very similar format to The Protocols.

      I think the inner circle within the control mechanism of today’s “Judaism” contains an evil that has existed throughout the ages. Perhaps the inner circle has tapped into something not of our world or it’s not of our world. Has it has stolen ancient knowledge and commandeered the artifacts and practices of earlier – and unrelated – peoples? I think that whatever runs the operation known as today’s Judaism has run prior operations under different guises but in the same manner…. with the same thirst, with the same thrust, leaving the same waste. What drives their cancerous behavior? They often operate as one organism (like a biological entanglement). Just analyze a few of the things we are told about Judaism. A lot of what we do know appears to be a lie or often doesn’t make sense. It’s a religion, no it’s a race, no it’s a culture, no it’s all three. There’s the Ashkenazi and the Sephardi and the Mizrahi, not the same but all the same, huh? Judaism absorbs people from around the globe yet they’re all Jews by going through a ritual; yet it’s a race, right? And, you’re really only Jewish if your mother is Jewish yet they take in female converts. And, then these female converts end up being able to birth genuine Jewish children just by chanting words and getting cleansed in some magical bath. The Wailing Wall is a fraud. The Holocaust is a fraud. Their money system is a fraud. Israel is a fraud.

      Come on, what’s really in their books?

      • The Jew is the only race that can only replicate itself. Human+Jewish Female=Jew. That is any and all races. Now some Jews respect Human+Jewish Male=Jew as well, but the problem is with Jewish Men non Jewish women is if they have daughters, then the daughters are not rabbinically Jewish, the sons are as long as they take a Jewish wife.

        Mate an Oriental +White you get a HAPA Mate an India person+White=Light skinned poo in loo. Mate an Arab+White=White Arab Mate a Negro+White=Mulatto. All other racial classifications mating together you always get an offspring thats not quite the dominant bloodline and mentally is different. Mulattoes are not completely like Niggers, Halfbreed Arabs like Gigi Hadid are not completely Arab. HOWEVER A HALFBREED JEW is ALWAYS A JEW.

        The Jew can only grow his numbers. Whites cannot grow theirs without racial purity


    Moses Dobruška, German: Moses Dobruschka, alias Junius Frey (12 July 1753, Brno, Moravia – 5 April 1794) was the first cousin once removed of Jacob Frank, the founder of the Frankist sect who claimed to be the Jewish messiah.[1][2] Dobruška was an alchemist, writer, and poet. On 17 December 1775 he converted from Judaism to the Catholic faith and took the name of Franz Thomas Schönfeld.[3]

    25 July 1778 he was elevated to nobility in Vienna, becoming Franz Thomas Edler von Schönfeld.[4] Together with Ephraim Joseph Hirschfeld (de), who did not convert, he became one of the main conspirators of the “Knights of St. John the Evangelists for Asia in Europe,” which was much talked about in Germany and Austria between 1783 and 1790, not least because it was the first German-speaking fraternal order to accept Jews.[citation needed]

    In 1792, in the wake of the French Revolution, he traveled via Strasbourg to Paris and became a Jacobin, changing his name, once again, to Junius Frey. The new name derived from Junius from the Roman Junii-family that fostered the famous tyrant slayers the Brutus’, and Frey being the German transliteration for “liberty”.

    He was arrested for treason and espionage and executed by guillotine on 5 April 1794 in connection with the case against his brother-in-law François Chabot.[5]

  7. BRJ makes some valid points about sephardic jews in the Netherlands but fails to grasp their significance in England. The english history of repressing the jews caused this relocation to seem much less significant than it was since almost all had become cryptos. The link I posted on this topic several months ago illuminated dynamics between crypto and newly arrived spanish/portuguese jews and to some extent between jews and gentiles in England during the time period.

    Yet no one read it.

    BRJ totally misses on the Catholic Church’s partnership with the jews, however. A vague analogy might be the difference between Democratic and Republican parties of today.

    There’s a reason the elites keep appointing catholics to the Supreme Court, even appeasing calls for a protestant wirh a crypto catholic, from the infamous Georgetown no less.

    No matter how bought off the protestant denominations’ current leaders are, nothing compares to the scourge of Roman Catholicism. Just for starters it’s a top down, federalist cult and system whose poisonous foundation formed in the dire depressions of the native european masses.

    I write by phone at the moment, so let it suffice to recall that the Catholic Church tortured and killed any european man for merely possessing a book. Under it’s aegis, 98% of jewish men could read while only 2-3% of gentile men were allowed to.

    Deal with that, nerds. My source is a catholic RU prof and expert on medieval studies.

    • I am actually aware of the Crypto Jews already in England and the fact that England had been in business with the Jews for years before Cromwell. When Cromwell gave their cousins partial toleration, the cryptos began to come out of the closet, although some remained there. The Medieval Church did much more good than it did evil, but first lets dispel with one thing. The Merchant Class and the Nobility were the only ones who could afford an education. The price of an education, including purchase of hand written books would be today the equivelent of buying a home in Beverly Hills and four Mercedes cars. The Catholics didn’t murder anyone for having a book PRE-GUTTENBERG, because books were all but nonexistent. A handwritten book in our money today would be worth a half a million dollars to buy for an average person in Medieval England

      The price of books came down quickly after Guttenberg and yes after that point the Catholic Church did make war IN SOME PLACES NOT ALL on lay people having Bibles.

      Blaming the Roman Catholic Church for European Illiteracy is ridiculous. Europe was only slightly more illiterate in the Medieval Era than it had been during the West Roman Empire. In the Roman Era the literacy rate in Western Europe was about 5%. In the empire total about 10-20% could read, almost all in the Greek section of the Empire. The Literacy rate was about the same from the time Jesus Christ was born until the 1600’s. In Russia and Slavic Europe, they didn’t become fully literate till the 20th Century!

      • The Jews knew how to read, because it was a command in their religion to know how to read. JUDAISM IS A RELIGION OF A BOOK, LIKE CHRISTIANITY LIKE ISLAM . It was not a command in any Western/Germanic European Religion and because of that there was no educated class in Europe all the way until the Roman Era. The Roman Era didn’t do a thing about illiteracy, mostly because to follow the Roman gods was simple ceremonies.

        When Christianity became the State Religion under Theodosius, the entire Roman Empire was under attack by illiterate Germanic tribes. Once social order imploded and West Rome died, there was no possible way to educate the people. The so-called Dark Ages would have been short, had it not been for Islam financially decimating Western Europe further making education impossible. Its a simple GUNS vs BUTTER argument or in their case Swords/Lances/Axes vs Butter. When you have to fight to survive and the Church and Europe did, there was no time for education.

        Thank ISLAM for the stupidity of old Europe NOT the Catholic Church

        • People in the dark ages weren’t stupid. The “dark ages” term was only ascribed by enlightenment thinkers who looked to the Renaissance as wholly good. For example Charlemagne hired Alcuin of York to teach his palace schools in a new method of education called classical education. It was very successful. In many ways people in the dark ages were better off educationally.

          The Protestants don’t blame Catholics for illiteracy but they blamed them for keeping the scriptures from the people. The only authorized scriptures were Latin Vulgate and if you were literate you still likely couldn’t read the Bible.

          • I never said they were stupid, but the thing about the Dark ages was is that ISLAM was what caused them and what caused learning to contract. GUNS V BUTTER argument. The Protestants were wrong, considering the Vernacular Languages only began to solidfy in written form about the 11th century

      • Most of the crypto jews in England remained crypto, which is why the british jewish hand behind businesses like the Transatlantic Slave Trade was largely hidden. The decision to continue to partially camouflage themselves was made very strategically by the jewish community at large, both by the older stock cryptos and the recent immigrant jews. Strategy has always been the jewish mantra.

        Your assertion that the Catholic Church didn’t murder anyone for reading pre-Gutenberg is absurd. And most people didn’t need a formal education to achieve mere literacy:

        That link chronicles some of the Church’s history of repressing basic reading and Bible ownership, and proves it was not nearly the price of either attending some school or of a simple Bible that created this vast disparity between jewish and christian male literacy. This repression began well before the advent of printed material and continued well after. Gutenberg just made the Church’s tyranny less effective, eventually.

        Last, this attempt to fully separate the Roman Empire from the Holy Roman one is sophomoric. The latter was an evolved continuation of the former. Jews served similar purposes in the Medieval period as they did during the Empire, and the ruling class continued to work with both Rome and the Jewish Nation to exploit the european masses. The Hebrews ‘racism and xenophobia’ and refugee upper class status, begun in Egypt, informed their drive to maintain literacy and its powers contained within their sub-culture. This was endlessly useful to the elites’ anti-peasant (white) schema.

        • Pre-Gutenberg, owning a book was like owning a Beverly Hills Mansion, a yacht and two Bentelys and a Mercedes Benz. There simply were not many books out there, so these Papal proclamations were seldom enforced. The languages of Western Europe were largely forming during the period from 476-1100. They had barely begun writing in French by the time of Charlemagne. English was written down much later. There simply was no vernacular to translate the Bible into before the 12th Century, at least to reliably do it. How were you going to teach anyone to read a language that was largely unwritten?

          Let me say this again what education there had been in the West Roman Empire (EMPIRE WAS ALREADY MOSTLY ILLITERATE) was destroyed when the Germans conquered the Western provinces. Now within a century, learning had begun to rebound, the late sixth and early seventh century was quite a good time for learning in Hispania under the Visigoths and in France as well. Italy was in upheaval because of the Lombard invasion, which took place at the end of the sixth century and the Lombards caused problems for Italy until they were civilized by Charlemagne. Then came the Islamic Invasion.

          The Islamic Invasions of North Africa denied Europe grain from Tunisia and Libya, Italy went into starvation, as did France and Hispania. The population collapsed, disease grew. At this time most people in these countries could speak Latin, if not write it. Thanks to the Muslims forcing the Kings to strip away every last bit of money and freedom from the people to make sure that their armies were armed and supplied to beat back the Muslims, basically guaranteed that learning ground to a halt. Europe remained Fortress Europe from the time the Muslims invaded Spain, until the eleventh century when finally the Normans began driving the Muslims out, first from Sicily and then serving in French Armies in the Spanish March. Islam in western Europe was stopped and this allowed for education.

          Explain to me exactly how a populace, completely bankrupted by their Kings and Nobles so that they could defeat the Saracens was going to have learning? Explain to me how vernacular languages that did not exist in reliable written form until about 1100 are going to allow the Vulgate in Latin to be translated accurately? There were plenty of so-called Christian cults like the Cathars who for the sake of unity had to be destroyed? Your ad hominem attacks on the Medieval Catholic Church are on the face of it ridiculous.

          You Must be a Southern Baptist Loon Job

          • The West Roman Empire ended in 476 AD. The Empire of Charlemagne, the Carolingian lasted from 800 AD until about 900 AD. The Holy Roman Empire was born by Otto the Great in 962 AD. Thus Charlemagne’s empire is not truly part of the Holy Roman Empire, although it was the basis for it. The Western Roman Empire had been dead for over 300 years by the time Charlemagne became King. There is no connection between the West Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire.

            The Jews kept their literacy because of their faith, the Europeans never were literate as their religions never required them to be literate. The pagan religions of Europe were based solely on ceremony. By the time Christianity became the State Religion, the West Roman Empire was dying which made iliteracy increase. There was no conspiracy to keep people from learning to read, no big bad Pope doing it either. There were simply no schools available for them to learn and no books for them to read until Gutenberg made books readily available.

            Quit it already with the Insane Loony Southern Baptist Catholic Obsession

          • I must be a Southern Baptist loon job too – and my wife and her entire family. My blood uncle is a Baptist preacher from a long line of Catholics – my wife’s grandfather and great grandfather were Southern Baptist preachers.

            The Catholic church is everything Genie said it is and worse. I lived it almost my entire life – and I am quite confused as to why ANY commentor wants to come on and bash Southern Baptists which a majority of people who would be willing to listen to any of these messages are. The most hardcore and race realist people in this country are Southern Baptists and other varying Evangelical churches.

            Not sure how anyone could say Evangelicals do not teach to learn about the Bible, Baptists – Evangelicals etc are the MOST educated on the Bible and willing to talk about it and discuss varying viewpoints with you. In my experience that is. The Catholic church standard answer they gave me when I asked questions they couldn’t answer was “God is full of mysteries” and “It’s not for us to question”

          • Marcus what I was objecting to is the extreme Southern Baptist tendency to blame the Medieval church for everything and constantly involve themselves in Catholic Conspiracies meanwhile allowing their members to be Freemasons. Baptists tend to be historically illiterate, so they don’t really have a deep understanding of either Church History or European cultural history so that you have both sides of the argument.

            I know you probably know this Marcus, but for anyone who doesn’t. the Southern Baptists in the Alabama Legislature declared itself behind the creation of a Jewish State in 1942 and denounced the Third Reich. The Jews thanked them by unleashing Nigger hell.

          • Billy, that is false. The last thing the church wanted was for the citizenry to have an education. There were no schools because the church didn’t want the burden of a knowledgeable public. If they wanted people to learn, perhaps they would have used all that gold they stashed which they stole from the Roman Empire that they destroyed

          • Marcus. The Southern Baptist church allows non-White members. The fact that they are against illegal immigration does not change that. People come here to bash this denomination because it is a Judaic sect that originated in the Middle East. What you omit to mention is that the evangelicals were always and always will be Zionists.

          • Jack Halliday, BEFORE Gutenberg, there were no books available to anyone outside of the Nobility. A single book was the price of a mansion and a loaded Mercedes Benz. Unless you were a Noble or studying for the Priesthood, your chance of even reading much was MINISCULE. There was simply no money in Europe for learning in the early Medieval time. Now as trade changed and after the Black Death, there was money, as European social caste broke down and early capitalism began to take shape

          • Marcus let me make myself perfectly clear so no one accuses me of religious hatred or something or another. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, but I do think people like Krafty Wurker’s bizarre attacks against all things Catholic are tiring. We cannot sit in judgment of the Medieval Church, it made many mistakes and did alot of horrible unscriptural things. That being said, it saved civilization from Islam.

            The Protestant Reformation was one of the most wicked things that ever happened in human history, sure good things came out of it such as published Bibles, BUT the reason I criticize it is that it led to so much falsehood that it destroyed the effectiveness of Christianity and now Christians are being wiped away like writing on a chalkboard. Cults of Personality rose up, men like Calvin and Zwingli changed accepted Church Doctrine, such as Mandatory Baptism for the Remission of Sins NICENE CREED COUNCIL OF CONSTANTINOPE 381, a Doctrine taught by Christ himself Matt 28:19 and Mark 16:16 and attested to by all the Ante Nicean Fathers. Calvin and Zwingli turned Baptism, into a meaningless slap of water on the head, a silly ceremony, not the most HOLY THING IN ONES LIFE the rebirth into Christ that one can do. The Catholics committed a grevious sin when they stopped immersion baptism largely after the year 1200 or so as most of your early cathedrals in Europe had giant bapistries in them. However Calvin took that grevious sin and made it a quadrillion times worse. Billions of people will be in Hell because of John Calvins perversion.

            My family, I wont say the name, have been practicing or nominal Baptists since the early 1700’s up to my Grandfather and his Brother who joined the Church of Christ in the 1940s and 50s. There is still a Baptist Church in Goochland VA that my Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandfather’s family attended and the Church itself was nicknamed for our Family_____Chapel. The church is still in existence. My grandmothers family were strict Calvinist Primitive Baptists. My Great Grandfather built his own family a church out of rough pine in the 1940s. Building is still there but now used for a garage.

            I do not hate Baptists or anyone else. I do hate those who preach known falsehoods.

          • That’s ridiculous, Billy. The answer for why the church (which had as much money as the Roman Empire) did not educate the masses can be found in Kriminalgeschichte by Karlheinz Deschner. The church can only thrive through ignorance. The last thing the pope wants is smart people in his midst. White people should all be reading this book.

          • I will respond to your two comments Jack. FIRST, the Barbarian Invasions broke down social order and led to alot of murder and stopped Roman taxation and internal improvements. It wasnt long before the trappings of civilization collapsed in some places. Actually if you want to know who really CAUSED the Dark Ages it was ISLAM. Islam disrupted the trade routes. Europe had recovered alot from the invasions and the Kingdom of the Franks and the Visigoths in Spain had managed to save alot of learning and culture. Now compare that to the Saxons, who wiped England clean, thats a different story.

            Second, the people of Europe spoke vernacular languages. The common language of Latin was DEAD by 700 AD. Most people could not read Classic Latin or understand it, they used a slang dialect of Latin. These Latin Dialects evolved into French, Italian, Portuguese Spanish and Romanian. Explain to me how people could be educated if most did not speak nor understand Classic Latin, which is what all the books were written in? Old French and Old Spanish didn’t even completely begin to use written forms until the 11th Century or so. English was about the same thing, although Old English had been written out, it wasnt common.

            The duty of Christianity is to save souls, the duty of families and government is education. The Church used its money to provide for the people, care for the sick and retarded etc. In fact when Catholicism was ended in England, mass starvation and infanticide was the result. Protestants often abandoned retarded or unbalanced children to die they had no way to take care of them. The Catholic monks had taken in children like this for 1000 years. Read Dickens and understand a simple fact. Protestantism placed the duty of caring for people upon the Government and the government didnt do its job. It did this because the Protestants did not have the social structure the Catholic church had ie religious orders.

          • No, Billy. Islam did not cause the Dark Ages, and the Barbarians were not these stupid, Neanderthalesque creatures. They were pretty intelligent. Read Kriminalgeschichte and you will see what I am referring to. It was the criminal history of Christianity that lead to widespread death and stupidity.

          • It has always been jewish agitation behind the scene but yes there were some horrible Christian rulers also. This dark age- enlightened age nonsense comes from you know who, the kikes. They call it dark ages since they weren’t ruling over Europe yet and when they obtained their equality with the illuminati well of course it is called the enlightenment. You are absolutely correct Jack, they were not the stooges that billyray is portraying by any means.

          • Jack Halliday you are mistaken sir making excuses for the Muslims. Islam destroyed international trade from Western Europe for at least two centuries and hampered it for even longer than that. First the Islamic invasion destroyed the Italian grain plantations in Tunisia Algeria, Libya, which set off starvation in Italy, Spain, and Southern France. The Visigoths, Franks, and others had no naval capability, which the Muslims exploited and turned the once Roman Lake into a lake of Islamic Piracy. With the death of trade in Western Europe, all learning and everything else ground to a halt. What damage the Barbarian invasions had done had largely been corrected and civilization had begun to stabilize by the time the Muslims arrived on the scene.

            Criminal History of Christianity? What are you some Secular Humanist Freak? One who makes excuses for Islam is a fool

          • No Billy, you are not listening to me. How could Islam have caused an era in places where it did not even touch (Scandinavia, for example)? It wasn’t “Barbarians” either.

          • You are correct Jack. These so called barbarians and all of those white Europeans are the 12 Tribes of Israel scattered abroad and becoming the many nations and a company of nations that was promised to
            Abraham’s seed.

          • I am not bothering with Scandinavia or Anglo Saxon England, I am speaking solely of the former West Roman Empire Continental Provinces. The Germanic invasion caused a governmental change and a disruption, it broke down social order TEMPORARILY. Over the next century, the Germans settled in, formed new governments and a new social order began. As enough of the Roman infrastructure survived in Continental Europe, there was not absolute chaos. Aside from the Lombard invasion of Italy and the Lombard-Byzantine conflict, France was stable as was Visigothic Spain. Then Islam came.

            The Islamic Invasion destroyed the grain supply for Europe, thrusting parts of the continent into starvation. The invasion also ended easy trade with the Byzantine Empire, as the Byzantines found themselves bottled up in the Adriatic and Asia Minor, fending off attacks of their own. Later on the Muslims got ships and completely stopped all trade with Western Europe and the Byzantines, except that trade that went first through Venice then overland to Europe, a much more expensive route.

            The Muslims by drying up trade to Western Europe sent Europe into deep poverty, which it didn’t come out of until the era of Charlemagne. If you wish to call it the Dark Ages, early Middle Ages whatever tomato or to may to, i really dont care. The point is Islam destroyed trade, destroyed the food supply, and caused such an economic disruption that it took Europe over a century and a half to begin to recover from.

            You are sadly mistaken to blame Christianity for what Islam did to Europe and the Near East, which was to destroy stable communities, farms and enslave millions. However humanists are like Amway salesmen, they never take no for an answer. Nor will they blame anyone BUT Christians. CHRISTIANITY IS THE PROBLEM GOY. ISLAM ISN’T SO BAD

          • Billy, mentioning Scandinavia is as important as mentioning the Empire, because both were victims of the Dark Ages. You are only focusing on one because it fits your narrative that Christianity is the religion of peace. I have never praised Islam once, so shut up about that. The Dark Ages actually began BEFORE Islam invaded Europe in any scale. Explain that.

          • Alright I will state this ONE LAST TIME so that my detractors can read and understand. The fall of the West Roman Empire was caused by the Huns forcing the Germans off their land and into Gaul. After the Huns were defeated, the Germanic tribes stayed in the already weak West Roman Empire. The Visigoths as compensation for helping the Romans defeat the Huns at Chalons took Hispania. After Chalons, the Huns attempted another major invasion of Italy, which was halted by disease, and later Attila died. The Franks, already pushed into Gaul, began taking over the government. In 476 Odoacer deposed the last Roman Emperor Romulus Agustulus and declared himself King of Italy. Ten years later, Clovis defeated the last Roman Governor in Gaul and declared his new land the Kingdom of the Franks, later translated to France.

            Aside from major damage to the infrastructure near Rome, Totilla the Goth cutting the water supply leaving Rome without clean water, causing the abandonment of much of the city and some other places, much of the Roman infrastructure remained in place, at least for a time. The Germanics on the Continent began Romanizing themselves, became Catholics, sent their children to school under Roman Tutors and began a fusion Roman-Germanic culture that became the Romance cultures of Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy. At this time food is in decent supply, the trade with the grain plantations in Africa provided plenty of food for livestock and men alike. THEN ISLAM CAME.

            The Muslims overran North Africa, destroyed all of the grain plantations,cut down olive trees and fruit orchards and through overgrazing, turned North Africa into a desert again, after 700 years of Roman cultivation. Thousands in Roman North Africa died or were sold into slavery. Within decades, topsoil that had taken years to built up, had washed away leaving bare desert rock.

            With grain shipments from North Africa stopped, starvation broke out in Italy France and Spain. Native supplies of grain began to be used, but the output of European grain was never as large as Roman North Africa, mostly because a single cold snap could eliminate part or all of the entire grain crop, as happened in France hundreds of times from AD 500 to the Napoleonic Era. As the nobles were able to take by force all of the grain for themselves, the peasants most of the time starved. Only the Medieval Warm Period rescued Europe, had it remained cold the Muslims would have conquered Europe. By the time of the Little Ice Age, the danger of invasion from North Africa had passed. It took until the discovery of potatoes from the New World for the peasant class of Europe to have a stable food supply.

            Yes the retraction of learning, the starvation disease and ignorance associated with the Dark Age Period from ca 476-962 AD actually was almost solely because of Islamic attacks and Islamic denial of trade. As an Islamic leader once said, the CHRISTIANS CANNOT FLOAT A PLANK ON THE INLAND SEA (Mediterranean). Once the Medieval Warm Period began in 950 AD, the necessity for Viking Raids began to cease (Scandinavia had been near starvation with the extreme cold) crop yield increased by leaps and bounds allowing for the surplus food to be fed to Serfs, giving them vigor and allowing them to have more babies, growing the population. The growth of the population meant more soldiers and sailors. Serfs slowly began leaving the land for opportunities elsewhere. This growth ended with the return of cold weather in 1300, but by then Europe had become wealthy enough to oppose Islam

          • By showing a video of an elderly reactionary you commit the appeal to authority fallacy. Just because he says something that you agree with does not make it true. Sorry, mate.

          • Jenkins, this is what I recommend: Go to a Blog called The West’s Darkest Hour, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will reach a search bar, then type in “Criminal History”. It will take you 5 minutes at the most to read all of it.

          • I hate to spam, but Jenkins: You are heaping the blame on a cult that only came to Europe AFTER the Dark Ages had left its mark. Why do you think the skinny little Semites were so prolific with rape and murder in the first place?

          • Elderly reactionary? The man proves in two minutes what I have been saying all along. The so-called Dark Ages had basically begun to end and Europe was stabilizing under it’s new rulers. It was only after the Muslims destroyed the Mediterranean Trade routes, destroyed the supply of grain to Europe, did Europe go into mass starvation and utter poverty. After Islam blocked all the direct sea routes to Marseilles, Barcelona etc, all the trade went through Venice because the Byzantines and the Venetians controlled the Adriatic Sea. From Venice it went overland by oxcart and took half a year or better to go from Venice to say London with trade goods. You are so obsessed with your Anti-Christian Hatred, you refuse to even examine Islam. Either you are a JEW or you are just DELUSIONAL. I will go with the latter…..FOR NOW

            Scandinavia’s place in Europe didn’t even begin until the Viking Era in the 9th Century. I am solely dealing with 5th-8th century here.

          • Those skinny little Semites damaged Europe without stepping their feet into it. All they had to do was destroy the grain plantations in North Africa and end cross Mediterranean trade with piracy which they did within a century of Mohammad. By the time they finally took Spain, the economic damage to the rest of Europe was done.

            The damage done by the German Invasions, was nothing compared to the economic damage and persistent warfare with the Muslims.

        • There is a book out in the ether that is extremely difficult to find if at all. It is titled “Tales of the British Aristocracy” by L.G. Pine (Leslie Gilbert Pine, editor of Burke’s Peerage) and apparently it actually names some, or all, of the crypto Jews at the time it was written. This is why it has been removed from circulation. And, Pine is long dead.

          As Eustace Mullins pointed out, the vast majority of dealers in rare books and rare documents is Jews. They may even be all of the dealers. This is how they get rid of the stuff about Jews that everyone should read.

          • There is one supposed book called LEGIONS OF SATAN by JONATHAN WILLIAMS which records Cornwallis warning Washington of the coming ILLUMINATI enslavement of White America. That book it is said never existed, yet Senator Joe McCarthy quoted from it. Some claim it was removed from the Library Of Congress

          • Jack the Catholic Church didn’t destroy the West Roman Empire, the Barbarians did. Hispania and France were beginning to stabilize, Italy was in a mess with the Lombards and Byzantines fighting for the Italian Peninsula. THEN ISLAM CAME. Islam cut off all of the grain from North Africa, Italy went into famine as did France and Spain, which relied on grain shipments to feed themselves and their animals. The population DROPPED. The so-called DARK AGES would have ceased early if not for Islam.

            If Europe was illiterate and in chaos, in the larger sense it was the result of Islam destroying Mediterranean trade. Europe was under constant attack from Islam until the French beat them down into Spain and took the Spanish March ie Barcelona. When the Normans drove Islam from Italy and began helping Spain drive them out, if not for the Black Death, Europe would have been free from Islam by 1400 and the Byzantine Empire would have survived

          • Islam and the Koran was written by jewish scribes, the book is a fairy tale just as the Babylonian Talmud is. Jews created Islam to convert the bastard races to war against white Christendom. The jews opened up the gates of Europe just as they are doing right now in all the white nations today. Most early historians believe that Mohammed himself is jewish and he was certainly married to one. Since the jews had lived and flourished among the Arabs for centuries it is highly plausible that Mohammed was indeed jewish. He was also illiterate. And yes Charles Martel drove back the arab hordes. The so-called barbarians are the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel. Barbarians were called such because they spoke a different language. It did not mean back then what it means today. The Saud of Arabia and the Assad of Syria are all Sephardic jews.

          • Ridiculous, Billy, once again. The Barbarians did not cause the Dark Ages, and there is no reason to think so. It was the violent takeover of antiquity by Christianity which did that. This is exactly why Whites should be reading March of the Titans and Kriminalgeschichte.

          • We get it Jack you hate Christianity, but you obviously LOVE Islam as you glossed over the fact that Islamic Pirates and savages seized control of the Mediterranean cutting off trade and murdering and enslaving millions of innocent Christians in North Africa, Palestine, etc. I reckon that’s okay with you

          • Yes Christianity caused the Dark Ages Goyim but Islam is a religion of peace. This is always the argument the Jews make. I dont know why Jack you are making the Jews arguments for them.

          • I never accused you of being a Jew, but the arguments you are using are exactly what the Jews use to denigrate Christianity. Rome had went into collapse mode after 180 AD because of rampant immorality, and Christianity slowed the collapse. Even Gibbon in Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire agreed on this and Gibbon wasn’t horribly excited about Christianity

      • Joseph McCabe wrote extensively on this subject of education, literacy, and number of books. McCabe’s work is readily available online. He used primary sources–contemporary letters, contemporary sources, etc. Literacy, number of books were far greater in pre Christian Roman Empire than after the Christianity (Catholicism). He cites contemporary letters from Church authorities in which they discuss “the crime” of attempts to open schools. He discusses at length the myth of monks “preserving” the Classics. He discusses the Saracens in Europe at the time–who were not practicing Moslems, they were apostates from Islam.

        Much of McCabe’s work is online, as I stated. His book, History’s Greatest Liars, is also a wealth of information on a number of fronts. He shows the exact technique modern historians, i.e., liberals and Jews, use to propagandize and rewrite history, for example, unlike all other books and writers on the subject who do not actually discuss the mechanics of how it is actually done in so clever a way.

        Here is a short introduction discussing literacy and schools.

        • I am highly suspect of any writer who places slavish praise on Islam. The Emperors libraries at Constantinople were full of books. In fact of the books the Protestant Reformation used or a good portion of them came from the Emperors Library.Hundreds of items were smuggled out of Constantinople to safety in Italy.

          The number of literacy in the Roman World were different. In the cities and in the Greek areas, it was much higher than say in Hispania in Gaul, in present day Belgium/Netherlands, in Britannia where the common people barely spoke Latin and only spoke local dialects regularly. The overall rate for the empire of literacy was estimated at about 25 to 30% if that.

          • So you really don’t have any rebutal. You just assert something with no sources or citations. What is the number of books that were in the Emperor’s library? Which emperor? How many does “full of books” make? Can you provide good information to dispute the numbers McCabe discusses based upon the sources he cites? Is there some reason you speak of “slavish praise on Islam” when McCabe clearly states he is talking about apostates from Islam and sceptics? Do you know what an apostate is? Can you cite where you are getting the information that the Protestant Reformation mostly came from the emperor’s library? Can you tell us where you are specifically getting your information regarding the price of books in the ancient world? Can you say what your authority is about only the nobility having access to books when Mccabe’s sources contradict you?

          • Brutus you two keep bitching about Christianity yet you offer NO REAL ALTERNATIVE TO IT. You must be from England or some other degenerate hellhole. Here’s the deal. Had the Empire survived the anarchy of the third century and survived as a pagan nation up until the Eighth Century, it would have become ISLAMIC. PERIOD. Folk religions cannot survive against a Religion of the Book and they never do, unless they are geographically isolated enough to survive. You continue to spew bile, the same stuff that JEWISH DISINFORMATION AGENTS have been teaching since literally the French Revolution. I have my suspicions.

            Put forth a viable alternative. Atheism hasn’t worked, it failed in France, Russia, Scandinavia. Secularism hasnt worked. Folk religions do not work. ALTERNATIVES?

          • McCabe is a fool. There is no such thing as an apostate from Islam. Once you are a Muslim you remain a Muslim unless you repudiate the faith. Refute this video or shut your mouth.

          • Like Brutus says: You have no actual rebuttals. You never put forth a single citation. Just a clown in a bow tie who you parrot. Yet I am delusional apparently.

          • Your whole spiel is the same Leftist Jewish garbage we were all taught in schools, nothing new about that. I refer to Gibbons DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE for my history on the subject. That way I know it wasnt written by a Marxist sucking poison Kike tits.

        • Brutus, I would not put much faith in trying to teach those like Billy anything. When you prove to them the crimes against White people that was perpetrated by Christianity, they become more steadfast in their own beliefs.

          • Would you two rather live under Islam? Because had Christianity not become the State Religion by the Eighth Century, Islam would have. Honestly you don’t seem to get it do you? Bitch about Christianity yet you offer no viable alternative to it. If you have one please put it out there. I am waiting.

          • Yet you continue to make every Jewish argument in the book, which makes me think you are either delusional or you are one of them. As I said give me an alternative philosophy which you believe is superior to the Christian one and one that could stand up to Islam. Thats all you have to do.

  8. All these endless quarrels about Christian doctrine are not only an absurd waste of time, they are dangerously divisive and reveal nothing about Divine Truth. We should study the writings of Calvin and Luther only with the intention of never repeating their foolishness.

  9. “It seems hard for many atheists and agnostics on Gab to grasp how Christianity was synonymous with morality in Europe at the outset of this period [the Reformation]. It was the foundation of the social order.”

    I surmise that the reason why this is difficult for moderns to see is because we believe in modern charades like democracy, republics and constitutions as guarantors of religious freedoms, liberty, equality etc. This is because the modern non-separation of synagogue and state has established a Masonic social order for the goy republics to conceal the real politik, manage its charades through controlled oppositions and promote illusory notions such as liberty, equality, fraternity [no brotherhood is possible without patriolity].

    The social order and foundation of Western Medieval Europe was the Church of the Western Patriarchate.

    Nations were baptised into it as nations. Monarchies were anointed by its bishops who were in communion on faith and morals. As sons and daughters of the Church, monarchs were anointed to govern in the temporal sphere – not decide for themselves what are faith and morals. They had to govern on the basis of the social order – namely the Church and the faith and morals as taught by the bishops in communion with Rome, the faith and morals into which their people were baptised. of the baptised.

    Kings could be deposed through excommunication and thus be non-recognized in terms of their treaties and alliances with the larger Christendom for failure to govern on the faith and morals of the Church and, thus, not in the least fit to govern a baptised population of souls in their care.. Historical examples will immediately come to mind.

    There could be different political arrangements depending upon the ethno-state. England for example pioneered a democratic form of government in Parliamentary democracy. But it was guaranteed by the monarchy which was anointed / recognised by the Church. Magna Charta, it should be remembered was ratified by Rome, not just the King of England. All estates: the monarchy, the nobles, the bishops sat in the House of Lords. At the time of the Reformation in England, the Chancellor of the England championed the House of Commons against a monarch and a Cardinal who had sided with the monarch on the issue of the Act of the Supremacy. The Commons, it will be remembered sided with the Chancellor, Magna Charta and Rome.

    Probably the most free and democratic institution in the history of the world was the Bretton Parliament established by the French monarchy for the self government of the Bretton people. They were free from outside interference because of the patronage of the French monarchy – they were not free to legislate for sodomy, divorce and a jew bank.

    None of these parliaments, were at liberty to legislate outside the faith and morals of the Church. This is why they were free in the liberty of Christ, strong and effective forms of government.

    • Lynda,

      It looks to me like the Church did not accept the Magna Charta but strongly condemned it. In fact the rebels were excommunicated for issuing the original Magna Charta.

      Meanwhile, instructions from the Pope Innocent III arrived in August, written before the peace accord, with the result that papal commissioners excommunicated the rebel barons and suspended Langton from office in early September.[55] Once aware of the charter, the Pope responded in detail: in a letter dated 24 August and arriving in late September, he declared the charter to be “not only shameful and demeaning but also illegal and unjust” since John had been “forced to accept” it, and accordingly the charter was “null, and void of all validity for ever”; under threat of excommunication, the King was not to observe the charter, nor the barons try to enforce it.[56][50][57][54]

      The sources are listed in the Wikipedia article.

      Pope Clement V continued the papal policy of supporting monarchs (who ruled by divine grace) against any claims in Magna Carta which challenged the King’s rights, and annulled the Confirmatio Cartarum in 1305.

      Some watered down forms of the Magna Charta were issued regularly until the monarchs gained the upper hand against the Feudal Barons. This lasted until the 19th century when Parliament superseded the authority of the monarchs as well as any pretence of following even a watered down version of the Magna Charta.

      Christina Romana

  10. Thanks for the review, Hunter. Your last paragraph asks a good question. It is the question that I believe our people need to ask. From the commenters, who hide behind funny names and a computer, blur the direction of your article. They either just don’t get it, or don’t understand the concept of actually rolling up their sleeves and working up a sweat away from their computer, like your article suggests. If you get near Travelers Rest, SC, anytime soon young man, I will buy supper, and lets talk.

  11. Calvin was a blood Cohen, and it’s total BS. Stop getting willingly scammed by the Kikes, White Man.

    Stop fantasizing about fleeing Murka. Do you have a minimum of a million dollars? That’s what you’ll need for STARTERS if you want to move to Switzerland. There’s no place left to go. Stand, and fight.

      • Hunter i am going off the conversation from the Catholic Gazette. I would not be surprised if it was true, the Calvinists were the roots of the Jew Worship in Christianity.

          • From what I understood it meant that Luther might have early on took Jewish money but then he harshly turned on them and wrote ON THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES. I did read somewhere Luther at first didn’t view the Jews as completely without redemption, but as the years went by he became convinced of it

        • Calvin was the beginning of the Jew worshipping thing but what really kicked it off was “Americanism”, including Americanist evangelicalism and the great awakening.. Americanism was always founded on Judeo-Masonic nonsense about founding a ‘new Jerusalem” and had a strong pro-Jewish orientation. This is why the Seppos expanded westward and committed their genocide against Native Americans to fulfill their dream of a Masonic capitalist utopia on earth.

          • The irony is that this idea of Manifest Destiny, New Jersualem was strongest in the Northern US. In the Southern US, the reason for expansion was LAND not any high ideas. Cotton and tobacco wore out the soil before modern large scale fertilizer was available. Therefore the South was forced to constantly expand. Abraham Lincoln’s idea that the South should be cordoned off in its region and the rest of the nation left to Free States was death to the Southern Economy as were the High Tariff. This platform was stated in 1860 and when Lincoln won, the South did what it had to do to survive and that was leave the Union. In retrospect Secession was WRONG, a Coup De Etat and mass executions would have been better. The problem was that the Southrons were gentlemen and wanted to do everything BY THE CONSTITUTION. Conservatism is an EPIC FAIL.

            Abraham Lincoln also put the idea in the Gettysburg Address, though he didn’t use the word New Jerusalem it was of course the same idea of a freedom spreading from the USA to the world. He had stated this in the address to Congress the previous December, ie the LAST BEST HOPE OF MAKNIND. The thing was Lincoln like many Northern Politicians of both parties then and now bought into this idea of making the world over in our image. Thus the ends will always justify the means. The spirit of Lincoln was in the Bush Doctrine almost word for word. Somehow everyone misses this point

          • You could say that Southronism was a kind of traditionalist feudal revolt against Americanism, and was the first major organized enemy of its mission to spread liberalism and “democracy” around the world. When the Yankees felt they had crushed “anti-liberal” sentiment at home (in an extremely violent genocidal way of course – WE’RE GONNA “DEMOCRACY” THE SHIT OUT OF YOU) they realized they could do the same thing to the rest of the world and have ever since.

      • His parents were crypto-Jews who presented as Catholics because as Jew because if they had presented as Jews, they would have been confined to the Jewish ghetto. Lest people get the idea that ghettoes for the Jewish population were mandated by the Church, please recall to mind that this was a mandate of the Rabbis to which the Catholic Princes acceded for the simple reason that it was important to prevent the Jews from predating upon the Christian population (Good Luck with that) and to weed the Cryptos out of positions of social influence from whence they inevitably worked the ruin of the Christian state from within.

        • I haven’t seen any evidence that Calvin was Jewish. The Inquisition was in Spain, Portugal and the Italian City States. Everything that I have read about Calvin has said that his surname is derived from “Calvinus” and means “bald.” He was ethnically a Picard

  12. Heil billyrayjenkins! Brilliant comments!
    Best comments I’ve ever read in English!
    Fr. John+’s comments also very good!

  13. The only religious warfare that I am aware of was in Central Europe proper. Spain Italy, Portugal were at war, but were largely spared from the mass murder of the 30 years war that was in Central Europe. Spain, Portugal and Italy suffered their decimation at the hands of Bonaparte, not the Protestants.

      • Modern historians call the struggle The War of Three Kingdoms. You can add “and the principality of Wales” to that.

    • billyrayjenkins: In an earlier post you made here you said that Paul had a jewish and greek education. Paul certainly did not have a jewish education. Why would he study with Canaanite-Edomite jews? He did have a Judean and Greek education. Who was Paul anyway? Romans 11:1 “Hath God cast away his people? (Meaning the Old Testament Israelites none of whom are jews) For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.” This same billyboy tried to convince me in another topic on this site that the chosen line was Peleg and that Peleg was a descendant of Abraham. As Genesis 11:16-26 states Peleg was born centuries before Abram and is certainly not a descendant! Additionally there are no promises or covenants made with Peleg anywhere in scripture. This same billyboy also told me it was ludicrous for Noah to be of pure white Adamic stock. Genesis 6:9 “These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and PERFECT in his generations and Noah walked with God” So just like any jew would do, he is trying to tell us that the Adamic race hasn’t been pure since the days of Noah. billyboy also mentioned the lost 10 tribes, therefore he must believe that these kikes bastards are of the other 2 tribes which is a lie. Ole’ billy also mentioned the Adamic philosophy. What the hell is that supposed to mean? God created only one white man and that is Adam as Genesis 5:1 clearly states. Ole’ billy is also pushing this jew – gentile nonsense. I have explained this before and I will do it again. The word jew is nowhere to be found in any original manuscripts, none, zero, nada. The word is properly Judean. The word gentile is from the Latin Vulgate and means a member of same family or race. In the Bible the Hebrew word is goy and the Greek ethnos. Most of the time the word goy or ethnos was translated nations and sometimes translated as gentiles. It should be translated nations in both Testament. Now the question is what nations? The nations promised to Abraham of course. This Henry Makow is also a jew as is Waltner at I firmly believe ole’ billy is cut from the same cloth. They are very good at denouncing jews but at the same time still maintaining the false notion that jews are God’s chosen people. They most certainly are not. As Christ told those Canaanite-edomite jews at John 8:44 “Ye are if your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning (Cain), and bode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it.”

      • Alright again I will post Genesis 11 and you can read the descendants of SHEM

        These are the generations of Shem: Shem was an hundred years old, and begat Arphaxad two years after the flood:

        11 And Shem lived after he begat Arphaxad five hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.

        12 And Arphaxad lived five and thirty years, and begat Salah:

        13 And Arphaxad lived after he begat Salah four hundred and three years, and begat sons and daughters.

        14 And Salah lived thirty years, and begat Eber:

        15 And Salah lived after he begat Eber four hundred and three years, and begat sons and daughters.

        16 And Eber lived four and thirty years, and begat PELEG

        17 And Eber lived after he begat PELEG four hundred and thirty years, and begat sons and daughters.

        18 And PELEG lived thirty years, and begat Reu:

        19 And Peleg lived after he begat Reu two hundred and nine years, and begat sons and daughters.

        20 And Reu lived two and thirty years, and begat Serug:

        21 And Reu lived after he begat Serug two hundred and seven years, and begat sons and daughters.

        22 And Serug lived thirty years, and begat Nahor:

        23 And Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.

        24 And Nahor lived nine and twenty years, and begat Terah:

        25 And Nahor lived after he begat Terah an hundred and nineteen years, and begat sons and daughters.

        26 And Terah lived seventy years, and begat Abram, Nahor, and Haran.

        27 Now these are the generations of Terah: Terah begat Abram, Nahor, and Haran; and Haran begat Lot.


        • I meant ancestor, not descendant, I dont know how you got that backwards, its right there. You brought up Peleg and Joktan and I said that Peleg is the Holy Line, Christ is a descendent of Peleg called Phalac in the New Testament.

      • Paul was really known as Saul of Tarsus. He was either a Judaised Gentile or a Hellenised Jew. Judging by descriptions of his appearance, I would guess the latter.

        • As a Roman Citizen, Paul had two names. He had his family name which isn’t recorded which would have been Paul something then he had Saul which was his Jewish name. His legal Roman name was what would have been on his citizenship. Even Jews today give their children two names, one legal and the other a Jewish one only the family knows

          • Paul was NOT a jew. He describes himself in Romans 11, as the seed of Abraham. Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin. There is no jew-gentile paradigm. jews are Canaanite-edomite and their father is the devil as John 8:44 attest.

          • Yes: They anglicise their Middle Eastern names in order to fit into the host nation. They do the same with surnames, for example changing Schwarz to Black.

          • Jerry, don’t give me that C.I bullshit. An Israelite is a Jew, therefore Paul was a Jew. Paul was recorded as having mentioned that the Roman Empire should be overthrown due to their treatment of the Judeans. It was after Soviet style takeover of antiquity by Christianity that lead to the so-called “Dark Ages”.

          • Jerry I use the words the people understand. I realize who these people are. Your assertion that the word JEW was not in use before 1775 or whatnot is ridiculous. Here is the 1611 King James Matt 27:37. The letter I in 1611 was used for the letter J and V was used for U. Notice the letter I in Jesus’s name spelling him. In 1611 English Jesus=Iesvs Jews=Iewes

            And set vp ouer his head, his accusation written, THIS IS IESVS THE KING OF THE IEWES.

  14. After initially going in with Luther, the cities and areas in and around the Middle Rhine and Lower Rhine went even further and with Calvinism. One of my goals with this epic voyage is to try to trigger racial memory, to see where in Germany I get the most “tingley feeling,” because my ethnic lineages on my German side, my Czech side and my Italian side (Italy is not on the itinerary for this voyage) are “undocumented” before the immigrating generation. My English line, which comes from my father’s mother, is far better documented, going back to the colonizing generation and well before. Which is how I know the English in me is mostly South Coast and Midlands. (No desire to visit Cuck Island Ukistan any time soon.) Since I’m Lutheran, I knew I was way more likely to get the tingley feeling in Germany in northern rather than southern. But so far in the context of Germany, I have gotten the most tingling in the Rhine-Rhur cities (save Dortmund), and those are historically Calvinist, not Lutheran. But by the same token, that would make sense, because it’s reasonable for industrial river city Germans to get up and move to another German-heavy industrial river city in America.

  15. There is no place in 2018 that is beyond the reach of ZOG. Countries like Iran which defy ZOG face crippling economic sanctions. The Iranian rial plunged to a record low against the U.S. dollar on the unofficial market on Sunday, continuing its slide amid fears of returning U.S. sanctions after President Donald Trump in May withdrew from a deal on Tehran’s nuclear program.

  16. Jim while the acronym ZOG is indeed appropriate. It is more appropriate from scripture. Ezekiel 38 & 39 are Hebrew parallelisms. Both chapters describe the same entity from two different perspectives. This device is used throughout our bibles. This Gog and Magog is also in Revelation 20 and this is the eighth beast of John’s revelation. But Mystery Babylon is also this same beast. The jewish control that we now suffer under. It is world jewry that is bringing all of these non-adamic peoples into white Christian nations right now. The white Christian nations all represent the 12 tribes of Israel, the true Israel of the Bible both Old Testament and New. Whose names are on those 12 gates in Revelation 21:12 ? The 12 tribes of Israel of course.

  17. Lynda,

    Even the modified Magna Charta of 1225 reissued in 1297 was still condemned by Pope Clement V in 1305. The Pope obviously has higher authority than the Church of England.

    Point number 2. Are you a Catholic? If so what are you doing here? This is the sickest most twisted anti- Catholic website I have ever encountered.

    I am gone for good. And I will do anything to bring about a latin Catholic southwest future. Baptists are as insane as Jews.

    Christina Romana

  18. To Jack Halliday Acts 26: 7 Unto which promise OUR TWELVE TRIBES, instantly serving God day and night, hope to come, For which hope’s sake, king Agrippa, I am accused of the Jews. Eat you words Jack it is you who is full of bullshit. Paul is explicitly contrasting the twelve tribes of Israel to the Jews. If you for one moment think these criminal bastards in Palestine today are the chosen ones you are completely insane. Do you know what the Babylonia Talmud, Babylonian Shetar Kabbalah, Zohar, Gematria, freemansonry, luciferian creed, and all this other satanic crap these kike bastards come up with. Where in the Old Testament is Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and any of his sons called jews? If this Bible were a jewish book it would be a banking and accounting manual.

    • No, dude, I don’t “eat my words”. A tribe of Israel is Jews. How hard is this to understand? And just because Jews do not like them does not make them White. Muhammed also hated Jews.

      • You didn’t answer where does Paul say to overthrow the Roman Empire? You stated Paul was a jew even though he tells you who he is. Who are the Romans? Romans chapter 9:3-4 “For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh(they are white) “Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption and the glory and the covenants and the giving of the law and the service of God and the promises.” Damn, I didn’t know all of these Romans were jews! If you believe that, I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. That word adoption means to place someone that is all ready a son into their position as son. Which is the story of the prodigal son. . The Israelite Romans are not adopting niglets. Of course they aren’t jews they are descendants of the Old Testament Israelites. Same with the rest of the epistles. Now what Jack?

    • Jerry: Juts because he says something about Jews not liking him does not make him a Gentile. And no: The Jews were not “Indo-European”. There is no evidence whatsoever that shows that the Jews of today were not the ones from the bible. No Historian or scientist can attest to what you have said. All you can do is quote mine and try to patronise to make yourself sound smarter.

  19. To Jack Halliday: Where in scripture does Paul say he wants to overthrow the Roman Empire? Who do you say the Romans are? Who are the Corinthians?

    • Who are the Corinthians? 1 Corinthians 10:1-4 “Moreover Brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud. and all passed through the sea; And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea: And did all eat the same spiritual meat; And did all drink the same spiritual drink; for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them; and the Rock was Christ.” Damn, I didn’t know these Corinthians were all jews! Of course they are not. They are the descendants of the Israelites going back 1500 years. Now what Jack?

        • Well what it does prove is that your claim that all Israelites are jews is completely false. It is not like I am making anything up. It is right out of the KJV. No, I am not a mongoloid I am white Adamic man. It is real simple Jack. the people in the New Testament all are descendants of the Old Testament Israelites none of whom were ever called jews. Jews never created any societies until there criminal state in Palestine which Jeremiah 19 tells up would be broken forever and true Israelites would never return to what is now a desert hell hole. Malachi tells us that the Edomites would return and they did in 1948. By the way the nut job rabbis teach that the Romans are Esau/Edom. Which is clearly not the case. You still haven’t answered about Paul’s claim to overthrow the Roman Empire. You can’t answer because it is nonsense.

  20. Corinthians once again still in Chapter 10;7-8 “Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written (Old Testament) The people sat down to eat drink, and rose up to play. Neither let us commit fornication (race-mixing), as some of them committed and fell in one day three and twenty thousand.” What is Paul referring to? Numbers 25 I am not going to type this go back and read the whole chapter for yourself. I will stop with James 1:1 ” James, A servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes scattered abroad, greeting.” I could go on and on with every epistle and the four Gospels they all refer to the same people both Old and New and none of them are ever called jews! Of course jews deny the New Testament in it entirety, they won’t even date anything BC or AD. They us BCE and CE. If you know what the Talmud says you will realize they don’t accept anything the bible says. The Talmud is a complete rewrite to jewish fairy tales. Now what Jack?

      • Good grief Jack, that is what is happening in Numbers 25, that is what it is all about! In Hebrews 12:16 Paul calls Esau a fornicator. What did Esau do? He race-mixed with the Hittites and a daughter of Ishmael, therefore he had no legitimate heirs. Jude 7 speaks of Sodom and Gomorrha and going after strange flesh or different flesh is fornication. Fornication can mean simply illicit sex but it can also mean race-mixing. It is clearly what these verses are talking about.

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