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  1. Psalm 55:9 Destroy, O Lord, and divide their tongues: for I have seen violence and strife in the city.

  2. Looks like Gibson will achieve his objective, even if Antifa don’t attack.

    The Portland Police Association have ratted the mayor out on his selective enforcement of the law.

    If enough of the public heard this, and the mayor is politically smart, he’ll enforce the law against Antifa if and when they attack.

    Of course, Portland may be so hopelessly Leftist that they could care less. But the rest of us will see it.

  3. Is there anyone who can shed light on Portland and Oregon. And on Washington/ Seattle. In terms of political leanings? Portland is a liberal bastion but Oregon generally is conservative? Is that true? How do the so called conservatives outside the urban centers view issues of race and white rights?

    All I’ve heard is that Oregon and maybe Washington state non-liberals are extremely reactionary against women’s rights.

    • When I think “Pacific Northwest Conservative”, what I think of is “Backwoods Home Magazine Editorial Board.” Not quite midwest cucks and maybe not typical western libertarians (except over in Bundy-land), but in that general direction

      That may or may not be accurate.

    • Portland and Seattle were loaded with section 8 blacks and muslim “refugees” during the Obama years and continuing on as they were deemed too white. Both cities have active sex clubs, child prostitution, drug use, homelessness etc. If you go inland the Northwest becomes middle america pretty quickly. I expect both Portland and Seattle to follow Detroit into riots and ruin in the next few years. The only unknown is how long it will take.

  4. God’s moving many many freaks TO mega earthquake zones … and many patriots OUT of the zones and to the south. Let the quakes begin …

    • God is very cost effective…just turn people into christianity and then watch and laugh.

      We must take all immigrants folk fighting with we must serve Israel folk..

      No earthquacke needed, just Darvin thenory to send mad people into the same the same history garbage bin where christianized Roman Empire went.

    • Agreed. The Alt-Lite needs to smell quite a bit more of Antifa’s full bouquet to cure them of their lingering cuckishness.

  5. Tim Pool is a f-ing idiot. Neo-Nazi, Neo-Confederate types – totally believes the media narrative.

    So everyone with a camera is now a journalist.

  6. Once again Sessions and DOJ are MIA. Major civil rights violations here as usual. Use the RICO laws to shutdown ant eefah.

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