Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens Attacked By Deranged White Leftist Mob

When I first heard about this incident, I was like no way this can’t be real:

The astroturf Right would have happily paid a large sum for these optics. I’m going to remain skeptical until Antifa publicly take credit for deplatforming their breakfast.

Note: I just got finished writing about the monster these people have created.

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  1. I guess you already know that P.B.S. “Frontline” is airing “Documenting Hate: Charlottesville” tomorrow night. Reading about the upcoming production, I learned that Unite the Right attacked the Counter-Protesters. It’s sort of like the news reports that I’ve been hearing about the “far Right” and far Left clashing in Portland and Berkeley. The Spin Cycle is perpetual.

    It’s kind of satisfying to see these moderates being targeted. Those who are too rational to become irate… too civilized to devolve into barbarism when necessary… I especially liked watching Judge Jeanine Pirro getting cussed out and run off “The View” by Whoopi. I thought that Jeanine should have pulled a switch blade out of her stocking and sliced Whoopi up. I would expect that from a tough talking Puerto Rican with a program segment titled “Street Justice.” Instead, she retreated with her tail tucked between her legs. Then acting lamely quizzical on air, she gasped, “We used to be friends?”

  2. Never thought I’d see Occidental Dissent sympathizing with a coal-burner. If you want to shoot your seed into monkeys, go to Africa and whiten up their population instead of blackening ours.

    • Laughing at respectable conservative traitors getting mugged by the anti-White mobs they have been tacitly for decades is not sympathising. I bet you feel really silly now, Dave.

    • Are they together? Honestly wouldn’t surprise me in the last two years I’ve seen more white men with black women than any other mixed race group. It’s happening at exponential speed as they promote that on the tv now more than anything and white men are very susceptible to mimicry. It used to be very rare.

      The founder of Reddit even married Serena Williams and Prince Harry married a twice divorced black stripper/actress. Half of the white guys in Hollywood marry black women now it’s crazy.

    • The only amusing thing about all of this is watching Trotskyite/Stalinist leftists being forced to call a Colored woman a stupid Nigger and screaming NIGGER at Black Cops and Govt Agents. For people who somehow want the word banned, hearing them use it I find exhilirating and amusing

  3. The funny part is Candice Owens has a long history of anti-Whitism and getting her way using SJW tactics. But now she is the respectable conservative darling? Too funny.

  4. I am laughing six million times over these “respectable” conservatives getting silenced on one kike-controlled platform after another. The fools actually thought they could avoid trouble by not naming the jew. How wrong they were!

    • @spahnranch1969

      “The fools actually thought they could avoid trouble by not naming the jew.”

      The Jews refuse to accept the existence of disinterested third parties who don’t care that they’re Jews, or that they exist. Or that such disinterested third parties wish to be left alone and not involved in the Jews’ mass neurosis.

      You’re either a stooge or useful tool to them, or an enemy to be destroyed.

      You may not be interested in politics(Jews), but politics(Jews) are interested in you.

  5. “Deranged White Leftist Mob”

    Deranged by a lifetime of Jewish subversion and indoctrination.

    This is why it matters who controls the cultural making institutions. Without Jews, none of this would be happening.
    Nor would a movement(s) be necessary to counter it.

    • I spy at least two or more Jewish College kid activists in that video. Too bad I don’t have a better shot. I wonder what accounts for Stockholm Syndrome that keeps Southrons from burning the rags? Even during the Sixties no one would go far enough to do that, that was considered a Communist thing. Worth noting rags were hauled off of every government building from El Paso to Alexandra VA in 1861 and burned, torn asunder you name it. Why is it exactly no one will even consider that now?

      Okay we like our Confederate Heritage but don’t you dare harm Old Glory? One of these things is not like the other!

      • I agree. I applaud the few WNs who have had the courage to burn the fucking thing, like those skinheads in that documentary.

      • If I remember correctly, Confederate Law Code prohibited the display of the United States Flag in any form in the Confederacy. One could possess So-called Old Glory, just not fly it. Say for instance an elderly woman had one that had been her Daddies from the War of 1812 or something, American Flags were uncommon among the common people before 1861, probably the only people who owned one were Ex-Officers or something.

        There were cases of Unionists in the South sewing their own flags, and it was also said that during Sherman’s March to the sea, those who were lucky enough to have an American Flag or to rig one up did not have their property molested. ALTHOUGH THEIR POPULARITY WITH THEIR NEIGHBORS WAS NEVER THE SAME AGAIN. This is the reason for this lyric in Marching through Georgia

        Yes and there were Union men who wept with joyful tears,
        When they saw the honored flag they had not seen for years;

        • Billy Ray: Is it not true that Yankee patriotism wasn’t restored to Dixie until WWII, some 80 years after the failed War for Southern Independence?

          • Vicksburg, Mississippi is where you are thinking of. The Fall of Vicksburg took place on July 4 1863 and supposedly there was not an official celebration again until 1945.

            The rest of the South strangely enough didn’t stay with the extreme Yankee hate that Vicksburg had. General Joseph Wheeler who came from an old Connecticut Family but was born in Georgia and fought in the War, General Thomas Rosser of Virginia, and Fitzhugh Lee of Virginia were three of the most famous Confederate officers who went to fight in the war, there were a couple other lesser known ones as well. All three were given commission by President William McKinley who had been a major in the Union Army. There are allegations that McKinley although a Republican was in some small way associated with the Ku Klux Klan in the postwar years.This is spurious, but the KKK was operating in some fashion in Ohio following the War, mostly around Cincinnati which was the Klan’s original headquarters when it was known as the Knights Of The Golden Circle. It is known that during the 1898 Wilmington NC riot, McKinley gave a wink and a nod to the Good Old Boys cleaning up the town.

            McKinley was from Canton which is a long way from Cincinnati, but who knows? The business wing of the Republican Party which McKinley represented wanted Niggers working the cotton fields and production to keep going smoothly as possible. The business wing of the Republican Party practiced a form of benign neglect with minorities. We won’t actively oppress you, but we dont care if you drop dead either

          • Oddly enough as the United State Army entered the South in 1898 on its way to Tampa there were parades. However there were a couple incidents with the Negro troops along the way. One involved the Negro troops supposedly cutting down the Lynching Tree in Macon, Georgia among other things. Tampa and Jacksonville were Florida’s main ports and Tampa offered easier sailing to Cuba than Jacksonville, which meant sailing down the entire length of FLA. Miami in 1896 was a small resort town which featured a large Negro shanty town, that was it. Miami was almost entirely in its early years built and worked by Negroes from the Bahamas.

  6. Reminds me of the idiots who NEVER stood up for Holohoax revisionists, yet then whined about Mossad agent Tommy Robinson’s free speech.

    They say Free Tommy Robinson. I say Free Carlos the Jackal – a TRUE hero who deserves total support.

      • Which one? If you mean Hugo Chavez Frias, he is the greatest leader of the 21st century. It takes a lot of balls to defend Idi Amin in particular.

        The Venezuelan Communists have a slogan, “Judios go home!” Since they are against the existence of Israel, the “home” in question clearly means the oven.

        Much, much, much more based than Donals Trump, Geert Wilders and Tommy Robinson.

  7. The same black female who goes on and on about identity politics of the (((left))) being a bad thing. Throws that “black women” race card faster than jesse jackson. She is the DR3 overdose. They went after her for being “conservative” not black. She knows it but plays that “racist white liberals” are to blame.
    Basically her entire stance is “whitey did this”. Whites are to blame for everything.
    She is worthless same goes for her White knight Kirk.
    She does zero good she is controlled opp to keep Whites away from jews.

    Dont forget she had a website that doxxed conservative posters online.

  8. @Beartown Rebel,

    I don’t know where Boo Boo Town is… Jellystone National Park? If you had elaborated, then perhaps I would know why you felt the need to insult me. But, since you are an IDIOT, I can only suppose that it was beyond your ability to expand your critique. Offense taken and returned (Smiley Face Emoji and F*ck Your Mother!).

    • His remarks were totally uncalled for, CR. Probably one of them damn Yankees from New Jersey or Massachusetts. Those two states….ugh!

  9. Apparently, I did misidentify Jeanine Pirro as being Puerto Rican (seems like I must have heard that somewhere, or assumed it, or something… I abhor the taste of crow). Anyway, according to what information I could find online, she is Lebanese – Italian, and is listed as being White on one bio. In my own defense, judging by the question being repeatedly posed, I’m not the only one who thought she’s a Latina.

    Regardless, as pointed and as barbed as her monologues are, combined with her leaning forward, in your face, posturing, I really would have expected her to deal with a confrontation in a more definitive manner. Talking and acting tough when preaching to the choir, or when you are in control of the situation, are easy. But, when push comes to shove is when the true character is revealed.

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