Official Position: Unite The Right 2

I won’t be attending the Unite The Right 2 rally in Washington, DC.

I feel the same way about this event that I felt about Joey Gibson’s rally in Portland. By holding these volatile public events, we’re gambling on the police showing up and doing their jobs. In Portland and Berkeley, the police went out of their way to prevent another Charlottesville. I suspect we will see a similar aggressive police response this weekend at Unite The Right 2.

But who knows? The Charlottesville Police were heavily criticized for “police brutality” after the Klan event last July. The Portland Police are now being investigated for their handling of the Joey Gibson rally. The Berkeley Police are also being criticized for doxing Antifa. The DC police have been criticized for over a year now for their handling of the Disrupt J20 protesters. Whether it is Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville or Washington, DC, the police response has varied across events.

There is no consistency in how the police handle these large scale public events in leftwing cities. The police response is reactive and seems to seesaw between a hands off approach after accusations of “police brutality” to a very strong response to keep both sides separated. The one thing we know with absolute certainty is that Antifa will show up to engage in violence at Unite The Right 2. We can’t have any confidence though in how the police will manage these public events. We won’t find out until we are there physically present on the ground and by then it could be too late.

The League of the South narrowly avoided walking into another trap in Murfreesboro:

If I had to bet on it, I would say that Unite The Right 2 will likely to turn out like the recent events in Portland and Berkeley, but that is no guarantee. I don’t think it is worth the risk to walk into a potential trap. We already know that if violence breaks out in DC that the “woke” fake news media will blame us for it 24/7 nonstop no matter who starts it. They are already salivating about that potential scenario. I’m not interested in playing Russian roulette anymore with police stand down orders.

Personally, I think we are better off avoiding these people. I’ve said that we shouldn’t engage with Antifa at all anymore. Instead, we should let them riot against Patriot groups and MAGApedes. We should cheer them on as they scream racial epithets at ICE officers and deplatform Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens eating their breakfast. Let the mob go attack Mike Cernovich’s events like Deploraball and A Night For Freedom. Their own violence and extremism will polarize the public against them and transform them into a political albatross. They are nothing more than a mob of violent criminals who are looking for an excuse to destroy property, engage in violence and unleash mayhem.

I don’t believe it is in our interest to share the spotlight with Antifa. The biggest blows that Antifa have suffered – the DisruptJ20 riot, MILO at Berkeley, the riot at Berkeley last August and Portland last month – have come when they have been left alone to self destruct. When we refuse to engage these people, Antifa are on FOX News busting the windows out of Marine Corps recruiting offices, ripping the American flag out of the hands of elderly women and beating up teenagers.

Hundreds of Antifa were arrested in their quixotic Occupy ICE campaign. 20 Antifa were doxed and arrested in their pointless mobilization in Berkeley alone last weekend. Undoubtedly, even more Antifa will be doxed and arrested this weekend at “ShutItDownDC.” It makes more sense to just stay out of it and allow Antifa to continue to riot against their enemy “the State” and amass enormous medical and legal bills in fighting the police, not to mention criminal charges.

We don’t hold public events to engage with Antifa and their Journofa allies who tag along, but that is all that we are doing now with these publicly announced rallies. In Pikeville, Shelbyville and Newnan, we were locked up in steel cages and isolated from the public. Antifa are able to come to our events and create a siege mentality that costs these towns hundreds of thousands of dollars and disrupts our organizing. They are parasites who soak up the publicity and use these events to attract new followers. Journofa are happy to cast them as “the good guys” fighting the “bad guys.”

I believe we should still hold public events, but they should be privately organized and executed on our own terms. We need to do more events where hundreds of people organize privately and just show up unannounced. In addition to eliminating Antifa and Journofa from our events, we don’t need unvetted lunatics with their own agenda like Jeremy Christian showing up either. We don’t have to retreat to the internet to cut out the violence, doxing and lawfare from our events. We won’t have to worry about police stand down orders either when the police aren’t informed about our plans.

My official position on Unite The Right 2 is that I will be praying that the police do their jobs, everyone who goes stays safe and that it is another uneventful day like Berkeley last weekend. While I won’t be going to Unite The Right 2, I’m not going to condemn those who go and prematurely blame them for violence like some people are doing. After what has happened in this past year with the Alt-Right, I don’t want to be associated with the label anymore. The term “Unite the Right” will always be associated with the Alt-Right which has become increasingly tainted by violent incels.

I think we are better off moving on from big tent rallies. I want to return to focusing on Southern Nationalism and this is what I will be doing in the future.

Note: Good luck to those who are going.

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    • There are a lot of Kessler’s and Cassler’s in Virginia and West Virginia. If Kessler just got them altogether he would have a crowd. LOL.

      There are rallies everyday of the week in Washington, this shouldn’t be anything new, or even controversial.

  1. Why wait for something that may never happen to do anything? If you have their info, go full SPLC on them right now. Phone their workplaces and get them fired. Bring the same chaos to their personal lives they have inflicted on Pro Whites for decades.

    • To Gunny, Rich, Hans, everybody- Can somebody make a list of those responsible for the desecration of the graves of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife ? Make this list well known to the dissident Right.

    • Yes, basically, anyone who isn’t Alt-Lite has been shown the door by Kessler. He was raging about Confederates, White Nationalists, and Nazis over on Gab a while back, I believe.

      “Unite the Right” is a rather idiotic name for a meetup that bans a significant number of right wing participants.

  2. Your focus on Southern Nationalism makes perfect sense for you because you live there. Most of the rest of us don’t live in the South and we’re kind of screwed. Advocacy is not only a personal issue, to a great extent it’s a regional issue as well. I think the sporadic opposition to ANTIFA and support for free speech is a good thing. Most Americans know who’s to blame for their savagery. I wish Unite the Right 2 good luck, even as I think it’s probably not well considered.

  3. I guess Whitey is going to wait until he has to fight with the niggers and spics for that last loaf of bread on the supermarket shelf until he accepts what the hell is going on. But by then it will be far too late.

  4. I would say not to attend. This Jason Kessler fellow is shady. I watched Dnesh DSouza’a Death of a Nation and while i disagreed with almost 100% of his beliefs in it, especially the cult of Lincoln (retch) I do say one thing he did get right about it. D Souza knew Kessler was a former Occupy guy and even had supported Obama early on. NOW THAT DOESNT MAKE THE GUY BAD, YOU CAN CHANGE POLITICS TRUE. However I have always wondered if our guys didn’t walk into a Honey Trap in Charlottesville. Can I say Kessler’s bad? I cannot say he is either good or bad I don’t know the man. HOWEVER I can say there are some definite questions about his honesty

    • If I had the money, I’d hire a detective to follow him. He’s an opportunist at best but probably an enemy operative.

    • Charlottesville was an elaborately designed trap and psy op. The entire Heather Heyer/James Fields incident was staged.

      Brad may have had *some* justifiable ignorance, but UVA grads and total wonks Kessler and Spencer had NONE.

      Charlottesville could just as easily be called Operation Fat White Bitch. Even from the left’s perspective the white woman martyr was repulsive.

  5. >>busting the windows out of Marine Corps recruiting offices

    Is it bad that I actually admire Antifa for having the balls to do things like that? I had considered something very similar that in the wake of the Easter Airstrikes in Syria. Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t, but…

    …let’s admit it, trashing shit and burning things is fun. Breaking the faces of people you don’t like is fun, making a scene is fun, and so is rolling through some shitlib town like fucking Quantrill at Lawrence. Politically expedient? Probably not, at least not right now. But I do hope we one day have the level of communications and legal infrastructure that we can get away with doing stuff like that again.

  6. Well I agree to stay away from antifa and having unannounced flash mobs I don’t think Hunter should focus exclusively with southern nationalism. We northerns will follow a strong leader either north or south. You have allies you are not isolated to a specific region.

    • basedbemidji I’m in a northern state, too, and I’ve always thought it was a weakness to focus on southern nationalism, rather than simply White nationalism.

    • Southern nationalism sounds rather tepid, TBH. Unless a completely revitalized Klan is involved in the movement.

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